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Call Sheet Name: Louis Lydon Kieran Gibbons Date: 21/03/12

L and k animations 154 kidbrooke park road London SE39PX

Production Title: The blob

Director: Louis lydon Camera Person: Kieran Gibbons Sound Person: Kieran Gibbons Louis Lydon Assistants/Runners: Kieran Gibbons Make up/ Hair artist: Danny O Conner Actors: Kieran Gibbons

Meet Date /Time: Wednesday 8:50-10:50 or 11:10-13:10 Meet Location: room 1118 Thomas Tallis school

Expected Weather: none

Location: room 1118

Props: pencils glue scissors highlighters cellar tape plasticine

Lighting: artificial

Catering: none

Wardrobe: none Transport: Louis Lydon Other:

call sheet  

call sheet