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Whiskers is a brand of cat food that is sold all over the world, it is owned by the American group mars incorporated. Whiskers was originally called Kal Kan when it was created in 1936. In 1988 the company changed the name to whiskers to advertise the product internationally. The whiskers product is made in Mclean Virginia by the company known as pedigree pet foods. “The well-known advertising slogan for Whiskas was "eight out of ten owners said their cat prefers it". After a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority, this had to be changed to "eight out of ten owners who expressed a preference said their cat prefers it". The tv show 8 out of 10 cats took its name from the old Whiskers slogan. Whiskers also were the first company to use celebrity endorsement where the celebrity changed there name to advertise the product. “In 1998, Australian rules footballer Garry Hocking changed his name by deed poll to "Whiskas" as part of the Geelong Football Club promotion with the company. It was the first such publicity stunt of its kind”. On Wednesday the 27th of January 1999 Whiskas singles aired its first commercial on American TV. In hungry, Serbia, Germany, Finland, France, Slovakia, Russia, Romania, Poland and Slovenia a slogan that means cats would buy whiskers if they could is used to advertise whiskers.

Mars's Pedigree Petfoods, an English company, launched Whiskas cat food in Europe in 1959. A healthy, meat-based cat food, Whiskas was the first brand to offer varieties of pet food. It became the major cat food brand in Europe, as well as in Australia and Japan.

Pedigree pet foods is an English mars incorporated company that released whiskers cat food in Europe in 1959. It was a healthy meat based cat food. Whiskers was the first pet food brand to offer a variety of different pet foods. It became a majour cat food brand in Europe, Australia and japan.

In the 1980’s popularity of cats as pets was far more greater then that of dogs. As british whiskas sold 3 times the amount of cat foods as there

competitors, the parent company saw a good opportunity for Kal Klan in the americian cat food market. In 1988 mars renamed the cat food brand kal klan whiskas and the kal klan’s crave brand became whiskas dry. Mars decided to use the same recipe for british and US whiskas, but each used localy sourced ingridients. The Kal Klan company lost half of its market share in cat food during the transition to the Whiskas name/brand. As a result in the late 1980’s kal klan worked on expanding its market share in the U.S. Kal klan had new packaging, lable with a cat mask logo and a new slogan. : "The cat food your cat prefers is now called Whiskas." Changing the name of kal klan’s caf food brands from kal klan and crave to whiskas and whiskas dry gave mars international efficiency in marketing cat food. “As one competitor told Fortune magazine, One thing Mars does better than any public company is understand the true importance of the international markets."

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