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The younger the age of uptake, the greater harm it causes

lower chance of quitting and Higher mortality


rogressive smoking conditions from an early age. Getting wrinkly before your time,the heat from each cigaerette destroys vitiman a levels within the body which is a key substance to help moisture the skin. Vascular Disease, blood vessels narrow temporarilly and with time will permently close from too much exposure to nicotine, which leads to higher and indefinate chances of blood clots. Vascular disease is a main tribute to aggravate or iritate the skin, cases such as this condition shuts down the blood supply to finger and toes causeing them to turn a yellowish colour

The younger you start the quicker attributes such as these can accure as your immune system is still developing, prolbelms happen sooner at an younger age problems that cant be solved problems that are irreverabile problems that will end your life! Dr Daniel Parsons

Statistics show that if you try a cigarette between the ages of 10 to 14, then you are 6 times more likely to start regualary smoking within the next 4 years, Also a survey found that the younger the age of a smoker they are also 4 times more as likely to try an illegal substance!

Although this number is thought to be declineing each year thats not to say the number of deaths arent once youve strated its gets harder to stop and when you have stopped the damage has already occured which is iraversible!

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