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BASIC INFORMATION: LOCATION: Serrap is an island situated in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s limited at north by Sicily and Italy; at east by Greece; at south with Africa (Tunisia, Libya and Egypt); and, at west by Malta.

POBLATION: 15000 habitants. CURRENCY: Serandy AREA: 920






It’s estimated that the isle was born 8 millions of years as a result of volcanic activity in the seabed. In Serrap existed a prehistoric civilization which megalithic monuments still exists in some parts of the isle. Fray Pau de Serrapio, a Carthaginian, in 240 BC discovered the isle during a commercial trip to India and he used it as a Mediterranean commercial route base where this kind of routes were achieve in that period. Years later, the isle was conquered by Romans when they win the first Punic war against Cartago, so, Serrap becames a Romanian city. In the beginning centuries of Middle Age, Serrap was sacked by vandals. Lately, the isle was occupied by different tribes as Goths, Visigoths, Byzantines, Moors, Berbers; until, in the XIII century The Pope Boniface VIII commended Serrap becomes to Aragon’s Kingdom. The Aragon’s Kingdom lasted until XVI century, when the island was invaded by the Turkish pirate Barbarossa, so the island was in that moment leaving under the Ottoman Empire. The king Charles I, years later, decide to send army troops to recuperate the island but they lost the battle. It won’t to be until the end of century when, after the Ottoman Empire lost Tunisia, Spanish troops, better prepared, win other battle against the ottomans and achieve the island. In 1950 Serrap independent itself, so it becomes a Republic

The flag represents the colours of the sea and the colours used in its independent. They have chosen this colours because the violet represents independence, peace, change and wise; on the other hand the colour blue represents truth, estability, eternity and faith.

CLIMATE: The Republic of Serrap enjoys one of the most pleasurable mediterranean climates in the world with two distinct seasons: Summer: from June to September brings hot and dry weather throughout Serrap with temperatures averaging 21ยบ to 23ยบ Celsius. Winter: from October to May is perhaps the better season to visit Serrap to do sports.

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CURRENCY: In the Republic of Serrap the current used is the Serandy, which change is 1.35€. Coin shows different types of symbols from ancient invasors. In the middle, we can see one of the most important Serrap icon, the “seascape tower”.

This icon is a tower that existed near 500 years ago and which legend says that was destroyed by Barbarossa to manifest his victory.

In the place where the tower used to be, nowadays there is a monument called “Pau’s sanctum”.

HOTELS: In Serrap there are two hotel possibilities, for groups or families and for couples. On the left we can see the typical houses in the capital of Serrap, Folgs. Biohouse maintains a stable temperature and humidity throughout the year from about 18 degrees, creating a microclimate inside which causes unnecessary heating or additional cooling, resist natural disasters than any other building and provides its residents safer. Besides that these homes have a water recycling system, so as not to waste, thus preventing waste it.

For couples there are special houses where they can be alone and enjoy the isle in a different way. Near the hotel, there is a Spa where you can relax with your wife/husband.

FESTIVITIES: 21/3: COLOUR FESTIVAL People spend the day throwing colored powder and water at each other as the beginning of spring season.

27/9: ROMANIAN FESTIVAL In this festival the Serrap’s centre streets were closed to represent the conquest of Romanians. In addition, the centre of the city was decorated as that period of time.

17/4: INDEPENDENT FESTIVAL: People release paper ballons which represents the freedom of Serrap people. Moreover, each family release once with a wish for the next year.

RESTAURANTS: Forc Restaurant

In this Biological restaurant you can taste different kind of food. Which make this restaurant special is that all the food and meat are natural, cultivated and bred in the isle.

The typical food here is a mixed of vegetables and jam, called “kushu�.


In this park you can practice sports as trekking. When you reach the climb, you will find the Filg Lake, which is 3 meters deeper.


This monument was built in honor of the discoverer of the island, Fray Pau of SerrapioThe monument was built in the early XVI century, replacing in this way the monument which was destroyed by Barbarossa, “Seascape tower”.


In Serrap there are so many beaches, but maybe the most important beaches are: VIL BEACH:

Beach to relax and to practice sports.


Nudist beach.

SPORTS: There are a lot of different kind of sports you can practice in Serrap. LAND SPORTS








In Serrap the most attractive activity you can do is go on a trip to see the marine wildlife.




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Serrap citizens •

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serrap isle  

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