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Empire State College ​[Music] good morning everyone welcome to another episode of teams on air today we're going to be talking about Skype room systems and the surface hub in executive boardrooms as well as many other meeting types but before we get started I want to make sure that you do a couple of things to the left of the screen you'll see that we have the Microsoft pulse going make sure you fill it out because we'd love to learn more about you like where are you from and what are you doing and also this episode is recorded live so if you have any questions make sure that you submit your questions below and we have people in the background answering questions that you have realtime now if you're watching us on demand we do post our episodes on YouTube so make sure that you watch subscribe to the channel and if you like what you've watched make sure you give us a thumbs up all right so today I have a special guest Angela Donahue hey Angela welcome to the show I don't want everyone so excited to be here on the show today thanks for joining us so tell the audience what you do at Microsoft yeah actually we're all the same team yeah she knows I'm a product marketing manager on Skype for business and I primarily focus on meeting room solutions which is primarily here that we're going to talk about today Skype room system so we're really excited to kind of give you some more information on that and also how it's used in different types of settings now as part of the research for this show as we were thinking about what's happening with room systems I found out that 72% of remote workers will be remote by 2020 yeah that's crazy so I think we've all experienced colleagues and employees that are either working mobile or from different countries and so we also took a look at those trends and also looked at meeting rooms specific trends and data points it turns out 97% of meeting rooms only have a TV in a display and a phone and so that means most of the meeting rooms actually don't have video enablement so that means when you're working with those employees that are remote or colleagues that are mobile that you actually don't see them and they see you and so they're not as much part of the meaning experience as they would if they were alive in the room and so we wanted to do something that solved that situation yeah I think it's been it really makes a difference when that you have someone who's not physically in the room turn on the video so that you can see the in gate you can see how engage they are you can see are they laughing at your jokes that's very important or if they're tuned out which you know either happens absolutely and it also helps productivity just that everyone's more engaged that way so we're going to go over a couple of designs of rooms but let's start with the room that we're in today which is an executive board room tell us how Skype room systems supports an executive board room yeah when I talk to the team that was actually planning the Refresh of this room they had the same pain points that we just mentioned they have executives that are not located here at headquarters at Microsoft and they're from all over the world and they're all from different locations and so they wanted those executives to also feel like they were first-class citizens in the room being able to be seen and heard and also that they could see the people in the room too and be heard for those people in the room and also they wanted to be able to make sure you see content that was being shown and not have you know so making sure everything's super quality so the Skype room systems is really going to help that effort they've launched that into this room and it's been great a great experience we've gotten great feedback we'll show you a little bit more of that later on in the show but it would show it shows content that's displayed remotely to the attendees without any extra clicks or also joining the meeting directly with one touch node Islands no extra hassle of that yeah it's really nice to just walk into a room and just press a button and everything just magically turns on as opposed to you know I think there's like the statistics out there that it takes ten minutes for a meeting to get started I think at least with all the a/v do you have the right cord and connection I would get room systems I love the OneTouch all right well tell us about some of the considerations for the executive board room from an equipment perspective like what types of equipment goes into an executive boardroom and you know and what were we thinking about when we designed this room yeah one thing I was surprised about was that generally in executive rooms they actually always have AV technicians on hand during the meeting so you might not think it's as important to have something that's super simple but that was one of their top priorities was to have something that worked that was really really easy really really simple even though there's AV technicians on hand if something went wrong they just

wanted someone to be able to handle it very quickly and so it's important to have something that was simple ease-ofuse that was top of mind so that's great when we also look at what else is in the room just having that high quality video high quality audio super important again to bring those remote attendees into the room well video is a really critical component of a room so tell me some of the specifications that our audience members should look at when designing them definitely when choosing a camera you should be able to look at that the pan and the field of view of the camera so make sure you have the field of view depending on the size of the room that you have this one of course is a pretty large room so you're going to want a wide range of field of view and then also make sure that you have it in the right placement we know that sometimes you don't want to get the angles wrong if you put it above the TV and the TV is too high and you're getting the tops of people's heads or you're putting it in a weird angle where you're getting backs of people's head so those are important considerations all right cool all right so those are that does some really good advice on videos now let's talk about specifically how the Skype room system works what are some of the features of the Skype room system I'm excited to show you a lot of this stuff today what we've talked about of course is a OneTouch join so that is literally one touch you get to look at all the meetings that you've already scheduled they show up on the screen and then you touch that meaning and then you instantly bring in all the promote attendees and you bring up the people in the room so if those remote attendees