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November – December 2010



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30 28


How many of us take life for granted? How many of us are so busy with the trials and challenges of everyday life that we forget to take a moment to stop and smell the roses along the way? As the year draws to a close, the Editorial Team felt it is a good time to reflect on the past year, on what we have and what we are grateful for. First and foremost, we would like to thank our readers, our advertisers and our friends for your continuing support and your constructive feedback. You make the magazine what it is, helping us on our journey to inform and entertain. Thank you for indulging us and for allowing us to share our ideas and our thoughts with you. Time seems to just fly by and before we know it, another year has passed! For the Editorial Team, when we put one issue to bed and we already starting on the next one. It seems like a never-ending cycle, blurring the days and months. Looking back on 2010, we saw some changes taking place, including the last issue of our sister publication, Kidz magazine, in March. However, we have taken some of our favourite sections from Kidz and incorporated them into Superkidz! We love our job. We get excited when talking to parents and kids, and we find pleasure in researching for articles, gathering useful and relevant information to share with families, finding new things to indulge our readers in, as well as organising events and contests. And each year, we try to think of something new to introduce the following year, wondering what will interest our readers and friends. Should there be something that interests you that you would like to share, do let us know. You can email to us at (Subject: Suggestions/ Comments).

the m o fr age am s s Me rial Te to Edi Terms & Conditions for all contests and redemptions:

         Send your entries to:

1) Open to all children aged 3 to 15 years old. 2) Photocopied contest/ redemption forms are not allowed. Only original forms are accepted. 3) Late entries will not be entertained. 4) The decision of SUPERKIDZ on all matters relating to the contests is final and no correspondence will be entertained. 5) Entries with incomplete contact details will be disqualified. 6) Winners will be notified by email only. 7) Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for cash, credit or in kind. 8) SUPERKIDZ reserves the right to use the names and images of winners and/or entry forms in all publicity materials.

SUPERKIDZ Magazine, Epitome Communications Sdn Bhd, 10.01 Wisma Lim Foo Yong, 86 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

Don't suppress it, express it!

Speak Up

I previously wrote about how happy I am to spend time with my kids and how much I love them. I am writing again to voice my anger and disappointment on some bad parental behaviour I witnessed. I saw two kids leaving the tuition centre to cross the road where their dad was waiting beside the car. When they tried to cross, a car was reversing and they were in the way. As they were near the back of the car, the driver didn’t see them. Luckily the kids didn’t try to squeeze through and stopped in their tracks to wait for the car to stop reversing, but they were extremely close to it. Even as a passerby I was worried for the kids. Yet their own father simply stood and watched the whole incident on the single-lane (very small) road! What is the matter with him! It doesn’t take much effort to just cross the road and lead his kids to the car safely – it wasn’t like they were on a busy highway! What has happened until parents can be so lackadaisical about the safety of their kids? Are they really that lazy?!

Suhaidah, married with three kids

Recently I saw an old couple at the morning wet market. They were most probably in the 70s and were walking together hand in hand. It was the sweetest thing I saw that weekend morning, and it made me realise how much I want that too with my husband. Here’s wishing all parents who have tough moments with their kids – hang in there, because the person sleeping next to you will always be there to support you.

Beautiful morning, sent via email

Friends are cruel. Just because my mom won’t let me have a birthday party, now they won’t talk to me because they say I am stingy and poor and cannot afford my own party. I hate them now.

My daddy’s name is Shamsul. On 25th December it is my daddy’s birthday. He always complains that no one remembers him because everyone only remembers Santa Claus. I know he buys this magazine for my mummy, so daddy HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Haha!

Anonymous, sent via email

Noor Siti, sent via email

I promised my son that for every A he gets on his report card, I will get him a new toy. My son, who has never been the studious type, went from getting one A to scoring all As in my final school exam! Although I’m proud to know that he really can excel when he wants to, next time I won’t give him such good incentives – it backfired on me!

Alim, married with one son

If you have something to shout about regarding anthing under the sun, send us an email at (Subject: Comments)

November – December 2010


Check It Out

Books Galore!

Hayley's Fruitastic Garden Author : Mohana Gill Price : RM39.90 Reading level : 3 - 15 years old This colourful and illustrative book is a great way to introduce children to the wonders of fruits at an early age. Hayley’s Fruitastic Garden with its Magical World of Fruits will surely capture their imagination and get them interested in enjoying fruits. Through her adventures, the bubbly Hayley will soon become both friend and teacher to readers who will be enthralled by her journey of discovery! Simple yet fun recipes are also featured in the book to encourage children to try them out. It also shows them how, in a magical world, all creatures live together in harmony. Parents can start out by sharing this book with their children. In time, kids will learn to read it themselves and the whole family can join in the fun of using the recipes.

Three (3) copies up for grabs! To win a copy Hayley’s Fruitastic Garden, simply come up with a creative slogan (not more than 15 words) that must include the words: fruits, garden, magical, family and wonderful. Email your entries to: (Subject: Hayley’s contest) Include your name, age & contact number. Closing date – 27th December 2010

Clutch, Brake, Sellerator Authors : Vincent Foo, Zed Adam Idris, Shih-Li Kow, Lee Eeleen, Tan Twan Eng, Ivan Yeo Price : RM21.90 Reading level : Teens & adults This collection of stories is from the winner and shortlisted writers of the MPH-Alliance Bank National Short Story Prize 2009. Demonstrating the diverse imagination and skill of Malaysian writers, read the works of published and unpublished writers, as well as from those who tried weaving their magic in the short-story format for the very first time. Read a myriad of different genres and stories; from a shape-shifting tigress to a brave tribal warrior and a mother who will do anything to protect her child, from a young girl who observes and experiences a loss of innocence to a town with immortal inhabitants, or how a boy’s life changes forever after his driving lessons. This book is sure to clutch at your emotions, make you brake in wonderment and accelerate your heart with its range of stories.


November – December 2010

Books Galore!

Check It Out

Asian Legends series

Retold and Illustrated by : Mohamad Salmi Price: RM12.90 each Reading level: Children & Teens This is a collection of seven books that tell the stories of the legends and folklore of Malaysia and Singapore. In The Legend of the Two Princess, we read about a war between two neighbouring villages that is so intense it requires the intervention of the divine realms! Princess Santubong and Princess Sejinjang are sent down from the heavenly kingdom of Kayangan to end the dispute. Although they succeeded, the two princesses end up quarreling – how did that happen! Then we find out about how Singapore got its name in The Lion City. It tells of an adventurous Sumatran prince named Sang Nila Utama and a magnificent animal he saw while hunting. Bawang Merah Bawang Putih is another interesting legend. Find out how Mak Labu magically transforms into a fish. Then the cruel stepmother Mak Kundur catches the fish and cooks it! Read it to see how the story ends. The Unfortunate Lebai is about the greedy Pak Lebai. He attempts to attend two lunch feasts on the same day, and even asked his wife not to prepare breakfast or dinner for him on that day. How much will he end up eating? Then there is Poor Pak Kaduk who is obsessed with cockfighting. When the Sultan organises a contest to find the best rooster in the state, Pak Kaduk thinks he will win, but may actually end us losing everything. On the serene island of Langkawi lives Mahsuri who is the most beautiful maiden in the village. Read The Curse of Mahsuri to discover how she falls victim to the jealous and cruel villagers when her husband, the warrior Mat Deris, leaves her behind to fight the war. Another story about fair maidens is The Princess of Mount Ledang. Not even the Sultan of Malacca could deny her legendary beauty. The Sultan seeks her hand in marriage, but that he must fulfil seven difficult tasks set by the Princess.

