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Due to the success of the Dublin Bikes scheme, Dublin City Council is going to expand it further. Councillor Binchy called on the Council to expand it through the South Docklands to Ringsend, Irishtown and Sandymount. The Council has agreed to eventually expand to Sandymount, but the first phase will see the scheme go east to Heuston


Cllr. Binchy at the Launch of the Grand Canal Cycle Route with members of the Dublin Cycling Campaign.

Station and west into the Docklands. The Council is currently identifying potential sites in the Docklands area, so if you would like to suggest a particular site please get in touch.

Cllr. Binchy has welcomed the first phase of expansion, but will continue to lobby for the scheme to be expanded throughout Ringsend, Irishtown and Sandymount.


Cllr. Binchy at the Blessing of the Boats in Ringsend.

7 years after it was built, the Grand Canal Marina (in the Inner Dock of the Grand Canal Basin) with its landmark Box in the Docks remains criminally underused, despite the fact that it was built and maintained with public money. Every year in July a flotilla comes in for a few weeks, bringing tourists into the area and providing a boost to the local economy, but for the other 50 weeks a year it is almost always empty due to the unreasonable regulations of Waterways Ireland. Cllr. Kieran Binchy has joined with local residents and members of the boating community in a campaign to force Waterways Ireland to open the marina up and to allow more boats to use the Marina for longer. He is also working to get local community groups involved with the Waterways Centre, as it too is rarely made available to local groups. Following a meeting organised by Cllr. Binchy, Waterways Ireland has committed to amending the rules and to allowing boats to make full use of this amenity. It looks like this terrible waste of tax-payer’s money is finally at an end.

REMOVAL OF ROADSIDE BINS Cllr. Binchy has been contacted by a number of residents about roadside bins being removed by the Council. He is firmly against the removal of these bins, as they are the first line in the defence against littering. When he raised the matter with Council officials he was given an unacceptable answer – that bins were removed because they were not being used enough, or because they were being used too much! Councillors unite across party boundaries to tackle cable ties in Sandymount.

Following representations to the council, a number of bins in Ringsend and Sandymount were replaced. He is continuing to campaign for others to be reintroduced. Please get in touch if you want to bring to his attention any bins in your area which have been removed.

Cllr. Kieran Binchy is working with Minister Lucinda Creighton, Eoghan Murphy TD, Senator Catherine Noone and Gay Mitchell MEP

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Community policing has been one of the success stories of recent years. Community gardaí got to know the local community and built up working relationships with residents and businesses to tackle crime at the source. This has been of great benefit to both the gardaí and local residents as both worked together for a safer, better community. Although community gardaí are still officially working in Pearse St. station, the dedicated unit has been Cllr. Binchy and Cllr. Edie Wynne with local gardaí at amalgamated, so there is no longer Harold’s Cross Community Festival. one unit dedicated to community policing. Community policing in Irishtown has also been restructured and is no longer operating as before. Given the importance of community policing for the area, Cllr. Binchy is meeting with the local superintendents to discuss the policing arrangements in order to have these changes to community policing reversed.


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Cllr. Kieran Binchy was delighted to attend the opening of the new Grand Canal Cycle Lane, a major addition to the cycling network in the inner city. The Cycle Lane currently runs from Portobello to the North Docklands, but should eventually run all the way to Dollymount and to the Royal Canal. It is almost entirely off-road, and well-marked and well-lit, which makes it particularly safe and cyclist-friendly.

91 The Windmill, Lime St., Dublin 2

@ 087 1774365 @ @ facebook/cllrkieranbinchy twitter: @kieranbinchy



Cllr. Binchy has been in contact with the Dublin Docklands Development Authority about the state of the cycle lanes which run along the quayside by the footpath in the North and South Docklands. These cycle lanes are very badly designed and maintained, and are a danger to cyclists and pedestrians. Cllr. Binchy has called on the DDDA to mark them properly, and is working on the Council to see them replaced with proper safe 2-way cycle lanes.


