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Music Magazine Target Audience Survey

This question shows me that 57.9% of the people that took my survey are male and this indicates that the male opinion will be dominant throughout. The fact that more males have answered is not a bad thing as I would like my magazine to be aimed more at a male target audience as I would like to have a lot of male features but still catering to the needs of the female audience so avoiding the ‘lads mag’ category.

The people that have answered my survey are from the ages 15 – 19 only this is extremely useful as my magazine is aimed at around the 16 – 20 age category because I want to include current music which young people who have a large impact on the buying and selling of music would be interested in. knowing that the majority od the people who took part in the survey are 17 – 19 year olds I can really incorporate my survey results into my magazine as all of the results will be relevant.

From this I can see that the majority of the people who took my survey would only read a magazine sometimes which tells me that I should probably only release a new magazine every week due to the fact that only one person entered there own answer which was weekly. Also a couple of people have answered almost never and never which again reinforces that I should probably only bring out one magazine per month.

Kerrang got the most of the votes on this question in the survey closely followed by NME, Q and Rollingstone and from this I undesrstand that people are interested in seeing rock and mainstream artists the most due to Kerrang being up the top. The other selections such as

Dubstep has the most votes for this question which for me is positive feedback as at this moment in time that is a very current and growing genre which id like to feature a lot in my magazine. Seeing RnB, Hiphop and rock have a few votes is good to as I want them to feature strongly throughout my magazine as they are mainstream which therefore makes them popular.

The main features that people want to see are free stuff, photos and reviews and as these were all reoccurring answers I think I will have to include as many of these features as possible.

From this question I can see that the most important features to include would be interviews with famous people as is got 68% of the votes closely followed by reviews and pictures of gigs, festivals and concerts. This shows that I need to include these to please my readers and possibly even use these as cover lines on my front cover to attract readers to buy.

This question is basically split 50 50 which shows that people want to read about music and it varies on how they want to do so. Also the fact the all the people who took my survey were young and would be expected to go for any technological option as we are a generation who have grown up with useful accessible technology indicates there still is a big market for good old fashioned magazines.

This helps me price my magazine and there is a wide variety of responses which is good as that way I have larger choice.

These are all brands that fit into the reader profile of my magazine so seeing that the majority of the people have voted for them and not entered others is good as it reinforces what I already thought.

music magazine target audience  
music magazine target audience  

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