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KidZania Jakarta Makes the "Top 25 Amusement Parks in Asia".

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Let your imagination run wild and creativity take hold with the KidZania Photo Studio app. Made just for kids.

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Prof. Philip Kotler and Dr. Fahim R. Kibria visited KidZania Cuicuilco for the first time.

KidZania, January 2014

2013 Y e a r b o o k Year 15 / Number 7 k i d z a n i a

n e w s

b u l l e t i n

t h e v o i c e o f o u r n at i o n

KidZania Bangkok is Founded!

This marks the foundation of KidZania’s 12th interactive kids’ Metropolis

BANGKOK, Thailand. March 22, 2013. –“KidZania Bangkok joins a global community that connects more than 20 million children from around the world as a way to promote change, inspire global citizenship, and build strong community awareness,” said Xavier López Ancona, president and founder of KidZania. “We believe KidZania Bangkok is an exceptional addition to the Thai community – delivering real-world, learning moments that inspire kids to be their best selves and make their world better.” Located at Siam Paragon Bangkok, the country’s most prestigious shopping mall, young visitors enter KidZania Bangkok through the park’s mock airport into the sprawling 10,000m2, kidsized metropolis. “KidZania Bangkok is the only kids’ destination of its kind in

KidZania Kuwait was founded, becoming the 13th metropolis of the edutainment Nation KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait. June 16, 2013. –Mr. Mohammed Alshaya –Executive Chairman, M.H. Alshaya Co.– presided over the event at KidZania Kuwait in The Avenues mall. Among the guests of honor were His Excellency Nayef Al Hajraf, – Kuwait’s Minister of Education–, His Excellency Luis Alberto

Thailand, where children have an authentic and powerful educational and social experience, rooted in real-life and wrapped in the fun of play,” said Mr. Scott Schubert, vice chairman of Kids Edutainment Holdings (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and Governor of KidZania Thailand. “At KidZania, kids role play as teachers, chefs, surgeons to learn about careers. It’s this type of active learning that instills self-confidence, builds selfesteem and ultimately, prepares a child for a bright future.” The event started today at 4:30pm with the arrival of hundreds of guests including representatives of 10 KidZania States: Mexico, India, Egypt, Kuwait, Philippines,

KidZania Mumbai Becomes the 14th Metropolis of our Nation

MUMBAI, India. August 29, 2013. –KidZania expanded its footprint to India with the opening of KidZania Mumbai today. This represents the 14th interactive kids’ metropolis in 14 years, involving even more kids around the world. “With the opening of KidZania Mumbai, we celebrate a major corporate achievement –our 14th

Our Nation Welcomes KidZania Kuwait!

metropolis in our 14th year of operation– now located in what is predicted to grow into the largest city in the world by 2020,” said Xavier López Ancona, president and founder of KidZania. “This represents a meteoric growth of our company and illustrates how families from around the world have embraced the KidZania concept –a progressive and

Barrero Stahl –Ambassador of Mexico to Kuwait– and Mr. Xavier López –President and founder of KidZania–, Mr. Mohammed Alshaya said: “Today is a very special day for me. It was back in early in 2010 that I first became aware of KidZania. As many of you know, I believe it is incredibly important that we inspire our young people to follow and develop their passions –to discover rewarding careers and bright futures. So when I first saw KidZania, I was determined to bring this incredible concept of ‘edutainment’ to Kuwait –an exciting mix of education and entertainment that I know people here will love”.

Mr. Xavier López said: “KidZania was very lucky to partner with M.H. Alshaya, the best group to bring our concept to Kuwait and find its location in The Avenues mall, the largest and finest shopping center in the country. I am sure that the grounds we have set, and will continue to build, will make KidZania Kuwait a reference not only for other KidZania metropolises, but for the edutainment industry in the world”. KidZania Kuwait opened to the public on June 17.

South Korea, Portugal, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, as well as members of the Central Government of KidZania. With everyone gathered at the Central Plaza of KidZania Bangkok, the ceremony started with speeches by Mr. Scott Schubert (Governor of KidZania Thailand), Mr. David Salim (Chairman of Kids Edutainment Holdings Thailand Co. Ltd.), Khunying Jada Watthanasiritham (Chairwoman Siam Paragon Development Group), and Mr. Xavier López Ancona (President of KidZania). KidZania Bangkok opened to the public on March 29, 2013.

interactive role-play experience that challenges, inspires and readies kids to create a better world.” Bollywood superstar and co-promoter of KidZania Mumbai, Shah Rukh Khan, first experienced KidZania Dubai with his family. Captivated by his own children’s experience, he was determined to bring KidZania to India. Together with KidZ Inc. Pte. Ltd, as shareholder, imagiNation Edutainment India was incorporated, and is the franchisee holder of KidZania India. “I am proud to be part of the team that brought KidZania to India, as I know it will make a difference to the children here.” During his inaugural speech, SRK said: “I’m elated to see KidZania open in India and proud to be part of such an empowering concept. It is my belief that KidZania will be the new destination for Indian parents to send their kids to learn and have fun together. India is ready for an edutainment concept like KidZania and I’m hopeful that it will provide new opportunities to the kids to shape their future.” “We are proud to join this globally successful edutainment company that will empower future generations of India to be their best self,” said Sanjeev Kumar, Governor of KidZania Mumbai. “At KidZania Mumbai, we endeavor to promote change and encourage global citizenship among our children through an experience that is hands-on, engaging, educational, and most importantly, fun.”By blending reality with entertainment, KidZania provides an authentic and powerful developmental experience, preparing kids to understand and manage their world. KidZania Mumbai opened to the public on September 10, 2013.

KidZania Cairo is Officially the 15th Metropolis

CAIRO, Egypt. September 16, 2013. –The grand opening of KidZania Cairo expands KidZania’s worldwide portfolio to 15 kid’s metropolis locations. To date, KidZania has hosted more than 31 million children at its signature real-life edutainment experiences. Built on an unwavering commitment to help children realize their full potential in

a fun and educational context, KidZania Cairo leverages more than 100 real-world careers and 82 establishments to deliver the brand’s signature role-playing experience. “We are humbled and proud to bring KidZania to one of the oldest and most historically relevant civilizations in the world,” said Xavier Lopez Ancona, president and founder of KidZania. “With

the opening of KidZania Cairo, we bring a progressive, roleplay experience that challenges and inspires Egyptian children to dream up their best possible future and create a better world for themselves, their families and global neighbors alike.” KidZania Cairo is located just 15 minutes from Cairo International Airport, situated in Egypt’s innovative mixed-use complex “Cairo Festival City” with premier entertainment, prime restaurants and world-class schools. KidZania Cairo visitors will enter an 8,400m2 filled with 82 globally and regionally significant establishments. “We are overjoyed to join the burgeoning KidZania Nation, where children are the inspiration for a future world that is better because of their contribution,” said Tarek Zidan, KidZania Egypt Governor “By weaving active learning into a fun city built just for kids, our world-class KidZania Cairo experience will enrich the self-esteem, leadership skills and lives of both our Egyptian children and young guests visiting from around the world.” KidZania Cairo opened to the public on September 17, 2013.