@ Clinics: Thursdays 6pm: St. Andrews Resource Centre, Pearse St Thursdays 7pm: Ringsend Community Centre, Thorncastle St. Ringsend

WASTE COLLECTION PROBLEMS Dublin City Council this year withdrew from the domestic waste collection market after 140 years collecting Dubliners’ rubbish. Unfortunately the manner in which the withdrawal was handled by the City Council was particularly poor. Households were left in the dark as to what was going on, with poor communication from both the City Council and from Greyhound, who took over most of the Council’s client-list. The initial service by Greyhound was patchy for those with bins and non-existent for those who use bags. Residents in a number of areas contacted Cllr. Binchy about problems they were having with the new service, and in most cases he was able to help to resolve these issues. He would like to apologise on behalf of the Council to all of those affected. If you are having problems with waste collection please contact him and he will raise the matter with the Council or your waste collector.

GRAFTON ST WORKS It is vital for the local economy that people are attracted into the city centre to work, shop and play. The Council is therefore re-paving Grafton St as part of the ongoing works to improve the area around Grafton St and South William St. The old red brick pavement has seriously deteriorated, and has become dangerous both because of gaps and because it is slippery when it rains (which is all too often). It will be replaced by granite paving, with the work starting in February and continuing for approximately a year. The Council will work with local businesses to keep disruption to a minimum.

Cllr. Binchy with Taoiseach Enda Kenny visiting 2Wheels Cycles in Sandymount


Cllr. Kieran Binchy working for you 18/09/2012 15:06





Cllr. Binchy recently met with the St. Kevin’s (Portobello) Community Council and local residents to discuss the application for planning permission for a large museum on Walworth Road and Kingsland Parade in Portobello. While Cllr. Binchy supports the development of the Irish Jewish Museum, the current proposal is too large for the site, and completely unsuitable for a residential conservation area. He has made a submission to the planners on this, and has also raised the matter at the monthly meeting of the South East Area Committee. He is also helping local residents with their submissions. Cllr. Kieran Binchy joined with Cllr. Edie Wynne to put forward the following motion to the South East Area Committee: To call on the South East Area Committee to write to the Minister for Education calling on him to secure a building for an Educate Together primary school in the Portobello area for September 2013. The motion was passed unanimously, and the Committee has written to the Minister. A number of residents have highlighted the increase in illegal dumping in the Portobello area. The Environmental Officer in the Council is monitoring the area. “No Dumping” signs have been erected on Lombard St West and St. Kevin’s Parade. The Council will fine or prosecute culprits. Lombard Street West has voted to extend the hours of pay-anddisplay to 7 days a week, 7am to Midnight. The Council expects the new hours to be implemented in November. There may be knock-on effects on neighbouring streets, and residents should get in contact if they have concerns about this. Portobello Park (in front of The Lower Deck) is a public amenity that is chronically under-used. Cllr. Binchy has requested that a Christmas Tree with lights and decorations be installed there for

The plans for the redesign and pedestrianisation of Barrow St. are on display at Pearse St. Library until the 24th of September. Some residents have expressed concerns about the knock-on effects on neighbouring streets – submissions or observations should be made in writing before the 8th of October to Executive Manager, Planning Department, Dublin City Council, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8. Are you over 50? Do you want to become computer savvy? Google Ireland is providing free computer classes in Cambridge Court and Fair Play Café and oneto-one tuition on how to use the internet in their Barrow St offices for residents of Ringsend and Irishtown. For more details contact Google on on 01 5431507 or email

Top: Cllr. Binchy with President Michael D Higgins, Paul from YMCA and Fr. Charlie Hoey, Whitefriar St. Left: Cllr. Binchy with James Joyce on Sandymount Green for Bloomsday. Right: Cllr. Binchy with Former Taoiseach John Bruton.

Following a proposal by Cllr. Binchy, Dublin City Council is installing a “Slí na Sláinte” in Ringsend Park. A Slí na Sláinte is a series of signs marking routes that allow walkers to measure the distance they are covering – it is designed to encourage people to walk more frequently and to enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. There is a route commencing in Ringsend Park but it also links the park with the surrounding area including Sean Moore Park & Irishtown Nature Park, joining up too with the route which runs along Sandymount Promenade.

the next holiday season, for all the community to enjoy. In the meanwhile if you have suggestions on how the Council can use this resource for the good of the community please get in contact. Cllr. Kieran Binchy has called on the Council to either paint Whitefriar Gardens or to provide paint to local volunteers who are interested in doing it themselves. Dublin City Council has passed a Local Area Plan for the George’s Quay and City Quay area, which will guide the development of the area for the foreseeable future. Cllr. Binchy worked with local communities to ensure that the Council adopted a plan which encouraged business and jobs into the area, while ensuring the protection and development of existing local communities.

