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Insight into Sexual Abuse Wendy Bray

Paperback, 112 pages [9781853456923] AU: $14.95 NZ: $19.99 SG: No Rights

Based on the Waverley Abbey Insight Day entitled Helping Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual and/or Emotional Abuse led by Heather Churchill, this book will help both those working through issues of sexual abuse in their own life and those accompanying others on this journey. Taking a holistic approach, the book considers issues that may arise from an abusive background: physical, emotional, behavioural, rational, relational, sexual and spiritual. It also poses the important question: ‘What can the Church do and how can it become a “safe place?”

PENS: Belonging to God Alexa Tewkesbury

Paperback, 64 pages [9781853456954] AU: $6.95 NZ: $9.99 SG: No Rights

Topz Secret Stories Topz Secret Stories: Dixons and the Wolf Alexa Tewkesbury

Paperback, 126 pages [9781853456916] AU: $9.95 NZ: $12.99 SG: No Rights

God chooses to make us part of His people, His big family on earth, as we choose to love and serve Him, and belong to Him. Topics include: ‘If Trouble Comes’: Pens and Sticky learn that God helps us in trouble but we should also help each other; ‘The Path Through The Sea – God rescues His people’: God sees the troubles of the Israelites and rescues them when they trust in Him; ‘God and Me’: Pens find out what it means to belong to God; ‘Believe and See – Jesus heals a man who is blind’: a man trusted Jesus that He would make him see again.

Topz Secret Stories: Dixons’ Den Alexa Tewkesbury

PENS: Hand in Hand Alexa Tewkesbury

Paperback, 64 pages [9781853456930] AU: $6.95 NZ: $9.99 SG: No Rights

Jesus promises to be with us every day as we walk with Him. Topics include: ‘Jesus, By My Side’: we learn from Pens’ everyday lives how to trust Jesus to help us every day, and follow His example; ‘Peter Learns a Lesson – Jesus walks on water’: the story of Peter trusting Jesus even in a very new and scary situation; ‘God’s Power’: Pens discover God’s power in creation and learn that He is powerful to forgive us, change us, protect us and comfort us; ‘Jairus’ Daughter – The little girl who lived’: the story of Jesus bringing a little girl back to life.

This honest and heart-warming brand new book in the Topz series shows how Christian children can help their non-Christian friends when they’re in trouble. Rick, the leader of the Dixons Gang has a secret. Only Sarah, one of the Topz Gang knows what it is – she’s the one who saw him walking with a black dog wearing a red collar, looking like he didn’t want anyone to see where he was going ... Topz and Dixons don’t usually talk to each other but this time, Sarah and Rick have something in common – they both love dogs. They decide to hide Wolf from anyone who’ll ask questions. But Sarah’s worried. Is Rick telling the truth about Wolf? And why is he being so friendly to her when Topz usually hate Dixons?

Paperback, 126 pages [9781853456909] AU: $9.95 NZ: $12.99 SG: No Rights

This brand new book in the Topz series will delight children and show them how Christian children can help their non-Christian friends to discover God. Saf is new to Holly Hill. Her mum has just died and she’s not there by choice. Sad, angry and vulnerable, Saf is reluctant to get to know the Topz Gang who always seem to be talking about God. Instead she befriends Kevin, one of the Dixons Gang who never hang out with Topz. Kevin knows what it is like to lose a parent and shows Saf the secret location of the Dixons’ den. But, when the other Dixons find out, they are furious and make trouble. So Saf decides that she can’t trust anyone; she avoids Topz and Dixons, starts lying to her dad and is unkind to her little brother. But the more she isolates herself and leaves God out of the problem, the worse things become.

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Paperback, 352 pages [9780764209772] AU: $18.95 NZ: $24.99 SG: No Rights

The Fiddler (Home to Hickory Hollow #1) Beverly Lewis

What a Daughter Needs from Her Dad Michael Farris

Amelia Devries finds herself living an artistic double life: she’s a talented concert violinist who’s also very good at fiddling. When a severe thunderstorm strands her in the rural mountains of Pennsylvania, she takes refuge at a cabin inhabited by Michael Hostetler, a young man who can’t decide whether to join the Amish community. Her chance connection with Michael allows Amelia an opening into his community, while Michael finds himself increasingly attracted to her. This opens the Home to Hickory Hollow series.

She may be Daddy’s little girl today, but what about the years to come? Will you continue to be an important voice of influence, helping her to realize all the potential placed in her by God? Michael Farris gives day-to-day strategies that can build character and spiritual strength in your growing daughter – from infancy, through the turbulent teen years and on into adulthood. Farris offers solid, practical advice on issues like choosing the right friends, setting spiritual goals, preparing for future career choices, courtship and marriage.

Paperback, 176 pages [9780764210051] AU: $11.95 NZ: $15.99 SG: No Rights

Everything the Bible Says About Angels & Demons

Courtship Of Nellie Fisher (3 in 1) Beverly Lewis In the autumn of 1966, as deep-seated differences push Honeybrook’s Old Order Amish community to the breaking point, Nellie Mae Fisher and her beloved Caleb Yoder find their families – and themselves – on opposite sides of what threatens to become an impossible divide. Paperback, 128 pages [9780764209109]

Paperback, 704 pages [9780764210143]

AU: $11.95 NZ: $15.99 SG: No Rights

AU: $22.95 NZ: $29.99 SG: No Rights

Paperback,128 pages [9780800790660]

Supernatural beings, both the good and bad, fascinate us because they are surrounded by mystery. What do they look like? Are they sent to protect us? Are they even real, and should we be afraid? It turns out God has already answered our questions about angels and their fallen counterparts, demons. We just have to open the Bible. In this book, every scriptural reference to angels and demons has been carefully collected and organized. When necessary, brief but clear explanations are provided, using insights gathered from trustworthy commentaries.