Three (3) sets up for grabs! To win a set of Asian Legends series, simply tell us which is your favourite legend and why (not more than 15 words). Email your entries to – (Subject: Asian Legends contest). Include your name, age & contact number. Closing date – 27th December 2010

Like Me, Follow Me Author : Onn Yeoh & Chris Leong Price : RM29.90 Reading level : Teens & Adults Although ‘social media’ is the buzzword of the moment, it is not a fad that is going to fade away – it is here to stay. Like Me, Follow Me is a practical guide to making the most of it to effectively spread the word about your business. It shows readers how to leverage on these medium to get maximum effect and exposure as well as how to boost communications, branding and customer service offerings. As social media can be very confusing - with its dizzying array of options – to the uninitiated, the book focuses on the two Big Kahunas of the social media scene – Twitter and Facebook. Don’t know your Facebook Pages from your Facebook Groups? Have no idea what are Twitter handles? Like Me, Follow Me will answer all these questions!

All information on books were provided by MPH Group Publishing. All books featured are available at major bookstores nationwide.

Check It Out

Programmes on TV

Excit ing s how s o n Disney Channel ( Astro Channel 615) !


on TV

16 Wishes

Nov 21, Sun @ 7.30pm Be careful what you wish for! Eager to grow up, Abby Jensen has been planning for her sweet 16th birthday every since she was a little girl. When the big day finally arrives, she excitedly adds her 16th and final wish to the secret wish list she’s been keeping. Then begins the first of many unusual occurrences that day, including visits from a peculiar woman, Celeste, whose delivers a mysterious box of 16 birthday candles. Abby later discovers that the candles correspond to her 16 wishes and that they are all coming true! However when one wish goes horribly wrong, it changes everything, even her relationship with best friend Jay. Abby finally understands that being a kid isn’t so bad.

S eri es Pr emier e

Nov 27, Sat @ 6pm In the one-hour special Summer Belongs to You, Phineas and Ferb sets out for their biggest adventure yet! They decide to make use of summer solstice – the longest day of the year – to travel around the world in one day! Isabella, Bulford, Baljeet and even Candace join the dynamic duo as they visit Tokyo, Paris and even Tibet!

Hannah Montana’s Big Reveal! Nov 7, Sun @ 5pm Get ready for the moment of truth! In I’ll Always Remember You Hannah Montana reveals the big secret that we have all been waiting for. With this announcement and her high school phase coming to an end, what drama will unfold for Miley Stewart? Tune in to find out!

Den Brother – Channel Premiere

The Jungle Book Premieres Nov 19, Fri @ 12noon / Regular shows: Mon – Fri @ 12noon The Jungle Book animation series is about Mowgli – the man cub, raised by a pack of wolves in the lovely tropical jungle of Seeonee. Mowgli’s world includes his formidable friends; Baloo, a wise old bear who is his mentor and friend, his best friend the young panther Bagheera and Kaa the python. He needs to watch his back though because Shere Khan the tiger will do anything he can to get rid of Mowgli!

Dec 5, Sun @ 7.30pm Do you have what it takes to be a ‘den brother’? This Disney Channel Original Movie is about a self-centered teen hockey star named Alex Pearson. After an unforeseen chain of events occurs, he must swallow his pride and step in as a substitute leader for his little sister Emily’s Bumble Bee troop. How will he ever cope!

New Year’s Eve Special Dec 31, Fri @ 2.30pm

Pair of Kings Premiers Dec 19, Sun @ 5.30pm The series Pair of Kings follows a pair of fraternal twins who must relocate from their Chicago home to the island of Kinko. Why do they have to do so? Because they learned that they are the rightful heirs to the throne of this kingdom. An odd kingdom filled with peculiar superstitions and customs that just might not be ready for two teenage kings!

Sally Bollywood Premieres Nov 5, Fri @ 8.30pm / Regular shows: Mon – Fri @ 8.30pm It’s time for some Bollywood glamour! 12-year-old Sally is the daughter of a brilliant detective father and she is determined to follow his footsteps and become an ace investigator! With the help of her friend Dowee, Sally sets up a sub-department in her father’s agency that is only open on weekends and vacations. And just to make sure she doesn’t create too much competition for her father’s business, Sally’s agency provides services exclusively to kids. Results guaranteed within 24 hours! Payments in sweets or candy eagerly accepted! 12

Phineas and Ferb

November – December 2010

Start the countdown to 2011 with Ten Spectacular Things about Phineas and Ferb - a five hour special Phineas and Ferb marathon! At 7.30pm, watch out for the channel premiere of Camp Rock 2: Rock Along. Learn the lyrics to all the songs, karaoke-style!

Disney Channel Christmas Special Dec 24-25, Fri-Sat @ 10am Experience the magic of Christmas with Disney Channel! Catch your favourite Disney movies and special Christmas-themed episodes of your favourite Disney programmes! Timing 10am 12noon 1pm 2pm 2.30pm 3pm 3.30pm 4pm 4.30pm

Friday, 24 Dec High School Musical 2

Timing 10pm

Saturday, 25 Dec Finding Nemo

Best of Mr Bean


Phineas and Ferb Christmas Special

12.30pm Pucca: Funny Love

Pucca: Funny Love Kim Possible American Dragon: Jake Long

1pm 1.30pm 2pm

Waktu Rehat Kim Possible American Dragon: Jake Long Mr Bean: LA

George of the Jungle


High School Musical

Mr Bean


Phineas and Ferb Christmas Special

Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure


High School Musical 2


Chicken Little




Finding Nemo


Hannah Montana


Suite Life on Deck

10.30pm Wizards of Waverly Place

Check It Out

Programmes on TV

G r e at s how s on C ar t oon Network ( Astro Channel 616) ! STUNT - Ben 10’s Days of Alien Christmas

Cartoon Network Popcorn Premiere

Dec 16 -25, Daily @ 10am (Encore @ 8pm)

Casper’s Haunted Christmas

Countdown to Christmas with the most exciting episodes of Ben Ben 10, Ben 10 Alien Force and the movie! Dec 16, Thu

Ben 10- The Return

Dec 17, Fri

Ben 10- Ben 10 VS Negative

Dec 18, Sat

Ben 10 Alien Force- Ben 10 Return

Dec19, Sun

Ben 10 Alien Force- The War of the Worlds

Dec 20, Mon

Ben 10 Alien Force- Vengeance of Vilgax

Dec 21, Tue

Ben 10 -Secret of the Omnitrix (Red)

Dec 22, Wed

Ben 10 - Race Against Time

Dec 23, Thu

Ben 10 Alien Swarm

Dec 24, Fri

Ben 10 Alien Force- The Final Battle

Dec 25, Sat

Ben 10- Merry Christmas/Game Over

Dec 18, Sat @ 11am & 6pm / Dec 26, Sun @ 11am & 6pm Kibosh, supreme ruler of all ghosts, announces that Casper must scare at least one person before Christmas Day - or else! So Casper goes to Massachusetts where he meets the Jollimore family and sets out to complete his mission. As usual, kind-hearted Casper has a ghastly time trying to scare anyone. So The Ghostly Trio, fed up with his goody-boo-shoes behaviour, secretly hires Casper's look-alike cousin Spooky to do the job - with hilarious results!

