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Since 2008 I have worked diligently to receive both my Associates and Bachelors Degree in the field of ARCHITECTURE. Upon receiving my Bachelors, I immediately began my career working with Walter Hainsfurther, FAIA of Kurtz Associates Architects. This portfolio is composed of work from both my academic and professional career. I believe it shows that I am candidate who is dedicated and passionate about architecture and how it influences peoples lives. Respectfully Submitted,

Kiel J. Fahnstrom, Assoc. AIA


“The way to success is to be unique and the only way to be unique is to be yourself.” -Clive Barker

Professional Experience: Kurtz Associates Architects- Des Plaines, Illinois Intern Architect, 2012 to Present As a part of Kurtz Associates Architects, I contributed to many different projects in the past two and a half years. Within three different markets I have played a key role as project manager for Protein Bar Restaurants; in over 20 different locations I have prepared design documents and seen each project through to opening day. Along with the production of multiple projects, both large and small; I also utilized my skills to develop new business and marketing strategies to grow upon the existing client base. Officemax, Inc.- Holland, Ohio & Chicago, Illinois Sales Associate, 2008 - 2012 As a Sales Associate, I played a key role within multiple retail locations while attending school. Responsibilities included specializing in technology merchandise sales, product logistics and inventory, and customer service. A key role as a Sales Associate I managed multiple projects along side managers to improve the look and quality of the store, which in turn produced higher sales within the district.


BIGJONSTUDIO - Ann Arbor, Michigan Design Intern, Summer of 2011 Along with Jon Stevens, founder of BIGJONSTUDIO for the summer of 2011 to fulfill the required internship required for graduation from Bowling Green State University. During the three months of internship, we concentrated our time on the 2011 Cleveland Design Competition: A New School. Throughout this project I researched multiple case studies of green design to implement into the project. Along with these case studies, as a team we collaborated on the study of Cleveland’s growth and decay over the past century. The end result was a comprehensive project developed and executed as a collective team.


JBL Painters & Park Side Construction- La Grange, Illinois General Contractor’s Assistant 2005 - 2009 As a contractors assistant I have gained an extensive knowledge of the construction process from demolition to interior remodels. I worked on multiple remodel projects for both public and private clients and have met my projects on time and under budget. As part of working closely with multiple general contractors, it posed as a learning experience while in high school and during the summers while in college; in turn I could apply this practical knowledge in design courses.

Education: Bachelors of Science in Architecture and Environmental Design Bowling Green State University, 2010 - 2012 Associates Degree in Applied Science: Pre-Architecture College of Dupage, 2008 - 2010

Presence / Activities: American Institute of Architects Associate Member: 2013 - Present Participation: 2014 AIA Convention- Chicago, IL American Institute of Architecture Students: Bowling Green State University Chapter Executive Board: Vice President 2011 - 2012 Active Member: 2010 - 2012 Midwest Quad Conference: Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Spring 2012; Grassroots Leadership Conference:2012 American Institute of Architecture Students: CRIT Magazine, 2011 - 2013 Editorial Staff: Issue # 73 College of DuPage Guest Reviewer Annual Portfolio Studio Reviews: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Studio Desk Critiques: 2012, 2013, 2014



Resume & Contents


Architectural Design School


Cleveland Design Competition


Protein Bar Restaurants


Overture: Bowling Green State University Bigjonstudio+

Kurtz Associates Architects

Collegiate Work:

9 - 10

Spacial Sequence


Modulating Light Wall


College of DuPage College of DuPage

Chicago Visitor Center

13 - 16

Architecture Design School

17 - 22

Archi-Studio Desk: Architecture Design School

23 - 24

Urban Re-Development

25 - 28

College of DuPage

Bowling Green State University Bowling Green State University Bowling Green State University

Professional Work:

29 - 30

Lake Zurich Development

31 - 32

Protein Bar Restaurant

33 - 36

Protein Bar Restaurants

37 - 42

Kurtz Associates Architects Kurtz Associates Architects Kurtz Associates Architects