My Glimpse of Eternity Betty Malz

Dream Dutch Sheets

At 27 years old, Betty Malz was pronounced dead, the hospital sheet pulled over her head. Twenty-eight minutes later she returned to her body. This is her amazing account of what she saw, felt and heard on the other side of the dividing wall we call death. And it is the moving, real-life story of how God changed a young mom who had to die to learn how to live.

Why are so many people let down by life? We once had dreams – important dreams that gave us purpose – but somehow we got off track. It’s certainly not what God wants for us. Our Designer dreamed unique dreams for each of us before we were even born. He skillfully wove them into our DNA, along with the gifts and abilities to achieve those dreams. But here we are, chasing earthly applause when we could be experiencing heaven’s approval. Dutch Sheets presents soulstirring lessons from the Bible and godly dreamers of today.

AU: $14.95 NZ: $19.99 SG: No Rights

Paperback, 160 pages [9780764210211] AU: $16.95 NZ: $22.99 SG: No Rights

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Paperback, 256 pages [9780800721170] AU: $16.95 NZ: $24.99 SG: No Rights

Choose Joy Kay Warren

Heaven is Now Andrew Farley

Ever wonder why some people seem to experience joy in their daily lives, even in the tough times, and others can’t seem to find it no matter how hard they search? Is a joy-filled life really possible? The answer is yes! And it’s possible for every woman, no matter what her circumstances may be. In this inspiring book, Kay Warren teaches women what joy really is, where to find it, and how to choose it in good times and bad. She shows readers that true joy is deeper, richer, and more accessible than they might think. Perfect for small groups or individual reading.

What if heaven wasn’t just meant to be experienced after we die? What if heaven can be enjoyed here on earth – right now? In this life-changing book, bestselling author Andrew Farley reveals how you can take in the beauty of heaven no matter what your circumstances. With insight firmly rooted in the reality of pain and suffering, Andrew assures you that heaven is not merely some pie-in-the-sky dream for the future – it is now. He shows you how to awaken your five spiritual senses in order to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel the grace of heaven, even in the midst of trouble here on earth. The heaven we can experience in this life lies within us, far beyond the reach of the world – but well within our grasp.

Paperback, 192 pages [9780801014826] AU: $16.95 NZ: $22.99 SG: No Rights

Choose Joy Participant Guide Kay Warren Joy comes from God . . . and it can be yours! Today. Everyone knows how to be joyful in the peaks of life. But what about the valleys? When nothing seems to go your way? When everything is falling apart? When God is silent, and you feel all alone? Where does joy fit into those moments? Designed to be experienced with the Choose Joy DVD, this guide is filled Paperback, 64 pages with provocative questions and discus[9780800721954] sion starters that will put you on the path to true, lasting joy no matter what AU: $11.95 NZ: $16.99 you’re going through. SG: No Rights

Other Popular Products

Choose Joy DVD Kay Warren

DVD [9780800721961] AU: $34.95 NZ: $49.99 SG: No Rights

Everyone knows how to be joyful in the peaks of life. But what about the valleys? When nothing seems to go your way? When everything is falling apart? When God is silent, and you feel all alone? Where does joy fit into those moments? In this two-disc DVD set, Kay Warren shares the path to experiencing soul-satisfying joy no matter what you’re going through. Joy is deeper than happiness, lasts longer than excitement, and is more satisfying than pleasure and thrills. Joy is richer. Fuller. And it’s far more accessible than you’ve thought.

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The Anxious Christian Rhett Smith

Paperback, 205 pages [9780802404442] AU: $17.95 SG: $23.90 NZ: No Rights

In our journey of faith there are particular moments that produce a certain amount of anxiety. Often anxiety and/ or worry has been looked upon as an “un-Christian” feeling to have. But this book conveys the message that God can use anxiety as a catalyst to move people forward in their life of faith. Anxiety allows us to face our resistance and fears, understand where they come from, and then make intentional choices about important issues such as career, marriage, money, and our sprititual lives. It’s time to get unstuck.

Discerning the Voice of God (Revised, Expanded) Priscilla Shirer

Paperback, 214 pages [9780802450128] AU: $19.95 SG: $26.90 NZ: No Rights

Christ’s Prophetic Plans John MacArthur & Richard Mayhue

Paperback, 220 pages [9780802401618] AU: $25.95 SG: $34.90 NZ: No Rights

Do you wish you clearly understood the different views of the millenium and know why you believe which view you hold to? John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue provide a clear and convincing Biblical explanation for the interpretive approach to Scripture that results in a knowable futuristic view of Christ’s millennial reign on earth. The book also helps provide the certain validity of God’s promises to future Israel, and the crucial differences between Israel and the New Testament church.

A Cross-Shaped Gospel Bryan Loritts

Paperback, 170 pages [9780802400659] AU: $19.95 SG: $26.90 NZ: No Rights

Today’s church is continually being confronted with the question ‘What is the gospel?’. Byan Loritts, a pastor in the heart of one of America’s most racially divided urban centres, answers that question in ways that may challenge your beliefs. He clearly articulates the vertical dimension of the Christian faith as well as looking at the implications of salvation for growth, service, and relationships with the surrounding culture. He provokes readers to think about the implications of living out that faith. He explores what the gospel means for issues of race relations and class distinctions.

