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LORNA WHISTON ARTWORK - Special Contribution Learning English does not have to be boring. In fact at the Lorna Whiston Study Centre, it’s actually fun! The centre is well-known for providing top-notch language programmes for kids aged one to 16 years old. Recently, they had a ‘Send Me A Postcard’ competition for their students to see who can come up with the best drawing of their holidays, along with the most unique postcard stories.

Search Game Are you good at spotting things? Well, let's see if you can find all the hidden words in this puzzle! Search for the words listed below, and circle each word. Remember, the direction of the words can be left, right, up, down or even diagonal.

So here are the First Prize winners’ entries, along with a few other interesting entries. Want to read about their holidays? Look out for the next issue of Superkidz magazine, where their postcard stories will be published!


Kam Jia Ling


Joshua Lim


Anis Adina

Jiah Mae

Chia Chee Yinn

Claire Tan Yi Zhi

Ng Tze Donn

Simone Lem


SEPT - OCT 2008

Ima Safia

pollution forest ocean whale water animal

recycle plastic earth planet flower energy

sun carbon rainbow automobile




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