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Over the last few weeks I have analyzed a range of different adverts that have been broadcasted on TV. I have compared the adverts on several factors e.g. target audience, cinematography, sound, editing and mise en scene. I have also looked at different persuasive techniques such as humor, nostalgia and avarice.

In the Guinness advert there are many different shot types used, sound effects and editing techniques. At the start of the Guinness advert there is a close up on the man drinking the beer, to show his facial expression. From the expression on his face you can tell he’s enjoying the beer and he is happy when he drinks it so this is going to make people want to buy the beer. In the advert they use close ups when showing the stages of evolution e.g. when the cave man evolved into a monkey. The reason they show the stages of evolution is because it shows how long people have had to wait until they invent Guinness but they are sought of saying it was worth the wait because its 1000 times better then what we drunk millions of years ago that’s why at the end of the ad it shows this frog like thing take a sip of this dirty water and he said err and spat it out. In the advert most of the time the camera doesn’t really move it stays where it is and the people/ animals walk backwards which gives the effect of time rewinding because of the quick cut editing technique. In the advert they use birds eye views and a panning shot to show the changes through evolution. The effect of this

is the viewer can see the changes from there own prospective and view point. At the start of the advert they start playing a sound track called the rhythm of life, which is parallel to the picture. In the advert they use diegetic sound of ice cracking. And a sound of an ostrich tweeting. They also have a sound effect when a metaphor hit the ground and it crashes and explodes. This sound would all be diegetic but they are sound effects, which have been edited to play over the advert. in the opening shot the camera uses a shallow focal field. Because two of the people sipping the beer are in focus and its crisp but the last person sipping the beer is slightly blurred. The director also uses an effect called a punktum to keep our focus on the men sipping the beer and their facial expression. In the advert the director also chose to use a full focal field because the shot with the three men in as they put down their pints is really crisp and clear even the background is clear. in the Guinness advert there are many persuasive techniques such as conformity, security and humor. it uses conformity because people just want to fit in so if your mates go to the pub with you your going to want to fit in so your probably have a drink with them and if there all drinking Guinness your probably do the same so you don’t look stupid. it also uses humor because of the song it uses and by the way it shows the stages of evolution. it plays on your fears of security as well because people like to be secure in there life whether that’s financial security or social security and with Guinness you can be social and go to the pub with

your mates to drink it. the Guinness advert is a very high budget advert with all the C.G.I animation. However the Cillit bang advert is totally different from the Guinness advert. The Cillit bang advert is very low budget. The Cillit bang advert uses a range of persuasive techniques such as sloth, health, aspire, humor and security. It uses sloth because it make cleaning look so easy so people would by buy it to make there life’s easier and it takes less effort. It also uses your fear of health because in the ad they say the product makes your bathroom hygenic so people would buy it to minimize the risk of them getting ill from lots of nasty germs. the ad also targets aspires because in the ad the product makes a persons bathroom seem nice and shiny which is what a rich persons bathroom would look like and so they want to seem like a Succeeder so they’re buy the product. The Cillit bang advert uses humor because of its slogan bang and the dirt is gone its sought of humorous and its catchy. the ad is also humorous because a random person that no one knows just comes on and he’s like hay my names Barry Scott just out of the blue its got nothing to do with the ad or the product. The target audience for the product is 18 plus because it is for anyone that owns their own home that cleans the kitchen or for someone that uses it if they have a cleaning job. At the start of the ad there is a number of slide show transitions changing from shot to shot of dirty toilets, bathrooms and blocked sinks showing that this is what the product can help clean. It is

showed pictures of cleaning products in a cupboard under the sink suggesting the product the person was using before didn’t work. There is also a panning shot on the supposedly useless cleaning products to show how many there were giving the impression this persons tried everything to clean there bathroom and to fix blockages but nothings worked until they found Cillit bang. The person advertising the product holds up the product where there is a close up on the product so the person watching the ad can decide if they like the product. There is then a jump cut used and we see a shot of the person putting a metal baking tray in a solution of Cillit bang and he takes it out and its really shiny. This shows the high quality of the product. There is also another close up on a person cleaning a bathroom with Cillit bang and they were showing the after effect of using Cillit bang. There is another jump cut and a close up of a person poring Cillt bang into the sink to unblock it. After there is another cut to a shot of the Cillt bang clearing the pipe. At the end of the ad there is a medium shot of the bathroom to show how Cillit bang has made the bathroom better and more hygienic. There is also one last close up of this Barry person holding the product. There is some use of diegetic sound such as a voice over throughout most of the ad. Why the person shows how the product works the person doing the voice over explains what the product can do. At the end the person say the slogan bang and the dirt is gone. There are a few non-diegetic sounds such as the sound track over the advert that has a trumpet

playing and it has a mystery sound at the beginning and there is an upbeat track at the end.