are video enabled you'll see them on one screen and then if you have content that you've attached you'll see that content on the other screen if you have dual monitors in the room if you have only one monitor you will be able to choose the different layouts to show people or content or both you can also like I said when you attach a PowerPoint you don't even have to bring your laptop you can bring the PowerPoint in the room and control it right from the Logitech smart dock so those are a couple different ways you could use it you can also end the meeting you can do an ad hoc meeting and just dial directly from the smart dock and so you can use it just as a phone as well yeah it's really cool you know some of the aspects that I enjoy when I'm in a meeting and sometimes we're presenting content we actually want to see the person speaking at the same time the content is present as presented so you know the layout options are really really helps enhance the actual the the collaboration that's going physics on physically in the room definitely yeah well that's a quick overview of Skype room systems now we're going to switch to talking about the surface hub all right now we have a second guest Nydia carrasco's media thanks for joining us thank you another for inviting me this is my first team Solari session I'm excited we're super excited to have you and so tell us what you do here at Microsoft I'm a surface product manager and my male role is to ensure that surface meets the needs for teamwork and collaboration now how does the surface hub fit into Microsoft Surface Devices portfolio with the Sun surface hope to be the first all-in-one collaboration device it has some very conferencing capabilities and it also has office 365 apps such as Word Excel PowerPoint plus the Microsoft whiteboard it's everything you need to host a successful conference now you talked a little bit about the features of the surface hub go a little bit deeper in some of the the benefits and the value of having a surface hub well let's think about the things that happen in a boardroom like this for example you always have ideas flowing so you want to have the capability to easy to collaborate on those ideas using your office 365 apps and sometimes you want to start from scratch and that's when you start using the Microsoft whiteboard those are some of the features that we could leverage on the surface club now you talk about office 365 what are some of the benefits of being an office 365 subscriber do you get while using the surface now so once you say need to surface club you'll instantly get access to your most recently used files so you can always just open them right from the welcome screen and start collaborating on them and everyone does remote that's inviting to participate on that document can of course keep collaborating yeah and it does it have access to Microsoft teams yes actually we can leverage most of Microsoft teams features in the surface kalbi using the edge browser so again you see your single sign-on you can go two teams that and then get access to all your contents perfect now we talked about Skype room systems and now we're talking about surface hub what are some of the considerations when we're designing a room for either or or first of all listing that both Skype root systems and surface of our complimentary devices right so depending on the purpose of a room if it's a hollow room of a room mainly used for video conference purposes we can think of what solution is the best for a harder room for example where people is often collaborate in side by side and iterate on our own ideas surface cough could be the one piece of technology that you need because it brings you Skype tools you can have the whiteboard and you can have office 365 contents in other scenarios where you have a small room where you are gonna fit three or four people and you mainly want to be on the phone and looking at the people that's participating remotely skyping systems can also be a great fit for that room this room is a great example of how we use both Skype room systems and surface hub together now let's bring Angela back in the room so we can have we can talk more about both of them yeah alright ladies so now you're both here and I'd love to talk about some best practices when designing a room can you share a little bit about the considerations you should think about some of the

things we have to consider is first of all think holistically we used to think about the IT or the technology piece of the room in isolation from the rest of the components but now we have to think about how everything plays a role right in a room where we're gonna have surface hub or Skype resistance as a main piece of technology we have to think of hey how can we allow users to easily move from their seats and start collaborating side by side on surface hub most of the times having an open kind of seating will help do that also if we're thinking of having a table to support the needs of some attendees let's think about hey can we have high tables can we have high chairs right anything that fosters easily getting out of your space and start collaborating side-by-side to make the best use of the devices and I think the size of the room is very important when you're looking at different huddle or open spaces or medium sized rooms all the way up to the large rooms it's important to have the right video and audio that works with the size of the room and that number of people that you're going to have so definitely we would encourage you to take a look at our Skype for business certified peripherals that work with Skype room system so you get the exact devices that you need that are best for that room yeah I think the key thing is here we're right now in the executive boardroom it's not open to the public but when you're thinking about spaces that are more open to the rest of your employees and that are public you know that you think about the purpose you think about the design and then you think about your budget right because you might you might have different constraints or flexibility depending on how large or small your budget is one tip that we would also offer is to actually mock up a meeting space before you deploy it that would help you save some money so if you can mock up the whole thing and actually run a full meeting so actually you know create a Skype for business meeting have people join in and call in from different parts of the world if you can and actually run the meeting see what the video and audio quality are like so that you can see if you have the placement correct before full-scale deployment yeah that's a great tip all right now let's talk about the momentum what are some of the success mentum that we've been seeing with both