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t h e v o i c e o f o u r n at i o n

January 2014

KidZania is Named “Outstanding Franchise Abroad” For Second Year in a Row MEXICO CITY, Mexico. March 7, 2013. During the 16th edition of the National Franchise Awards organized by the Mexican Franchise Association (AMF), KidZania was named "Outstanding Franchise Abroad 2012". KidZania has become a truly global brand, with 11 metropolises open in 8 different countries. The 100% Mexican edutainment concept has plans to open 4 locations more this year and 10 between 2014 and 2015, including one in the US.

KidZania Cuicuilco is Named RLI’s “Most Innovative Retail & Leisure Concept 2013″! LONDON, United Kingdom. June 7, 2013. –The Natural History Museum of London hosted last night the “Global RLI Awards 2013. The annual event reunites the cream of the global retail and leisure industries, celebrating the very best that these industries have to offer, rewarding their innovation and vision, and their commitment to excellence in such areas as sustainability, design and construction.

At the gala, KidZania Cuicuilco was named RLI’s "Most Innovative Retail & Leisure Concept 2013". Celebrating the most outstanding contribution to retail and leisure conceptualization over the past year, this category rewards the company that has taken a brand and created an extraordinary experience for the customer. With this recognition, KidZania becomes the only

Interviewed by the KidZania Journal after receiving the award, Mr. Xavier López –President of KidZania– mentioned that “We are very happy at KidZania for this achievement. We are very proud not only for being a Mexican concept and company that is recognized outside of Mexico, but because by doing so we ignite the hearts and minds of more and more children”.

company to have won RLI Awards in 5 consecutive years! Andrew Darrow –KidZania's Minister of Economy–, received the award on behalf of KidZania Cuicuilco and said: “The RLI Awards brings together the real industry leaders and business elite in retail, leisure and development. One night of style and entertainment with one

KidZania Celebrates its 2013 Zummit

MEXICO CITY, Mexico. October 7, 2013. –KidZania, celebrated its 2013 annual Zummit this week. With “A United Nation” as this year’s Zummit tagline, KidZania shows the unity and sense of belonging that have been the main drivers for the company’s fastpace evolution, characterizing it as a Nation and a truly global company.

From October 2 – 4, 2013, the company reunited representatives of 21 of its States with the idea of sharing and discussing topics that are relevant to the Nation, reinforcing the importance of standardizing processes, working harmouniously and understanding the power of a truly global business that acts as a single unit.

During these three days full of knowledge, fun and discovery, our guests from all corners of the world were able to exchange ideas with their peers, share best practices, learn about the latest updates of the business as well as the goals for 2014.

MEXICO CITY, Mexico. October 3, 2013. –Today, KidZania metropolises of Cuicuilco, Dubai, Monterrey and Santiago obtained the first IZO:K certifications from the Institute for Ztandards Observance (IZO). The IZO was created to establish methodologies to allow KidZania to accomplish a standardized culture, ensure proper maintenance of all facilities, improve visitor’s satisfaction and achieve the best perceived value from customers. To obtain an IZO:K certification a KidZania metropolis undergoes an assessment from the KidZania Central Government where good practices, areas of

goal in mind –recognizing the innovators, achievers and creativity that define tomorrow’s trends and successes. We’re very proud that KidZania Cuicuilco gets recognized for its innovation, which truly sets us apart from our competitors and marks a difference in the industry”.

KidZania Cuicuilco, Dubai, Monterrey and Santiago Get IZO:K Certificates

improvement, non-critical and critical findings are detected. Once the metropolis receives the assessment’s result, they must determine the root causes of critical and non-critical findings and establish corrective actions, upon validation from the Central Government. Once the facility resolves 100% of the critical findings and at least 50% of the

non-critical findings within the timeframe established by the Central Government, then the facility receives the IZO:K certification. The following chart shows the KidZania metropolises that underwent through an experience assessment during the 2012-2013 period:

KidZania Launches its First Merchandising e-catalog Hong Kong, November 1, 2013. –KidZania Sourcing LLC., KidZania’s subsidiary in charge of merchandising development and sourcing, released the first ever e-catalog chock-full of new items and categories as well as revived evergreen products. In all, the new catalog (which is available for download from the National Arkive), has over 800 items spanning role play, apparel, gifts, educational toys, puzzles, games, stationery, seasonal and home items. The catalog features Flash animation on many items so the product functions are easily

seen. The catalog's next update will be February 1st, 2014 and will include the summer season’s product range.

KidZania Sourcing LLC. also revealed the Top Selling Products, which are: 1. Deluxe Lanyard with Passport Pouch (GN280) 2. Collapsible Water Bottle Kids (HW400/406) 3. Passport Holder with Enamel Charm (GN100) 4. Travel Bottle with Lanyard (HW030) 5. Laser Cut PVC Keychains (GN280) 6. Fun Straws (HW503) 7. Bache Top Yard (HW043) 8. Firefighter Helmet (RP015) 9. Heartbreaker Pen (ST200) 10. Doctor's Stethoscope (RP004)

Section A-03

KidZania Launches its Firstever Mobile App MEXICO CITY, Mexico. April 11, 2013. –Let your imagination run wild and creativity take hold with the KidZania Photo Studio app. Made just for kids — so it’s safe and fun. Drag and drop stickers and frames to accessorize your pictures with wacky hair, hats, outfits and more. Create zany scenes with filters and backgrounds to make unique picture art.

KidZania is Named “Brand of Brands”

MEXICO CITY, Mexico. July 4, 2013. –Last night, during the 10th International Marketing AnáhuacAl Ries awards, KidZania was named Brand of Brands in the edutainment category. This award recognizes the most innovative marketing strategies that have managed to captivate the market, positioning and generating a bond between brands and the consumer. For the 10th edition of the awards, the jury was integrated by distinguished communication, advertising and public relations celebrities, scholars and professionals, whom evaluated the marketing strategies and recognized the best 16 brands in categories such as: restaurants, jewelry, fashion, gyms, labs, media, entertainment among others.

The "International Brand of Brands" award, which was the most important of the evening, was given to FC Barcelona, and was received by Javier Faus and Laurent Collete, executives of the famous Barça soccer club. KidZania shares the pride of being recognized as Brand of Brands, among other global and Mexican companies such as: Grupo Bimbo, Starbucks, El Cardenal, Tiffany & Co., Zara, Sport City, Bayer, Google, VISA, NFL, Mexican Red Cross, Fondo de Cultura Económica, Museo Nacional de Antropología, ARVM and Riviera Maya.

