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Proposal When I originally started this project for making an advert I chose whiskas but the problem was I had 2 or 3 feasible ideas that I had to chose from so I eliminated them through a process of trial and error. I basically looked at them and said in this ad that can work and this can work but that doesn’t work then I compared the ads to see what ad had more things that were feasible and I chose the most feasible one. The idea I chose was a similar style to how the cillit bang adverts work. I chose this style and idea because it is simple, its feasible and it is an effective low budget advert. The advert starts of with a man doing a voice over (proably me) saying (negative) things like is your cat fat, is your cats teeth bad, does your cat have no energy and is your cat food to expensive. Then in the ad images pop up on the screen of these things. Then it jumps to a shot of the person doing the voiceover holding the product and saying something like then get new Whiskas temptations. And then there will be a close up on the product. Then it will jump to a shot of a cat eating food and there would be a voiceover saying whiskas temptations gives you a balanced diet and it will show a healthy looking cat that’s a normal weight. Then it will jump to another shot of the same or a different cat I haven’t decided yet eating the product and there would be a voice over saying new whiskas temptations gives your cat healthy teeth then it will have a close up shot on the cats face shwing the teeth. Then it will jump to another shot of a cat eating the food and it will show the cat running and maybe jumping on a chair and there will be another voiceover saying new whiskas temptations gives your cat twice as much energy as your standard cat food. Then there will be a jump cut to a shot of the person doing the voice over holding the new product and saying is your cat food to expensive then get new whiskas temptations and there will be a close up on the product showing the low price. To end the advert it will zoom out showing the person holding the product for the last and the person will smile then the advert will end. The target audience for the product is cat owners, vets and charaties like the rspca. The cast and crew I will need for this project is one camera man, one editor and 1 actor/actress. I will need a camera, I will also need an editing sweet and a computer to upload the footage. The camera I will use will cost about £200 a week to hire out. The editing suit will cost about £500 a week. It will cost about £25 an hour to hire out the actor and about £35 for the camera man. The project timescale is about 8 or 10 weeks to plan it, make it and to finalise it. Target audience Casts/requirments (location,cast crew and kit) Project timescale

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proposal for whiskas advert

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