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Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Square paper napkins of assorted colours Chenille stems (also known as tinsel stems or pipe cleaners)

Scissors Pencil

Article and pictures: Courtesy of Christina Hong, working mum of Daythan and Dayna

We are showcasing art creations from Superkidz Club members! In the May-June issue, we printed animal sketches by Superkidz Artwork Contributor, Diviyah A/P Suresh Kumar. We then asked members to colour in the cute chicken and adorable sea creatures. Here are some of the artistic works sent in. So to all other members, if you’d like us to showcase your beautiful colourings or drawings, don’t wait any longer! Send in your artwork soon and you may just see it here next time!

Let’s start making pretty flowers!

Step 1

Step 2

Twist one end of a chenille stem around the pencil several times. This will becomethe stigma (middle part) of the flower.

Step 3

Fold paper napkins in half, then another half and flatten them, so that you get a small triangular shape.

Step 4

Cut the folded paper napkins into a semi circle (as shown in the picture).

Wong Yuan Yu

Step 5 Open up the paper napkins, and you will get round paper napkins. Cut as many as you want to create the petals.

Edric Tan C h

en Ping

Cut a small hole in the centre of the circle (petals), and then insert the chenille stem through it.

Jovita Ann e

Once completed, if you want to create the ‘soft’ look, slightly crease or scrunch the paper napkins (petals) and reopen them. Now you can make as many as you like and create a bouquet of colourful flowers! Perfect as a gift for your parents, teachers or for that someone special (wink! wink!). 20

SEPT - OCT 2008

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