ICSC Next Generation members Visit KidZania Santiago

SANTIAGO, Chile. March 20, 2013. KidZania hosted over 75 members of ICSC Next Generation at an event in KidZania Santiago. The event was part of RECon Latin America, the most important real estate event in the region. ICSC Next Generation is designed to give new retail real estate professionals the chance for continued education and mentoring in a fun casual environment. After being welcomed by Aldo Martínez –Chair of Next Generation Latin America–, attendees heard presentations from Cammie Dunaway – Minister of Communications and Governor of

KidZania US– and Raúl Matte –Vice Governor of KidZania Chile. The attendees then toured the city and participated in hands-on activities such as assisting in a surgery and producing their own bottle of Coca-Cola. Most attendees were aware of KidZania but had never personally experienced the brand’s unique blend of education and entertainment. Everyone was impressed with the attention to quality in both the construction and in the activities. Cecile Roca, from ICSC, summed up attendees feelings when she said “Wow KidZania is amazing!”

KidZania is Selected Among CNNs “20 Best Franchises for Travelers” Features: • Free photo designer for kids: edit, accessorize and share KidZaniainspired photo art. • Customize your photos with more than 50 accessories, filters, backgrounds and frames. • Earth Day art pack: Use “Kids for a Greener World” stickers to decorate your photos with green theme, while making a digital pledge for a healthier planet! • Stay tuned for new (and free) seasonal packs with holiday stickers, frames and filters • Insert KidZania’s beloved RightZKeepers – Urbano, Beebop, Chika, Vita and Bache – into your photo fun. • Career Day art pack: Transform yourself into a pilot, chef, fireman and more. Who will you be today? Translated to Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Turkish, Arabic. Download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

MEXICO CITY, Mexico. September 26, 2013. –CNN's online Travel site asked its staff to create a list containing the "20 Best Franchises for Travelers" for on-the-road travelers based upon their recommendations and favorite chains, franchises, awesome familiar stops and other oases located in unfamiliar places around the globe. We are happy to announce that KidZania appeared on this list given its unique offering of education and entertainment for kids and their families and proving we are the ultimate must-go children destination in the world.

MEXICO CITY, Mexico. December 14, 2013. –The UniverZity of KidZania, the institution responsible of exchanging KidZania’s knowledge across the entire KidZania Nation, had one of its busiest years this 2013. According to Ms. Gabriela Palazuelos, Dean of the U for K, “this year’s results show the global impact of our prestigious university. During 2013 alone, over 107 students were enrolled and took training sessions in KidZania’s Central Government offices”. The U of K also prepared 27 certified professors through the “Train the Trainers” formation course, giving them the necessary tools to improve the development of their students during their training sessions.

Here’s the list: 1. 7-Eleven 2. Din Tai Fung 3. McDonald’s 4. Starbucks 5. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts 6. MOS Burger 7. Muji 8. KFC 9. Dunkin’ Donuts

10. KidZania

11. DFS Galleria 12. Hilton Hotel & Resorts 13. Subway 14. Tim Hortons 15. Wagamama 16. Marks & Spencer 17. Panda Express 18. Outback Steakhouse 19. Europcar 20. Cinnabon

The UniverZity of KidZania Consolidates as KidZania’s Premiere Source of Knowledge-sharing

t h e v o i c e o f o u r n at i o n

January 2014

Xavier López Ancona President

Esteban López Ancona Chancellor

Francisco Ares Valdez Chancellor

Miguel Ángel Luna Chancellor

Cammie Dunaway

Governor of KidZania USA Minister of Communications

Andrés Fabre

Minister of State

Andrew Darrow

Minister of Economy

Gilberto Guido

Minister of Culture

Sixto Uribe

Minister of Finance

Cove Overley

Minister of Commerce

Carlos Guerra

Minister of Labor

The faculty has also announced the redesign of the following courses:

KidZania Journal Editorial Staff

• Briefing and debriefing • Duty Manager • University of KidZania • Metropolitan Policies

Editor Enrique Mena The University also developed new courses:

• B•KidZanian

• K.I.T.E. (in-person)

• Market Research

• The Concept (online)

• Post-Opening Training

• KZ Kuality Zervice (online)

• Purchasing list & catalog

• B•KidZanian Strategic (online)

• SOPs & establishments binder

• National Arkive (online)

Ministry of Communications

Art Editor Miguel Vergara Ministry of Art

Graphic Design Gabriela Vega Ruben Ramirez Ministry of Art

Section A-04

KidZania Launches kidZOFT: the evolution of kidBOX

The chart below shows the software’s 8 modules and their main features:

By adopting the new kidZOFT all the KidZania States will have access to: • Making reservations by different visitor types • Online ticketing (plus counter ticketing) • Wide array of reports • POS capabilities, with individual identification • B•KidZanian

MEXICO CITY, Mexico. December 11, 2013. –Since opening the first KidZania metropolis back in 1999, KidZania has always relied on proprietary state-of-the-art technology and software. The first operational software used by KidZania back then, consisted only of a ticketing system. A few years later, KidZania launched kidADMIN,

with extra modules that allowed metropolis operations to manage establishments, attendance and group bookings. Further updates to the software were launched in 2006 with multilingual and touch screen interface. Back in 2009, kidADMIN was redesigned and rebranded as kidBOX, incorporating a web and client/ server architecture.

KidZania has always listened to the needs and requirements of the different States that comprise our Nation, so we have continued to update and improve our proprietary software capabilities. The 2010 update of the kidBOX included market research and on 2011 kidBOX 1.5 was released with B•KidZanian functionality.

2012 and 2013 involved lots of reengineering of the product, including a global architecture, online ticketing, POS and human resources management modules. This massive update derived in 8 different modules and has been rebranded as: kidZOFT.

• Customized programs for specific establishments • Market research • A standard interface to ERP systems

KidZania offers new content through its variable program MEXICO CITY, Mexico. December 28, 2013. –In an effort to keep KidZania’s content current and to offer visitors new experiences every time they visit any KidZania metropolis, the Ministry of Culture prepared eight different seasons for the 2013 Variable Program. Starting in February 2013, KidZania launched the “2013 New Beginnings” season at KidZania metropolises with Chinese heritage. Celebrating the Chinese Year of the Snake, each day in February featured a New Year’s celebration with a special countdown at the Central Plaza and a special KidZania Chinese Parade.