In the Honda advert there are many different persuasive techniques used such as maternal and paternal love, humor and nostalgia. This advert uses a bit of humor because there are funny parts where there are rabbits wearing headphones and when the hippos jump on the engine. And it is uses paternal love and maternal love because this advert uses bright lighting and colors and advertises thinking for the future. The ad also uses nostalgia to make the viewer believe that if they buy the product that there children would get the past they had via helping the planet. This advert uses nostalgia because the colors used are very reminiscent of the 1960s sycadelic phase. The way in which the engine moves is like the yellow submarine. This advert would be aimed maybe at people who lived in the 1960s are who’s parents lived in the 1960s. This advert is aimed at reformers because it telling people to care for the environment and the future. and it is advertising eco friendly cars which is something they can buy not a plan or concept they can go by to try and reform there life’s or society around them. This advert uses stop motion animation. All the props are animated. There is lot of things in this advert. There are flowers and an engine and sunshine. There are all kinds of bright objects and bright lights. I think this is to try and attract the viewer. To catch their attention. And also it

goes with the theme of an eco friendly engine. Before you even get the plot or premise of the advert you think it might be something to do with the environment. Also the idea of nature attacking engines is brilliant. It expresses what the product and advert is about in a positive, vibrant way. it’s also something you’ll remember. it matches the song as well hate something change something as the animals hate the engines so they destroy them then they change to eco friendly engines.. the colors and actions are inspiring and motivates people to buy this product. There is a song all through out the advert to express how the animals and nature in the advert feel about the engine. The advert also uses diegetic sound like the water splashes and the sound of the broken down engine. The ad is like a parody of films from the 30s and 40s with the flamingos dancing with the fountains. The advert is set in the outdoors. It’s set in a sort of garden. It’s meant to show nature and how beautiful the planet is and encourage people to buy the engine. It tries to make the audience feel guilty. It’s a moral thing. It’s very good and works effectively. The advert is mostly a panning shot to make it feel like your going on a journey. The journey goes from bad (un environmentally friend engine) to good (environmentally friendly engines). in the advert when its panning it uses medium shots when its following the engine. In the cresta advert there are many different persuasive techniques such as gluttony, greed, celebrity endorsement, maternal and paternal

love and humor. The advert uses the persuasive technique of gluttony because the drink is something people would want but they do not need it also covers greed because some people might want to drink it every day. Another persuasive technique is celebrity endorsement; kids would pretend and want to be like the bear in school to show off to there friends. The bear was based on actor jack Nicholson in the 1970’s. The advert uses humor because the bear acts really crazy and hyper and he falls over which is humorous. The ad uses maternal and paternal love because it makes parents would feel bad if there kids wanted the drinks and they could not. The type of animation used is drawn animation, this is the sought of cartoon animation young kids would watch. it also adds to the humor. The target audience is young people probably children because it’s a soft drink and the advert doesn’t use very sophisticated humor or narrative so it makes it easier to understand for younger audiences. This advert is aimed at people who have drunk Cresta before, but it is also trying to gain more buyers by making a more memorable “funny” advert. The only props that have been used in this advert are sunglasses and a bottle. the sunglasses are used to go along with the voice and portray the bear as some one who is cool. the bear has many different facial expressions. The character is extremely animated; at the being he leans against the wall quiet relaxed and chilled to show what state he’s in before he drinks the Cresta to show what effect the drink can have on someone. When he drinks the drink

he seem to have some strange reaction. He looks like he’s having a stroke. The camera zooms in and he looks straight at the camera and laughs. He falls over and he then gets up to regain the stance he was in before. I think he does this to show that drinking the drink is an exciting experience. The advert is brightly lit. Or it might appear that way because of the white background and the character being white. The advert is set in a white place. it looks like he’s in a box, the color of the character is white this is to illuminate the product. the product is red to make it stand up and the other bottles are multi colors also so they stand out. The colors in the advert are simple they only use red and white. They use a white background so you focus on the red black current bottle. The polar bear is aimed at young kids about 11 because of his designer sunglasses and his branded black current drink. There isn’t much editing in the ad. There is just a long duration shot all through out the ad this could be because of budget, or time it takes to make or because if they have to many jump cuts to different shots it over complicates the ad and its only aimed at little kids. In the advert there is an extreme close up on the black current bottle. There is also an extreme medium shot on the polar bear when you can see his whole body except below his knees. The sound in the adverts is all diegetic and all the sound are sound effects and weird cartoon sounds.

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advert essay final draft

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