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Exemplary. Outstanding. Courageous. Are you a Superkid?

Exemplary. Outstanding. Are you a Superkid?

As a sign of their dedication to this project, the students even gave up their evenings, weekends and free time to rehearse. So through the tutors’ dedication and the drama team’s determination, they gained immense confidence in their English-speaking skills and subsequently became less shy. “The students also learned to be disciplined during practices, to work together harmoniously and through it all, they became more confident and outspoken,” added Mdm. Kor. “They have also gained an interest in reading English storybooks. Their enthusiasm soon rubbed off on their schoolmates who, subsequently, are also now speaking more English in school.

The DiGi Fu-Yoh! RAP (Read.Action.Play) 2008 competition saw 75 schools from four regions participating – an encouraging improvement from its humble beginnings two years ago where only 12 schools participated.

and Kwan Jia Ni. For their play, the team roped in the help of their headmaster, Mr Lim Geok Eong, who acted as the producer. Along with the assistance of their Drama Coach, Mr. Jason Ong Han Yee, Head of English Panel, Mdm Kor Hooi Yen and other tutors, they were able to get the right guidance and advice needed.

One measure of their success can be seen in this year’s winner - the team of SJK (C) Kwang Hwa, Butterworth who won with their play based on the folk-tale “The Waters of Olive Lake.” Curious as to how students from a Chinese school managed the great achievement of winning an English-based contest? Then read on and find out!

Actually, it was Mr. Lim and Mdm. Kor who grabbed the opportunity to take part in the competition as a way of exposing students to drama while creating an interest in the English language at their school. Using the Chinese folk-tale “The Waters of Olive Lake” helped as well, as the students were able to relate to it more easily. The drama team then started rehearsing and throwing ideas around for their stage play and Mdm. Kor helped to write the script.

DiGi RAP is a community development programme with a goal to develop the love for reading and for English among children, and to encourage more children to speak English. So as DiGi’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme for kids, it has done tremendously well. So, who were the people behind the winning entry for DiGi’s contest? While many played a part in its success, the core drama team of SJK (C) Kwang Hwa were made up of Lim Yi Fei, Lim Zhu Hen, Lee Phei Wen, Lim Khai Kim, Tan Xue Heng, Yoon Yit Sam, Ng Xian Zhu, Teh Jhia Jiat, Cheah Kai Jian, Lee Shone Kin, Lim Kai Jie

This took about a week, with the students injecting humour and some funny acts into the script as they went along. “We had a group of really talented students,” commented Mdm. Kor, “so acting was not a problem. However, the toughest challenge for the students was speaking English fluently. Most seldom speak English at home, let alone in school, so they got very tongue tied in the beginning of rehearsal. This (in general) is a major problem in Chinese schools, as most students prefer to speak in Mandarin.” As a solution, the tutors went through the script with each student word by word and then slowly taught them to sound more natural.

The hard work that everyone put in paid off and the school was crowned the DiGi Prepaid Fu-Yoh! R.A.P. 2008 winner. “All in all, we thank DiGi Prepaid Fu-Yoh! R.A.P. for their wonderful programme. We had an experience of a lifetime, beginning from the audition, regional workshop and regional finals all the way to the grand finals! We had the opportunity to create history for all Chinese schools and to prove that nothing is impossible! As an advice to other youngsters who are interested in acting or performing - Go for it! Overcome your fears; work hard and with great persistence you, too, could succeed.” So there you have it; no special formula or magic potion to SJK (C) Kwang Hwa’s success. All you need is sheer determination, hard work and teamwork. Superkidz congratulates the entire drama team of SJK (C) Kwang Hwa for trying something new and emerging as the winners in the end. Job well done, you are all superkids!

SK Seksyen 20 walked away with the second prize at the DiGi Prepaid Fu-Yoh! Read.Action.Play 2008 Grand Finals

SK Convent 1 Bukit bagged the third place at the DiGi Prepaid Fu-Yoh! Read.Action.Play 2008 Grand Finals

2008 R.A.P. Champions S.J.K (C) Kwang Hwa, Butterworth 14




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