Also in February and all the way through March, the “KidZania SuperstarZ” talent show was featured in KidZania Dubai. The program allowed kids 0-16 to showcase their talents in different categories: vocals, instrumental, dance and theater. The program had over 2,000 auditions and over 80,000 visitors were able to see the participants. KidZania

Bache, in a game show set in the Central Plaza where they had fun and spent time with their friends, putting their dexterity skills to the ultimate test. September is always a special time for KidZania. In this month, KidZania commemorates kids gaining their independence from adults and creating a city of their very own. KidZania colors were around the city as part of the “KidZania’s World Fair”. This special program allowed visitors

SuperstarZ was received with great enthusiasm from parents, industry partners and the KidZania Dubai management team. March through June, KidZania turned green with the “2013 Kids for a Greener World” program. Kids around the world worked together and shared their ideas to improve the environment, as well as committing to bring those ideas to action. The cornerstone of the celebration was a global micro site where all participants could post their pictures and commitments. Summer was a blast with the “KidZania Camp”, a daytime

weeklong program where children learn new things and make new friends. For this year all workshops were focused on developing motor skills, team play and fun and were designed to maximize participation. July and August celebrated the season of Play with the launch of the “Dexterity Games”. Visitors to KidZania metropolises all around the world were able to play with Finally, November and December transformed KidZania into a sparkling night, letting visitors share a joyful and magical experience. This is an amazing time of the year for KidZania to reflect back on what has taken place during the past year and share hopes for the future. KidZania metropolises around the world became points of light that emanated good wishes for everyone, uniting all kids to share their dreams and desires. to know about other cultures, make handcrafts and have a photo opportunity. During October, KidZania transformed into a spooky colorful “Zombie Town” where visitors participated in thrilling and fun experiences. Together with our zombie RightZKeepers walking through the streets in the zombie parade, visitors had fun in the special parties with music and a costume contest.

Section A-05

New and Renovated Establishments

Take a look at the new establishments and activities that were launched or renovated in KidZania Metropolises during 2013.

Special Agent Training Center KidZania Santa Fe

Jelly Factory KidZania Santa Fe

Telephone & Internet Center KidZania Santa Fe

Eyewear Fashion Boutique KidZania Santa Fe

Optical Clinic KidZania Monterrey

Newspaper Edition KidZania Jakarta

Aviation Academy KidZania Jakarta

Wafer Factory KidZania Jakarta

Vault KidZania Jakarta

Pharmaceutical Lab KidZania Jakarta

Beauty Salon KidZania Koshien

Pharmacy KidZania Koshien

Boiler Shop KidZania Koshien

Ophtalmologist KidZania Koshien

Theatre KidZania Lisboa

Department Store KidZania Dubai

Water Research Center KidZania Dubai

Fashion Boutique KidZania Dubai

Tea Mixing Shop KidZania Seoul

Snacks Factory KidZania Seoul

Sleep Science Laboratory KidZania Seoul

Golf Training Center KidZania Seoul

Electric Company KidZania Seoul

Audio Studio KidZania Seoul

Jewelry Shop KidZania Seoul

Wood Workshop KidZania Seoul

Air Purifier Research and Development KidZania Seoul

Pharmaceutical Lab KidZania Kuala Lumpur

Theatre KidZania Kuala Lumpur

Acting Academy KidZania Kuala Lumpur

Health Center KidZania Kuala Lumpur

Tax Office KidZania Kuala Lumpur

Potato Chips Factory KidZania Cuicuilco

Recyclables Collection Center KidZania Cuicuilco

Plastic Waste Collection Center KidZania Cuicuilco

Peanut Butter Factory KidZania Cuicuilco

Pharmacy Lab KidZania Cuicuilco

Recycling Center KidZania Cuicuilco

Water Treatment Plant KidZania Santiago

Section A-06

KidZania’s Ministry of Culture launches special Multimedia and Animation Services MEXICO CITY, Mexico December 11, 2013. –With the vision of keeping our content current and in sync with the tech trends, the Ministry of Culture at the Central Government of KidZania has set up a series of design and production services for all the States of our Nation with a broad spectrum of choices. Our gifted animators bring content to life to create 2D and 3D animation and images on demand (TV postproduction, opening sequences or TV commercials, VFX

compositing, motion graphics), as well as efficient interactive multimedia for web, mobile and information booths. By hiring these services, all the KidZania States will get highly experienced animators, quality and fun content, fair costs and quicker response to requests and, most importantly, all the produced content will be aligned to KidZania’s essence and guidelines, eliminating approval processes. If you’re interested in learning more about these services, please contact your Counselor directly.

Founded KidZania Metropolises

Affiliation of KidZania States

SOURCE: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

SOURCE: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Tourists by Metropolis 2013 Estimated January of 2013 - December 2013



* *

SOURCE: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

(*) since foundation

Tourism by Age Group 2013

Tourism by Type of Visitors 2013

SOURCE: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

SOURCE: Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Section B-07

t h e v o i c e o f o u r n at i o n

January 2014

KidZania Welcomes New State Governors and City Mayors MEXICO CITY, Mexico, November 23, 2013. –KidZania States of Mexico, Portugal, United Arab Emirates and Indonesia experienced movements in some of its top government positions during this year. KidZania Portugal experienced a change with the designation of Pedro Fonseca –former Minister of Labor– as its new Governor. Earlier this year, KidZania UAE announced the arrival of François Pain as its new Governor.

Fernando Galindo

City Mayor for KidZania Cuicuilco

Pedro Fonseca

Governor, KidZania Portugal

KidZania Indonesia appointed Tourino Dilaga as its new Governor and designated Herry Poernomo as the City Mayor. Hernán Barbieri –Governor, KidZania Mexico– appointed Fernando Galindo –former City Mayor of KidZania Monterrey– as the new City Mayor for KidZania Cuicuilco. Guillermo Ortíz – former City Mayor of KidZania Cuicuilco– was reassigned as the new City Mayor of KidZania Santa Fe. Enrique Luna –former City

Enrique Luna

Ministry of Tourism

François Pain

Governor, KidZania UAE

Mayor of KidZania Santa Fe– was appointed as KidZania Mexico’s new Minister of Tourism. José Antonio Pérez –former Operations Manager at KidZania Santa Fe– was promoted and appointed as KidZania Monterrey’s new City Mayor. All of them have already taken their corresponding training sessions at the UniverZity of KidZania with honors. Please join us in welcoming them to their new endeavors!

Guillermo Ortíz

City Mayor for KidZania Santa Fe

Tourino Dilaga

Governor, KidZania Indonesia

KidZania Gears Up for U.S. Debut in 2015 CAMPBELL, California. May 29, 2013. –KidZania is growing exponentially abroad, with 12 existing locations and openings scheduled this year in Kuwait City, Mumbai and Cairo. The first U.S. location is expected to open in 2015 in a city to be determined very soon. Started in Mexico in 1999, KidZania exposes children to the working world and money management by letting them earn a virtual currency. Kids apply themselves in various career paths, all courtesy of industry partners. They can perform surgeries in a Johnson & Johnson hospital and work as production line engineers in a Coca-Cola bottling plant. Their earnings could go toward renting a car in an Avis rental office, or kids could do the prudent thing and deposit their hard-earned cash in a bank account to earn interest. KidZania accomplishes an unusual trifecta of appealing to children, their parents and global marketers who are already looking for ways to talk to the next generation of consumers. On an interview with AdAge earlier this month, KidZania U.S. Governor and Minister of Communications, Cammie Dunaway gave some insight into the strategy behind where to set up shop and how to promote such an unusual brand and concept. Ad Age: What criteria go into deciding on brand partners and locations?