Competition Work: Cleveland Design Competition BigJonStudio+

43 - 44 45 - 50 2

Architectural Design School

With the site being located adjacent to the Triton Fountains, it is tough to compliment and preserve the unique and iconic characteristics of the campus. By using the dominant axes developed (typically a 3 degree shift) by Elliel and Eero Saarinen who designed the master plan for the Academy of Art, is utilized as the basis of circulation for the new architecture facility. (Continue on Pg. 17)


Level 1

Level 2


Cleveland Design Competition 2011: A New School Vision

Tasks Included: Decay/Growth Studies, Floor Plan & Section Layout , & Digital Model Fabrication In 2011, Cleveland Design Competition: A New School Vision challenged entrants to propose designs for a new K-12 public school in downtown Cleveland. At a time when educators are implementing dramatic new ideas in pedagogy, curricular and organizational models, the reinvention of learning environments deserves equal attention... (Continue on Pg. XX)


Level 1 Level 2

Upper School Middle School Lower School


Protein Bar Restaurants

While working with Kurtz Associates Architects (KAA), we acquired multiple contracts to grow their quick-serve restaurant business. Since 2011 until late 2014, we have grown the number of locations from four to twenty-one in three different markets; Chicago (13), Washington D.C. (4), Denver (3), Boulder (1). Washington Montana



North Dakota Minnesota


Vt. South Dakota




1 3


New York


Michigan Pennsylvania

Iowa Indiana





Md. West Virginia

Colorado Kansas




Mass. Conn.


New Jersey Del.


Kentucky North Carolina Tennessee




New Mexico


South Carolina Georgia


















For the past two years we have conducted full architectural services: Site / L.O.I. investigation, Design Concept / Development, Construction Documents, Construction Observation, and Project Closeout. Along with these standard set of services provided by KAA, we were able to establish a design standards to expedite the design and construction phases for each product. Within all of this time, Protein Bar has not only grown three markets, but the design has also evolved which has been one of my main roles working for KAA.






Boulder Colorado

Exterior Concepts


Collegiate Work: College of Dupage, 2008 - 2010 Associates Degree in Applied Science: Pre-Architecture Selected Projects: Spacial Sequence


Modulating Light Wall


Chicago Visitor Center

13 - 16

Bowling Green State University, 2010 - 2012 Bachelors of Science in Architecture and Environmental Design Selected Projects: Architecture Design School

17 - 22

Archi-Studio Desk: Architecture Design School

23 - 24

Urban Re-Development

25 - 28


Spacial Sequence Concept:

Project Scope:

A space of tranquility with the use of colors, patterns and texture, to provide a feeling of warmth. As the amount and angle of light changes through out the day and season, it will provide warmth through the floor and ceiling. Although traveling to each space requires some distance;each occupant can admire and embrace the beauty of the changing seasons.

• Material budget ‘kit of parts’ provide a program of 3 individual gathering spaces. • Each space was to be designed with each particular season; spring, summer, and fall. • Spaces are to be composed in a unified design composition and creating interesting spaces with a combination of form and light.

Sequence Plan

Summer Space

Spring Space

Fall Space

Marker & Pencil Rendering


Modulating Light Wall Project Scope:

To design a wall section that gives an adjacent space a sense of place through the modulation of natural daylight. A place that interacts with your senses, and stays with you as a part of your collective memory, and a place should create a dialog between architecture and the occupant.

Preliminary Sketches:

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice 12

Chicago’s Visitors Center Project Scope:

This project required for each student to select one of three sites located between Columbus Drive and Lakeshore Drive on Monroe Street, These three sites are a part of the Daley Bicentennial Park adjacent to Millennium Park. The project consisted of incorporating four season, year round spaces: Visitors Center, Multipurpose Space, Cafe, and Performance Space, that is multifunctional and can provide each occupant with a certain need. The challenges of this project consist of an extreme change in grade, and designing a building that follows ADA standards.

Preliminary Sketches:

Inspirational Photo: How it relates and reminds me of the initial site visit. The way the light breaks thought the countless leaves and trees... The city in a sense is the same way, with buildings, canopies, and what trees are on the lake front and the streetscape of the downtown.


