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Mi ss i o n B ay is a well-known and iconic destination in Auckland. Sea-level rise

gives threat to nearly 500 houses. The best approach to Mission Bay is to allow flooding. This gives opportunity for a more active and recognizable space. Creating a further 1,600m of coastline and the opportunity to develop a further 1,130m of coastal shop front.

Sch e d u l e d R etr eat was the chosen approach to redeeming Mission Bay due to the possibility of a scheduled implementation over the course of 100 years.

The design adapts to sea level rise in both public use and ecological function. With increasing sea level, adaption of buildings is fundamental. Large brick buildings are to be kept and wooden buildings destroyed or relocated. The creation of reefs from turned up roads, small buildings and other infrastructure will become a major feature of the site. This creates new habitats, breakwaters providing erosion and storm protection and allows for safe swimming.

R e d e mp tive Tem pla te:

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Allow the coastline to flood, creating a new public space.

Allow for ad hoc occupation and colonisation of spaces and reminent infrastructure.


This space facilitates increased engagement with water. Landscape Architecture can utilise redemption through the design of

a m p h i b i o u s l a n d s c a p e s .

Mission Retreat 07

Redemption through amphibious landscapes & Coastal Public Space

Bastion Point



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Bastion Point




Bastion Point


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Bastion Point

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Mission Bay Retreat  
Mission Bay Retreat  

4th year Landscape Architecture studio focusing on sea level rise in the Waitemata Harbour, Auckland, NZ