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May 2014 Issue

KIDZLYFE By kidz. For kidz.

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From the editor’s desk... Welcome to our fourth issue of kidzlyfe! At kidzlyfe we believe that learning can be both interesting and fun. We believe that by giving children a platform to showcase their talents and share their knowledge they can learn from one another and perfect their skills. Kidzlyfe accepts all articles and artwork from children of primary school age but only the best get to be featured. We believe that they will motivate their readers to write, draw and/or think as best as their contributors. In conclusion, I would like to thank all parents for their support in the making of this magazine and encourage all parents to allow their children to forward their work to us. God bless you. Riza Lynx | Director



Kyendo Muli

Riza Lynx



William Mutua

Philip Musyoka

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One sentence stories True stories told in a sentence

Albert We left for a two week trip to see a few concerts in California and ended up three months later in a hotel in Guatemala looking at a map, eating chocolate, bananas and asking each other where we were.

By Kyendo Muli Class 7

Fun Facts

A shark John is the The day was hot and boring, and so only fish that can was the next day. blink Robert with both One of the saddest things I’ve ever eyes. seen was a little bird frozen to death perched on a branch alone.


Poetry By

My father

Tom Class 1


My father is very good. He drinks coca-cola. He brings toys for me. He is a big man. He has ten fingers. He has a big car. I like my father. My dog

Moses Class 2


I love my dog. It is very good. It eats meat. It can catch a ball. It catches thieves. It is colour brown.

Fun & Facts Did you know… … that you sleep walk with your eyes open and that you may follow your usual daytime routine? … that a baby in the mother’s womb shares it’s mothers feelings?

cs i m o C

TONGUE TWISTERS Bad money mad bunny. Five fat peas in a pod pressed.

Character Review Phineas Phineas is the main feature on the cartoon Phineas and Ferb. He is the brother to Ferb.

The Cartoon Phineas and Ferb is a cartoon mostly on things to do during summer. The two creative kids with their friend Isabella who always helps them do everything. With Dr. Dooffenschmit. The evil scientist. It always happens that every plan he does everyday affects their plans. The sister Candice wants to tell her mother every thing she sees them do.

Like to write!! IT’S ALL ASIDE


Are you a young writer and can’t wait to write? Send an email with your story to the editor at:

Tigers Bengal Tiger The Bengal tiger is found in India as well as Bangladesh and it is known to live in both the heated areas of desert and the grasslands where it is wet and cool. Siberian Tiger The Siberian is the largest of all tiger. As its name implies, it inhabits the region of Siberia in Russia. Malayan Tiger The Malayan Tiger is found in areas of Malayan Peninsula is where the name comes from. South China Tiger The South China Tiger is found in Thailand, China and Cambodia. Extinct Tiger Species The Balinese Tiger became extinct in 1937 and until that time they resided on the island of Bali. The Caspian became extinct. Follow the editor on twitter @kyendomuli


THE NERVOUS SYSTEM The nervous system is responsible for receiving, processing and transmitting information which the body needs to coordinate all it’d activities. The body constantly receives a great deal of varied information, called stimuli. It can work out the difference between hot or cold, up or down, yesterday and today. The body receives stimuli from within itself, ,making it react in a certain way. For example, when running fast the body needs more oxygen so it needs to breath more deeply. The nervous system controls the body’s reactions and is responsible for all the sensations in the body

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The brain is liked the spinal cord and together they form the central nervous system. Like a large computer, this system receives, stores and processes information. All the nerves that are not part of the brain or the spinal cord make up the peripheral nervous system. This takes information from organs such as the eyes and ears and passes it back to the central nervous system. Once the information is processed , the peripheral nervous system passes instructions back to the muscles an d organs, telling them what to do. Another part is the vegetative system. This controls how the organs inside the body works such as keeping the heart beating. These don’t need instructions.


Join the dots...


Book Review



trange things are happening in Tom’s village. First, the horses were attacked. Then, the river dried up. Now, the last of the crops has mysteriously burned. Everyone is terrified. But tom is not. He’s always dreamed of a quest-a real quest! - and vows to the king and bring help for all of them. But soon learns that his village is not the only one in danger. There is terrible trouble all throughout the kingdom, and hope is nearly lost.

Beast Quest Review By James Mutua Class 5

That is until Tom is sent on the greatest quest of all—The beast quest

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Famous People ALBERT EINSTEIN-(18791955)

As a child, Einstein was shy and slow in learning to speak. Later, he decided to be a teacher. He thought for a time, then turned to mathematics and physics. He went first to England, then settled in the United States. Einstein is world famous for his work on the mathematical theory of relativity. This gave scientists new ideas about the nature of space and time. Einstein was awarded the 1921 Nobel prize for physics. Read more books on


Save precious resources! Don’t let water run constantly when you wash clothes & dishes. Clean water is precious!

Repair dripping taps. A dripping tap wastes up to 2000 gallons of clean water a year!

Don’t dump waste into rivers and streams. Loose garbage chokes and poisons birds and our wildlife.

Avoid burning garbage . It releases poisons gases in the air!

Plant a tree! Trees help absorb excess carbon dioxide and provide shade and windbreaks Courtesy: Kasuku Brands Kenya Follow us on twitter @kidzlyfe


TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE 1.What do psychologists study? A) human behavior B) the liver C) animals 2. What is the main function of the nervous system? A) helps us when we are worried about something B) it is where all nerves are stored C) controls the body's reactions 3. When do you start to experience emotions A) in the womb B) at birth C) when old 4. When do you sleep walk A) when we are bored Tweet us on twitter @kidzlyfe


B) just after we have slept C) when we are deeply asleep 5. What is the best known measure of intelligence called? A) intelligence quotient B) intellectual quota C) intelligence test

ind the solution on the next issue...

otes u Q Kids

“Use your smile to

change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile. ”

— Dr. Seuss

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IN THE NEXT ISSUE: RABBITS: find out what they eat and a lot more fun and learning.

Published by Ushanga Publishers

May 2014 Issue  
May 2014 Issue