From the pen of one who has been where you are: loving God and longing to hear his voice, Priscilla Shirer shares her insights based on practical experience and years of biblical study in this new edition of Discerning the Voice of God. In it she writes: Through His longsuffering and steadfastness, God has invited me to know Him better. And the more intimate I’ve become with Him, the more acquainted I’ve become with His voice. He has proven Himself to me not because I’m more special than anyone else, but because He loves proving His Word is true-to all His children. To you. This book is now completely revised with updated content and reflection questions. Each section contains insights that will aid you in your desire to hear Him speak. Discover the treasure of recognizing how God communicates with you.

Girls Uncovered Joe McIlhaney & Freda McKissic Bush

Paperback,152 pages [9780802462985] AU: $19.95 SG: $26.90 NZ: No Rights

Any parent can identify with the feeling that girls growing up in America face a treacherous future; Girls Uncovered unveils the facts. In a follow up to their eye-opening release, Hooked, obstetricians Joe McIlhaney and Freda McKissic Bush present stunning scientific research on the development of young girls in America’s increasingly reckless sexual culture. They survey the reality of prevalent sexual behaviours and attitudes as well as their psychological, social, physical, and spiritual effects.  Despite the harrowing facts revealed by their studies, McIlhaney and McKissic Bush give us hope through their expertise as physicians and parents of daughters. Girls Uncovered provides fundamental wisdom and practical advice to help parents, counsellors, and church leaders guide young girls safely through the challenges they will face so they can achieve their potential and enjoy full health, hope and happiness.

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How to Finish the Christian Life Donald & George Sweeting

Paperback, 204 pages [9780802435880] AU: $11.95 SG: $15.90 NZ: No Rights

Dr. George Sweeting’s How to Begin the Christian Life revealed a plan for success in starting new lives of purpose in pursuit of Christ. Now he and his son Donald Sweeting present How to Finish the Christian Life, a guide that gives mature believers a new set of disciplines and encouraging truths to help them finish well. Retirement from a career should never be mistaken for an absence of purpose. On the foundation of his own ministry that continues to thrive, Dr. Sweeting and his son deliver an inspiring message that the end of the believer’s journey is not a matter of dying but a challenge to live to the fullest to the glory of God. When it comes to the life of a true follower of Christ, there is only one way to finish: strong.

Prayers for Today Kurt Bjorklund

Paperback, 283 pages [9780802463500] AU: $19.95 SG: $26.90 NZ: No Rights

Secret Keeper Devotional Dannah Gresh This journal is a great follow-up study to the Secret Keeper book. It invites teenage girls to interact with biblical texts on modesty and God’s view of true beauty. With blank pages for the reader’s responses, this 30-day devotional will challenge girls to view themselves as masterpieces created by God. Includes 20 perforated cards with text on both sides.

Just a Minute Wess Stafford

Hardcover, 218 pages [9780802404725] AU: $25.95 SG: $34.90 NZ: No Rights

How long does it take to make a difference in the life of a child? For good or for ill, individual moments in a young person’s life can make all the difference in their future. It may be something said or done by an adult who hardly thinks about it: a hug, a compliment, an intriguing question, a sincere applause. But in that moment, the child discovers who they are, what is important to them, why they matter, and sometimes even what their destiny will be. Most of us want to help encourage and build into this next generation, most of us see the need all around, but we just have no idea where to begin. Now, with this book, you know where to begin and you know that it only takes Just a Minute. Follow along as Dr. Wess Stafford, president of Compassion International, shares stories and experiences to introduce you to the difference you can actually make anywhere on the spectrum of child development. From helping meet physical needs to breaking down emotional barriers and from discovering latent talents to equipping with spiritual insights, these stories are a catalyst for action.

A collection of classic and contemporary prayers, derived from Scripture and from the writings of Christian leaders throughout the centuries, this beautiful volume invites readers into a daily experience of closer intimacy with God. With 260 entries, enough for every weekday of an entire year, each entry focuses on one of ten types of prayer: of Thanksgiving, Confession, Affirmation, Petition, Renewal, Praise and Adoration, to have Christ-like Character, for Wisdom and Guidance, of Intercession, and Surrender.

Paperback, 154 pages [9780802402530] AU: $12.95 SG: $16.90 NZ: No Rights

True Woman 101 (Divine Design) 8-week Study Mary A. Kassian & Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Paperback, 220 pages [9780802403568] AU: $25.95 SG: $34.90 NZ: No Rights

What does it mean to be a woman? The current cultural model of womanhood hasn’t delivered the happiness and fulfilment it promised. God created male and female for a very specific purpose. He wants women to discover, embrace, and delight in the beauty of His design. He’s looking for True Women! Bible teachers Mary A. Kassian and Nancy Leigh DeMoss share the key fundamentals of biblical womanhood in this eight week study.

KI ENTERTAINMENT Unit 21, 317-321 Woodpark Road, Smithfield NSW 2164, AUSTRALIA p: +612 9604 3600 f: +612 9604 3699 e: w:

A Perfect Pet for Peyton Rick Osborne & Gary Chapman

Unfriend Yourself Kyle Tennant

Paperback, 91 pages [9780802409539] AU: $8.95 SG: $11.90 NZ: No Rights

We are all connected. To each other, to our devices, to our networks, to everything... The world of social media has turned the rest of our worlds upside down. Can you disconnect for three days to assess the situation in your own life? This short book is split into three sections to help you DETOX, DISCERN, and DECIDE what role Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and all the rest can and should have in your life. Unfriend Yourself will help you think critically, biblically, and practically from a Christian perspective about the merits and ramifications of our social media culture. Don’t worry, the world can wait; your friends won’t even know you’re gone-seriously, there are over half a billion of them out there. I doubt you’ll be missed.

