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Meet the KidWorks’ Mater Dei Class of 2012 Danny Torres, Age 18 College & Major: Cal State Fullerton, Kinesiology Future Plans/Dreams: My plans after college is to work in a job that has a position for me to work as a kinesiologist. One of the places I would want to work for is for the LA Galaxy team. Why Mater Dei? It's a great school and they give you lots of opportunities. Going to Mater Dei was a great experience for me because I am the first generation to graduate in my family; it’s significant to me because I’ve had many new experiences I would not have had elsewhere. Words for those who’ve supported you: “Thank you because you’ve had a great impact in our lives and those moments that we lived in Mater Dei will never be forgotten; thank you for giving us a chance to become something and attend a great school.” Julia Hernandez, Age 18 College & Major: Holy Cross College, Psychology Future Plans/Dreams: I want to work for a non-profit like KidWorks. Why Mater Dei? Mater Dei opens doors; it gives us a broader outlook on life and more opportunities to attend colleges that we never imagined being able to attend. Words for those who’ve supported you: “Thank you for trusting us to through your generosity and faithful encouragement. You’ve given me new eyes to see my world.” Javier Morales, Age 17 College & Major: Orange Coast Community College and transfer to Michigan State or Arizona State, Civil Engineering/Urban Planning Future Plans/Dreams: Finish school and become a civil engineer or urban planner. Why Mater Dei? Mater Dei has been a great experience for me. I got involved freshman year and sophomore year playing soccer and basketball. I made a lot of friends and have countless people that believe in me. Words for those who’ve supported you: “Thank you for all your support over the 4 years at Mater Dei. I truly appreciate the things you did for me and helping me get this far in my life. I enjoyed my years at Mater Dei and am going to miss it a ton. It helped me grow as a person and become more social with the world around me. I love everything you did for me and I thank you for it.”

Xitlally Sanchez, Age 18 College & Major: Scripps College, Biology Future Plans/Dreams: I would like to become a doctor and serve low-income children and families. KidWorks has impacted my life so much that I would love to be able to make a difference in the lives of other people. Why Mater Dei? Mater Dei offers so many opportunities. It not only has great academics and sports but it also has a great art program, both visual and performing, and a great spiritual life. I feel very well prepared to go on to college. Words for those who’ve supported you: "Thank you so much for your donations! Thank you for allowing me to receive a great education. Thank you most of all for believing in me; every time I stepped onto Mater Dei, I knew that I had someone cheering me on.” Betty Garcia, Age 19 College & Major: Azusa Pacific University, Communications/Media Future Plans/Dreams: I hope to be able to make videos for non-profit organizations so that they may be able to raise the funds they need to keep their programs going. Why Mater Dei? . They provide a learning environment where teachers do everything in their power to help you get to graduation. It has been significant to my life because I have never seen so many great teachers give it their all in order to see us succeed. Words for those who’ve supported you: “Thank you for putting your faith and finances in me. You help me become more than a number or a statistic. You have given me the opportunity to go above and beyond what I imagined myself doing my eighth grade year. It takes someone like you to be able to trust that we will do great things in life. Many of us don’t have the support from our family and this donation gave us a reason to never give up because there are people out there who do care about what we do with our life.” Fritzi Valladares, Age 18 College & Major: Azusa Pacific University, Social Work Future Plans/Dreams: I’d love to work for a non-profit like KidWorks and help out others, just as they have helped me. Why Mater Dei? It offers countless educational opportunities that you can’t find in surrounding schools; attending Mater Dei is something I know I would have never been able to do without the support of so many other people around me. Words for those who’ve supported you: “I am blessed that you have given me this great education Thanks for the support you’ve given me and for the giving me the strength and perseverance to know I could do this, even when each year my classes became more rigorous and I wanted to give up many times. If it were not for you, I would never be able to attend Mater Dei and graduate!”

Meet KidWorks' Mater Dei High School Class of 2012  

Meet the 6 KidWorks' Mater Dei High School Graduates of the Class of 2012. Support the Mater Dei Scholarship Fund: https://kidworks.webconn...