Barbie in the Nutcracker© Dec 25, Sat @ 11am & 6pm

Cartoon Network Popcorn Tom & Jerry: Blast Off to Mars Dec 4, Sat @ 11am & 6pm / Dec 12, Sun @ 11am & 6pm Tom and Jerry mistakenly stow away on the first manned-mission to Mars. There, they discover that we are NOT alone Martians do exist! The furry duo must join forces with a young Martian girl to battle asteroid fields.

The magical adventure begins when Barbie®, playing the role of Clara, receives a beautiful Nutcracker gift from her aunt. That night she awakes to find the Nutcracker has come to life and is doing battle with the sinister Mouse King. The Mouse King casts an evil spell over Clara that causes her to shrink! Then together with the Nutcracker they set out on a fantastic adventure to find the Sugarplum Princess who has the power to undo the spell.

Tom & Jerry: The Magic Ring

Tom & Jerry: The Movie

Dec 5, Sun @ 11am & 6pm

Dec 11, Sat @ 11am & 6pm / Dec 19, Sun @ 11am & 6pm

When Tom and Jerry's curiosity gets the best of them, the mysterious ring that Tom guards with his life ends up stuck over Jerry's head! Now, Jerry must find a way to free himself of the ring while fleeing from Tom who wants to remove the ring any way he can! Find out if the pair can conjure up a solution in this fur-raising, madcap escapade.

Tom and Jerry are left homeless after their families move away without them. Alone in the real world, the two friends get advice from a streetwise dog and his wisecracking friend who's a flea, and then team up with an eight-year-old orphan girl. Chased by the orphan's evil aunt, alley cats, animal catchers and crazy kidnappers, Tom and Jerry use all the lovable tomfoolery they know to rescue their new friend in this madcap adventure.

Get a sneak peek! Get a sneak peek! Get a sneak peek! Get a sneak peek! Get a sneak peek! Get a sneak peek! Get a sneak peek! Get a sneak peek!

Generator Rex Series launch in January 2011 Like most 15-year-old boys, Rex likes cars, girls, music and sports. But unlike most boys, he can make his fists the size of boulders, sprout a jet pack out of his back and turn his legs into a lightning-fast motorcycle! These talents are extremely useful to Providence, a global organisation hired to fight mutant creatures known as E.V.O.s (Exponentially Variegated Organism). Rex is under their care and is their ultimate weapon. Generator Rex takes place in the aftermath of a global accident, where microscopic machines known as nanites have merged with every living thing. Rex is actually an E.V.O., but unlike the monsters he and Providence battle, Rex has control over his nanites. He alone has the ability to control these nanites as well as heal E.V.O.s of their mutation. Check out the exclusive online sneak peek of Generator Rex on 10th December, Friday. Visit for upcoming info! November – December 2010


Check It Out

New Products & Services

Drink the right milk for the right age Wisdom in a small package Looking for that perfect gift this coming holiday season? Stuck for ideas? Then why not give your friends and family members some Inspirational Moments. It is a pack of 21 postcards, each with an inspiring quote from International Motivational Speaker and Master Trainer, Dr Billy Kueek. The motivating yet oh-so-true nuggets of wisdom written on each postcard is certain to brighten anyone’s day and lift their spirits. A colleague stuck in a rut about hurtful events and cannot get on with work? There’s a card (or two) for him. Want to motivate your spouse or children so that they believe they can achieve great things? Well then, give each of them the whole pack! So instead of buying birthday cards or festive greeting cards, choose to give these postcards to those dearest to you. The normal retail price for a pack of Inspirational Moments postcards is RM32. However readers of Superkidz magazine can purchase it at the discounted price of RM20 only (excluding postage). For more info on Inspirational Moments and other products by Dr Billy, visit products.html

A hero in the shape of a phone? Yes, that is possible! Named Ketai Sousakan 7 in its native land Japan, the cool toy Phone Braver 7 even has its own TV series shown on the local channel ntv7's Kids at Feel Good World. The series is about Keita Amishima, a high school freshman who gets involved an organisation called Under ANCHOR. It was formed to bring cyber criminals to justice using advanced technology. Taking the place of a previous Under ANCHOR agent, Keita is paired up with the cellphone robot Phone Braver 7. Together they track down the criminals and their benefactor, Phone Braver 01 that had gone rogue, and even learn of a conspiracy within ANCHOR. So what can Phone Braver 7 do? For starters, he can show a myriad of emotions on his screen in his unassuming ‘Mobile Form’. Another cool feature is his library of vocabulary and phrases. You can use it to create over 27,000 combinations! Then by dialing 507 and pushing the ‘Action’ button, you will activate him from being mild-mannered to mighty humanoid ‘Action Form’. You would have to help him unfold his arms 14

November – December 2010

Growing children progress differently at various stages of their lives, and so will their nutritional needs. In response to this, leading dairy company Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad is launching Dutch Lady Kid and Dutch Lady School School milk, a first-ever innovation for the UHT milk category. Both products feature nutrition specific UHT formulation made just right for a child’s age to optimise physical and mental growth. Children in their formative years experience tremendous growth across all areas of development. Fortified with essential nutrients like magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, calcium and protein, Dutch Lady Kid is designed to meet the rapid physical growth needs of children aged between one to six years old. Dutch Lady School is packed with Omega 3, Omega 6, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6. It is customised for children aged six to 12 years old. As they begin their years in formal education, children in this age group need the above nutrients to improve their attention span and enhance brain development for optimum academic performance. Available in three flavours - Full Cream, Strawberry and Chocolate - Dutch Lady Kid comes in convenient 125ml packs while Dutch Lady School is offered in 200ml packs. Both are sold in major stores nationwide. To find out more, visit

and legs, but the animation on his screen and his final scowl is simply too good to miss! In ‘Active Form’, 7 can speak ten different phrases, such as “Watashi ga Sebun da” (“I'm 7”), “Ninmu kanryou” (“Mission accomplished”), “Keitai wo nageru na” (“Don’t throw the cell phone”), and “Ikuzo, badi” (“Let’s go, buddy!”) Superkidz Club members Stand a chance to win Phone Braver 7! There are 15 units of the Phone Braver 7 toy up for grabs! To win one is as easy as A-B-C. Simply be the first 15 Superkidz Club members to bring this copy of the magazine and your valid membership cards to our office on 6th December 2010 (10am – 12noon / 2-5pm). Mark this date on your calendar kids! Superkidz office is at 10.01 Wisma Lim Foo Yong, 86 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 KL. For more info, call 03-2144 573.



Limited potential & possibilities


Increased potential & expanded belief in what is possible

Lack clarity, self-confidence, optimism


Increased optimism, self-trust & confidence

Inability to communicate with peers & family


Competent in communicating needs & opinions with people

Feel like a victim, worthless & helpless


Become much more at ease with life & feel in control

Unable to achieve what you want


Achieve what you want in life & contribute to it significantly

Inability to perform in school


Score good grades using cutting-edge study tools

Feel incongruent, lack drive & passion


Hold powerful principles & focus on your destiny


Enhance Confidence Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs Improve State & Manage Emotions Overcome Exam Anxieties Boost Self-Esteem Discover Individual Learning Preferences Effectively Set Goals Learn Relaxation Techniques

Dear Kidz

You ask, we gather the answers!

