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When you were a child, could you imagine your summer… ...without a safe place to go, caring relationships, and opportunities to continue to grow? Today, children living in at-risk neighborhoods of Santa Ana are facing this devastating reality.


Did you know that one of the greatest factors that influences the level of achievement of children is how they spend their summers? For the past 19 years, supporters like you have provided children with opportunities to grow in educational and personal development. In this current economic climate, we are sending you an SOS! Your generosity is needed today to ensure that children in central Santa Ana have a safe place to be during the summer months to help them stay out of gangs and continue to grow.

We need YOU to Save Our Summer.


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For a gift of $49 you can provide a child with a nurturing safe haven filled with fun and challenging learning experiences for one week, and $294 provides a child with a full 6-week summer program. Without summer educational programs at KidWorks, children “slide back” in school and are in danger of falling into risky behaviors - gangs, drugs, alcohol - that are constant temptations in the neighborhoods of central Santa Ana. When you give, you provide a nurturing safe haven for children one life at a time. “KidWorks’ summer program is an invaluable asset in our strategy of crime prevention. We depend on KidWorks’ summer programming to help keep kids with very few other options to be involved in an environment filled with positive role models and that provides personal growth.” - Tony Harrelson, Santa Ana Deputy Chief of Police

Santa Ana

was named the nation’s toughest place to survive ¹

Over 360 kids depend on KidWorks as an oasis of summer fun and learning

Over half of the achievement gap between lower- & higher-income youth can be explained by unequal access

100% of all high school students at KidWorks graduate in four years

to summer learning² 1. Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute (2004) . 2. Johns Hopkins University, American Sociological Review (2007)

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Summer Volunteer Opportunities Summer is a time in which we are able to provide young people with creative experiential learning opportunities as well as opportunities to reinforce skills, but summer is also a time when we need extra volunteers! Help make summer possible for at-risk youth by joining our team in one of four capacities below or contacting Donia Quon at or 714-834-9400.

Summer Education Volunteer

The focus of this program will be to make education fun throughout the summer by helping 50 1st – 5th grade students with fundamental math and language arts elements, taught through progressive and interactive curriculum. By focusing on the educational needs of these students, you will help guide them towards improving the skills needed to succeed at school. We are looking for 30 volunteers to spend at least one and a half hours with 25 1st – 3rd grade students from 9:00-10:30am and 25 3rd – 5th grade students from 10:30-12:00pm. Summer Education is a four-week program running from July 9th – August 3rd from Monday – Thursday.

YouthWorks Summer Volunteer

This is a two part opportunity. If you would like to go on the adventures our 6th-12th graders are taking this summer, we would be delighted to have you join them during their summer program. Our 6th-12th grade students will be doing a six-week program journeying all over Southern California and participating in the arts, multi-cultural experiences, outdoor adventures, and service learning. If you do not want to go on the journey but would like to provide the actual opportunities for our youth’s summer activities, we’d like to hear your ideas. We need 20 YouthWorks Volunteers to help during the summer sometime between1 – 8 pm Tuesday – Friday. *Times vary each day.

Culinary Volunteer

We need healthy snacks, sack lunches, and specialty meals for all of our summer programs! If you are interested in getting a group of friends or family involved coming together to prepare a meal once or several times during the summer, this would be a great opportunity for you. The cooking options are endless! Donations of healthy nonperishable food items are also welcome (ex. Granola bars, 100% juice boxes). Interested in getting involved or have questions? Contact: Donia Quon at 714-834-9400 or

Save Our Summer - KidWorks  
Save Our Summer - KidWorks  

Save summer for at-risk youth in central Santa Ana. Give online now: