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Ryan Khoo

-Sept 28“You will always be our little angel, Carrie! Happy birthday, from Papa & Mummy”

-Sept 29“Your story makes us laugh, your kindness touches our hearts, you are our star!”

Fhang Ying Ying

Patrick Tan Haw Siong

-Sept 16“May you have a wonderful life full of joy, love and lots of smiles! Happy Birthday!”

-Sept 1“BoyBoy, Many Happy Returns of the Day! Love you Always from everyone at home”

Sanghkarii Kalaithason -Sept 22-

Joshua Yong Jie Kit

brother Hemmandt Kalaithason -Sept 28-

-Sept 22“Happy 7th Birthday to our cheeky little fella ! God Bless you heaps. Love always from Mummy, Dada & Caleb ko-koh”

“Happy Birthday to my Princess & Prince. Best wishes and we love you guys. From Mum & Dad”

SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER Birthday Boys & Girls

Wa l l . E

S p e c i a l

S c r e e n i n g

Also recently, our Superkidz Club members got to enjoy the rib-tickling love story between two robots – one, an abandoned planet-cleaning, solar-powered machine and the other, an extra-terrestrial, laser gun-toting robot. The exclusive treat to our community of parents and kids told of how robots can teach humans how to be human again. Our visibly entertained audiences broke out in sporadic laughter amidst scenes from this animation from Academy Award® - winning writer-director, Andrew Stanton who had previously been involved in movies such as Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, and Ratatouille. Wall.E was Superkidz Club’s third exclusive screening for its members following Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix and Ratatouille last year. Keep tuned in for the next one Superkidz! 36





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Imagine your children’s delight and squeals of joy when they discover their photographs published in SUPERKIDZ magazine on their birthdays! There are a maximum of 15 slots of Birthday Wishes available for the months of November and December, so start sending in those photos. Deadline: 10th October 2008 • Send photograph along with a message from you (not more than 15 words), and kindly include these details• Your child’s: ·Name ·Gender ·Date of birth (DD/MM/YY) ·School • Parent’s: ·Name ·Address ·Contact No. (Home & Mobile) ·Email address SEPT-OCT 2008


SUPERKIDZ magazine - SepOct2008 issue  

bi-monthly magazine for children, parents & families

SUPERKIDZ magazine - SepOct2008 issue  

bi-monthly magazine for children, parents & families