Hardcover, 64 pages [9780802403582] AU: $21.95 SG: $27.90 NZ: No Rights

The 5 Love Languages of Children (New Edition) Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell

Paperback, 221 pages [9780802403476] AU: $19.95 SG: $26.90 NZ: No Rights

Does your child speak a different language? Attitude. Behaviour. Development. When children feel loved, they do their best. But how can you make sure your child feels loved? Each child, too, expresses and receives love through one of five different communication styles. And your love language may be totally different from that of your child. While you are doing all you can to show your child love, he may be hearing it as something completely opposite. Discover your child’s primary language and learn what you can do to effectively convey unconditional feelings of respect, affection, and commitment that will resonate in your child’s emotions and behaviour.

This wonderfully imaginative children’s hardcover book by bestselling authors Gary Chapman and Rick Osborne, featuring four-colour illustrations (with hidden details!) by Wilson Williams Jr., will help children learn the importance of love. Based on Gary’s highly successful The 5 Love Languages®, A Perfect Pet for Peyton tells an entertaining and playful story of five children who each, with the help of Mr. Chapman and the unique pets at his special emporium, discover their own personal love language. Children and parents alike will experience firsthand the power of the love languages as they cuddle up and spend precious time together reading this book over and over again.

Worship - The Ultimate Priority John MacArthur

Paperback, 211 pages [9780802402158] AU: $19.95 SG: $26.90 NZ: No Rights

Worship is so much more than what is sung or played in church on Sunday morning. John MacArthur takes you step by step in a discovery of who and how to worship. From the existence of God and His attributes, to instruction on the right and wrong ways to worship God, MacArthur never strays from teaching and explaining what the Bible says. This book makes it Biblically clear that worship is all about how we prioritise and live our daily lives to honour and glorify God. Make worship your ultimate priority!

Other 5 Love Languages Titles The 5 Love Languages® The 5 Love Languages of Children The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers The 5 Love Languages: Men’s Edition

The Five Love Languages, Singles Edition The Heart of the Five Love Languages God Speaks Your Love Language The Five Languages of Apology

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Paperback, 187 pages [9781455516063] AU: $18.95 SG: $24.90 NZ: No Rights

Do Yourself a Favor: Forgive Joyce Meyer

Saying it Well: Touching Others with Your Words Charles R Swindoll

Building on her signature message of using the mind to master difficult emotions, Joyce Meyer focuses on the most destructive, insidious one of all: anger. It is responsible for broken relationships, sleepless nights, high blood pressure and ulcers. It destroys friendships, marriages and families, not to mention peace of mind. Anger is especially hard to handle for many Christians who have learned from childhood that “good Christians don’t get angry.” Meyer argues that properly handled, anger is an alert system that something is wrong and needs to be resolved. In her latest book, she delves into the important process of forgiving, explaining its positive impact on the roots, the forms and the results of anger. Why forgive? Joyce explains that forgiving is the only thing that can free one from the terrible turmoil that anger causes to spill over into every part of life. Meyer understands that life will never be fair, but that is not a reason to let anger destroy our wellbeing and health. This is her guide to navigating that thorny territory and finding true peace.

Bestselling author and master communicator Charles Swindoll has been effectively speaking to others for over fifty years. In Saying it Well: Touching Others with Your Words he shares his secrets on how to talk so people will listen. Filled with techniques, stories, and models that clearly explain the formulas for successful speaking, Swindoll teaches readers the foundational principles for how to communicate, from preparing for a speech, organizing thoughts, and filtering out the superfluous to overcoming fears, grabbing the listener’s attention, and knowing how and when to stop. With humorous stories and inventive, practical tips, one of America’s premier communicators shares decades of experience on how to speak with authority in every situation, persuade others to consider the reader’s perspective, overcome the reader’s fears of public speaking, and love others more effectively with the reader’s words. He also shares his personal story and the journey to becoming a world-famous speaker.

What the Bible says about Love, Marriage & Sex David Jeremiah

Paperback, 288 pages [9781455511426] AU: $18.95 SG: $24.90 NZ: No Rights

With roughly a third of all marriages ending in divorce, there’s never been a better time for this refresher course in the true meaning of a successful union. As New York Times bestselling author Dr. David Jeremiah reminds us, it’s a biblical truth: Sex and passionate, romantic love are God’s ideas! Nothing rivals the beauty of the writing in the Song of Solomon-- and nothing rivals the wisdom of Solomon on matters of love, romance, marriage, and sexual intimacy. Dr. Jeremiah’s thoughtful interpretation of Solomon and Shulamith’s relationship provides all of us-- whether married or single-- with valuable lessons for a better, happier, more fulfilling life and a long, loving marriage.

Paperback, 266 pages [9781455503841] AU: $18.95 SG: $24.90 NZ: No Rights

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Psalms Journal

Hardcover, 160 pages [9781609366025] AU: $16.95 SG: $22.90 NZ: No Rights

By design, the book of Psalms speaks to the very core of our being. Filled with timeless insights for contemporary lifestyles, this journal encourages our connection with God. In the expressive words of each psalm we find a way to communicate our heart to the One who created us. We are reminded that in the middle of a full and sometimes messy life, He still listens. He still acts. He knows us. He loves us. He always has. Through verses from the well-known and loved book of Psalms, journallers will discover God reaching down to them and find words to lift up their hearts to Him.