Concept: Chicago is an Urban Forest transitioning with each season. Where people can wander, learn about Chicago’s past and present, as well as learn about themselves.

+ 13’-6”

+ 4’-0”

+ 0’-0”


Enlarged Plan

Public Area: Gallery & Recreational Space

Ramp Outdoor Patio



Roof Formation

Northern Section


Final Site Model

Detail Model


Architectural Design School Cranbrook Academy of Art Design Intent: Entr ance With the site being located Circulation Model: adjacent to the Triton Fountains, it is tough to compliment and preserve the unique and iconic characteristics of the campus. By using the dominant axes developed (typically a 3 degree shift) by Elliel and Eero Saarinen who designed the master plan for the Academy of Art, is utilized as the basis of circulation for the new architecture facility. As circulation and grids pass through each other, spaces pass through each other. All planes bisect through each other as if falling down the severe grade to the east of the Triton Fountains. Within blurring architecture studio you find that a community existed among the students and the faculty. By blurring the boundaries between studios, the computer labs have a slight change in levels. Although a there is a clear definition between student and faculty space, the boundaries are pushed by placing the faculty offices so they overlook the studio. Separated only by glass, each space, studio and office alike, while transparent to promote the shared community.

Project Site:

Green Aspects: Natural Light Well: The main circulation of the facility; a 3° ramp is bathed in natural light to produce warmth within this modern structure. Interlinked Solar Panels- generating power for all computer labs.


Tiered Green Roofs: To compensate for the loss of existing trees on site during the construction process, by generating O² and relieving the facility of massive heat absolution.

Structural System As a part of the design process I made it a goal to design a unique structural system that can be used as precedent for future designs of the Students. Also, the system was designed so spaces such as the professors, offices and critique space merge into studio spaces from above. Administration Level Structural System Typ. Exposed K-30 Open Web Bar Joists Typ.

Rigid Frame Tubular Steel Clerestory Structural Angle for Studios Perspective: Walking from Library Museum from Triton Fountains


Plans: Level 1 Entrance Grad Studio

Student Lounge Senior Studio


Comp. Lab

Comp. Lab

Junior Studio

Sophomore Studio


Resource Center Comp. Lab

Freshman Studio T

MEP Room


T Dig. Fabrication Shop

Plans: Level 2

Administrative Offices

Education Offices

Critique Space

Conference Room


Critique Studio


Horizontal Section

Photovoltaic Panels

Green Roofs


Archi-Studio Desk:

Architecture Design Facility, Cranbrook Academy of Art Concept: For as long as there has been a practicing architect, there has been a necessity to have tables to draft and draw what we intend to build, but now as technology is evolving computer have revolutionized the profession. With the utilization of computers, the way students utilize work space has completely changed; which in turn has changed how students interact with each other.

Possible Desk Layouts: The intention of this desk is to provide all the students the ability to create their own type of space within each studio, rather than organized in a typical fashion of rows and columns which can hinder creative and social interaction and diminish the studio culture. This will provide students more comfort within their work spaces as individuals and as a collaborative.


Looking into Graduate Studio


Urban Re-Development: Toledo, OH Design Team: Benjamin Birkey, Kiel Fahnstrom. Ronald Riddle, Katie Yinger

Project Scope: The City of Toledo, OH is one of America’s many decaying port cities. Currently the city expresses a major disconnect by the Maumee River, creating a segregation barrier between the Downtown and East Toledo. By breaking the barrier created by the Maumee River; CONNECTIVITY, SUSTAINABILITY, and ENTERTAINMENT, were found to be the three prominent characteristics that Toledo, OH lacks. This project offers dynamic and interactive islands to draw the residents and visitors into the waterfront within the Downtown of Toledo. These islands disrupt the disconnect between Downtown and East Toledo, offering attractions that the Glass City has not encountered in many years.


Grid Study:

Proposed Plan:





The Maumee River is the common divider of the downtown and east Toledo. Through further study, all of the vectors of the grid, nothing aligned. By using this as a base, we applied several variations of orthogonal grids: 30, 45 and 90 degrees across the Maumee River; creating a complex system of vectors. We used these vectors to create several islands, creating the CONNECTION between both parts of the city. With this connection, each island served as the basis utilizing SUSTAINABILITY and ENTERTAINMENT.


