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Kinjal Age: 9 Condition: Congenital Muscular Dystrophy Equipment: indoor/outdoor powered wheelchair Cost of equipment: £6,336 Received equipment: 27 January 2009 Area: London Kinjal is a bright little girl who lives with her Mum, Dad, two uncles and one auntie. Kinjal’s parents recently made the house fully wheelchair accessible and she now has her own bedroom and bathroom downstairs. Kinjal has Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, which means she has generalised muscle weakness throughout her body. She has difficulty lifting her arms up against gravity and she has only limited head control. Kinjal’s balance while sitting is reasonably good but she is unable to reach out for things and this causes her to lose her balance. If she is lying on the floor she is able to roll, but has no other means of mobility. Kinjal can eat independently and drink through a straw but is hoisted for transfers and is fully dependent on adult support for all other activities of daily living. Kinjal’s wheelchair service provided her with a Kimba pushchair but because her home was not fully wheelchair accessible they would not offer her a powered chair. For some time Kinjal used a powered chair at school that had been passed to her from another girl. Unfortunately this chair broke down. Following an assessment by a Whizz-Kidz therapist, Kinjal was prescribed a Handicare Hippo with seat riser and tilt which she received at the end of January 2009. Now Kinjal has a chair specifically for her which she can take out and about. Since her home is now accessible, she can make full use of it at all times and is finally able to choose where she wants to go and what she wants to do. As Kinjal’s Mum has recently had another baby, the chair is especially welcome as it will allow her Mum to take both Kinjal and the baby out together – something that would never had been possible before as she wouldn’t have been able to push both Kinjal in her wheelchair and a pram.

How Whizz Kidz helped move Kinjal's life forward  

Kinjal's story.

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