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Volume 1, Issue 1 Summer 2012

Kier North Tyneside Subcontractor Event


employers and sub contractors gathered at Kier North Tyneside’s Killingworth offices to take part in a half day briefing session around partnership working to assist businesses to understand some of the drivers behind Kiers philosophy towards corporate social responsibility and its status as a Na onal Skills Academy for Construc on. The day was opened by Mike Furze, regional director and Paul Leadbi+er, commercial manager who gave an overview of the business and the importance of partnership working. Several key note speakers were invited and a brief summary of their presenta ons are contained in the newsle+er. The event concluded with a light lunch and networking session with key training providers and support services and the day was facilitated by the Kier appren ce ambassadors. A form was handed out to employers for them to iden fy areas of training support they felt would be important to them. If you would like a copy of this form, please contact one of the team. (Details at the back of this publica on.)

Kier Gas Training Centre


t’s been a very exci ng year for Gas Training at Kier, which opened its doors to customers in June 2011. Gas training at Kier occupies the former Bri sh Gas training centre in Killingworth, North Tyneside and a7er some remodeling in 2011, is now a state of the art gas assessment centre, offering ini al training and re-assessments enabling new or exis ng gas engineers to stay up to date with current gas legisla ve requirements. 2012 has brought with it a number of successes, the biggest of which has been to secure preferred supplier status with the Careers Transi on Partnership who organise the re-se+lement of ex-forces personnel back into civilian life

through training and work placements. This means that the centre will be host to hundreds of ex-forces personnel who want to train as a gas engineer. We also have excellent rates for our supply chain, to provide the RE-ACS qualifica on for your exis ng gas engineers or give someone the opportunity to retrain as a new gas engineer complete with guaranteed work experience within Kier. Recently described as ‘one of the best training facili es I have ever seen’ by Paul Johnson, Chief Execu ve of our awarding body BPEC, we are proud

of our centre and offer you the opportunity to have a look around. Contact us on 0191 643 7733 or email to arrange with either Bre+ or Gemma.



orking closely with Kier North Tyneside the UCATT Learning Centre opened its doors recently to offer fully funded and subsidised training to employees, families, residents and employers in North Tyneside. The learning centre will ini ally offer Skills for Life (SFL) learning opportuni es to the 460 strong workforce but Kier and the union are keen to extend to the projects supply chain, residents and community groups. With an already established gas training centre on site which offers gas training and re-accredita on, asbestos awareness, PASMA etc. We have also joined forces with the local authori es training arm and Tyne Met College to work up a much wider skills training offer.

UCATT have provided ten desktop computers and Kier North Tyneside have provided the room, networked and connected the pcs to the internet and will provide learning me for learners. The TUC educa on arm ‘Unionlearn’ have provided online resources and publica ons and UCATT are offering a fully funded NVQ level3 in

Health and Safety. Places are limited but for more informa on on this course and the union learning centre please contact Alan Stansfield at This course is open to NON members.

The Career Transi(on Partnership


service leavers from all rank of military life pass through Ca+erick on an annual basis. All of these ex military personnel leave with highly transferable core skills and many with excellent voca onal and accredited training qualifica ons. the career transi on partnership have established to manage the service leaver employer vacancy rela onship through ten regional se+lement centres at NO COST to any employer wan ng to fill a vacancy or to provide work

experience other than wages. Chris Lamb who is the regional lead explained what an employer can expect from employing a service leaver.

Wide range of transferable skills, qualifica ons or the support to get them

For more info contact Chris at

A posi ve work ethic

Funding to con nue their development for up to ten years

A background of training and personal development.


CITB Construc(onskills changes to the grant


ompany Development Adviser Rachel Hogarth gave an overview of changes to the CITB grant scheme around qualifying and developing the work force. Launched each year from August 1st grants are available for appren ces, NVQ’s, Site Safety and other training courses. The support does not just end financially they can also offer support for appren ces through arranging

training at local colleges, help with paperwork, monitor progress and assist you in claiming all available grants. This is quite o7en done through the development of a training plan which they will help you design over a twelve month period and ensures you and your staff can compete with the challenging skills deficit which will hit once the recession has passed. Rachel Hogarth 3rd from le discussing training with an employer and apprences

For more informa on on CITB training and grants give Rachel a call on 07787697754 or email at

Kier Appren(ceship Ambassador Programme


he ‘Appren ceship Ambassador Programme’ is the brainchild of Terry Hanlon who leads on corporate social responsibility for Kier in the region and is also the project skills coordinator for the Na onal Skills Academy along with Jaimie Henderson.