Connectivity: • Each island was formed based on the existing grid as well as 3 more orthogonal grids. • We created a network of bridges connecting the inland businesses to the entertainment on the river. • The 3 bridges spanning more than 100 feet are designed to pivot rather than lift to allow barges in and out of Lake Erie.

Entertainment: • Multi-purpose arena for public and private concert arena. • Multiple retail outlets, including food and beverage entertainment. • Multiple parks, swimming areas, and boating docks.

Sustainability: • The Islands do not only just serve as a bridge but serves as a ‘neo-natural river reconstruction’ program which consists of introducing various species of plankton and algae; the a base point of re-establishing the deteriorated ecosystem.


• Several of the islands are farms to indigenous species of fish and mussels that will further restore the ecosystem of the Maumee.

River Traffic: As stated previously, our team recognized a major divide between the Downtown and East Toledo due to the Maumee River. The Maumee River is still utilized as a form of product transportation. To this day an average of Seven thousand (7,000) cargo ships pass through the Maumee River every year.


Professional Work: Kurtz Associates Architects, Des Plaines, Illinois Intern Architect. Fall 2012 to Present Selected Projects: Lake Zurich Development

31 - 32

Highland Park Development

33 - 36

Protein Bar Restaurants

37 - 42

Kurtz Associates Architects Kurtz Associates Architects Kurtz Associates Architects


Lake Zurich Development

A client, a long time resident and active participant in the Lake Zurich Community, approached Kurtz Associates with a concept to help rebuild the downtown area. With a large piece of property for sale on the market located directly off of Lake Zurich, his concept was to include residential entertainment as well as office space for small businesses within the community. This modern version of a log cabin includes a public bar/restaurant and diners club for residence and those to come in off the lake in the summer months.

Project Site


Conceptual Lantern

Precedent Study Rock Bottom Bar & Grill Oakbrook Terrace, IL


Stone & Timber Sketch

Level 1

Office Spaces Public Restaurant/Pub Outdoor Dinning Main Kitchen

Level 2

Office Spaces Private Diners Club Outdoor Dinning Upper Kitchen


Highland Park: Re-development 1992 Second Street Highland Park, IL Project Background MJM 1992 Real Estate Holding, LLC has recently purchased the property at 1992 Second Street, currently home of Werhane’s Service Center. Currently, the former owner is now the tenant and is planning on relocating.


On December 17, 2013, the applicants appeared before the Plan Commission for a pre-application meeting. The purpose of that meeting was to solicit input on development options for the property. After analyzing the market conditions and the input received from the Plan Commission, we have decided to proceed with the plans contained in this Pre-Application submission in an effort to get additional input on the design elements.

R2 Existing Conditions



B4 Currently an automobile service center, including FI



service bays, a small convenience store, and gasoline dispensing islands.





Subject Property













B4 R6





B4is zoned as follows: RM2 The surrounding property • North and West: RM-2, High Density Residential • South and East: B-4, Commercial Service . PL M DistrictEL



Preliminary Layouts

Layout 1 of 30

Layout 2 of 30

Layout 3 of 30

Layout 4 of 30

Layout 5 of 30

Layout 6 of 30 34

Conceptual Layout October 2013

Since the purchase of the property, the client and his business partner have gone through countless proposed plans (refer to last page). Considering what types of tenants the client wanted that would best suit Downtown Highland Park, this concept was proposed to both the public and the city council. Although most were not receptive to the modernity of the retail & medical spaces, the client was very impressed.