the surface hub and skype room systems I know you both launched and made some announcements last year or some recent innovations but and what have you seen since then yeah we're and we've been excited the Logitech smart dock for Skype room systems launched last year we've seen great momentum and positive feedback from many Fortune 500 companies actually trying and deploying this across their companies one local government agency actually here called King County IT has been using it and has really great feedback encourage you to check out this video here it shows a quick case study of that and actually another one of the biggest customers of Skype room systems is us at my here at Microsoft you may have seen it in conference rooms along with surface have been depending on the room but we've actually deployed thousands across Puget Sound as well and it's also also become a new design standard for meeting rooms going forward so that's how much kind of we we are proud of it and we are encouraging our employees to adopt these systems as well that's really great what about other partners are there other partners that offer the Skype room systems definitely we have announced us several partners one in particular is Crestron that just started shipping so this one is now actually also available crush on has additional capabilities through Crestron fusion which is a service that they have that provides further insight and data into your room so you can kind of get more feedback into how many who are using the room and when it's occupied and unoccupied it also provides remote access for your IT admin which this is great and I think people are really excited about this so that it can be managed remotely without having to send an IT admin if something goes wrong to the individual rooms so this allows them to more quickly respond right exactly you know from a remote place rather than taking the time to travel to the room which they could be anywhere right exactly yeah that's perfect and when one more quick thing if your rooms are already outfitted by Crestron you can actually control the blinds and the lighting directly from there SRS too so they have that little bit of differentiation there yeah now we are introducing some new partners to state room system portfolio talk about those partners yes so we're excited to share that Polycom also just started shipping in december and we're going to add them to our portfolio they're actually available now so check them out and back at ignite we also announced Lenovo and HP which will both be coming very soon so you'll hear more about this at Enterprise Connect in March and we're excited to you know get our full ecosystem going of partners that all have great aspects to their Skyrim systems yeah I'm excited to hear about that yes all right now let's talk about roadmap you know we get tons of questions on now that we've announced Skype for business and Microsoft teams coming together how will this impact Skype room systems and the surface hub yes great question I think we've gotten some questions about that both Nidhi and I have have and we want to ensure everyone that teams will be supported on both platforms right now we're looking at q2 of this year but we're excited that teams are working hard to enable those teams capabilities but they would absolutely be part of Skype room systems enablement and surface hub please keep in mind that besides this today you can steal access teams to be on your edge browser on a surface hub great all right well when we announced that we were doing this episode and we wrote a short blog about it we got a couple questions so I'd like to share those questions to see you guys and answer them

today the first is how and where do you buy Skype room systems yeah there's actually a couple ways you can buy Skype room systems one you can get the full package and everything created and the image done for you through just your distributor or reseller in your local area the other way is if you already have surface Pro's because it's surface pro based from Crestron and from logitech that you can buy the docks and the enclosures separately so if you already have surface Pro's from your company you can get those docks separately and then you can put them together from your IT admin perspective yourself it does take a little bit more work so we do have some articles for your resources on how to image the device then get the skype software on there but you have those two options available to you okay great and then the last question related to Skype room systems is how much does it cost yeah so this this is always a great question these our systems are starting as low as two to three thousand dollars it really depends on again on those peripheral so based on the size of the rooms what kind of extra video or audio devices that you need but really scalable and the ability for you it's really affordable so you can use a lot of your existing displays and then just get those add-ons if you need the video and audio yeah so if you're looking to standardize or you know smaller types of rooms it's really cost-effective or you can get more high-end peripheral devices to suit of an appropriate room like an executive boardroom exactly yeah all right Lydia the last question that I have for you is what's the best place to put a surface hub many people ask like you know should I put this in an open space or an executor or will only reserve it for an executive board room yes so be flexible to feed different spaces depending on how your culture of the company is and your rooms are fitted right so we can put it in huddle rooms or open areas where people naturally come together to start discussing ideas and they need a canvas to start working this out right or and eventually they'll need to call someone in so they can have the surface for providing all of the services then we have surface hub in conference rooms and this can be the traditional conference room rooms or some of the most modern ones with different furniture and configuration of course surface room surface call fits all the needs for a conferencing device and lastly we have seen customers using surface Cove to interact with their own customers right we're in locations where their own people come and their own customers come and interact with their employees via the surface hub cool all right ladies thanks for joining us today unfortunately we're out of time but don't forget we're still answering questions below so if you have a question submit it and we'll definitely answer the question we'll also post a blog blog where we round up all the questions and make that public so everyone can see what's going on so with that we'll definitely join you in two weeks bye you [Music] Mannes School of Music.