Tearing your hair out in response to your kids’ behaviour? Fret not! In our Q & A column with acclaimed trainer, bestselling author and master motivational speaker, psychologist and counselor, Dr. Billy Kueek doles out answers to your parenting questions from his wealth One reason I want to learn NLP is to understand of workshops, newsletters, journals my husband better. However I think now it backfires and audiobooks, but most of all, on me! When I talk to him now, I try to pay more from the standpoint of ordinary attention to the words he uses. Sometimes he can say quite negative comments. Then I will ask him why he parents. I have heard about NLP so I did a bit of research online, bought some books and read about it. It is very interesting and I learned to notice a lot of things about people around me.

used that specific word or phrase, like I try to re-frame the sentence or statement to make it more positive. But then he will ‘bite me’ back and say things like he didn’t mean it negatively and don’t take him so literally! I am hurt because all I want to do is to understand him better. We love each other a lot, but sometimes we cannot communicate well. So I thought learning NLP will help me become a better wife. What am I doing wrong? Is it because I got low EQ?

Frustrated & hurting

Dr Billy Kueek:

Hello Frustrated & hurting, First, let me congratulate you on your journey of learning more about NLP, something that has helped millions of people worldwide, primarily in their relationships with others. In the NLP training that we do, we’ve seen many sour marriages turn around by applying these powerful techniques. I must also commend you on the initiative that you’re taking to improve your relationship with your husband. That shows you are operating at the 'cause' side of the equation (taking ownership of the situation) rather than be on the 'effect' side (resorting to blame and finger pointing). Paying attention to what he’s saying is great as you’re using your sensory acuity. You have also noticed the words or the body language that he uses, which is also good. My take on why it has backfired is the usage of ‘why’, which is not the best way to start a question. Usually, when someone is asked why he does certain things, or why he said certain words, the usual first automatic response is to be defensive and to justify it. More often than not, that leads to arguments as most people, especially men, do not like their action or words to be questioned or judged. Being on the receiving end, they will take it as you being judgmental.

So, instead of asking why, you can use other forms of questioning techniques. You can refer to reframing techniques, or if it’s minute details you are looking for, metamodel questioning or even chunking should be useful. Say for example you have noticed him cursing a lot when he talks about a colleague that he doesn’t like. A good way to get him to relook at the situation is to ask if there were times when the colleague did a good job for him, or if there is a way for him to work peacefully without being bothered so much. You can also try getting him to disassociate himself from the situation (or from the memory of it) so that he doesn’t get so worked up about it. Using a metaphor is also highly recommended as it always loosens up the model of a person’s world, and often gets that person to look at things from a different perspective. Do hang in there and don’t give up; as with everything new, there is surely a learning curve to mastering the skills. Remember, the meaning of your communication is the response you get. So if you’d like to get a better response from your communication, ask yourself, “What else can I change?” If some of the terms mentioned are unfamiliar to you, fret not. I am having an NLP forum on 13th November 2010 (Saturday), at Boulevard Hotel Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur. Do come if you can, as I can address your questions on NLP easier and on a more personal note when we meet. Just as how this question will benefit the readers of Superkidz magazine, your questions will also enlighten those attending the forum. Kindly contact Maverick at 1700 80 9500 or, and he will proceed to register a complimentary seat for you.

To know more about Dr. Billy Kueek, visit For answers to your parenting queries, email us at (Subject: Dear Kidz). 16

November – December 2010


All about Swimming

In Focus Let’s look at the topics covered in 2010 on having a splashing good time in the pool!

Swimming for Everyone Swimming as an exercise regime is great for everyone as it is: Low on impact, high on results! • Do simple workouts or aerobics in the water. Water resistance will also increase the effectiveness of swimming, increasing the results you see! Less strenuous • An ideal exercise for those recovering from injuries or who cannot do strenuous exercise as water offers buoyancy to the body. Improve your health • Swim regularly to build endurance and muscle strength, and improve blood circulation. • Swimming is a good way to strengthen the lungs of those who may be asthmatic. Hot weather? No problem! • Take a break from the sweltering sun! Swimming is a great social activity where families and friends can have a great time. Helping Children Overcome Fear of Water The important thing to remember is that swimming is fun! Once they can swim, they will have a great time in the pool. Always be careful and vigilant • Never leave a child alone in or near a pool for even a second. Even a few inches of water is sufficient to drown a child. Start off with the wading pool • Praise and encourage them for small achievements in the water to reinforce their confidence. Goggles • Get good quality goggles that fit properly so kids are not scared of getting water in their eyes. Practise in the shower or bath • To lower their anxiety allow them to splash around to become accustomed to getting water on their faces. Teach them to stay afloat • Kids will feel more comfortable knowing that they will not sink and drown. The easiest way to do this is to float on their backs. Enroll you child in swimming lessons, taught by qualified professionals. Play with Confidence! Don’t sweat it • There is no need to be frustrated if initially they are not willing to get in the pool. Not all kids will take to water naturally, so be patient. Give them lots of praise and encouragement. Make it a regular activity • Bring them to the pool often to get kids familiarised with the place, the environment at the pool, its sounds and the idea of going swimming. Identify the fear • Are they afraid of the water, or by the huge, unfamiliar pool? Do they cling to you when there are a lot of people around? Lead by example • Sign up as a family and learn swimming together - double the fun! Poolside Etiquette - The Dos & Donts of Swimming Some proper etiquette tips that everyone should practise: • • • • • •

Appropriate attire Look after the children. Be aware of your conduct as well. Silly behaviour is just that - silly No eating inside the pool No drinking, smoking or gambling Shower or bathe before swimming

In Focus

Self Development

Reaching the

May the best man (or woman) win! That is how the saying goes. But what makes you the best? How are you going to win in today’s very competitive world? Is it be enough to simply come top in the class, when a basic University Degree does not seem to be sufficient anymore and you need a Masters or even a PhD? Recognising the need to equip the youth of today to become the leaders of tomorrow, Kidz Smart Academy, in partnership with Billy Kueek International (BKI), has designed life skills programmes that will provide the right start for the young generation. Divided into three levels, the programmes will be available for children aged seven to 10 (Foundation), those between 10 to 13 (Intermediate) and from 13 to 16 years (Professional). P.E.A+.K. (Personal Effectiveness for A+ Kids) programme is a series of workshops for children nine to 16 years old. Drawing on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and incorporating Hypnotherapy, the workshops will be run by Certified MasterClass Trainers, NLP Practitioners and Professional Hypnotherapists, all personally trained by Billy himself. Addressing the various needs of kids, the programmes include Confidence in Speaking, Improving Your Memory, Goal setting, Breakthrough your Limiting Beliefs and Financial Literacy. Graduates from the programmes will be more optimistic and focused, more competent in communication and have the confidence to take charge of their lives. This is a unique collaboration because, not only are all the programs personally designed by Dr Billy Kueek, Asia’s trainer of trainers but more importantly, all Kidz Smart Academy trainers are certified MasterClass Trainers (BKI) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioners (BKI/American Board of NLP). This ensures that apart from teaching the children, they are also able to counsel and coach them if required. NLP is one of the most practical yet powerful tools that you can have to empower yourself (and others) to reach your maximum potential. The programs will incorporate NLP skills and knowledge to give the greatest benefits to the participants.

