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Break down of Key Headlines

• 70% of people liked the length of my advert • 60% of people thought my edit was in sync • 60% of people didn’t like the sound levels in my advert • 10 people answered my questionnaire • 60% of people liked my editing technique • Most people said the sound levels/voiceovers can be improved • The response of why people liked the advert were very wide ranging from the acting to shot variation to the humor. • Most people said the weakness of the edit was the sound and some people said some of the footage

Quantitative research results

This research shows that the majority of people liked the length of my advert. I like the use of the pie chart because the information is clearly displayed. I think this is good because I was concerned it might be to short.

Part 2

This research clearly shows that I have to improve my sound levels before the final draft as most people didn’t like them. I should of asked my audience why and how to expand on my research. I should of got more people to answer my questionnaire to see if a majority thought the same thing.

Part 3

This question was important because I needed to know if my ad was in sync because if it was out of sync I would have been marked down badly and it wouldn’t of made sense. From this I found that it was sought of a split opinion because even know more people said it was in sync if one more person said it weren't it would have been 50/50 so that’s why I should of asked more people.

Qualitative research results

There was a lot of mixed responses regarding whether people liked my editing technique. The responses ranged from anything like they liked the shot variation to the edit flows well. One person also said it needs to be a bit faster but someone said it’s a bit to fast so the opinions expressed were very different. I think the main thing I can take from this research is that the edit flows well and the shots used were good.

Part 2

Last reponse says I would like to see more shots of the cat in an ideal cat with better lighting. I think this is a good idea but its hard to do because my kitchen has a very dark floor and the lighting is rubbish. There is the possibility of green screening but its hard to find the right picture and to get the cat to move in a way where the green screen would look effective. A lot of people said about improving the sound by either redoing the voice overs or changing the sound levels. I feel that it is a good idea to improve the sound levels however I do not feel I need to redo the voiceovers to change the tempo I think it is a matter of refilming the bit with the actor to get his voice to the same tempo/sound of the voiceover. A few people said to refilm some bits and add some more footage. Someone said instead of having images from Google have some of my own photos. I think this is a good idea but is hard to achieve as I don’t know any fat cats or cats with rotting teeth.

Part 3

The responses for this question is very mixed because some people said they liked the shots and some people said they liked the message in the advert. Some people also liked the editing technique used as someone said they liked the quick edits and another said they liked the continuity edit. Someone also said the acting which I was a little surprised at as although the acting technique was good in terms of how the actor presented the product but in terms of character the way they portrayed the persona of the character. and the voice of the actor. These responses are helpful because I now know the stuff that went well so I know what I don’t have to change.

Part 4

Most people said the sound and the synching of the sound was a problem/weakness of my edit. I agree with this because near the end the sound was playing before the actor was talking and it was hard to correct. I also agree that the sound levels/tempo was a weakness because the voice overs were much louder then the actor talking. I also agree that the tempo of the sound was bad because when the actor did the voiceover it sounded nothing like when I filmed it so I have decided to correct the sound levels and refilm the bit with the actor instead of changing the voiceover. Someone said the special effects wrent up to date I disagree with this because my ad didn’t use many special effects and the effects I did use e.g. cropping the video adding voiceover in sync with the video were up to date special effects. I also agree that some of the footage isn’t at a good quality I wil improve this by refilming the footage and colour correcting the footage.

Changes I will make due to feedback • I will reshoot the footage with my actor in with a green screen • I will colour correct my footage • I will also change the sound levels • I will also re sync my sound

Evaluation of questionaire  


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