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Manifesto #Kieran4NWYL

Why I’m standing. Why I’m standing The potential for North West Young Labour is great. For a group that represents over 4,000 members, North West Young Labour is one that’s illdefined but this year we can decide what its role should be. There are barriers to North West Young Labour working well – campaign days or events can never cater for members in Cheshire and Cumbria at the same time – so that’s why NWYL should be focussed on improving existing local groups and creating ones in areas that aren’t covered. In the past few months I’ve spoken to members in every region and I’ve learnt what the issues are and what NWYL can do to help. Whether it’s improving struggling groups or creating new ones, I’ll make it NWYL’s responsibility that Young Labour across the region gets all the support it deserves but currently lacks. In the next few pages (which I’ll try my best to make interesting) I’ll set out my plans for how to support Young Labour groups, make sure we make a success of Young Labour’s national youth homelessness campaign and give you an organisation you can be proud of.

Because of Kieran's vast experience of organising and campaigning, but more importantly his determination to help establish and support Young Labour groups across the region, I know he will make an excellent Chair of NWYL. - Aidan Williams, Chair of Trafford Young Labour


Local groups. Since being elected Chair of Manchester Young Labour, I’ve learnt how to make a group more active and what works and what doesn’t. There are many talented members of our party who want to do more with their local groups but the same problems that face all groups – lack of money or attendance etc – can be demoralising and off putting. Regionwide these have either prevented groups from continuing or people have found ways to overcome them. NWYL should be a forum for people to share best practice or ask for help when they need it. There are simple and practical steps to achieve this.

As Chair I will:  Immediately set up a website promoting the work of local Young Labour groups.

 Make sure all groups have easy access to updated membership lists.

 Negotiate funding for groups that need it.  Work closely with members through regular contact to tackle issues individual to their group.

I think Kieran is the best person for Chair of NWYL. His passion and determination to take NWYL even further than it has come sounds great! I believe he has the experience to make this happen. I look forward to the next 12 months to see NWYL progress even further! - Kim Snape, Secretary of Chorley Young Labour


Youth homelessness. Young people get involved in politics to change lives and this is one way we can do that. I was proud that Young Labour voted for tackling youth homelessness to be their national campaign – an issue that urgently needs addressing in the North West. Through working with local authorities, charities and campaign


groups, we have the chance to make an actual difference for young people in the North West. This campaign also presents a unique opportunity to get new members involved – one that won’t be missed.

If elected I will:  Give members a real say in how we’ll campaign on the issue.

 Organise sleeping rough nights raising money for homeless charities and awareness across the North West.

 Make sure Young Labour groups work closely with their local authorities to find what more they can do.

 Particularly focus on getting currently inactive members involved by giving them a role in the campaign.

Kieran is a dedicated, approachable and dependable person, equipped with the experience and qualities to be Chair. He is passionate about Young Labour, what it can achieve and has excellent ideas and plans which I believe if implemented could significantly strengthen our region. - Oliver Ryan, Chair of Stockport and Tameside Young Labour


An active membership. There is of course only so much a Chair can do. For Young Labour in the North West to grow it will need the effort of members in every region to campaign, hold events and get new members involved. The role of and Chairencouraging of NWYL role of NWYL Chair however can be influential in motivating members however more participation. At Manchester Young Labour, active membership has increased greatly in my time as Chair and I aim to do the same in NWYL.

How to get members involved:  Members need new opportunities to get involved other than just campaigning – community organising, co-option on committees, policy and social events – all of these I would expand in the North West.

 I’ll make sure Young Labour groups have regularly updated contact lists and I’ll organise regular phonebanks throughout the regions so contact with members improves everywhere.

 NWYL isn’t representative of its membership – we need more women and BAME members involved and I’ll work to increase that as much as possible.

Since moving to the area, Kieran and Manchester Young Labour couldn’t have been more welcoming. It’s been active and friendly and I know he’ll do the same at North West. - Johnte Lloyd, Manchester Young Labour


Get in touch. I hope I’ve proven that I have the experience to take on the role and that I’ll actually do what I’ve pledged to do if elected. It will take the effort of all NWYL members but from going round groups in the past few months, it’s been extremely encouraging to hear and see how keen members are in the North West. If you have any questions about my campaign, what I’d do as Chair or if you’re a new member and want to get involved, please contact me at and I’ll be straight back in touch.

“ `

He’s a good friend, a good Chair and despite what this leaflet might suggest he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I know he’ll make a big difference to North West Young Labour. - Fabian McNeilly, Vice Chair of Manchester Young Labour

/kieran.roberts @kieranlroberts


#Kieran4NWYL manifesto

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