Words to Warm a Teacher’s Heart Teachers influence, inspire, and invest in the future. Warm their hearts with encouraging quotes and Scriptures, tributes to their profession, and sincere words of gratitude. The perfect gift for ‘back to school’, Christmas, teacher’s birthday, graduation, or just to show appreciation anytime of the year. Hardcover, 160 pages [9781609366063] AU: $11.95 SG: $15.90 NZ: No Rights

The Lord’s Prayer Journal

Hardcover, 160 pages [9781609366049] AU: $16.95 SG: $22.90 NZ: No Rights

The Lord’s Prayer is one of the most recited and well-known prayers of all time. This journal helps engage our hearts in meaningful conversation with God. When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He gave them a priceless gift. His simple yet eloquent pattern for prayer is an inspired guide to intimacy with God. As we ponder the timeless words we will discover more than a poetic invocation; we will find a touchstone that draws us into the presence of our heavenly Father. Each section of the journal begins with a phrase from the Lord’s Prayer as recorded in Matthew 6.

Words to Warm a Mother’s Heart

Hardcover, 160 pages [9781609366384] AU: $11.95 SG: $15.90 NZ: No Rights

An inspiring collection of inspiring words that will warm a mother’s heart with expressions of love. Mothers love us no matter what. They do all those things we take for granted, making holidays special and daily life fun. But children grow up so quickly and life flies by so fast that moms often find themselves wishing they had taken more time to write it all down. The pages of this beautiful journal provide the space to capture the endearing moments of motherhood and offer affectionate words to encourage her soul.

Majestic Bible Highlighters

Increase your understanding and appreciation of God’s Word. Our colourful non-bleeding highlighters are perfect for marking your favourite passages and enhancing your personal reflection time. Or use all four colours to emphasize words and themes found throughout the Bible.

Individual Highlighters [9781609363697] – Green (God Comforts You) [9781609363680] – Blue (God Answers Prayer) [9781609363703] – Pink (God Loves You) [9781609363598] – Yellow (God is Always With You) AU: $2.95 SG: $3.95 NZ: No Rights


72 Highlighter Display [9781609364687] AU: $199.95 NZ: N/R SG: $259.90

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A Praying Heart - 365 Daily Devotional Journal Daily meditations to nurture your relationship with God, with room for personal notes and journaling. Prayer is an amazing privilege. How could it be that almighty God has invited you to come before Him and speak boldly in His presence? This 365-day devotional initiates a journey into prayer that will cast the challenges in your life in a new light and change your relationship with God forever. Showing prayer for what AU: $22.95 SG: $29.90 NZ: No Rights

Flexicover, 144 pages [9781609365981]

it is, an invitation to share your heart with God, who cares deeply for you, A Praying Heart meets you in your real-life circumstances and offers positive, uplifting insights that work in the real world. These engaging daily entries take just moments to read, but they’ll unveil the dynamic nature of conversation with the God who loves and cares for you. With its journalling lines and deluxe slipcase, this sensitively written book is packed with exceptional value. Flexicover & Slipcase, 384 pages [9781609362218]

God is in Control (Pocket Inspirations)

Promises for Life (Pocket Inspirations)

Even when our whole world seems to be spinning out of control, we can rest secure in the promise that God is always taking care of His loved ones. Scripture verses carefully arranged into relevant themes provide assurance and peace straight from the heart of God. Inspirational quotes offer additional reminders that God’s plans are for our good. Even if we have moments when we lose our control – we can trust that He never does.

A pint-sized book filled with larger than-life promises from God’s Word perfect for giving or tossing in a bag for inspiration on the go. Find insight and encouragement as you dream, anticipate, and look to the future with Promises for Life. Selected quotes and verses share God’s promises and words of wisdom. This irresistible line of value-priced gift books offers lavish, upscale packaging, with striking design and pearlescent paper, to complement the powerful message of each book.

AU: $5.95 SG: $7.90 NZ: No Rights

Flexicover, 144 pages [9781609365974] AU: $5.95 SG: $7.90 NZ: No Rights

Promises & Blessings for a Sister’s Heart

Amazing Love (Pocket Inspirations) True Meaning of Easter

Flexicover, 144 pages [9781609365998] AU: $5.95 SG: $7.90 NZ: No Rights

A perfect book for the Easter season. Amazing Love focuses our attention on the meaning of Easter; how Jesus lived His life and ultimately gave it away for us on a cross. He put us first. He extended love to the unlovable. He forgave what was thought unforgiveable. Filled with the encouragement of His deep love for us, this book inspires us to love and give in response. By following His example, we can be part of the greatest love of all time; a love that puts others first.

Flexicover, 144 pages [9781609366599] AU: $5.95 SG: $7.90 NZ: No Rights

Share the bonds of sisterhood. Powerful truth and beautiful design. Secrets shared under tented blankets. All night talk sessions. Shopping trips. Family stories. Holidays. The experiences we share with sisters bring warmth to our lives. Savour and celebrate those relationships with words of encouragement, tender thoughts, and favourite Bible verses. Paired with a beautifully designed cover, the message on these pages is a gift sisters can cherish for a lifetime.

KI ENTERTAINMENT Unit 21, 317-321 Woodpark Road, Smithfield NSW 2164, AUSTRALIA p: +612 9604 3600 f: +612 9604 3699 e: w:

Paperback, 368 pages [9781609366315] AU: $16.95 SG: $22.90 NZ: No Rights

Paperback, 368 pages [9781609362188] AU: $16.95 SG: $22.90 NZ: No Rights

Baroness (Daughters of Fortune) Susan May Warren

Love Finds You In New Orleans, Louisianna Christa Allan

What could they possibly want when they already have everything? Two daughters of fortune have been handed all the makings for storybook happily-ever-afters. The only problem is, they don’t want to live fairy-tale lives. But when forced to decide, will they really be able to abandon lives of ease and luxury for the love and adventure that beckons? Coming of age in the turbulent Roaring Twenties, each woman sets out to find romance on her own terms. But at what cost will she find her happy ending?