Isometric Program Offices

Dunkin Donuts Elevator/Stair Retail


Site Plan Multi-Level: Retail & Medical 4,500 SF Dunkin Donuts: 1,900 SF

Approved Layout Project Status: Zoning Approved Design Intent

On the northern part of the site, we propose constructing quick service restaurant with a drive-thru window and 15 seats. The drive-thru window will be located on the east side of the building. This places all transactions toward the street and away from neighboring property. We have commissioned a traffic study, which we are coordinating closely with City staff. The restaurant building will be faced in fiber cement panels and EIFS. It will have storefront along the west elevation where the main entrance is located. All rooftop equipment will be screened by a parapet. As of November, 2012 Dunkin’ Brands released their latest store design referred to as, “Fresh Brew”. The idea of the new design was to ensure band congruence while ensuring relevance and impact on an international scale. The “Fresh Brew” design provides a distinct identity without the use of signage on the exterior, and providing a warm, welcoming, and warm gathering environment within.

Approved Site Plan 2 Story Dunkin Donuts 1,899 SF 3-4 Multi-Tenant Retail 6,700 SF

Retail Building

Dunkin Donuts

Design concepts developed in collaboration with Kolebrook Design Group


Protein Bar Restaurants Client Profile:

PROTEIN BAR 速 commits to doing healthy tastier, by changing they way people eat on the go. Their focus is to serve healthy, flavorful food in a hip, trendy, environment quickly and efficiently so customers get on with their day. Their menu, service style, and each location are designed for quality, style, and speed.

Schaumburg, Illinois - Spring 2013
















Feature Table and Radiating Wood Rays The white Corian table top and orange leather bar stools are another key feature of the Protein Bar image, serving as a community table during the busiest hours of the day. Above the community table is a unique drum and lighting fixture representing the company logo. The wooden Dark Cherry Rays extruding outward in a radial fashion into all walls of the public space. Some rays either die into the wall or continue downward until meeting the floor. (Ref. Page 7)


Banquet/Booth Seating w/ Cherry Finish Partition As a collective piece of the dining area the Banquets and Booths help define the area where the queuing and pick up. All partitions are faced with Wood Dark Cherry Finish.


Orange Corian Surround The Corian has become the defining signature of the Protein Bar brand for every location. The concept, although originally conceived by Aria Group Inc. has been redefined and imagined by Kurtz Associates.


Established Kit of Parts:

POS Counter Evolution Counter Evolution

1st Generation - Oak Brook, IL

2nd Generation - Schaumburg, IL

3rd Generation - Boulder, CO

Since the first generation of service counter, Matt Matros, Founder & CEO and I have studied how customers travel from the queuing line, to where they place their order, and where they pick up their order. This evolution did not only effect how each customer moved from ordering to pick up, but it also benefitted the food preparation process and delivery to the customer. 1st Generation Counter Oak Brook, IL


3rd Generation Counter top Boulder, CO


Service Wall Concepts

As Protein Bar expanded into their 3rd market, Boulder/Denver Colorado; Mr. Matros wanted to make an impact with the first location in Boulder, CO. As Mr. Matros and I were studying how clients could receive their order faster we developed the 3rd generation service counter. With this new design I found that with the taller wall behind the point of sale (POS) ‘pod’, it provided another opportunity to bring another unique element to ‘trendy’ Protein Bar style.

LED Live Feed Wall • Seamless custom fit high resolution LED screen • Customizable and interactive screen graphics. • Local and National live social media feeds: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest.

Glass Mosaic Mural • Customized (per market) transparent glass mosaic. • In collaboration with Artaic Innovative Mosaic, they provided the knowledge and details to install a backlit LED lighting system. • Providing a more modern and elegant flair to the Protein Bar aesthetic.

Frosted Glass Panels

• Modular frosted glass panels. • All panels to have customized graphics currently available for all locations. • All panels to be fashioned with LED back lighting.


3D Nuclei Prototype Project Scope:

As Protein Bar has expanded, they have continued to study how their clients interact at the point of sale counter and transition to the food pick up. In the latest counter design, we wanted to add flair to this new dynamic food ordering and pick up counter. Through various concepts found on the following page, the most unique design that was approved for production and provided the cheapest solution. The Protein Bar logo was asked to be extruded 3 dimensionally with LED back-lighting. Along with 3 nominal sizes and custom patterns per store, Protein Bar would be able to add this feature as a small extra to construction costs’. After further time and development,only one prototype was put into production and not continued due to construction costs.

