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ROTARYCYCLEWAY CYCLEWAY ROTARY WAKAARANGA CREEK TO HALF MOON BAY EXTENSION The Tamaki region is expected to grow substantually in the next 30 years, as prediceted it will need to house another 300,000 people. My question lies heavily around transport and how people are going to get to the main transport stops such as ferry, train and bus.

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After the initial investigation of the Tamaki regions transport network, I had an interest in the cycling aspect and what developments would help the growing region. This led to an investigation of the Tamaki, focusing on waterfronts and I identified 20 initial sites from which 3 were selected for further investigation.


After evaluating the maps I spotted a missing link in the Rotary Walkway network between Wakaaranga Creek and Half-Moon Bay ferry terminal, and I choose to fill this gap with a shared cycle/walkway along the coast.


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This brought up many problems from: unsuitable sloped areas, mangrove infested waters and stormwater issues. The designing of the site was particularly hard due to the inaccessability of most of my designs path. This meaned a heavy reliance on GIS mapping and on-site investigation.



0_Site Location 0_

Scale 1:100,000

1_Green Space 1_

Case Studies_


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Scale 1:100,000

2_Existing Cycleways and 2_

Scale 1:100,000


3_Watersheds and Streams 3_

Scale 1:100,000

4_Transport System 4_

Scale 1:100,000

5_Sand + Mangroves 5_

Scale 1:100,000

6_Slope 15 Degrees + 6_


Aims_ Aims_

_Connection to Half-Moon Bay Marina _Wastewater Treatment _Protection of Environmental features _Creation of Viewshafts and amenities

Ørnesvingen is the most spectacular viewpoint along the eagle road, a zig-zag road along the steep valley sides of Geiranger-fjord in Møre and Romsdal. Located at one of its many bends the viewpoint gives tourists breathtaking views over the recently acknowledged UNESCO world heritage site, making it one of Norway’s major tourist attractions. The project consists of three overlapping white concrete slabs overhanging the edge of a 600 meter vertical drop, enabling the observer to step out into the airspace. The river on site is guided over a glazed front, forming a waterfall on the very edge of the viewpoint. Information boards in glass explain specific locations in the scenery

The Coastal Walkway is an award-winning, 10 kilometre (6.2 mile) long walkway located along the coast of New Plymouth, New Zealand. The length of the walkway stretches out from Hickford Park, in the centre of the city, to Bell Block, north-east of New Plymouth. A design-led approach was followed for the extension, with care to make the coastal walkway and cycleway accessible for all. This accessibility has been a key to the overall projects success and the high level of community buy-in and ownership for the project.

Kieran Dove

Scale 1:100,000

Wakaaranga Wakaaranga Creek_ Creek_ A_This section explains the reclamation along the Half Moon A_


Bay cliff. The width varies depending on the site conditions along the edge but it will have atleast 2m of planting at the base of the cliff for stabilisation purpose.

B_The lookout is a feature that was designed to create an B_

amenity vantage point over the creek from Venus Place and

Curacao Place. This was influenced by the stormwater treatment plan that was going to re-vegetate and help clean stormwater outlets and make them an amenity rather than a eye sore.


C_This section helps identify the interaction you and the C_

plants, also it helps connection with the existing pathways.


C Boardwalk


Concrete Path Reclamation

Stormwater Management

Existing Path


Concrete Path

Sand Mangroves

Open Space





Kieran Dove

Reclamation Reclamation


is an essential move to create a to Half Moon Bay Marina. But along the cliff edge there can be a different kind of

design intervention than reclamation, this is dependent on site conditions and which suits it more. I have given a list of a few examples of other types of intervention that can be implemented along the route:

1_ Reclaim land 1_ 2_ Boardwalk 2_ 3_ On land path 3_ 4_ Bridge 4_

When needed, one of these types could be used, along with others not

different experience through the cycleway and give the user a greater enjoyment of biking or walking rather than using vehicles. mentioned. This will create a

The The lookout is designed to react to the existing plant-

ing, with an organic form that suits the vegetation and does not disturb the slope.

Kieran Dove

Rotary Walkway Extension  

Tamaki River Studio 3rd Year BLA UNITEC, NZ