SANDYMOUNT, LANSDOWNE, BATH AVENUE NEWS Cllr. Binchy was delighted to attend the AGM of the Lansdowne and District Residents’ Association, at which LADRA’s new website was launched. For more information check out Residents in Lansdowne Park are very concerned over the use of the lane as a rat-run, as cars are not respecting the speed limit or the residential nature of the lane. Cllr. Binchy has put in a request to the Traffic Section of the Council for speed bumps to be installed in the interests of safety. Congratulations to the Sandymount Tidy Towns committee and volunteers. The Campaign “cleaned-up” at the Dublin South East Area Neighbourhood Awards and received the Urban Village Award at the 2012 Tidy Towns. A cross-party group of Councillors recently joined with the Sandymount Tidy Towns committee to tackle the ugly plastic cable ties sometimes left behind on lamp-posts after the removal of political posters. A huge number of old cable ties were removed. Cllr. Kieran Binchy supported Bath Avenue residents by objecting to the use of the Dodder Walkway as an access route for concerts in the Aviva Stadium, as it would cause serious disturbance to a residential area. Permission was refused.

Cllr. Kieran Binchy... working for you KieranBinchy_NL_12.indd 2

Funds have been made available for a number of road works to improve the road layout in Ringsend and Irishtown. Plans are currently being finalised, but in consideration are: • closing the junction of Fitzwilliam Quay on to Bridge St for everyone except bicycles and pedestrians to stop cars using it as a rat-run; • footpath build outs at the school warden crossing point at Cambridge Road; • modifying or removing the island at the junction of Strand Street/Pembroke Street and implementing a one way system in conjunction with allowing two way traffic on Chapel Avenue; • upgrading the pedestrian crossing on Irishtown Road.

ANTI DOG-FOULING CAMPAIGN Dog fouling on footpaths is a big issue for many local residents. The City Council has launched a pilot campaign on Thorncastle St, Ringsend to highlight the need for responsible behaviour when it comes to cleaning up after pets in order to ensure that our streets and parks are safe and clean for everyone. As part of the campaign the following measures are being taken: • A Dog-Fouling Removal Machine will be made available in the local area • Biodegradable bags will be available in Libraries and should be available shortly • Anti dog-fouling signs will be erected in the local area • Anti dog-fouling signs will be distributed to Residents/Community/Environmental groups for erection at locations to be agreed by them • Posters giving information on where to dispose of dog faeces will be placed on public litter bins • Litter Wardens will patrol to enforce Litter Pollution Acts. If you would like to report a dog fouling complaint please call the litter hotline on 1 800 251 500. If this pilot campaign is successful Cllr. Binchy will seek to have it applied across the South East Inner City, from Sandymount to Portobello.

Top: Cllr. Binchy with Lord Mayor Naoise O’Muiri at the launch of the Tall Ships Festival. Left: Cllr. Binchy with some Leinster legends at the Olympic Flame ceremony. Right: Cllr. Binchy with Minister Lucinda Creighton and John Fitzsimons of St. Andrews Resource Centre at the launch of the South Docks Festival.

REMINDER – Digital Changeover On 24th October 2012 the TV signal in Ireland changes to digital. This means that if you get your Irish television channels (RTE, TV3, TG4) through an aerial (and not through pay TV such as cable or satellite), you need to ensure that your television is Saorview approved. If your current television is not Saorview-approved, and you do not want to buy a new television, you can buy a set-top box which will allow your current television to work with the new signal. For more information call lo-call 1890 222 012. 18/09/2012 15:06

Autumn Newsletter 2012 - Councillor Kieran Binchy  

Councillor Kieran Binchy (Fine Gael) - South East Inner City, Dublin, newsletter

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