For more information about the programmes and dates, please email or call 019-228 5733.

HYPNOSIS WORKSHOPS with BILLY KUEEK INTERNATIONAL Do you want to break through from your limiting beliefs? Do you want to break out from the burdens that hold you back? Do you want to break free from the stress of everyday life? Achieve all this with the power of hypnosis, now available through a series of workshops run by Professional Hypnotherapists from Billy Kueek International. Each workshop lasting 1½ hours will include a short introduction about hypnotherapy followed by a group hypnosis session.

The workshops offer different benefits including: • Boost self confidence and self esteem • Enhance relaxation and manage stress • Stimulate self healing • Manage health and weight • Increase creativity, mental alertness and improve memory

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Hypnotherapy A real-life story *The names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of client and therapist J oe the active pensioner Joe was already in his twilight years. At the age of 78, he was enjoying his life, which consisted of meeting up occasionally with friends, his weekly golf games, reading and gardening. An unfortunate turn of events led to him undergoing eye surgery, leaving his vision badly impaired. Sadly, this meant that he could no longer drive nor enjoy golf. Even reading became a chore as he needed a magnifying glass to help him with printed text. He got angry with life for dealing him this hand, frustrated with his limited mobility and was generally unhappy and lost his will to live. A decision that would change Joe’s life forever He agreed to meet with Steven, a hypnotherapist who was recommended by a close family friend, though Joe was skeptical whether it would make any difference. He was even more doubtful when one of the first things the therapist told him was that hypnotherapy could not help him with his medical conditions. After the first meeting where they discussed the various issues that were troubling Joe, the hypnotherapist arranged the next appointment where they would carry out the hypnosis session. Steven then went off to write a special script for Joe to address his problems and issues. (Scripts refer to the text that the hypnotherapist uses to provide hypnotic suggestions. Each is specifically written to complement each client’s needs and requirements.) Joe’s first hypnosis experience A week later, they met and Joe had his first experience of hypnosis. He found it to be very calming and relaxing and felt that he may even have dozed off during the session. Steven assured him that it was perfectly alright to doze off as it meant that he was in a medium trance state and the hypnosis would still be effective. Joe was relieved to hear this though he was unsure of the outcome of the session. (A trance is when you are partly conscious. This state is induced during hypnotherapy to ensure that you are more receptive to the hypnotic suggestions.) The remarkable change The very next day, Steven was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from Joe, requesting for his next appointment. Steven asked him what had prompted the phone call. Joe informed him that after the therapy session, he went home and felt more ‘alive’. He could not understand why but instead of sitting on the couch and wondering whether he should be doing something, he had gone out and did some gardening. When he would usually be moping around the house, feeling sorry for himself and not wanting to do much, he had started thinking about what he wanted to do the next day and even called up an old friend to arrange to meet for coffee. Three months later

Joe has had six hypnotherapy sessions (Steven offered him a special package) and is now much happier, enjoying life again. His wife is amazed at the transformation, seeing Joe as he used to be . Steven commented that hypnotherapy helped Joe to be more positive, confident and energised. Joe realised that he still had so much to live for and though he had to make adjustments to his lifestyle due to his condition, his life was far from over. He has now accepted his condition and realses that it does not have to control his life.

For more information on hypnotherapy, kindly contact or call 019-228 5733 November – December 2010


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Best Way to Learn Mathematics A child with a motivated and challenged mind is one who is curious and excited to learn more and who will eventually excel both in school and society. The instructors at E.nopi MATH are well-trained to stimulate and guide the young minds to join the ranks of a critical problem-solver.

Mathematics is undoubtedly an academic subject that requires a thorough comprehension of the formulas and their applications. In school, children are expected to keep pace with the teachers and their classmates. Those who lag behind struggle to catch up with the lessons. This slowly widens the children’s learning gap in terms of skills and knowledge. This can make them despondent and lose motivation to continue learning math. The key word is to ‘understand’ - if it does not make sense to children, they cannot fully grasp the concept. When analysed in such a way, it can be said that with the correct delivery method, everyone can get a grip on maths. So, it all boils down to the delivery method used. It has to be an approach that children can easily grasp and relate to. At E.nopi MATH, mathematical problems are taught in numbers and illustrations. This means that students at E.nopi MATH are not only taught the numbers but they also learn by looking at visuals and drawings. In some cases, visuals do speak louder than words or numbers. The concept of E.nopi MATH incorporates fundamental thinking ability so that training in basic knowledge acquisition of maths skills, logical thinking and problem solving problems is developed.

Together with the teaching tools, the visually and mentally stimulating curriculum leads children to develop their thinking ability and areas of critical thinking such as reasoning, logical thinking, memory, creativity, practical skills application and using their imagination. Students are given worksheets to work on in classes and teaching tools to help them learn in a concrete manner. Enopi MATH consists of two parts - Basic Thinking Maths focuses on the calculation skills of children while Critical Thinking Maths concentrates on the problem- solving skills. Basic Thinking Maths guides children in mastering skills such as basic number sequence, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, order of operations, equations and ratios. Critical Thinking Maths develops the skills to think beyond numbers. This refers to number patterns, transforming figures, problem solving methods, orientation of shapes, reasoning, relationships and more. Children will begin to understand that objects, although perceived differently, can be the same.

It is very much a study-at-your-pace learning at E.nopi MATH. Subjects are taught by levels (Level 1 – 32) and each child’s progress is based on ability. Students move on to another level only when they master the previous level.

After critical thinking ability is developed, students are taught new ways to approach a problem from various viewpoints. This last concept is incorporated as it is about enhancing their ability to solve problems creatively, logically and effectively.

Understanding makes practice fun, thus emphasis is put on understanding the problems. Blind practice is redundant. While there is only one correct answer in mathematics, there are often many methods to find the answer. The E.nopi MATH material guides students in exploring the many possibilities, aided by illustrations and examples that present the concepts.

Free Trial Classes are available at all E.nopi Learning centres until 31st December 2010 (only applicable for E.nopi MATH). There will also be a Business Orientation on 12th November 2010 (Friday) at Daekyo office from 10.30am - 12.30pm. Don’t miss the opportunity!

