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My ident idea is very abstract showing community and creativity because it shows students and staff in school life in a unique imaginative way. To produce this ident I am going to go around the school filming people finding different letters to make up the phrase ‘Tallis TV’ with each letter being associated with a different lessons that are taught at Tallis. The lessons I will associate the letters with are food technology for the letter T, math’s for the letter A for algebra, modern languages for the letter L, English/literacy for the letter L, geography for the letter I for India, science for the letter S, design and technology for the letter T and visual media arts for the letter V for video. The majority of the shots I will use are close-ups and over the shoulder shots so people can see the letters being created and people highlighting where the letters are. The whole of the ident will be made up of live footage filmed by myself and I will use this live footage to create the new logo. Through the production of the ident I will need to use several actors/actresses as they will be used to create and highlight where the letters are for the audience watching the ident so they are an essential part of my filming. However the audience will never fully see my actors as I’m using over the shoulder shots and close-ups, because I want the audience to focus on the letters. There will only be one possible animated part in the ident and that will be at the end to get all the letters in chronological order to form Tallis TV. I aim to make the letters look like a puzzle interlocking with each other and slotting into the right spaces. I aim to do this in After Effects however if After Effects or I do not possess the abilities to do so then I will attempt this in Final Cut. To film the ident I will be shooting mostly free hand because of the nature of the shots I want to achieve so this will be a new experience and challenge that I will have to overcome as I rarely shoot free hand so I will have to learn how to get a steady hand so I will have the best quality footage possible, however if I feel compelled to use a tripod I will. I have decided not to use any diegetic sound in the ident so it does not distract the audience from watching how the letters are created; also I feel the diegetic sound will have no relevance to the ident so therefore it is not needed. But I have decided to use some sound so the ident is not seen as plain and boring and in this case I will use a non-diegetic soundtrack that is derived from popular current music. The soundtrack I choose must be entertaining and catchy so the audience remembers the ident when they hear that song. The soundtrack must also suit the ident and feel like they go together for the effect to work so in order to achieve this I will take my time when selecting a soundtrack to use. I may even pick 2 or 3 and get my classmates and teachers to vote on the best one in order to make an effective accurate decision. This idea fits the brief as it shows Tallis in a creative way that has a supportive community because it will show several Tallis students working on each letter and these letters will come together to make up Tallis TV so they will have worked in a team collectively to make an outstanding piece of work. This ident shows Tallis in a creative way because when I show the students making the letters they will be made in a unique way for example the letter t is made out of spaghetti and the letter v is made on Photoshop but in an artistic manor. This idea also fits the brief because it targets both audiences the primary audience of students and ex-students and the secondary audience of parents and grandparents because it uses modern and up to date music for the teenagers and it gives them an insight into Tallis, but it also targets the parents and grandparents because it gives them a chance to see what their children and grandchildren will get up to if they get involved in Tallis TV.

Ident Proposal  

this is the final proposal with only the new idea included.

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