Presenta on Skills

Leadership and Team-working skills

The course is already booked up but another will be star ng in the autumn term and will consist of 6 days training over 6 months, normally at our

As well as gaining the relevant on site experience to support their NVQ; the Kier appren ces are receiving a specifically designed training package aimed at developing them personally and professionally.

Killingworth site. If you would like your appren ce to take part in this programme free of charge, then contact Jaimie or Terry for further course details and when the next one is running.

The training runs throughout the year and includes:

Communica on Skills

Asser veness skills

Nego a on skills

Some of the apprences working on the Ambassador programme.



n appren ceship is a work-based training programme designed around the needs of employers, which leads to na onally recognised qualifica ons.

There are over 200 types of Appren ceships suitable for hundreds of job roles including construc on, accountancy and Engineering •The Appren ceship framework comprises of on and off the job training incorpora ng a competence based element, a knowledge based element, transferable ‘func onal skills’, employment rights and responsibili es.

An appren ce can be a new recruit or exis ng member of staff. An is offered at three levels, Intermediate Appren ceships (Level 2) and Advanced Appren ceships (Level 3) and Higher Appren ceships (Level 4) usually las ng from one to four years.

•The frameworks are designed and developed by Sector Skills Councils to

ensure the training is industry relevant. •From April 2011 Frameworks need to be SASE (Specifica on of Appren ceship Standards for England) compliant.


Pathways 4 All - Kier charity of the year


ier 2012 Charity of the year has been revealed as Pathways 4 All, a registered charity which provides social ac vi es and events for children with addi onal needs within North Tyneside and surrounding areas. They are well on their way to opening their very own specialist play and recrea on facility which Kier and their supply chain have been delighted to assist with.

Throughout the year Kier North Tyneside will be holding several fund raising events from ‘dress down Fridays’ to sponsored walks. For more informa on on Pathways 4 All and how you can help, please contact

Terry Hanlon CSR Manager & Project Skills Coordinator Northern Region Kier North Tyneside Ltd Block C Harvey Combe Killingworth Newcastle Upon Tyne NE12 6UB Phone: 07875995309 E-mail:


e are seeking to build on exis(ng partnerships within the region and to work more closely with our suppliers and sub-contractors

through these difficult (mes. The recent subcontractor event was the first ‘toe in the water’ to gauge if this was something we should be pursuing– and the feedback suggests that it is! We are constantly inves(ga(ng ways of suppor(ng you but the best way of doing that is by working with us. The recession has hit the region extremely hard and con(nues to do so. This means that the landscape of the project is very different to the original one and we have had to make some very difficult decisions. Whilst we may not be able to guarantee you a work-stream, we would like to work with you to

Jaimie Henderson Project Skills & Training Coordinator Northern Region Kier North Tyneside Ltd Block C Harvey Combe Killingworth Newcastle Upon Tyne NE12 6UB Phone 0191 6436720 E-mail:

ensure that you and your company have the required skills to maintain your business and to be able to react swiBly when the upturn in the industry happens, and it will. If you have any ideas for the next event, that you would like to explore or seminars you would like informa(on on, we would like to hear from you. Kind regards Terry & Jaimie

Kier North Tyneside Na(onal Skills Academy for Construc(on (NSAfC)


s you will now definitely know, you are part of the supply chain for the NSAfC in North Tyneside. The physical aspect of being an academy is the Employment and Skills Plan (ESP) which sets out areas of training and employment that the project has to achieve to maintain its status. This includes training for contractors and subcontractors alike and covers NVQs, Health and Safety, Site Management, Equality and Diversity, Environmental etc. We also work closely with educa on and are constantly seeking work experience placements and assistance from employers to help us assist young people and unemployed adults back into work or training and to help with the rese+lement of our service leavers who are leaving the armed forces. In order for us to maintain the status as the regions ONLY skills academy for construc on we need to show that our workforce across the project is taking

advantage of the academy and engaging with appren ces etc. We hope this newsle+er has given you an insight into the event held in May and that you are encouraged enough to a+end the next one. Some of the sugges ons for the next event have asked us to cover public and private procurement, Equality and Diversity and Health and Safety, 3 important areas when seeking new work, if you have any other ideas please let us know and we will include it in a future event. In the mean me, please do not hesitate to get in touch regarding anything in the newsle+er and also areas of training you may be interested in as we can possibly

broker a deal on your behalf. If a training course you are interested in is cost prohibi ve for one person, it could be that there are 5-6 or more other people just like you and if that’s the case we might be able to bring that cost down. When the upturn happens we would like our partner contractors to be in the best posi on to keep at the forefront of skills and employment. Terry.

Supply Chain Newsletter Issue 1  

Newsletter for the members of Kier Maintenance North Supply Chain

Supply Chain Newsletter Issue 1  

Newsletter for the members of Kier Maintenance North Supply Chain