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Kieve-Wavus Education Survey Findings

Kieve-Wavus Education Today We are a healthier organization and strengthened ourselves in turn, we strengthen people so that they may reach out and help others.

Of all constituents surveyed Fall 2016 over 75% answered that their experience at Kieve-Wavus had a significant impact on the quality or course of their life.

Over 75%

“Continue on the camp’s current trajectory. It is an amazing place to be a part of.”

“Continue to strive for excellence in programming, staffing, safety, and allowing young men and women to be responsible for others in the wilderness. Provide similar experiences for Maine Public Schools�

Kieve-Wavus by the Numbers • 50 full-time employees • 250+ part time employees • 1100 campers enrolled for 2016 Summer Sessions • Programs 300 days a year

Campus Usage Facility Usage

Camp 42,213 53%

NonCamp 37,356 47%

Facilitated by Age Group

Youth / College 23,366 85%

Adult 4,037 15%

Total: 79,569

Total: 27,403

Metric is “Person-Days� where a Person is a participant or direct service staff member. All data reflects 12 months ending Aug 31, 2016.

2016 Revenue and Expenses Revenues

Annual Fund $547,000


Investment Income $212,000


Gifts & Grants $319,000


Scholarships & Grants $837,000 Reserve $603,000

Other $79,000

Tuition, all programs $7,360,00

Utilities, Insurance, Depreciation, Taxes $1,143,000

Salaries, Wages, & Benefits $2,949,000 Programs & Operations $2,985,000

Scholarship $1.08 million in scholarships in 2016

Cancer Retreats $60K Other $20K

TLS $560K 8,500+

Wavus $180K ~40

Kieve Vets $180K & 9/11 ~40 $80K

Kieve-Wavus Today • As always, the Kieve-Wavus experience is built on the bedrock of committed young men and women. • Campers are to this day guided in their experiences Many of whom were Kieve-Wavus campers themselves. They provide role models upon which younger boys can truly and beneficially "strive in emulation of" and younger girls be guided by compassionate and dynamic women who help model for them how to be in the world – courageous, kind, steadfast, truthful and cooperative. • Through many campaigns and the staggering generosity of the Kieve-Wavus community, both camps have world class facilities to support the staff and programming.

Kieve Camp For Boys • • • •

Long Voyage van camping portion has been removed, canoe days have been extended to fill removed van days, in addition to a day of Guided Fly Fishing at Matagamon Sea Kayaking has been removed from Maine Trails, now 22-day backpacking Bigelow to Katahdin, night off in Greenville motel with dinner, breakfast, and Moose Safari (just like a real through-hiker) New England Outdoor Center Canoe Guides through Webster Brook (was East Branch in 2015, Webster Brook in 2016-17) Staff Trips include enhanced canoe clinic at Grindstone with American Canoe Association curriculum/certification (ACA Instructors on 2016 KW Staff: Reid, Ben, Tyler, Mims, Will, Sam Copland, Jack Marston, Macenzie Peters) Original explorers of the Katahdin Woods and Water National Monument

Wavus Camp For Girls • • • • • • •

CIT Program (going into year #3 for 2017), now 26 days just like a regular session, two short trips (one van camping, one canoeing) on either side of being additional JK/JW staff Guided Mountain Biking on Bank Trip in Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument (near Whetstone on East Branch) The Moose River has been added to Wavus Wilderness Tripping Enhanced communication with trips in the field, two way satellite text messaging devices with GPS location tagging of messages, daily location check in Longer Staff Training with WAFA, Swiftwater Rescue, and LifeGuard training certifications available plus Small Group Trip for veteran HBC’s with Trip Directors Great yet measured rigors Continue to serve as trailblazers in the New England Wilderness

Wilderness Tripping • Challenging • Safe • Trailblazing

The Kieve-Wavus Counselor Experience • Kieve-Wavus is developing people who are super employable – the counselor experience already provides structure, consistency, leadership, problem solving and mentoring skills and gives them the tools that help navigate. • Choosing a place that is committed to principles that embody the importance of hard work; loyalty to staff as well as exposure to working with many different kinds of people.

Educator Incubator • 35+ Institutions have KWE alumni as part of their faculty. • TLS is proud to have alumni of top schools from all around the world. • Strong ever present education-first focus throughout programming.

