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Welcome Message Activating Leaders Summit is a three day conference, held in Guangzhou, which seeks to which seeks to create a challenging learning environment through conversations and sessions on leadership development for our leaders in AIESEC. “The Journey of Leadership, It starts here!� is the theme of the summit, which signifies the call of adventure for our delegates to experience the essence of leadership by enabling them to forge strong and authentic relationships with themselves, their peers and society. This summit will mark the first step towards a life long journey of leadership and self discovery. For this summit, we will be partnering with Future Considerations, AIESEC GLOBAL LEAD partner, to co-deliver the content and agenda to ensure a high quality leadership based sessions for our delegates. In addition, our delegates will be able to attend the day 0 of the international presidents meeting where they are able to interact with the global MCP network. As such we are looking for group facilitators who are confident, passionate, empowering, and most importantly able to guide our delegates through an intense inner and outer journey! You can subsequently find more details on the application procedure through this package. I look forward to receiving your application!

With best regards, Mowen Li, MCVP Marketing and Communications AIESEC Mainland of China

Application Timeline & Details Application package download:

To apply as facilitator for Activating Leaders Summit, please refer to the attached Facilitator Application Form for further instructions. The timeline of the application is as follows: •

2st January: Group Facilitator Application Open

30th January, 23:59: Group Facilitator Application Close

1st to 3rd February: Facilitator Shortlist Interview

4th February: Announcement of Group Facilitators of ALS

Group Facilitator Profile The role of a group facilitator is pivotal in ensuring that the conference objectives are met and that the delegates have an amazing experience. As a group facilitator, your role is to ensure the delegates internalize the of the leadership concepts used throughout the conference. As well as support the delegates throughout the conference. Hence, we are looking for individuals who possess the following: 1. Current or past leadership experience in AIESEC (Team Leader, VP experience and above)

2. Facilitation experience (Group facilitator in RIC, NLDC) 4. Good understanding of AIESEC’s role, impact model and relevance to society. 5. Excellent communication skills in English and Chinese

6. Excellent interpersonal skills

Expectations for Group Facilitator As facilitator you will be expected to work closely with the facilitator leader from the conference team. As such the following work ethics are expected from you: 1. Participate in all pre-conference and post-conference

meetings 2. Proactively facilitate delegate discussions to deepen

learning during and after sessions 3. Sharing of experience and interact intensely with the delegates 4. Proactively create a conference culture of fun and impact 5. Adherence to deadlines

Time Commitment and Dates Time Commitment All facilitators must be able to commit to the following;

Virtual Presence (2nd Feb to 16th Feb)! • 4-5 hours per week • More hours are to be expected closer to the conference for 
session preparation • Possibly weekly virtual meetings via Skype for get to know

Physical Presence in Guangzhou Pre-Meet: 18th February 2014 Conference: 19th to 21st February 2014

Post-Conference: 22nd February 2014

Administrative Details As a facilitator you can expect the following from AIESEC Mainland of China: •Coverage of 1/3 of delegate fee •Flight Travel costs to and from Guangzhou not covered for international facilitators.

Key Stakeholders of the Conference •

Chair: Responsible for creation of unity of conference teams (Faci, CT, CC) and plenary sessions

Conference Team Facilitators: Delivery of agenda sessions

Group Facilitators: Connection point between the conference team and delegates, ensure they are able to internalize session content.

Congress Committee: Responsible for all logistical arrangements of the conference

Delegates: Responsible for attending and participating throughout the sessions

End Message Be sure to go through the application checklist before submitting your application. Any incomplete or late submission will not be entertained. Should you have any questions to raise, please direct them to the following

Li Mowen, Agenda Manager

ALS 2014(Activating Leaders Summit)Group Facilitator Booklet  
ALS 2014(Activating Leaders Summit)Group Facilitator Booklet