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Susi Glatt

Steve Allen

Ritual Committee Chair

Executive Director

Many thanks to those Ritual Committee members who participated in the High Holidays Honors Committee: Eileen Danton, Susan Mayer and Stanley Silber. We s p e n t m a n y h o u r s , s eve ra l t i m e s p e r we e k i n August & September calling, emailing, texting members, checking on which services members would be attending. In addition, thanks to Robin Siegal and her wealth of knowledge of our membership, without which we could not have completed this massive effort. Additional volunteers i n c l u d e R i t a D i G i a n to m a ss o , A n n e t t e S a u v e a n d Suellen Wexler who made multiple phone calls for us. For me this was a “labor of love” and I hope everyone had a sweet and happy holiday season.



MONDAY OCTOBER 23, 2017 at 7:00PM Congregation B'nai Israel, Boca Raton

Educating Ourselves To Understand and Inform The Next Generation A MUST for all parents of teens to attend an informative conversation Sponsored by the URJ South Florida Community 13 Reasons Why, the miniseries from Netflix quickly became an overnight sensation among teens all over the world. The series is filled with painful stories about depression, bullying, rape, and suicide. How do we educate ourselves to deal with our teens compassionately and effectively? How do we, as parent/caregivers start the conversation with our kids? What resources are available to teens who are grappling with these issues? Our teens need to know their parents and Jewish community are there for them as a sounding board and for guidance.

OPEN for Parents, Clergy, Educators, Youth Professionals and anyone who cares about our children. Register by going to:

Questions? Please contact: Andrea Cannon, PART – Nordin Weinberger, BART – Gila Hadani Ward, Staff Partner –

I have taken the liberty of foregoing my regular space for my Shelanu column to take a minute (and I hope you will all read this!) to say thank you. While the anticipation of our first hurricane approached since we moved here 6 years ago, I was faced with not only preparing for my own house in Delray but our entire CBI facility.

are just a few issues Todd Shore and his maintenance team faced as we started to put CBI back together. And we were lucky…. The vendors we contract with cleared the parking lot of trees and debris, and congregant , Greg Jacob, volunteered many hours of his time to put CBI back on its regular schedule.

While my wife Debbie was instrumental at home in getting all the necessary prepared items needed for home, it was only with the help of your incredible staff at CBI that prevented even more damage and a slow clean up to take place. The meetings before the hurricane included clergy and facilities team members. Security and staff were brought in to establish messages to the congregation along with our procedures once the storm hit, and how we would react during and after to check with each other to make sure all were safe. Coordination and communication with lay leadership to inform them of what plans we were taking was smooth and seamless.

On top of all this was moving forward with High Holiday preparation which without the many volunteers and our staff, services would not have been as smooth as they turned out. I am a major proponent of teamwork and that is exactly what happened as CBI moves forward into 5778. So thank you to one and all who helped us prepare, get through, recover and move on quickly but efficiently to our normal process of business as usual. It is an experience and act of collective human kindness and generosity I won’t soon forget. As Rabbi Silvers said from the Bimah, if you see a staff person, say thank you for all they do to keep CBI moving forward and keeping us a warm and welcoming place. Finally, I thank all of you for allowing me to be your Executive Director and for being a part of this terrific and spiritual community.

No one really knew how much advance work and post storm efforts were needed for us to open our facility the following Monday. The details of lost power, c o m m u n i c a t i o n systems, A/C panels ripped off and needed repairing






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