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High quality products From manifolds to controls, all Nu-Heat underfloor and integrated renewables heating and hot water systems are supplied to specification, with a full set of high quality, dependable components and a support package ready for installation and beyond. Sourcing everything from one supplier ensures systems work seamlessly.

Each product meets the highest industry standards. Backed up with our Nu-Heat Know-How and our innovative approach to product development, rest assured that Nu-Heat is committed to delivering cutting edge products that deliver exceptional energy savings.

Fastflo® floor heating tube – tried and tested reliability Our floor heating tube is quality assured to ISO9001 and the underfloor heating tube is designed to the highest European industry standards; DIN16892 and DIN4726. • M  arket leading PE-Xc construction • G  uaranteed uniform wall thickness • U  ltra-light, easy to handle and uncoil Optiflo Manifold – the brains of the Nu-Heat system • C  omes fully pre-assembled • B  low moulded stainless steel construction • Individual tube run isolation valves • F  low meters on each heating circuit Innovative thermostat range • S  martphone App and web-based control options • S  et-back facility for all thermostats • Improved zone control

System design drawings (CAD) installation information detailing: • Tube centres • Tube lengths • Boiler sizing • System volume • Component locations • Zones Award-winning installation manuals • C  lear diagrams, easy-to-follow instructions created by experts • S  upplied in separate sections so different trades can reference for ease of use • R  emovable A3 CAD and ‘docking drawings’ Comprehensive end user guide • E  asy-to understand Nu-Heat User Guide supplied with every system • Features and benefits of your system • Energy efficiency usage advice

25-year warranty Energy Pro DHW cylinders • L  ightweight all-stainless-steel construction • Insulated in excess of the requirements of Part L • S  mooth-walled coils for good heat transfer and low pressure drop


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