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For fans of Barbie™, enjoy a sneak peek at the new movie Barbie™ & The Diamond Castle!

We begin far away, in a land of music and magic. There is a charming picture perfect cottage in the woods that is home to two best friends, Liana and Alexa. They share anything and everything, especially their love for singing. One day, they found two unusual heart-shaped stones. Feeling lucky, they wished on the stones… “Best friends today, tomorrow and always!” Unseen by the girls, the two Guardian Stones glimmer magically when the girls utter their pledge of friendship.

One day, deep in the forest, the girls give their lunch to an old woman. The old woman thanks them by giving the girls a tarnished hand mirror. Liana and Alexa clean the mirror and sing while they work. Suddenly, a third voice adds harmony to the song, coming from the mirror! There they see a beautiful young girl smiling back at them from within the mirror. She is mysterious and shy, then she tells them her name is Melody and teaches them a song. Melody reveals that she is an apprentice muse and the only one who has the key to the hidden Diamond Castle!

Melody explains to Liana and Alexa how there were once three muses who resided in the Diamond Castle, the home of all music. One of the muses, Lydia, decided she should be the only muse! Dori and Phaedra, the two good muses, used their musical instruments to hide the Diamond Castle from Lydia and gave the key to Melody. Angered, Lydia used her dark music’s evil power to turn Dori and Phaedra into stones! Melody hid in the old woman’s mirror with the key but did not know how to get back out. Now Lydia and her winged serpent, Slyder are searching for the muse apprentice in order to find the Diamond Castle.

Liana and Alexa agree to help Melody and go in search of the hidden Diamond Castle. The three friends begin their journey by heading west to the Valley of the Flowers where Liana and Alexa find two adorable puppies! Liana befriends the cuddly Cocker Spaniel and names her Sparkles! Alexa names the Westie puppy Lily.



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Slyder and Lydia find the fellowship of friends. Lydia uses her sinister flute to put Liana and Alexa in a trance but the Guardian Stones around the girls’ necks are protecting them. For the first time, Lydia’s spell doesn’t work and everyone escapes! After that, many things happened along the way, and Liana and Alexa are separated from the others. They stop to rest at an enchanted manor. Alexa wants to stay forever but Liana wants to complete their journey, so they have their first huge fight. Liana leaves with the muse in the mirror. Alexa throws her necklace down to the floor and without her Guardian Stone, she is captured by Lydia.

Liana returns in time to break the evil enchantment on Alexa. Lydia then begins to use her dark music against the two girls who join in song with Melody. Their Guardian Stones glow magically. Lydia’s evil spell is no match for the power of friendship. She and Slyder are defeated! Music swells as the Diamond Castle rises from the ground. The key was the song of friendship.

The muses are no longer stone and they return to the Diamond Castle on magnificent winged horses. Melody is rewarded with a golden flute and is now a true muse. She will join Dori and Phaedra in the Diamond Castle. In gratitude, the muses crown Liana and Alexa as Princesses of Music. Their gowns magically transform into gem-encrusted gowns. Their Guardian Stones become pink and violet jewels, the even the puppies become sparkly!

Then the three muses present Liana and Alexa with fantastical diamond carriages pulled by glittering horses to return them to their magically restored cottage in the woods. And they remain best friends always!



SUPERKIDZ magazine - SepOct2008 issue  
SUPERKIDZ magazine - SepOct2008 issue  

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