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On  March  16th,  1966,  at  street  704E  Broadway,  in   Anaheim,  California,  Paul  Van  Doren  and  three  partners   opened  up  their  first  ever  store  and  the  Vans  dream   was  born.    The  Van  Doren  Rubber  Company  was  unique   in  that  it  manufactures  shoes  and  sells  them  directly  to   the  public.    On  that  first  morning,  12  customers   purchase  shoes  which  are  made  that  day  and  ready  for   pick-­‐up  in  the  aPernoon.    The  Vans  #44  deck  shoes,   which  is  now  known  as  the  Authen#c  were  born.     Skateboarders  who  like  Vans  rugged  make-­‐up  and   s#cky  sole  are  seen  spor#ng  Vans  all  over  Southern   California  in  the  early  1970s.    In  1975,  the  Vans  #95,   known  today  as  the  Era  was  designed  by  Tony  Alva  and   Stacy  Peralta.    With  a  padded  collar  and  different   colour  combina#ons  the  Era  becomes  the  shoe  of   choice  for  a  genera#on  of  skateboarders.    

Vans  graphics    


Mark  Webb,   Vans  BMX  

Photo  Manipula#on     Manipula#ng  images  dates  long  before  the  inven#on  of  the  camera,  as  portraits  of  people  (as   well  as  landscapes  and  scenes)  were  painted  with  a  li[le  "ar#s#c  interpreta#on".  As  a  result,   many  portraits  of  individuals  were  painted  to  be  much  more  fla[ering.  This  trend  was  briefly   bucked  by  Oliver  Cromwell  for  a  pain#ng  of  him  by  Sir  Peter  Lely,  where  Cromwell  was  alleged   to  remark  "but  remark  all  these  roughnesses,  pimples,  warts  and  everything  as  you  see  me."   This  was  later  reduced  by  various  accounts  to  "warts  and  all",  and  the  phrase  has  become  a   idiom  for  truth  telling,  regardless  of  how  ugly  it  may  be.[1]  With  the  advent  of  photography  in   the  19th  Century,  kings  and  queens  no  longer  had  the  ability  to  manipulate  their  painted   portraits,  and  so  could  be  photographed  as  an  exact  likeness.  This  trend  was  to  set  the   precedent  for  photography  producing  true  likenesses  of  people  and  events,  with  no  room  for   fakery.   However,  along  with  pornography,  photographic  manipula#on  began  almost  as  soon  as   photography  was  invented.  Some  of  the  earliest  recorded  manipula#ons  come  from  Civil  War   era  America,  where  composite  images  were  made  of  Abraham  Lincoln  and  Ulysses  S.  Grant.[2]   These  early  manipula#ons  were  done  using  inks,  airbrushes  and  darkroom  techniques,  but   since  the  1980s,  almost  all  manipula#ons  have  been  done  via  computers.  Airbrushing  and   photomanipula#on  is  now  accessible  to  almost  anyone  and  Adobe's  Photoshop  makes  regular   appearances  on  lists  of  most  pirated  soPware.  

Alzheimers     •  Alzheimer's  disease  is  the  most  common  cause  of  demen4a.   Demen4a  is  a  group  of  symptoms  associated  with  a  decline  in  the   way  your  brain  func4ons,  affec4ng  your  memory  and  the  way  you   behave.   •  In  Alzheimer's  disease  there  is  a  progressive  loss  of  brain  cells.   •  The  exact  cause  for  this  is  unknown.  However,  there  are  a  number   of  things  thought  to  increase  the  risk  of  developing  the  condi#on,   including:   •  increasing  age   •  a  family  history  of  the  condi#on   •  previous  severe  head  injuries   •  lifestyle  factors  and  condi#ons  associated  with  vascular  disease  

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