Cammie Dunaway: We look for a high density of kids three to 14, so we look at areas that have 700,000 or more children within an hour to an hour and a half from the location. We look for weather conditions. We actually prefer being in locations that have extreme weather, because

We have now about 500 industry partners around the world – brands like American Airlines, Avis, Nestlé and Gillette. So once we have our location finalized, and we begin construction here in the U.S., we will definitely be doing outreach to brands. And usually I get at least a call or two every week

we’re an indoor location, so we like places that are really cold or really hot. We’ll definitely have a KidZania here in California at some point, but for the first locations, we’re looking at ones that have a little less desirable weather. And we’re typically located in very nice mall locations.

from various CMOs or partners who are working in KidZania in other parts of the world and are eager to be partnered with us in the U.S. as well. Ad Age: Are a lot of the kids coming in on school trips? Do you do much outreach to education organizations when you enter a new market?

Hernan Barbieri

Governor, KidZania Mexico

José Antonio Pérez

City Mayor for KidZania Monterrey

Herry Poernomo

City Mayor for KidZania Jakarta

Cammie Dunaway: About 30% of our attendance comes from school field trips, and we work very closely with ministers of education and local school districts to really map our content to their local curriculum needs. Schools find it’s a great supplement if they’re teaching civics, for example, to come to KidZania and have the kids participate in the court and then to learn about paying taxes and choosing between, ‘Do I want this to go to roads, or do I want it to go to parks?’ So it takes what happens in the classroom and makes it more fun and interesting and real. That’s very appealing to teachers and schools. Ad Age: How are you using data in your marketing? Cammie Dunaway: It’s a wonderful opportunity we have to connect an experience in our facility with a communication strategy and an extended relationship out of the facility. So our loyalty program is an important component of that. Parents will opt in to allow their children to participate, and the kids who are part of it earn stamps for the activity they do, they get a PaZZport, and as they hit certain levels of activity they begin to earn additional privileges. It also enables us to understand what the child’s interests are, so then we can communicate to the parents messages like, ‘We know that your child loves doing activities in the theater; we have a new play opening next week. Here is a coupon for you to be able to come back and have your child participate.’ I think it’s enabling us to use data in a way that’s very tangible and very valuable to our kids and our parents.

2013 Keynote highlights from KidZania’s President MEXICO CITY, Mexico. December 28, 2013. –This year was a busy one for Mr. Xavier López, president and founder of KidZania. Besides traveling around the world to witness the founding ceremonies of four new KidZania metropolises, he also participated in important conferences and events that happened during 2013,. On June 26-27, Mexico City was the venue for the “WOBI's World Marketing Forum Mexico City 2013”. Among the speaker line-up were Gabor George Burt, Andy Cohen, Jeffrey Thull, Joseph Jaffe, Andreas Weigend, Philip Kotler and Xavier López. In his keynote, Mr. López walked the audience over the KidZania concept, explaining in detail the difficulties he had to encounter as an entrepreneur to launch KidZania back in 1999, as well as the ways he and his team were able to sort them out. On November 8, 2013, Mr. López traveled to Tokyo to participate in a discussion panel at the “Japan-Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Business Forum”, together with personalities such as

Mirian Belchior –Minister of Planning, Brazil–, Germán Rojas –Minister of Finance, Paraguay–, Hideto Nakahara –Executive Vice President, Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan– and Akira Yamada –Director General, LAC Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan. The panel discussed about topics such as what should companies in the LAC region do to start business in Japan as well as the role of Mexico when considering the 2010's as the “Decade of LAC”. Twenty days later, during the “National Quality Awards” in Mexico City, Mr. López was the ceremony’s featured speaker. In his speech, Mr. López mentioned the importance of entrepreneurship and how it can help any country’s economy by way of creating new jobs and giving back to the community. He also used KidZania’s global expansion as a clear example of a great Mexican idea, designed, created and operated in Mexico and exported to the rest of the world. Mr. López finalized his participation by inviting all business leaders in Mexico to broaden their horizons and look beyond Mexico, Latin America and the United States, which are the natural expansion markets for Mexican corporations.

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KidZania Istanbul Ready to Open by Q1 2014 ISTANBUL, Turkey. November 2, 2013. –KidZania Istanbul is

t h e v o i c e o f o u r n at i o n

January 2014

KidZania São Paulo Readies for Opening in 2014

getting closer to its grand opening during the first quarter of 2014. At

the time of this edition, KidZania Istanbul had over 35 industry

partners, among Turkish Airlines (Airport), Migros (Convenience

Store and Supermarket), Istanbul

Yiyecek Grubi – TBA (Cafeteria), and Seiko (City Clock). With 56

collaborators already in the team, KidZania Istanbul will soon start

the fun task of recruiting the Zupervisors who will have the

huge responsibility of embracing the KidZania Spirit and working

hand-by-hand with kids to help them prepare for a better world.

KidZania Istanbul will be located at




complex, which comprises an

apartment tower, an impressive 26,000m2 park and a shopping center.

KidZania UK announces first location at Westfield London LONDON, United Kingdom. July 16, 2013. –KidZania is set to open its first location in the UK and Northern Europe at Westfield London. The opening is anticipated for late 2014, when KidZania London will join more than fifteen metropolises that have served more than 31 million children worldwide. Longshot Kids will develop and operate the facilities in an exclusive license agreement with KidZania, which covers Great Britain. It is anticipated that KidZania London will attract up to 700,000 visitors a year. KidZania will be located at Westfield London above the existing Marks & Spencer. Westfield secured planning approval to create an additional floor above Marks & Spencer, with approximately 80,000 sq ft of floor space for KidZania.

SÃO PAULO, Brazil. December 5, 2103. –KidZania São Paulo, the first KidZania metropolis to open in the South American country of Brazil, is working hard to start receiving tourists next year. KidZania São Paulo has confirmed the participation of renowned international and local brands such as Nugget (Shoeshine), Folha de São Paulo

leading regional financial services provider, Maybank; the regional arm of the world's #1 nonfiction media company, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific; pro biotic dairy product maker, Yakult; Japanese imaging and optical products manufacturer, Canon; and wholesome food and beverage outlet, The Soup Spoon. In addition, one of Singapore’s most traditional coffee shops, Killiney ‘Kopitiam’ has also been confirmed as a F&B

retailer at KidZania Singapore. “KidZania works closely with private businesses and governments to fulfill its mission of providing

KidZania Manila launching event

MANILA, Philippines. August 19, 2013. –Some of the biggest names in Philippine business were among the first to experience KidZania during KidZania Manila’s trade launch held at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City. The executives behind the Philippines’ first-ever family edutainment center dressed in their dream jobs at the trade launch. KidZania Manila is a P1-billion project of ABSCBN Corp. and Singaporebased Kidz Edutainment. The shopping center where the Philippines’ first-ever KidZania will be located is being developed by the Fort Bonifacio Development Corp. (FBDC) at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Construction of KidZania Manila has begun and is set to open between Q4 2014 and Q1 2015. ABS-CBN subsidiary and franchise owner Play Innovations Inc. will operate

the kid-sized city. KidZania Philippines Governor, Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas, said activities at KidZania Manila will be designed to complement classroom learning and will be designed specifically for Filipino children, highlighting the country’s agricultural and fisheries sectors, as well as role-playing jobs focused on disaster preparedness.