To learn more about E.nopi MATH, visit any of its centres located nearest to your area. The E.nopi HQ is located at 50-4-3, Wisma UOA, Jalan Dungun, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur. To register or to find out about its franchise opportunity, contact 1300-88-0909, email or visit

Learning with Lorna Whiston

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The Lorna Whiston Way of Learning Vocabulary

Vocabulary is taught in several ways, both directly and indirectly. First there is the interactive approach to teaching. Teachers engage in discussions that encourage students to actively use language Despite the obvious importance of having to share their ideas, thoughts and opinions. Teachers involve the a wide and expressive vocabulary, there students not only in answering questions but also in asking them, tends to be little focus on vocabulary promoting an enquiry-based approach to language learning. While instruction in most school curricula. helping them to broaden their vocabulary, this will also develop However, at Lorna Whiston Study their thinking skills. Centres, vocabulary acquisition is a strong focus of our language Secondly, teachers at Lorna Whiston are all native English speakers. programmes. This means they naturally use a wide and appropriate vocabulary, providing good language models and plenty of vocabulary input for students. Under their reading programme, there is an extensive selection of books, all of which are colour-coded to correspond to a reading age range. Each student can borrow up to two books a week to take home and read. Encouraging the students to read extensively in this way, and at an appropriate reading level, helps them to develop an interest in words and word meanings. Last, but by no means least, we teach vocabulary through vocabulary games. Students are often heard commenting about how they enjoy coming to Lorna Whiston because they get to play games. Parents are sometimes alarmed at this, in the mistaken belief that games are a waste of time. Yet on the contrary, vocabulary games are one of the sure-fire ways to ensure that children will pick up and retain vocabulary, simply because games are memorable, motivational and fun. Other than teaching words, we feel that it is important to teach children word-learning strategies as well. This involves far more than having students look up lists of words in a dictionary. At Lorna Whiston, we teach students how to work out the meanings of unknown words using contextual clues as well as by information about word parts such as prefixes, suffixes and root words. In addition, older students are taught how to use a thesaurus and are guided in developing the knowledge of how to use synonyms (words with similar meanings) appropriately. Lorna Whiston Study Centre will be running holiday programmes in weekly modules beginning 22nd/ 29th November 2010. For more info or to register, call 03-7727 1909, email or visit

Article contributed by Lorna Whiston Study Centres & written by Helen Marjan, Managing Director and Director of Studies.

November – December 2010


Kiddie Box Office

Fun flicks for the family

Release Date Genre Director Produced by Voice Cast

: 25th November 2010 : Animation : Byron Howard, Nathan Greno : Roy Conli : Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Donna Murphy, Ron Perlman, M.C. Gainey, Jeffrey Tambor, Brad Garrett, Paul F. Tompkins

Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale is touted to be one of the most hilarious, hair-raising tales ever told. It marks Walt Disney Pictures’ 50th full-length animated feature. When the kingdom’s most wanted and most charming bandit, Flynn Rider (voice of ZACHARY LEVI) hides out in a mysterious tower, he is taken hostage by Rapunzel (voice of MANDY MOORE). Rapunzel is a beautiful and feisty teen with 70 feet of magical, golden hair who is ‘tower-bound’. As she is looking for a way to escape the tower where she has been locked away for years, she strikes a deal with the handsome Flynn. So begins the duo’s action-packed escapade, complete with a super-cop horse named Maximus, the over-protective chameleon Pascal, and a gruff gang of pub thugs. Be prepared for a hilarious time filled with adventure, heart, humour and hair - lots of hair!

Simply answer the questions below and stand a chance to win great prizes! 5 x RAPUNZEL: A TANGLED TALE Tote Bag 5 x RAPUNZEL: A TANGLED TALE Watch 5 x RAPUNZEL: A TANGLED TALE T-shirt 5 x Jumbo Pen & Notepad Set

1. When is RAPUNZEL: A TANGLED TALE showing in cinemas? (a) 15th October (b) 25th November (c) 15th December 2. (Spot the not) RAPUNZEL: A TANGLED TALE is about_________ . (a) Magical hair (b) Bandits & thugs (c) How to untangle shoelaces Closing date for entries: 27th December 2010 Name


Address : Tel/Hp : Email



3. Colour the picture below in the most creative way.

Kiddie Box Office

(In Disney 3D™ & IMAX® 3D)

Fun flicks for the family

Release Date : 16th December 2010 Genre : Action adventure Director : Joseph Kosinski Produced by : Sean Bailey, Jeffrey Silver, Steven Lisberger Based on : Characters created by Steven Lisberger and Bonnie MacBird Cast : Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner, James Frain, Beau Garrett and Michael Sheen

Presented in Disney Digital 3D™ and IMAX® 3D, TRON: Legacy is a high-tech adventure set in a digital world that is unlike anything you have ever seen on the big screen. It promises cutting-edge, stateof-the-art technology effects and set design that is sure to deliver an epic adventure that will bring movie-goers to a fascinating and wondrous world beyond their imagination. Rebellious 27-year-old Sam Flynn (GARRETT HEDLUND) is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his father Kevin Flynn (JEFF BRIDGES), a man once known as the world’s leading tech visionary. When he investigates a strange signal sent from the old Flynn’s Arcade - a signal that could only come from his father - Sam is pulled into a digital world where his dad has been trapped for 20 years! With the help of the fearless warrior Quorra (OLIVIA WILDE), father and son embark on a life-or-death journey across a visually-stunning digital world that was created by Kevin himself.

It has become far more advanced than Kevin could ever hope for, with never-before-imagined vehicles, weapons, landscapes and a ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to prevent their escape. Among the film’s firsts: • It is the first 3D movie to integrate a fully digital head and body based upon an existing actor, creating the younger version of Jeff Bridges’ character. • It is the first movie to make extensive use of self-illuminated costumes. Clothes that light up themselves – way cool! • It is the first movie to exclusively create molded costumes using digital sculpture, creating molds directly from computer files using CNC (Computer Numerical Cutting) technology.

Simply answer the questions below and stand a chance to win great prizes! 1. When is TRON: LEGACY showing in cinemas? (a) 16th October (b) 16th November (c) 16th December 2. Who plays Sam Flynn in the movie TRON: LEGACY? (a) Jeff Bridges (b) Garrett Hedlund (c) Michael Sheen


3. Who plays Sam Flynn’s father in the movie TRON: LEGACY? (a) Jeff Bridges (b) Garrett Hedlund (c) Michael Sheen 4. (Spot the not) _________ is not a definition for the word ‘legacy’. (a) Heritage (b) Innovation (c) Birthright 5. Write the movie title TRON: LEGACY’ in the most creative way in the box provided.

5 x TRON: LEGACY Glow in the dark T-shirt 7 x TRON: LEGACY Coaster with Light 5 x TRON: LEGACY Memo Pad 7 x TRON: LEGACY Key-finder

Name :

Closing date for entries: 27th December 2010 Age :

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Fun flicks for the family

Release Date Genre Director Produced by Based on Cast Official Site

: : : : : : :

9th December 2010 Fantasy adventure Michael Apted Mark Johnson, Andrew Adamson, Philip Steuer Book by C.S. Lewis Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, Ben Barnes

Set sail with the fantastic Narnian ship Dawn Treader and return once again to the magically wonderful world created by C.S. Lewis. In The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of Dawn Treader, Edmund (SKANDAR KEYNES) and Lucy Pevensie (GEORGIE HENLEY), along with cousin Eustace (WILL POULTER) and their royal friend King Caspian (BEN BARNES), find themselves swallowed into a painting and on the Dawn Treader. As they embark on an incredible adventure of destiny and discovery, they confront obstacles beyond imagination.

1. When is the movie THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF DAWN TREADER showing in cinemas? (a) 9th November (b) 9th December (c) 19th December

CONTEST 3 x Kids Blue T-Shirt 3 x Snow Dome Frame 3 x Floating Pen 3 x Shopper Bag 3 x 3D Puzzle 3 x Posters PLUS : First 20 entries will receive extra goodies!