Ever since her parents died of yellow fever when she was two years old, Adelaide Le Clerc has lived with her grandparents, who rarely speak of their son and his wife. They are on the verge of negotiating a contract with a suitor, a man Adelaide dreads, when they discover that she enjoys the company of a young Creole man. Her future hangs in the balance as her grandparents consider whether to reveal the truth that they’ve known since before Adelaide’s birth.

Paperback, 320 pages [9781609365912] AU: $14.95 SG: $19.90 NZ: No Rights

Heiress (Daughters of Fortune) Susan May Warren

Love Finds You In Wildrose, North Dakota Tracey Bateman

Book One in the Daughters of Fortune series. The beautiful heiress daughters of newspaper magnate August Price have been given everything their hearts desire. But what if they want only to be loved? When one daughter pursues a desirable marriage, she secures for herself a comfortable and glamorous life. Her sister rejects the trappings of wealth, choosing instead to build a new life on the still-untamed frontier. Set in the opulent world of the Gilded Age, each woman discovers that being an heiress just might cost her everything – including the chance for true love.

When Rosemary Jackson arrives at the frozen tundra of North Dakota to visit her twin sister, Rachel, she finds only a grave, a grieving brother-in-law, and an underfed baby. She has no choice but to stay and see her sister’s family through the long winter. Finn Tate has just buried his beloved wife, and he cannot seem to take care of himself or his infant daughter. He needs help. But he cannot stand the sight of Rosemary, who reminds him so much of Rachel. When Rosemary settles into a neighbouring homestead, Finn realises she is far more strongwilled than he ever anticipated.

Paperback, 320 pages [9781609365929] AU: $14.95 SG: $19.90 NZ: No Rights

Wedding Belles Janice Hanna

AU: $14.95 SG: $19.90 NZ: No Rights

The year is 1912, and tomboy Lottie Sanders would do just about anything to help the fella she secretly loves. When Gilbert Parker’s family lodge faces financial ruin, he suggests putting on a melodrama to draw in a crowd. He appeals to Lottie to direct the show. Her plan to bring in actresses from across the country is sabotaged when the local single men turn it into a hunt for brides. Lottie finds the drama shifting from the stage to real life. Paperback, 320 pages [9781609366322]

Making Sense When Life Dosen’t Cecil Murphey

AU: $16.95 SG: $22.90 NZ: No Rights

Sometimes life gets messy. It’s cluttered with too many demands. When chaos erupts, every person needs to decide whether it’s the worst time of life or whether to say, ‘This can be the best time of my life. I can try the things I wanted to do but never did.’ Cecil Murphey’s compelling stories and gentle encouragement move readers with messy lives to the realisation that life won’t ever be perfect, but it can be good, even exciting! Paperback, 192 pages [9781609362249]

KI ENTERTAINMENT Unit 21, 317-321 Woodpark Road, Smithfield NSW 2164, AUSTRALIA p: +612 9604 3600 f: +612 9604 3699 e: w:

The Complete 101 Collection John Maxwell

Hardcover, 624 pages [9781400203956] AU: $24.95 NZ: $33.99 SG: $32.90

DVD [9781400319923] AU: $12.95 NZ: $19.99 SG: $19.90

The whole leadership course in one volume from the world’s top leadership guru. John C. Maxwell’s best-selling 101 series of briefcase-sized leadership books has helped more than one million people become better leaders. Here in one volume is everything you need to start your successful leadership journey. Think of The Complete 101 Collection as a crash course – or rather, an entire semester – of leadership fundamentals to help you reach your potential in these areas: • Attitude 101. Attitude is contagious, so make sure your team is catching the right one. • Self-Improvement 101. To improve your life, improve yourself. • Leadership 101. No matter who you are, you can lead – and lead well. • Relationships 101. Great leadership is built on great relationships. • Success 101. Success may look different for each person, but the principles remain the same. • Teamwork 101. Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships. • Equipping 101. Leaders with an equipped team possess an edge that will help them win. • Mentoring 101. Multiply your impact by increasing the number of leaders on your team.

The Voice Bible EBS (Ecclesia)

Hardcover, 1760 pages [9781418549015] AU: $44.95 NZ: $69.99 SG: $69.90

Through compelling narratives, poetry, and teaching, The Voice invites readers to enter into the whole story of God with their heart, soul, and mind, enabling them to hear God speaking and to experience His presence in their lives. Through a collaboration of more than 120 biblical scholars, pastors, writers, musicians, poets, and artists, The Voice recaptures the passion, grit, humour, and beauty that is often lost in the translation process. The result is a retelling of the story of the Bible in a form as fluid as modern literary works, yet remaining painstakingly true to the original manuscripts.

LeatherSoft/Brown, 1760 pages [9781418549022]

B/L Black, 1760 pages [9781418549039]

AU: $74.95 NZ: $119.99 SG: $109.90

AU: $74.95 NZ: $119.99 SG: $109.90

BEEhaving is B-e-s-t Max Lucado

God Listens When I Pray Max Lucado

Join Hermie as the garden bugs learn that the rules weren’t just made to be broken! In Buzby, the Misbehaving Bee, Buzby, the self-proclaimed king of bees, refuses to follow any of the Garden Golden Rules. In Buzby and the Grumblebees, newly reformed rulefollower Buzby receives a visit from his niece and nephew Beebee and Buddy. But they are full of bad behaviour, and Buzby enlists the help of Hermie and his friends to show them that behaving is the only way to fly! These stories will keep kids and parents rolling with laughter and learning in love.

