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Maria Gillette

the Wedding Ceremony uniting

Zachary Spadafora and

August seventeenth

two thousand thirteen

wedding ceremony

officiated by Father Paul Burkard


Ave Maria sang by Johannah Jeswald Welcome & Opening Prayer Reading Special Music Reading Gospel Homily Vows Affirmation of vows blessing of rings Exchange of Rings Pronouncement of Couple Unity Candle Prayer of Remembrances

nuptial blessing

Maria and Zachary, we are here today to celebrate and rejoice with you in the profession of your love. We, your family and friends, extend to you our blessing, support and encouragement. We thank you for your “yes� to each other In the marriage that we witnessed today. Your love truly enhances our lives. Our fervent hope for you is that the love which you vowed to each othercontinues to grow all the days of your lives.

Parents of the bride Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gillette

Parents of the groom Ms. Anne Marie Barkman and Mr. Foster Spadafora

wedding party Best Man

Cory Rickettson


Vijay Raveedranath, Robert Ersing, Daniel Rauscher, Steven Logel, Jonathan Cross, Wade Adsitt

Matron of Honor Renee Lancewicz


Brooke Raveendranath, Kara Otto, Sara Kobler, Ashley Difrancesco, Johannah Jeswald, Lindsay Mathewson

Flower Girl Maya Raveendranath

Ring Bearer

Derrick Gillette

thank you

Thank you for sharing this special day with us. That so many friends and family, especially those who came from such great distances could be here to help us celebrate our marriage means a great deal to us. We pray that God will grant you a safe journey to your homes when the festivities have ended. May He always bless and enrich your lives with joy and love as much as you have enriched our lives with your friendship and generosity.


Maria Zachary and


wedding program  
wedding program