Through KidZania’s ultrarealistic role-play, kids aged 3 to 14 can learn about different careers. Each experience is designed to empower kids, giving them the confidence to be their best selves, and inspiration to be great global citizens.

the highest quality of realism roleplaying experiences for children around the world. A key component of the KidZania experience is

the integration of real-world in a variety of role-playing activities exposing children to equal parts of entertainment and education. These partnerships will enrich each activity by creating a more authentic immersive experience for children,” said Tunku Dato’ Ahmad Burhanuddin, Governor of KidZania Singapore. KidZania offers industry partners the opportunity to give children interactive learning experiences by sharing their expertise in their respective fields. By adding to the realism of the experience, KidZania’s partners also benefit from a revolutionary brand experience and gain unparalleled exposure.

KidZania Singapore will span 7,600m2 square meters and be part of the new Family Entertainment Center development at Palawan Beach, Sentosa Island. It will complement the vision of Palawan Beach as a destination for the whole family. Its cityscape will be Singaporean in flavor and offer children a roleplay experience that is uniquely tailored to Singapore. KidZania Singapore will be designed to appeal to both the domestic Singaporean market as well as international tourists and expects to attract around half a million visitors annually when it opens.

KidZania Singapore Announces First Six Industry Partners SINGAPORE, Singapore. September 5, 2013. –KidZania Singapore announced today the first six of 30 plus industry partners to be part of its industry mix when it opens on Sentosa Island in early 2015. The new partnerships from leading international brands will see the setup of five establishments to help children understand the challenges and rewards of different professions and activities. The partners are

(Newspaper Edition), UNICEF (UNICEF Experience) and Yakult (Science Lab). At the time of this edition, the State Government of KidZania Brazil reported there were 17 members in the team, whom witnessed the arrival of the airplane fuselage in the early days of November. KidZania São Paulo will be located in the Shopping Eldorado, the third shopping mall in São Paulo, which opened to the public back in September, 1981. Strategically positioned in the upscale West Region of the city, Shopping Eldorado has easy access by large avenues (Rebouças, Eusébio Matoso, Brigadeiro Faria Lima, Marginal Pinheiros), making it very convenient for the 165,000 people that reside within a 3km radius.

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Shinsegae Centum City will be the home of KidZania Busan BUSAN, South Korea. August, 30, 2013. –KidZania has announced the location of its second South Korean metropolis in the port city of Busan, the world’s fifth busiest seaport. Busan is South Korea’s second largest city after Seoul, with a total metropolitan area population of over 4.5 million. Busan is

home to Korea’s largest beach and longest river, and to the world’s largest department store: the Shinsegae Centum City. It will be precisely in this super large-scale shopping space where KidZania Busan will be developed by MBC PlayBe, KidZania’s exclusive licensee for South Korea.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia focusing on retail and real estate business sectors. The Group started in 1989 as a partnership between three brothers, Dr. Fawaz Abdulaziz Alhokair, Eng. Salman Abdulaziz Alhokair and Dr. Abdul Majeed Abdulaziz Alhokair as a retail apparel store operator with two menswear stores. Today, the Group has diversified from fashion retail business into other sectors. The diversification has further extended to cover nonretail business sectors such

as real-estate, construction, financial services, health care and hospitality. KidZania Jeddah is planned to open during Q4 2014 and attract over 500,000 visitors per year. It will be located at the 261,000 m2 Mall of Arabia, Jeddah’s premiere shopping destination, in the eastern side of the Medina Road and south of Makkah Road, just a few minutes from the King Abdulaziz International Airport.

KidZania Jeddah Construction Update JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia. November 28, 2013. –One year before starting to receive tourists, KidZania Jeddah –the first KidZania metropolis in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia– is going at an incredible pace, with over 20 team members and having secured more than

30 industry partners, such as Al Jazeera (Bus Station), Clear (Stadium) and Sfecco (Fire Truck) among other important brands in the region. KidZania Jeddah will be operated by Fawaz Alhokair Group, one of the leading groups of companies in the

KidZania Jakarta Makes the "Top 25 Amusement Parks in Asia" JAKARTA, Indonesia. July 5, 2013. –TripAdvisor, one of the world’s most important travel sites, announced the winners of its 2013 "Travellers’ Choice Attractions Awards" based on millions of valuable reviews and opinions from TripAdvisor travelers. In its inaugural year, the awards honor hundreds of Asia’s top landmarks, parks, museums and amusement & water parks.

The "Travellers’ Choice Attractions Awards" were determined based on the quality and quantity of traveller reviews of attractions, featured on TripAdvisor, in each of the categories. KidZania Jakarta, appears as #13 in the "Top 25 Amusement Parks in Asia" list, over other amusement parks such as South Korea's Everland or Bangkok's Safari World; and also ranking #1 of 53 attractions in Jakarta.

KidZania Santiago gets record-breaking party sales! SANTIAGO, Chile. October 19, 2013. –During 2013, KidZania Santiago increased its party sales to up to 10% of its total sales by offering visitors unforgettable parties for kids. Some of the things they put into place to accomplish it were creating a party booking form, in which each particular party group is identified with a color, specifying the establishment and time for the party, as well as hired F&B package and add-ons. By entering this information into the kidPORT module of the kidBOX 1.5, party coordinators can then send a message to each kid in the group 20 minutes before the celebration starts. This way, everyone arrives on time to the establishment where the party will take place. After booking a party, the host gets an envelope that includes a form indicating the establishment that was hired, the time of the celebration, the meeting place (which is always in front of the specific establishment) and the meeting time alert (which is then sent through kidPORT to all the linked bracelets within the group). The envelope also includes s few authorization passes, so that guests can leave the facility with the authorization of the host. By doing this, KidZania Santiago makes sure that every adult who picks up a kid that attended the party is known by the host. Every guest kid must show an authorization pass to be allowed to exit the facility.

The day of the celebration, party staff place special identification boards at the airport counters, making it easier for guests to identify their event. When the hosts arrive, party coordinators meet and greet them, making sure to explain the entry and exit procedures for all guests. They then identify the birthday boy/girl with a special party badge, allowing the kid to get to the front of establishments’queues once inside KidZania. The rest of the child guests get a colored badge, with the same color identification as in the reservation form. When an adult drops a guest kid, party staff registers their personal information and confirms that only that adult will be able to pick up the kid later on. When the party is over and parents return to KidZania to pick up their kids, each one is identified at the ticket counters, and gets a colored badge that matches the party identification color. Because the kidPORT already has the location where the party is being held, parents are shown their way to the establishment, making them easier to find their kids.