When Hermie’s friend Antonio is in trouble and no one will listen Hermie feels like he has to do everything himself. But God is always listening. When Hermie finally prays, God steps right in to help Antonio out. It is a good reminder to Hermie and all of his garden friends that God always listens and always helps His children. Our new line of Hermie readers will satisfy children who are learning to read on their own and their parents who are looking for books that also have a strong Christian message.

Hardcover, 32 pages [9781400317486] AU: $8.95 NZ: $12.99 SG: $12.90

KI ENTERTAINMENT Unit 21, 317-321 Woodpark Road, Smithfield NSW 2164, AUSTRALIA p: +612 9604 3600 f: +612 9604 3699 e: w:

Brush of Angel’s Wings (Heaven on Earth Novel #2) Ruth Reid

Need You Now Beth Wiseman

Paperback, 320 pages [9781595548870] AU: $16.95 NZ: $24.99 SG: $23.90

When big-city life threatens the safety of one of their children, Brad and Darlene Henderson move with their three teenagers from Houston to the tiny town of Round Top, Texas. Adjusting to small-town life is difficult for the kids, especially fifteen-year-old Grace who is coping in a dangerous way. Married life hasn’t always been bliss, but their strong faith has carried Brad and Darlene through the difficult times. When Darlene takes a job outside the home for the first time in their marriage, the domestic tension rises. While working with special needs children at her new job, the widowed father of one of the students starts paying more attention to Darlene than is appropriate. Problem is, she feels like someone is listening to her for the first time in a long time. If Darlene ever needed God... it’s now. Experience a family’s triumph over lies, betrayal, and loss while still clinging to the One who matters most.

Paperback, 368 pages [9781595547897] AU: $16.95 NZ: $24.99 SG: $23.90

A buggy-racing champion, a hardworking field-hand, and a terrible cook, Rachel Hartzler does not fit her Amish community’s standards for an eligible bride. Hurt by their rejection and still grieving the loss of her brother, Rachel is ready for change. She’s not, however, ready for Jordan Engles. Rachel’s father hired him to help tend the fields so Rachel can learn to cook and sew, thus increasing her chances of finding a husband. Jordan plans for his time on the Michigan farm to be short. Before his mother passed away, he promised her he’d give her Amish roots a chance. But it doesn’t take Jordan long to conclude that the strict lifestyle and the three hour church services are not for him. When tragedy strikes, then strikes again, Nathaniel, an angel of God is sent to guide them toward the healing and abundant life promised in God’s Word – if only they will listen.

Awakening Jo Raymond

AU: $19.95 NZ: $24.99 SG: $25.90

Awakening will move you! What started as a winter ‘flu’ that couldn’t be shaken turned into a catastrophic event for Jo Raymond. In 2008 Jo fell critically ill to the point where she was dying, Jo knew she was about to leave an incomplete life – as wife, mother and worshipper. Awakening tells of Jo’s experience where she defied all medical expectations and survived cardiac

arrest, multiple major organ failure and awoke from a coma. From the confines of Jo’s hospital bed she regained strength, health, courage and began to see life a lot differently receiving the perspective and clarity she prayed for. Jo’s old life was lived largely through self-effort and governed by fear and rejection, now Jo understands the extent of a divine love and the resonance of

eternal promises. Written with honesty and transparency Awakening is a story of love, restoration and awakening to the greatest love we could ever know. It’s a story of how one woman awoke to the realization that she was deeply loved and treasured, and never, ever alone. Paperback, 200 pages [9781921589706]

KI ENTERTAINMENT Unit 21, 317-321 Woodpark Road, Smithfield NSW 2164, AUSTRALIA p: +612 9604 3600 f: +612 9604 3699 e: w:

Music & DVD Releases

DVD [2011001MUD] AU: $24.99 NZ: $29.99 SG: No Rights

i.sing Hosanna New Creation Church

Gold Britt Nicole

When God the Father saw us at our worst, He loved us with His best. He sent Jesus. Not just to heal the sick and cast out demons, but also to take our place of absolute condemnation on the cross. It was never the nails that held Him there. It was love. We were on His mind. As you listen to the songs in this album, let the joy of the Lord flood your heart knowing that Love Himself came down to set us free and redemption’s song is now ours to sing!

Following her highly successful album, The Lost Get Found, Britt Nicole has released her third studio album, Gold. First single, “All This Time,” is Britt’s salvation story in song form and already making a splash on radio. Britt says of the single, “It is the story of how I met Jesus, and a reminder that whatever we face in life, we don’t have to face it alone because Jesus promised to never leave us or forsake us.” The pop-rock artist burst onto the Christian music scene with her debut release Say It four years ago. The finely crafted pop collection produced 3 Top 10 radio singles, including “Set The World On Fire.”

CD [5099996785720] AU & NZ: No Rights SG: $ 21.90

Dangerous KJ-52

CD [5099960720023] AU & NZ: No Rights SG: $ 21.90

Leaving behind all inhibition, KJ-52 is charging back into the scene with his anticipated new release, Dangerous. Picking up where his Dove Award-winning Five-Two Television (2010 Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year) left off, Jonah Sorrentino is back and bold as ever with his passionate call to be Dangerous. Having overcome many obstacles in his career with over 550,000 albums sold, the rapper cries out for people to be real, to share the love of Christ with others without restraint.