The Leadership School • Founded in 1981 by Dick Kennedy as the Leadership Decisions Institute • 2016, its 36th year, saw 8,500+ students participate in TLS programming

The Leadership School • Outreach Programs • College Programs • On-site School Programs • On-site Facilitated Programs

• Community Service Projects • Educators-inResidence (EIR)

The Leadership School At the helm: • Charles Richardson - Leadership School Director • Jess Anderson - Leadership School Program Director • Reid Anderson - Assistant Director of Education and Operations • Rob Reilly - Director of Adventure Programming • Megan Taft - Director of Curricular Innovation

Educators-In-Residence • Leadership School educators embedded in 11 Maine communities • January – March • Building a deeper connection

Continuous Program Development TLS - Residential With Kids

EIR - In Communities

More time = More impact

Summer Camp Long Term Relationship

Wavus Girls Lead Multi-age Mentors + Community Mentors

Strengthening Groups and their Families • • • •

Veterans Camp 9/11 Family Camp Cancer Retreats Kennedy Learning Center Programming

Veterans Camp • Relax • Heal • Connect

9/11 Family Camp • Going strong since 2002 • Families of Cantor Fitzgerald, FDNY, and The Pentagon

• • • • • • •

Kennedy Learning Center & Retreats

For Pete’s Sake Cancer Retreat Embrace A Vet Patrick Dempsey Center Ovarian Cancer Retreat Maine Adaptive Sports & Recreation Family Reunions Corporate Retreats

Stewardship &

Stewardship • Hog Island • Campaign for the Lake –Prevention –Early Detection –Rapid Response

Green Initiatives • Solar panels generate 42K kW per year for 30 years – 11% annual usage • 2 hot water / solar collectors at Kieve Campus • Green / energy efficient construction since 2005

Volunteer Opportunities 40 % of respondents are willing to help Current initiatives: • • • • •

Updating individual contact info & sharing friends Alumni Council - Organize a gathering Alumni Weekend & Alumni Trip Social Media Development- LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram Engagement mantra – be a part of an organization that is doing good and changing lives

What about me? • • • • •

Update your contact info & share your friends’! Join the Alumni Council - Organize a gathering Come to Alumni Weekend & go on the trip! Follow us - LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram Stay engaged – be a part of an organization that is doing good and changing lives

Networking Opportunities What YOU can do: • The Kieve-Wavus network extends across the country and the globe, providing endless opportunities. Foot in the door for entry level positions. • Connect with people in your industry • Join the Alumni Council

Where some of our people work We have an awesome network ABC News Apple Google Goldman Sachs Harvard University JP Morgan Chase, L.L. Bean McKinsey & Co. Merrill Lynch MTV NASDAQ NASA National Semiconductor NBC News New York University

NOAA Partners In Health Pfizer Ralph Lauren Princeton University Salomon Smith Barney The New York Times The Wall Street Journal The World Bank Twitter UBS UCLA Wayfair, Inc.

Dates to Remember • Alumni Weekend – July 21-23 • Alumni Allagash Trip – Aug 20-25

Ways to Give • • • • •

Annual Fund Loyalty Fund Campaign for the Lake Foundation Support Paddle & Thistle Society

Suggestions 1.



“Kieve-Wavus will definitely need to reaffirm its commitment to the outdoors and preserving our environment for generations to come. This comes in our kindness and respect for the outdoors in part, in how Kieve-Wavus fosters those same values in how we treat each other in how we treat the woods and rivers that have given us so much over the years. As we head into greater effects on our climate this will have to be central to a Kieve-Wavus mission. “From my experience, keep on doing what you are doing. Constantly improving the facilities and taking suggestions from your participants for improving or amending your programs from those who participate is important. Keep up the good work and never stop improving.” “Keep doing what you are doing. I don't know if the Wavus programs are as strong as the Kieve ones. But they need to be. The experience of girls - in character building, teambuilding, leadership etc. is equally important.”

Priorities for the Future What is most important to the future of Kieve-Wavus? Over 85% of respondents said important or very important: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Providing more financial aid to keep Kieve-Wavus affordable Building a network of Kieve-Wavus friends Expanding youth outreach programming to Maine schools and communities Environment and land around Damariscotta Lake Increasing the diversity of Kieve-Wavus participants

Final Thoughts – Stay The Course • “Continue on camp's current trajectory. It is an amazing place to be a part of.” • “Continue to strive for excellence in programming, staffing, safety and allowing young men and women to be responsible for others in the wilderness. Provide similar experiences for Maine public school children.” • “Keep up the great work! We love the traditional camping aspects of Kieve - limited traditional sports (they get enough of that at home), no electronics (such a nice break for everyone, even if they won't admit it, physical challenges and teamwork that come from the trips.”

“Keep up the great work! We love the traditional camping aspects of Kieve – limited traditional sports (they get enough of that at home), no electronics (such a nice break for everyone, even if they won’t admit it), physical challenges and teamwork that come from the trips. Also, my 16 year old made a thoughtful comment about his cabin mates, whom he loves. He said that he camping experience and living together at camp like they do helped him appreciate the boys for who they are and to see all different sides of them. They are not allowed the types of boys to whine he would usually gravitate, but in this context they were great friends and what a wonderful experience that is. Thank you!”

The extraordinary success of Kieve-Wavus rests on the incredible passion of its visionary leaders and its ability to adapt to the future. Built on a foundation of kindness and respect for both the lives it touches and the natural world, the next century for KWE is brimming with opportunity. With your support we boldly look forward to the future and the generations to come. Henry R. Kennedy Executive Director

Kieve-Wavus Survey and Update  

Enjoy reading the results from the survey of 2016 along with a number of exciting organization updates.

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