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2018 Cohort


The GovTech sector’s premier programme Our unique blend of public policy, finance, tech and companybuilding expertise means that PUBLIC has become a trusted partner to governments, and a first port of call for innovative ideas and new approaches

PUBLIC 25 Eccleston Place, London, SW1W 9NF

Govstart aims to solve this challenge. Alexander de Carvalho & Daniel Korski Co-Founders of PUBLIC

GovStart 2018 _ Our Cohort

Today’s technology could transform the way that citizens interact with local and central government services. However, the companies that build some of the most transformative technology often struggle to do business with the public sector.

GovStart 2017 in numbers

WE GIVE YOU CONTROL OVER YOUR DATA. 1. Know which companies have your data. 2. Get a copy of your data. 3. Request companies to delete data they have about you. 4. Request companies to restrict analysis of your data. 5. Know what companies your data is shared with. 6. Know which companies are compliant and which are not.


GovStart 2018 Cohort  
GovStart 2018 Cohort