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May 2011

Theme: Summer! KidzEra is a FREE by kids, for kids magazine and website designed for classrooms, and created by students worldwide!

Editorial Calendar Summer


Keep students engaged in KidzEra and learning all summer long— have them join!

Suggested Content:

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English • InkSlinger: Summer adventure stories • SOS: Back-to-school advice & survival guide Government/Civics/Social Studies • Kidz Bill of Rights: Election preparation, kids’ rights articles, 10th anniversary of 9/11 Art • Top Artist: Fall and back-to-school art • Click-a-Pic: Summer pics-bonus for underwater!

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Cover artist: EVERYONE who uploaded art by April 18th! See page 16 of the magazine for more details!

Published Classrooms

Pelawatte, Sri Lanka Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangkok, Thailand

Theme: Back-to-School!

Bandung, Indonesia

•  Ms. Fontaine’s 7th Grade Class, Alice Johnson Junior High School, Channelview, TX •  Mr. Cullagh’s 7th Grade Class, Fox Lane Middle School, Bedford Hills, NY •  Mr. Feliciano’s 4th Grade Class, Our Lady of Grace School, Fairview, NJ •  Mr. Herrera’s 4th Grade Class, International School of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh •  Mr. Hunnicutt’s 8th Grade Class, Alice Johnson Junior High School, Channelview, TX •  Mr. Miller’s 5th Grade Class, Herzl RHMA Denver Campus, Denver, CO •  Mr. Roeder’s 6th Grade Class, Johnnie L. Cochran Middle School, Los Angeles, CA •  Ms. Caron’s 5th Grade Class, Holy Family School, San Jose, CA •  Ms. Chun’s 8th Grade Class, Bandung Alliance International School, West Java, Indonesia •  Ms. Collado’s 7th Grade Class, IS 383 Philippa Schuyler Middle School, Brooklyn, NY •  Ms. Dahlan’s 4th Grade Class, Overseas School of Colombo, Pelawatte, Sri Lanka •  Ms. Dennis’ 6th Grade Class, Della Lamb Charter Elementary School, Kansas City, MO •  Ms. Gardiner’s 6th Grade Class, Cleveland Middle School, Garner, NC •  Ms. Harris’ 8th Grade Class, John S. Baker Middle School, Tacoma, WA •  Ms. Hedges’ 4th Grade Class, Lillian Schumacher Elementary School, Liberty, MO •  Ms. Higdem’s 6th & 7th Grade Classes, Wahpeton Middle School, Wahpeton, ND •  Ms. Jefferson’s 4th Grade Class, Mary Ann Winterling Elementary School, Baltimore, MD •  Ms. Katie’s 6th Grade Class, International School of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh •  Ms. Levine’s 6th Grade Class, Wagner Middle School, New York, NY •  Ms. Liebhardt’s 7th Grade Class, Immaculate Conception School, Willoughby, OH •  Ms. Miesen’s 4th Grade Class, Castle Rock Elementary School, Castle Rock, CO •  Ms. Morgan’s 8th Grade Class, Holy Family of Nazareth School, Irving, TX •  Ms. Russo’s 6th Grade Class, West Hollywood Elementary School, West Hollywood, CA •  Ms. Sheppard’s 6th Grade Class, Albany Middle School, Albany, CA •  Ms. Sims’ 3rd Grade Class, Detroit Edison Public Academy, Detroit, MI •  Ms. Szoke’s 6th Grade Class, Della Lamb Charter Elementary School, Kansas City, MO •  Ms. Young’s 8th Grade Class, Alcorn Middle School, Columbia, SC •  Ms. Young’s 10th & 11th Grade Classes, W.J. Keenan High School, Columbia, SC •  6th Grade Class, Wilson Middle School, Tulsa, OK •  Ms. Trexler’s 7th Grade Class, Murphy Creek K-8 School, Aurora, CO •  Ms. Alberto’s 7th Grade Class, Immaculate Heart of Mary School, Los Angeles, CA •  Ms. Torbert’s 6th Grade Class, Como Montessori School, Fort Worth, TX •  Ms. Usiak’s 5th Grade Class, Saint Stephen of Hungary School, New York, NY •  Ms. Olsen’s 8th Grade Class, Abbott Middle School, Elgin, IL •  Ms. McDonough’s 5th Grade Class, Robert E. Bell School, Chappaqua, NY •  Kesinee International School, Bangkok, Thailand •  Ms. Delgado’s 4th Grade Class, G.W. Carver Elementary School, Newport News, VA •  Mr. Rinehart’s 7th Grade Class, Walt Disney Magnet School, Chicago, IL •  Ms. Schmick’s 4th Grade Class, Aloma Elementary School, Winter Park, FL •  Sir Farid’s Class, Nehru Memorial International School, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia •  Westchester Lutheran School, Los Angeles, CA •  7th Grade Class, Dimner Beeber Middle School, Philadephia, PA •  Northeast Elementary School, Stamford, CT •  5th Grade Class, Saint Ignatius School, Glendale, CA •  Ms. Moore’s 7th Grade Class, Helen Keller Middle School, Easton, CT •  Ms. Kenny’s 5th Grade Class, Andover Morris Elementary School, Phillipsburg, NJ