KidZania Kuala Lumpur Named Best Online Driver and Best Experience for Kids! KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia. October 31, 2013. –On October 17, 2013 at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, KidZania Kuala Lumpur obtained the "Best Online Driver" award for its ‘Kids for a Greener World 2013’ campaign. The award category forms part of The Marketing Events Awards, which recognize and honor the very best of Asia’s event marketing, management and planning industry. It is the

event for event marketers and planners –giving praise to creative excellence, strategic marketing, and operational precision. Eligible work must have been carried out in Asia for the Asian market. Winners of the "Marketing Events Awards" represent the best in the business, and will be featured in Marketing Events, Asia’s only business marketing magazine focused 100% on event marketing. The finalists and winners are decided by a distinguished panel of judges comprising of senior marketing event gurus. The judges looked for the following key criteria when assessing the entries: key challenge, strategy, activation and results.

A few days later, on October 29, the results of the "Best of Malaysia Awards" were announced at the Rootz Club KL. With over 17,000 votes lodged, this year's "Best of Malaysia Awards" were the biggest ever. Launched seven years ago, the Awards set out to acknowledge

the incredibly high standards of the Malaysian travel industry, and they have grown year on year. During the gala, KidZania Kuala Lumpur was recognized as the "Best Experience for Kids 2013".

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t h e v o i c e o f o u r n at i o n

January 2014

KidZania Jakarta - Showing Kids a Way Forward JAKARTA, Indonesia. October 10, 2013. – With the goal of encouraging children with cancer to chase their dreams, Count Me In along with 10 enthusiastic volunteers, recently teamed up with Blue Bird and KidZania Jakarta to introduce the kids to a morning of education and entertainment. KidZania Jakarta opened its doors to the 55 intrepid learners, giving them the chance to have a real profession for a day. The children enthusiastically got a taste of the adult world as they were invited to fly a plane, simulate an arrest and stage fashion shows. “Since I was little my dream has always been to become a fire

fighter,” said Fadhlan Agung Abdillah, who participates in the English lessons provided to him and other underprivileged kids in the area of Benhil from Rumah Baca Fwe. “Never in my life had I imagined to get the opportunity to personally experience my dream job. Today at KidZania Jakarta I was wearing firefighter clothes and I stopped a fire.” Count Me In volunteer Nicola Menda described her time spent with the kids as something more precious than simply donating money to charity. “If we spend time with the kids we realize how much they appreciate it, because they can personally see us,” Nicola

explained. “We can personally interact with them and encourage them in getting what they want in their life. They really need people around them that care about them.” Muhamad Yusuf –KidZania Jakarta Key Account Executive– said KidZania felt good about providing a space for the program. “We are happy to give to those children the chance to come to KidZania Jakarta,” Yusuf said. “Our hope is that children walk away with a more concrete feel of the job that before they could only imagine about. This can be the anticipation to their future careers.”

KidZania Santiago and Chile’s SERNAM Launch “Dreaming Has No Gender” Program SANTIAGO, Chile. June 20, 2013. –The Minister of Chile’s National Women’s Service (SERNAM) Loreto Seguel King, along with Pedro Tagle –Governor, KidZania Chile– and Raúl Matte –Mayor, KidZania Santiago– signed today a collaboration agreement called “Dreaming Has No Gender” to let chilren enrolled in SERNAM’s 4-7 program learn different trades and professions eliminating gender and cultural barriers that are associated with each of them. In view of this scenario a publicprivate partnership has been

created with KidZania Santiago to encourage the 9,250 participants of the program to experience the professions that are generally linked to men and change that perspective, emphasizing that both boys and girls can perform the same functions, roles and tasks. Minister Seguel, said that “this collaboration agreement allows us to create the necessary conditions to promote a cultural transformation, delivering value from knowledge and role-play, letting boys and girls learn firsthand what each job is about. “ “We believe it is very important to

consecutive year that KidZania Kuala Lumpur hosted a treeplanting exercise. The GPS-linked trees will be captured by high-quality photographs which will then link them directly to Google Earth. The system will also capture information like the species of the tree and its height when planted. All these details will also be accessible via Google Earth. The trees that are being planted belong to a rare species and this system allows for its growth to be

LISBOA, Portugal. September 30, 2013. –On September 21, 22, 28 and 29, KidZania Lisboa and GALP Energia performed –for the fourth consecutive year– a series of actions entirely dedicated to sustainable urban transportation during the “Mobility Days”. Children were encouraged to share their car with friends and parents, with the objective of driving sustainable and environmentally friendly actions among children, instilling behaviors such as car sharing and the need of reducing energy consumption.

KidZania Tokyo collects 30,000 Saplings to be Planted in Kenya

help remove the various cultural barriers where girls think that they can’t perform and outstand in jobs traditionally done by men, as well as spaces traditionally viewed as feminine but where men can also perform well”, added the Minister. Raúl Matte –Vice Governor, KidZania Santiago– commented that “it is extremely important for us to sign this agreement because it is totally consistent with what KidZania wants. It is a great opportunity to be part of this agreement as it reflects our commitment to inclusion and social responsibility”.

TOKYO, Japan. April 24, 2013. –KidZania Tokyo’s ECO Shop establishment celebrated its 1st anniversary with an impressive environmental feat by collecting 30,000 saplings that will be planted in Kenya. Together with ITOCHU Corp., the industry partner that supports the establishment, KidZania Tokyo created a way to let children participate in unique activities as well as linking activities inside KidZania with a real environmental movement that impacts the world. Benefits of these actions will be long-lasting as children will look at global environmental issues both as being close to their daily lives and globally. This will allow kids of today to consider being involved in society and taking initiatives to solving problems.

KidZania Kuala Lumpur Plants GPS-linked Trees KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia. June 21, 2013. –KidZania Kuala Lumpur planted the first 100 GPSlinked trees in Malaysia in a continued effort towards sustaining the environment. The GPS-linked tree saplings were planted in Taman Rimba Kiara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Last year, KidZania Kuala Lumpur planted 100 tree saplings in a community park in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, and this year’s marked the second

Galp Energia Workshops Return to KidZania Lisboa

monitored and tracked. Updated photographs showing the tree growing at different times (as in five years or 20 years after being planted) will be uploaded onto Google Earth. The 100 trees being planted by KidZania Kuala Lumpur today are the first such trees to utilize this technology in Malaysia. The guest of honor, KL City Hall director-general Datuk Salleh Yusup, launched the tree-planting exercise by planting the first sapling.

Also present was Tunku Datuk Ahmad Burhanuddin, governor of KidZania Malaysia. The 99 other saplings, which comprised Shorea sumatrana, Pteleocarpa lampoya, Shorea roxburghii, Garcinia hombroniana, Garcinia cowa and Flacourtia inermis were later planted by staff from Themed Attractions and Resorts as well as staff and industry partners of KidZania Kuala Lumpur.

