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There are two different types of research, Quantitative and Qualitative. Quantitative research is all about statistics and straight up facts. For example a commonly used form of quatitative research are closed questionnaires. A closed questionnaire is a questionnaire that normally yes or no answers or would have multiple choice questions. These types of questions make statistics which depending on what your looking for, could be more useful than sentenced answers. This also gives quicker results.

ion. This will give whoever wants to know a more indepth answer going into more detail on what they need to do or change to a certain comapny or product. For example a commonly used form of qualitative research are open questionnaires. Unlike closed questionnaires open questions look for more sentenced answers, getting an exact indepth opinion on whatever the topic is. Depending on what your looking for this could be more helpful that yes or no answers as the people being asked will be able to tell you exactly what they think.

Qualitative research is based on opin-

Closed questionnaires can be handed out in the street or more common in recent years to be completed online. This is seen to be alot quicker for the people answering and for the company asking the questions. This therefor makes it alot more popular and as so many people use the internet daily on their computers, tablets and mobile phones, having questionnaires on the internet makes it alot easier and alot more likely to access people. Open questionnaires can also be quicker and more popular online however open questionnaires will never be as popular and well used as closed questionnaires because they are more time consuming and less convenient.

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