2. Who is the director for the movie? (a) C.S. Lewis (b) Michael Apted

(c) Mark Johnson

3. The movie is based on the book by __________. (a) C.S. Lewis (b) Michael Apted

(c) Mark Johnson

4. (Spot the not) _________ is not a definition for the word ‘voyage’. (a) Journey (b) Expedition (c) Power 5. Write the movie title ‘THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF DAWN TREADER’ in the most creative way in the box provided.


Address : Tel/Hp : Email


Closing date for entries: 27th December 2010

Kiddie Box Office

Fun flicks for the family

Release Date Genre Director Produced by Voice Cast

: : : : :

23rd December 2010 Adventure / Comedy Rob Letterman John Davis, Jack Black, Gregory Goodman Jack Black, Jason Segel, Emily Blunt

In a contemporary re-imagining of the classic tale Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver (JACK BLACK) is a big-talking mailroom clerk. One day he was mistakenly given a travel piece on the Bermuda Triangle to work on. Ecstatically, Gulliver sets off on his ‘assignment’ but due to a mishap, he suddenly finds himself at a strange place filled with strange tiny people! Gulliver discovers that he is a giant among men when he washes ashore on the hidden island of Lilliput, home to a population of very tiny people. At first enslaved by the diminutive and industrious Liliputians, he meets many interesting characters, including the King of Liliputia (BILLY CONNOLLY) and his daughter Princess Liliputia (EMILY BLUNT). Later Gulliver was even declared their hero, and he finally learns that it’s how big you are on the inside that counts.

(in Digital 3-D)

Invitation to FREE movie screening for Superkidz Club members!

Hurry! There are only 178 tickets available. Each Superkidz Club member is entitled to redeem four (4) tickets. Redemption is on a first-come-first-serve basis, so come get yours now! Ticket Redemption Details KIDZ/ SUPERKIDZ office address: 10.01 Wisma Lim Foo Yong 86 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 KL (Tel: 03-2144 5733)

Redemption period: from 20th December onwards Monday – Friday; 10am – 5pm Don’t worry if you’re not yet a Superkidz Club member. Simply send in the application form on page 6.


MOVIE SCREENING DETAILS Gulliver’s Travels 26th December 2010 (Sunday) GSC @ 1 Utama 11am Kindly fill in your details here:

Names of children: Names of parent(s): Superkidz Club membership number(s): Contact No: Email: Address: *Kindly bring along your Superkidz Club membership card(s) for verification.

*To redeem, kindly fill in the form & bring it along to KIDZ office during the specified period. Photocopied forms are not accepted.

Kiddie Box Office

Fun flicks for the family

Release Date Genre Director Produced by Based on Cast

: : : : : :

18th November 2010 Adventure / Fantasy David Yates David Heyman, David Barron The book by J.K. Rowling Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson,

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS™ - PART 1, the seventh and final adventure in the Harry Potter film series, is a much-anticipated motion picture event to be told in two full-length parts. Part 1 begins as Harry, Ron and Hermione set out on their perilous mission to track down and destroy the secret to Voldemort’s immortality and destruction - the Horcruxes. Meanwhile, the wizarding world has become a dangerous place for all enemies of the Dark Lord, as Voldemort’s Death Eaters seize control, terrorizing and arresting anyone who might oppose them. But the one prize they still seek is the one most valuable to Voldemort: Harry Potter. Harry’s only hope is to find the Horcruxes before Voldemort finds him, and he is drawing ever closer to the task for which he has been preparing since the day he first stepped into Hogwarts: the ultimate battle with Voldemort.

Simply answer the movie questions below and stand a chance to win (4) movie passes! 2. In the movie HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS™ - PART 1, who loses his ear in a battle with the Death Eaters? (a) Fred Weasley (b) George Weasley (c) Mad-Eye Moody (d) Remus Lupin

Movie Contest 1. Complete the sentence below (in 15 words or less). We like to watch HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS™ – PART 1 because...

Closing date for entries: 3rd December 2010

3. In the movie HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS™ - PART 1, what did Dumbledore leave Ron in his will? (a) The Deluminator (b) The Pensieve (c) The Tales of Beedle the Bard (d) The Sorting Hat 4. In the movie HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS™ - PART 1, how do Harry, Ron, and Hermione enter the Ministry of Magic? (a) Apparition (b) Telephone box (c) Floo powder (d) Public toilets

Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Harry Potter characters, names and related indicia are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved

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Kiddie Box Office

Fun flicks for the family

Release Date Genre Director Produced by Based on Cast

: 2nd December 2010 : Drama / Comedy : David Fincher : Scott Rudin, Dana Brunetti, Michael De Luca, and Ceán Chaffin : The book The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich : Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, and Justin Timberlake

The Social Network is a movie that proves you do not get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies along the way. On a fall night in 2003, Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius Mark Zuckerberg (JESSE EISENBERG) sits down at his computer and heatedly begins working on a new idea. In a fury of blogging and programming, what begins in his dorm room soon becomes a global social network and a revolution in communication. A mere six years and 500 million friends later, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in history, but for this entrepreneur, success leads to both personal and legal complications. This movie explores the moment at which Facebook - the most revolutionary social phenomenon of the new century - was invented. Instead of one point of view, movie-goers will get to see the story unfold through the warring perspectives of the super-smart young men who each claimed to be there at its inception. Other than Mark’s viewpoint, watch and listen to that of others involved - Eduardo Saverin (ANDREW GARFIELD), once Zuckerberg’s close friend, who provided the seed money for the startup company; Napster founder Sean Parker (JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE) who brought Facebook to Silicon Valley’s venture capitalists; and the Winklevoss twins (ARMIE HAMMER and JOSH PENCE), who asserted that Mark stole their idea and then sued him for ownership of it. The movie shows how each of the individuals involved believes he is in the right and that his particular memories are the truth of the matter, while leaving the larger questions of what really happened entirely open for the audience. It ultimately shows a multi-level portrayal of 21st century success – both the youthful fantasy of it and its finite realities as well. Watch The Social Network and decide for yourself.

Simply answer the questions below and stand a chance to win great prizes! 1. When is THE SOCIAL NETWORK showing in cinemas? (a) 2nd October (b) 2nd November (c) 2nd December


2. Who plays Napster’s founder in the movie THE SOCIAL NETWORK? (a) Eduardo Saverin (b) Justin Timberlake (c) Sean Parker 3. Who does actor Andrew Garfield play in the movie THE SOCIAL NETWORK? (a) Eduardo Saverin (b) Justin Timberlake (c) Sean Parker

5 x Limited Edition THE SOCIAL NETWORK T-shirt Name


4. (Spot the not) THE SOCIAL NETWORK is about_________ . (a) Networker (b) Facemash (c) Facebook 5. Write the movie title ‘THE SOCIAL NETWORK’ in the most creative way in the box provided.