KidZania Tokyo was honored to receive H.E. Benson H. O. Ogotu, Ambassador of Kenya to Japan. During his speech, Ambassador Ogotu said: “Through the unique ECO Shop establishment in KidZania Tokyo we are able to nurture the values of humanity, environmental awareness, good governance and global citizenship in out dear children.” He added: “My message today to all children is that clean environment is our responsibility. When we save our environment, we save our own lives and the entire planet. We therefore need to appreciate and respect our natural surroundings. Each living being has a purpose and each bug has a job. Each dried leaf will eventually degrade into nutrientrich soil to feed the tree from which it fell. Nature wastes nothing.”

Visitors to KidZania Lisboa’s Stadium were able to play the fun “We All Fit” game. This initiative was part of the educational component of KidZania, encouraging a lifestyle based on the concept of sustainable development, where Urbano was the host.

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t h e v o i c e o f o u r n at i o n

January 2014

Steve Mariotti Visits KidZania Cuicuilco

MEXICO CITY, Mexico. January 3, 2013. –KidZania Cuicuilco was happy to receive Steve Mariotti, considered one of today’s leading experts in education for at-risk youth. Mr. Mariotti was so impressed by the execution and scope of KidZania Cuicuilco that he said: “I’ve seen a lot of education programs in my 32-year career as an educator. I thought I had seen it all –that is until I visited KidZania Cuicuilco.” First introduced by Maria Pinelly and Amy Rosen through the Ernst & Young Strategic Growth Forum in Palm Springs and by Guadalupe Castañeda later on, Steve Mariotti was able to visit KidZania Cuicuilco and had a full guided tour with Xavier López, president and founder of KidZania. The minute Steve was handed a KidZania Cuicuilco map and stepped in, his expectations of what is possible in education skyrocketed. He was amazed by the “unrivaled example of an experiential program in the field of work, job training and financial literacy –that has taken education to a higher level by making it immersive and fun. Steve’s first stop was at Manpower’s Employment Office. After taking a test to see what he liked to do and filling in his résumé, he was encouraged to go to the global education center, proving he made the right decision being an educator! Steve was most excited by discovering how kids learn entrepreneurship and ownership, the specialty of The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), the organization he founded in 1987. The NFTE inspires young people from low-income communities to find their paths to success. They work closely with educators in high-need schools to re-engage students in learning, introduce them to business concepts, and open up their possibilities for the future. After his visit to KidZania Cuicuilco, Steve’s mind was flooded with ideas for how to connect the craft of entrepreneurship to this effort and NFTE plans on helping KidZania think through those issues.

NEW YORK CITY, New York. November 5, 2013. –Embedded in KidZania’s mission is to promote the most recreational and supportive development environment for its team members. In this view, the Central Government of

Philip Kotler Visits KidZania Cuicuilco! MEXICO CITY, Mexico. June 28, 2013. Marketing guru Prof. Philip Kotler and Dr. Fahim R. Kibria visited KidZania Cuicuilco for the first time. Our distinguished visitors walked across KidZania Cuicuilco’s streets and plazas, experiencing and discovering first-hand the exclusive interaction created in the sponsored establishments, where kids play with brands, products and services while learning the relevance of work and money.

KidZania Cuicuilco is KidZania’s most inventive and engaging theme park yet where we’ve introduced 21st century career choices, elevated awareness around global issues like the environment, and made certain that every child, no matter their level of ability, can participate. We’ve brought the most authentic and fun reallife experiences to life to help children understand and manage their ever-changing world. KidZania Cuicuilco is equal parts entertainment and education. Young visitors enter through the park’s mock airport into the sprawling 150,000 square foot kid-sized city complete with 91 establishments. Once in the city, kids choose from among 160 different trades and professions that it takes to run a city.

Prof. Kotler came to KidZania Cuicuilco to discover more about a concept that he already finds fascinating. Xavier López –President of KidZania–, and Hernán Barbieri –Governor of KidZania Mexico–, greeted our guests and showed them the city, which is equal parts education and fun. During his visit, Prof. Kotler was able to obtain his driving license, drive one of KidZania Cuicuilco’s electric cars and apply for his B•KidZanian passport. Prof. Kotler was surprised when a young reporter from Excelsior’s Newpaper Edition showed him that he had made the front page of today’s paper.

University and in behavioral science at the University of Chicago. Philip Kotler is widely acknowledged as the father of modern marketing and the world’s foremost expert on strategic marketing. He was voted the first Leader in Marketing Thought by the American Marketing Association and named The Founder of Modern Marketing Management in the Handbook of Management Thinking. Professor Kotler holds major awards including the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Distinguished Marketing Educator Award and Distinguished Educator Award from The Academy of Marketing Science. The Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI) named him Marketer of the Year and the American Marketing Association described him as “the most influential marketer of all time.” (Extracted from 2008 Leaders in London Conference brochure). Professor Kotler has authored over 50 books on all aspects of marketing, including the

About Prof. Philip Kotler Philip Kotler (born May 27, 1931 in Chicago) is the S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He received his Masters degree at the University of Chicago and his Ph.D. at MIT, both in economics. He did postdoctoral work in mathematics at Harvard

most widely used marketing textbook in graduate business schools worldwide, Marketing Management, now in its 14th edition. He has published more than 150 articles in leading journals, including the Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Journal of Marketing, Management Science and the Journal of Business Strategy. He has consulted for IBM, General Electric, AT&T, Honeywell, Bank of America, Merck and others in the areas of marketing strategy and planning, marketing organization and international marketing. He has also advised governments on how to develop and position the skills and resources of their companies for global competition. Professor Kotler was ranked the fourth most Influential Business Writers/Management Gurus, following Peter Drucker, Bill Gates, and Jack Welch, in a survey of 1,000 executives from 25 countries (Financial Times November 18, 2005). He was ranked the sixth most influential business thinker following Gary Hamel, Thomas L. Friedman, Bill Gates, Malcolm Gladwell, and Howard Gardner by the Wall Street Journal (May 5, 2008).

KidZania Launches KZ RUN program and takes collaborators to the 2013 NYC Marathon

KidZania created the KZ RUN program, inviting collaborators from the Central Government and KidZania Mexico to exercise and participate in important 5K and 10K running races in Mexico with the ultimate goal of running the 2013 NYC Marathon.

A total of 105 collaborators from the Central Government, KidZania Santa Fe and KidZania Cuicuilco registered in the program which was launched on October 17, 2012. To achieve the breathtaking goal

of running a marathon, KidZania appointed Meta Sports and the renowned coach Enrique Aquino, a former high-performance athlete that represented Mexico in the Moscow 1980 Olympics, College

World Games and Pan American Games as the official trainer. Participants in this program joined running training sessions every week from November 2012 until June 2013, and had a personalized

training plan. The training sessions took place at some of the most important parks in Mexico City. During the 8 month preparation period, the 105 athletes ran over a dozen 5K and 10K races. With lots of efforts and surviving minor injuries, 26 of them ultimately made it to the 2013 NYC Marathon that took place on November 3, 2013, including Ms. Jean HyunSook, Governor of KidZania South Korea. For all participants, running the marathon proved to be a reminder that "Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it."

KidZania Journal 2013  

KidZania Journal Yearbook - 2013