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Cristina Araiza 4IM9 :)

Ale is my boyfriend and my best friend is very important in my life thanks to him I’m very happy and He is my first love; when we are together the moments are beautiful I love Ale, He is my life :D

Banda is my favorite Mexican music. It is very romantic for me and relaxing, the best band is la Arrolladora it’s very popular and special I love their songs. The songs has meant a lot in my life.

Sweets, I love eating sweets, it is my first hobby, I'm always buying a lot of sweets specially masapanes and snickers, and everytime I see Ale always has a gift for me...a candy

England, I think that England is a beautiful place and a little romantic but I don’t know because I like very much, I love the monuments and It’s cities for example London or Liverpool. I’m going to live there, It’s great

Family and Friends I have a lot of important people in my life, they are always with me, when I need assistance they support me, I love them so much.

Guitar I’m going to learn to play guitar and my first learn song I will dedicate my mother because she is my best friend and she will be proud of me, also I think that is very interesting

Love, For me the love is essential in the life because thank you for it, It makes life beautiful and has sense life

Mi razon de ser is my favorite song it’s band ms and what it says is beautiful. I remember him

Nicolas Romero is where I lived, almost all my life and it is a wonderful place since the people are very friendly :)

Orange is my favorite fruit because is very delicious and it’s my favorite colour and my friends said me “Naranjita”.

My Parents are very important in my life They are always worried for me and they give me a lot of love

The Quesadillas are my favorite food and I always want eating it, It’s delicious and is Mexican food

The Roses are the best present everyone, I love the roses because the smell nice and their colours are beautiful :)

September is my favorite month because here the clime is rainy and I love raining because I can get wet with my friends, and it is fantastic :) also is when begun with ale our relation

Twilight books, The saga twilight are my favorite books is a romantic history and I like read the books I entertain.

Vocacional 5 I'm here and it’s a spectacular experience, I lived new things and I have a lot of friends and my teachers are very nice.

Zoological, it’s a great place where I like going because I can see beautiful animals and my favorite is baby panda and baby tiger :)

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From A to Z  

here are the important things in my life