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Closing date for entries: 27th December 2010


As the movie HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS™ - PART 1 finally makes it to the big screen this November, we at Superkidz decided to search for our very own writers amongst our very talented readers. If you are good at storytelling or love to write, then get out your pen and paper and enter our exciting contest! In your own words, tell us your own magical tale. Let your imagination flow and the best ones will win fantastic prizes. We will also be selecting our favourite stories to be compiled and published in a book. Create your fantasy world of dragons, wizards and witches, goblins, spells, magical creatures and whatever your creative mind conjures up. Share with us your world of wonder, of castles and secret passages, of mythical potions and so much more. Unleash your creativity in a world where anything is possible! Cut out the form below, attach it to your entries and send it to: Write & Win Contest, Superkidz Magazine, 10.01 Wisma Lim Foo Yong, 86 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 KL.

Group 1 – Age six to 11 First Prize : RM100 Book Voucher and goodie bag Second Prize : RM50 Book Voucher, Souvenir Mug and goodie bag Third Prize : RM20 Book Voucher and goodie bag Group 2 – Age 12 to 16 First Prize : First Edition Hard Cover copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (with J K Rowling’s signature); RM100 Book Voucher and goodie bag Second Prize : RM50 Book Voucher, Souvenir Mug and goodie bag Third Prize

: RM20 Book Voucher and goodie bag

Closing date for entries: 24th December 2010





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Take Five

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12 9

3 6

In theatres in  Find the words on the right in theFind the words o Di Disney Digital 3D™  Di it l 3D™ th i ht i th the right in the  November 24 TANGLED word word search! search!


Help Flynn find the path to the tower.


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9 6

Games & Puzzles

Take Five

Take Five

Games & Puzzles

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WELFARE ORGANISATIONS CADS Enhancement Centre 03-4256 8227 ( Provides children with learning disabilities and special needs the opportunity to learn. Hospis Malaysia 03-9133 3936 ( Provides palliative care and medicine at no cost to those living within the Klang Valley and who has a life-limiting illness. NASAM National Stroke Association of Malaysia 03-7956 4840/ 1876 ( Provides rehab services to enable stroke survivors to return to as normal a life as possible, and promotes the concept of stroke prevention. National Council for the Blind, Malaysia 03-2272 4959 ( (automated answering machine) An umbrella body comprising 5 major voluntary organisations serving the needs and general welfare of the blind. PPKKTAJ The Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association Johor Bahru, Johor 07-598 9676 ( Looks after the welfare of mentally-disabled children suffering from various mental illnesses 3 to 50 years old.

Pusat Majudiri Y for The Deaf 03-2274 1439 ( Provides pre-school education to deaf children and workshops to help parents to communicate with their deaf children. Rumah Aman 03-5519 0107 ( Bringing up young orphaned boys from poor families and hopes to educate them up to degree level. Rumah Charis 03-7781 5977 / 03-7784 4645 ( Provides care for orphans and single parent children & shelter, support and medical care to destitute old folks. Rumah Hope 03-7954 5523 ( Provides a sanctuary for abused, neglected and under-privileged children. Rumah Jaireh 03-6035 5218 Situated in Batu Arang, it provides for women and children with HIV or AIDS and those with special needs. Rumah Kanak-Kanak Angels, KL 03-7983 2126 Run by a husband & wife team, it is home to orphans and abused, abandoned and underprivileged children.


Rumah Kanak-Kanak Impian 03-7804 3451 Cares for children from single parent families until they complete secondary school. Rumah Sayangan 03-9131 4339 A safe haven for the underprivileged, abused, abandoned and orphaned children, irrespective of race, creed or religion. SHELTER 03-7955 0663 ( P r o vides care for abused, abandoned, neglected or at-risk children through home care, counselling and therapy sessions. Women’s Aid Organisation 03-7957 0636 / 5636 (WAO Centre) 03-7956 3488 (Counselling) 03-7960 3030 (Sexual Assault Helpline) ( An independent, non-religious and nongovernmental organisation. Its mission is to create and promote respect, protection and fulfilment of equal rights for women, and to work towards the elimination of discrimination against women. World Vision Malaysia 03-7880 6414 ( A Christian relief, development & advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.


Asean Chess Academy 03-2300 1680

Kidz Zone 03-6201 8799

APIIT Smart School 03-7847 1000

Sri Garden School 03-9286 2668

Brainskills Enrichment Studio 03-6203 2528

KL Sogo Starz Studio 03-2698 2003

Sri KDU School 03-6157 8123

Camp 5 03-7726 0420

Magic Tree 03-7982 2268

Blooming Tots Montessori Pre-School 019-381 9988

Creative Crafting Classes 03-7804 1488

Mega Kidz Sdn Bhd 03- 2282 9300

Da Vinci (The One Academy) 03-5637 5510

Monster Tennis 012-366 7880

E.nopi MATH 1300 88 0909

Music Notes 03-6252 5253

EC Swim 03-7960 0539

Musikhaus Enrichment Centre 03-7728 0834

Fly Kidz Gymnastics Sdn Bhd 03-6203 7939

My Lil' Artist Kids' Workshop 012-321 0356

I Can Read 03-7805 2115

Play N Learn Sdn Bhd 03-7726 5611

InsightKids 03-2093 6178

Pusat Muzik Harmonie 03-4256 4349

Kidz Sports & Gym 03-7726 6313

SIM Music Sdn Bhd 03-7956 6202

Kidz Station 012-224 4202

Skateline Malaysia Sdn Bhd 03-7727 7758


November – December 2010

Brighton School House 03-2093 2267 In Touch Kids Kindergarten 03-4260 2080 Krista Kindergarden Sdn Bhd 03-2141 7575 Lorna Whiston Study Centres 03-7727 1909 Mont' Kiara International School 03-2093 8604 Small Wonder Children's House 03-5632 7980 Sri Cempaka School 03-9076 8400

Sri Kuala Lumpur School 03-5634 3491 Sri Sedaya School 03-5637 7109 Sri Utama School 03-4021 2490 Tadika Cergas Jaya 012-211 3812 Tadika Diyana 03-7729 4664 Tadika Prihatin 03-9287 3588 Tadika Si Manis 03-9019 5295

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SUPERKIDZ CLUB MEMBERS AS JUNIOR EDITORIAL STAFF (the magazine for parents) has given birth to Superkidz (yes, you guessed it; the magazine for children, aged three to 15). So we‛re inviting Superkidz Club members to volunteer for the following positions: Story Contributors Guest Editors Photo Contributors Junior Reporters Artwork Contributors Junior Researchers Games & Activity Page Contributors This is a great chance for kids to showcase their talents in writing, art, photography or skills in digging up useful educational information or coming up with creative activities and mind-boggling games and puzzles. Grab this opportunity to help create your very own magazine! Those interested may fill in the form below and send to (by fax) 03 2144 6733 or (by post): Kidz Magazine - Epitome Communications Sdn Bhd 10.01 Wisma Lim Foo Yong, 86 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 KL Successful applicants will be notified by email or phone.

Name: Age: SC membership no: Tel/ HP: email: Adrress: Applying for Position: Why do you want to volunteer?

*Kindly enclose a sample of your:-

- Writing in short story or essay form (for Guest Editors, Junior Reporters & Story Contributors); - Artwork such as sketches, drawings or paintings (for Artwork Contributors); - Photos taken or compiled with a brief description/caption (for Photo Contributors) - Sample games, riddles or puzzles (for Games & Activity Page Contributors); - Sample trivia (for Junior Researchers)

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SUPERKIDZ magazine - NovDec2010 issue  
SUPERKIDZ magazine - NovDec2010 issue  

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