Before His Eyes: onething LIVE IHOP

CD [0735885628420] AU: $19.95 NZ: $19.99 SG: $21.90

Into the Glorious Christy Nockels

CD [5099960707529] AU & NZ: No Rights SG: $ 21.90

One of the leading female worship voices, Christy Nockels returns with her new album Into the Glorious. Christy’s new album finds her progressing from her acclaimed solo album Life Light Up, and showcases a more textured and rhythmic acoustic sound. Pairing again with her husband producer Nathan Nockels (Laura Story, Passion, Matt Redman), the album highlights Christy’s stunning vocals, strong songwriting and signature approach to worship. The album features 12 new songs, including a new recording of the Top 20 single “Waiting Here for You,” first heard on 2011’s Passion: Here For You album.

A record number of 25,000 young adults gathered at our IHOP–KC annual onething young adult conference. onething LIVE: Before His Eyes captures worship songs from this conference and features nine worship leaders, offering a clear taste of the diverse worship styles that have been borne out of IHOP–KC’s 12 years of worship and prayer. Jaye Thomas is joined by fellow worship leaders Misty Edwards, Laura Hackett, Cory Asbury, Matt Gilman, Justin Rizzo, Audra Lynn, Luke Wood, and Jon Thurlow.

Clear the Stage Jimmy Needham

CD [0804147161125] AU & NZ: No Rights SG: $ 21.90

Clear the Stage, the fourth album from Inpop artist Jimmy Needham, sees Needham paired with award-winning producer Ed Cash (Chris Tomlin, Laura Story) for his most compelling and vulnerable collection of songs to date. As the title cut implies, Clear the Stage is a call to absolute dependence on God. From the lead single, “If I Ever Needed Grace”, to the anthemic “Victory”, the idea of acknowledging our need for God’s mercy and grace is woven like a thread throughout the album.

KI ENTERTAINMENT Unit 21, 317-321 Woodpark Road, Smithfield NSW 2164, AUSTRALIA p: +612 9604 3600 f: +612 9604 3699 e: w:

Music & DVD Releases

DVD [20120008DJ] AU: $15.00 NZ: $21.99 SG: No Rights

Experience Unceasing Fruitfulness Joseph Prince

Dubbed & Freq’d: A Remix Project Toby Mac

What are your hopes and dreams for this year? Don’t let pessimistic reports discourage or put fear in you. Based on God’s Word, you can believe that you’ll have a fantastic year! In this uplifting message, Joseph Prince delivers God’s Word on experiencing unceasing fruitfulness. Discover God’s promise of how you can thrive and see increase even in times of economic drought. What’s the key to being fruitful, youthful and healthy, and prospering in all that you do? Get the answer in this powerful resource. Let this year be the best year you’ve ever had!

Toby Mac returns with his first new remix record in 7 years. Dubbed & Freq’d: A Remix Project features new remixes of several of the biggest songs from his albums Tonight and Portable Sounds. Toby’s unique blend of rock, pop, hip hop and urban styles is perfect for the remix treatment and brings an entirely new sound to his songs.

CD [5099908333223] AU & NZ: No Rights SG: $ 21.90

Chuffed Live Doug Horley A brand new DVD from Duggie Dug Dug, capturing his unique Praise Party in all its colour and energy! Packed full of visual treats, action songs, fun, games and laughter, everything Doug does is underpinned by Bible truths and a deep desire to communicate God’s love to small people!

Unafraid! Fear-Free (2CD Album) Joseph Prince

CD [20120008AJ] AU: $15.00 NZ: $21.99 SG: No Rights

God wants you to live life fear-free and with a confident expectation of good! In two exciting messages, Joseph Prince reveals how Jesus at the cross has redeemed you from death, sickness, poverty and every evil. Be set free from defeatist thoughts and from every fear as you learn how to meditate on Christ’s finished work. You can walk in the freedom and abundant life that God has for you today!

AU: $14.95 NZ: $14.99 SG: $19.90

Visions Of Worship 3DVD Gift Collection Various Artists The Visions of Worship triple pack includes over 3 hours of beautiful instrumental hymns, accompanied by uplifting and peaceful images. From rolling landscapes, through flower garden and forest, to the delightful splendour of the Celtic Isles.

Release the Sound Roma Waterman

CD [8887521000595] AU: $19.95 NZ: $19.99 SG: No Rights

For over five years, Roma Waterman has been transitioning from a hard touring pop artist to an author of works on divinely inspired artistic creativity and a writer of new songs of worship. Her new album, Release The Sound can be best described as worship music with a prophetic edge. Her new songs, both congregational and intimate, have been produced by Aussie legend Henry Seeley to reflect a fresh, new sound. The songs on Release The Sound have mostly been written in times of spontaneous corporate and private worship.

DVD [5021776168447]

AU: $34.99 NZ: $39.99 SG: No Rights

DVD [5038508011506]

Beautiful Africa Watoto Children’s Choir

AU: $14.99 NZ: $19.99 SG: No Rights

Beautiful Africa: A New Generation album, features the unique contemporary African music stylings of the children’s choir – all produced to celebrate the beauty of Africa and the transformational power of the love of Jesus. CD [9340882001698]

KI ENTERTAINMENT Unit 21, 317-321 Woodpark Road, Smithfield NSW 2164, AUSTRALIA p: +612 9604 3600 f: +612 9604 3699 e: w:

KI New Release Catalogue (April 2012)  
KI New Release Catalogue (April 2012)  

Catalogue showcasing all New Releases from KI Entertainment. KI represents a range of publishers & labels including; Baker Books, Thomas Nel...