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Talk Back

h la BlB a h

Page 3 We want to hear kids’ opinions and ideas about KidzEra—we’d like to know what they want from THEIR media! The Talk Back Project encourages kids to use their voices to create change and keeps them involved in the process of creative education all year round.

Curriculum Connections NCTE/IRA English Language Arts standards and the US Department of Health and Human Services Anti-Bullying Initiative

Essential Questions Why is it important to ask for what you want? What are some of the most effective means of communication?

Activity • Discuss the Essential Questions. • Have students compose letters to the editor of KidzEra.

Curriculum Connections NCTE/IRA English Language Arts standards and the US Department of Health and Human Services Anti-Bullying Initiative

Essential Questions

SOS Page 8 It can be easy for kids to get wrapped up in antagonism against one another. Project SOS lets kids help one another instead, by giving each other advice on the problems they need help getting solved.

Why is it important to ask for help? Why should we help each other and give advice? What do you have experience or expertise in that you can use to help others?

Activity • Discuss the Essential Questions. •  Have students write down five questions they need advice on or help with.

Curriculum Connections NCTM Mathematics standards, NCHS History standards, NCTE/IRA English Language Arts standards and ISTE Technology standards

Essential Question


How can math help you understand the world around you?

Page 14 Project Zeitgeist is where Britney and Bieber meet math and statistics, giving kids the opportunity to collect data about the world around them, apply some math and actively participate in popular culture by predicting the next big trends.

Activity #1 • Discuss the Essential Question. • Have students participate in Project Zeitgeist trend polls online at •  Each week, collect new trend data from As a class, observe patterns, and what has slipped or risen in popularity.

•  Students can choose to write about the entire magazine, or a specific article or image that they like or not! Be sure they write about why and what changes (or not) they’d like to see. •  Additionally, encourage students to make suggestions for other projects or themes they would like to see in KidzEra. Have them think BIG! ★★Have students submit their letters to the editor in the Talk Back Project on Students can also vote for their favorite ideas of what they want to see next in the magazine!

• Next, have them write down ten things they’re good at, that they could be experts in. • BONUS: Have students research and write about one of their areas to become experts! •  Submit research papers for possible publication! Be sure to include a submission form with each entry. ★★ Encourage students to submit their questions to Project SOS on! Once they have submitted questions, have them look at the question of the week and the past Q & As, and give advice on questions in areas in which they have expertise or interest. • In small groups, have students discuss why they believe the popularity changes have occurred. Have them use graphs, charts and other visual aids to demonstrate change over time. • Encourage them to make predictions of future trends based on the gathered data. Have them consider the impact of major world events such as the economy, or a natural disaster. ★★Have students regularly submit trends to Project Zeitgeist at Also send all trend study projects, art, graphics, video and writing to KidzEra for possible publication! Be sure to include a submission form with each entry.

Thank You Teachers! This has been KidzEra’s most successful year yet and we couldn’t have done it without YOU. We applaud your work as teachers, and we are grateful to you for giving your students the opportunity to participate in KidzEra. Encourage your students to participate at over the summer, where we’ll be running contests and cool activities all summer long to keep young minds creative and limber for the coming school year!

Have a fantastic summer! See you next year!

May 2011 Teachers Guide  

The May 2011 Teachers Guide!!

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