Isometric Concept: pre-fabrication Translucent Orange Plexi LED Inner Ring Strip Relief Mounting Bracket Brown Plexiglass LED Outer Ring Strip Frosted White Plexiglass Brown Plexiglass LED Backlighting Strip Aluminum Frame


Exterior Facade Concepts

As Protein Bar expands, some locations that the company will purchase and lease will require them to build a storefront. Although we were not given the opportunity to build one of the first locations that required a custom facade, Kurtz provided Protein Bar with some concepts. By utilizing the ‘kit of parts’ the restaurant established as the standard design.


Competition Work: BIGJONSTUDIO+, Ann Arbor, Michigan Design Intern, Summer 2011

Selected Projects: Cleveland Design Competition

45 - 50


Cleveland Design Competition 2011: A New School Vision

Design Team: John M. Stevens; Kiel Fahnstrom; Kelly Gawinek; Steve Adams; Holly Gurwell; Chris Strayer Tasks Included: Decay/Growth Studies, Floor Plan & Section Layout , & Digital Model Fabrication

Competition Overview: In 2011, Cleveland Design Competition: A New School Vision challenged entrants to propose designs for a new K-12 public school in downtown Cleveland. At a time when educators are implementing dramatic new ideas in pedagogy, curricula and organizational models, the reinvention of learning environments deserves equal attention. The 2011 Cleveland Design Competition presented an opportunity to re-imagine the school and explore how educational facilities must evolve to provide 21st Century Environments for learning.

Cleveland’s Growth and Decay



Figure Ground Condition: 2011 As apart of our design process, we found it necessary to understand the growth and decline of the subject site since the founding. Through the use of the Sanborn Maps, we were able to document its progress as design precedence.

Cleveland State University 45




Connected: Green Roof

Design Statement A Multi-layers organization interweaves water, landscape, and academic program together. Woven and wrapping serves as a means to resolve the unique existing site situation demonstrated in the mapping of the Sanborn Maps; the Campus’s form reflects those historic conditions.

Interactive: Technologically Advanced Classrooms

The school is comprised of 3 interconnected, yet distinct components that despite the overall size and complexity of the project help to provide for a habitable human scale. The ‘Main Street” circulation spine runs along what once was 19th Street. It concentrates and directs movement of the students. Enclosing this allows for the connectivity that bridges all three schools to each other. The school contains three unique levels; Lower, Middle, and Upper schools. They are tied together through an undulating green roof system that submerges the schools beneath landscape; bringing together sustainable/natural building components to the school. Outdoor plazas and a courtyard provides a variety of recreational spaces for students and faculty, and a continuous, open outdoor walkway offers pedestrian access to the site, and connects the CSU campus to the Cleveland School.

Community: Shared Courtyard



New School Site Plan:

Middle School Middle School students can anticipate interesting and challenging years ahead. In grades 7 and 8 are introduced to a curriculum that is based on four values, or touchstones: participation, kindness, respect and responsibility. These maturing students develop their leadership and team-building skills beyond the classroom through participation in student government, sports, community service projects and after-school clubs.

Leadership Ability

Teamwork Academics



Lower School Lower School is where children thrive on a rich, challenging curriculum delivered by compassionate teachers in an intimate classroom setting. Our teachers pay close attention to each individual’s needs and learning styles, and take special care to reach out to the whole being of every child--exercising their senses, their hearts, their imaginations, their bodies and all their diverse intelligences.


Underground Parking

Upper School Upper School academics focus on preparing and challenging our students to reach their full potential. Specialty courses like environmental science, fine arts, anthropology, and digital media complement more traditional courses, including advanced math, science, history, and English. Maumee Valley students also have opportunities to engage in college-level coursework through Advanced Placement and Honors courses.

Second Level:




Solar Panels utilized to supply energy for the classrooms.

Cisterns offers innovative rainwater harvesting, stormwater re-use and water storage technologies to create sustainable water management solution.


Geothermal power is cost effective, reliable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.


Thank you.


Fahnstrom Graduate Admissions Portfolio  

The latest composition of undergraduate and professional work in the field of Architecture.

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