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From the Publisher

130 Rio Vista Drive, Norwood, NJ 07648 Phone/Fax: 201.969.1600 Email:


Publisher/CEO Caryn Salomon Vice President/Controller David Salomon European Contributing Editor Janet A. Jacobs

Dear Readers, I don’t know about you but I am definitely ready for the seasons to change and a serious transformation of scenery. With all of the snowfall in the Northeast this winter, one would think it would be difficult to contemplate this Fall/ Winter 2017’s new collections. However, after taking a look at the upcoming season’s trends inside the pages of It’s A Kidsworld, I can assure you that you will be looking forward to cold weather “wear” once again. The uber cute collections de jour that you see showcased inside will inspire you for this buying season.

Trend Reporting/Color Forecasting Fashion Snoops Art Direction/Magazine Layout Christine Joy Décary

If you would like to receive a digital copy of It’s A Kidsworld or would like info on how to showcase or be featured in our pages please contact Caryn at

On these pages, you will find pertinent industry information as well as our regular trend report coverage showcasing what’s to come from the trendsetting runways of Europe. It’s A Kidsworld gives you an insiders look at NYFW showcasing some the best of children’s designing. We also bring you our exclusive color forecasting report from Fashion Snoops previewing the brilliant color palettes showing for Spring 2018. So don’t let the winter blues get you down, warmer weather and brighter days are right around the corner! Happy shopping!!

Caryn Salomon Publisher/CEO It’s A Kidsworld

kidsworldmagazine @its_a_kidsworld

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On the cover Brand: Frilly Frocks Designer: Haute Baby Inc. Photography: Barberries Photography

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News snipits

Mary Jane Distinction The Toke brand was launched over 70 years ago in Brazil by a family of craftsmen whose skills have been passed down through generations. Toke was introduced to the US several years ago and has attracted customers who have a penchant for luxury, high quality, classic shoes. Their most popular style has been coined “The Ultimate Mary JaneTM”, a low-profile mary jane made of soft, durable leathers in a variety of top grain leathers, metallics and patents. Other popular styles include ballet flats, sophisticated sandals and stylish moccasins. Toke’s are available at upscale boutiques and on line retailers across the US with retail prices ranging from $39 to $65.

For more information please visit

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News snipits

Iscream Signs Licensing Deal With App Iscream, a division of The Mines Press, Inc. has signed a licensing deal with, one of the top selling and fastest growing smart phone apps. Every day, 150 million global users from ages 8 – 18 use as an outlet to express themselves through singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing. Now they can express themselves with accessories designed by the hottest selling tween brand, Iscream. “Iscream is very excited to introduce our new collection at Toy Fair in NYC says Vice President and Creative Director, Jennifer Mines.” “The overlap in our customer profiles and the fun-factor of both brands makes it a natural fit.” Iscream, a rapidly growing brand, is all about fun, creative designs that all ages love. They are focused on providing their customers with lifestyle products such as bedding, microbead pillows, bags, plush, and stationery items that make the ordinary a little more extraordinary.

For more information please visit

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Canada Welcomes the World of Children’s Fashion, Accessories and Childcare Dino Mignon, the International Expo in Montreal - Canada, will take place on July 30th, 31st and 1st August, 2017. The event’s objective is to open the Canadian market to companies from around the world, active in this industry. The exhibition aims to create a hub of international cooperation and networking between exhibitors and professional visitors (Retail Stores, Multibrand and Chain Stores, Department Stores, Distributors, Representatives-Agents). Dino Mignon is a place where fashion, accessories and childcare come together: this versatility will allow professional visitors to find all children’s products conveniently in one place, at the prestigious convention center Palais des Congrès. Database: A unique worldwide database will map the needs of the exhibitors for new international co-operation in the industry of children’s products. The database consists of contacts of professionals of baby and children’s products from around the world. Its sole aim is to serve as guide in future international business endeavors. The purpose of the list will be to facilitate private meetings between brands and potential business partners during the days of the Expo. CETA: This agreement between the Governments of Canada and the EU will allow the brands to reduce the costs in a substantial way. As far as samples and collections, the facilitations will be very important to export from Canada and import to the EU, becoming the main entrance and exit for North America and Europe. NAFTA: The relationship of the US and Canada will be one of the many advantages for brands that will operate within the free trade agreement between the two countries.

12 | It’s a Kidsworld

Conferences: Professionals from various sectors will offer advice to the brands in subjects like logistics, taxation, banking, accounting, etc… Overseas exhibitors: The latest news is the Special agreement with ASEPRI (Association of Spanish Brands) and ICEX (Institution to promote the Spanish brands abroad) that have already reserved their location creating a Spanish pavilion. At the same time Dino Mignon is working to reach an agreement with the equivalent governmental departments of United States, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Portugal, etc. in order to support their brands for their participation. Catwalk: All brands can participate in this amazing parade which will allow them to showcase their collections and share their creations with all visitors.

Booth reservation and prices: Visit and find all available info online while being able to book your booths through an interactive platform.

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The Ultimate Mary Jane™ Handcrafted in Brazil

Jennifer Hazday 8429 SW 132nd Street Miami, FL 33156 Tel (305) 877-9543 14 | It’s a Kidsworld

New York Ilene Oren & Company · · (212) 563-5020 Los Angeles Shayna Masino Sales · · (213) 689-4950

It’s a Kidsworld | 15

Color Trend Report by Nicole Yee + Ania Witkowski, Trend Editors, Fashion Snoops


> Infant/Toddler Girls 19-1763



Nautical motifs emerge in clean, classic staples for Yacht Club. Crisp patriotic color palettes mix with unexpected pops of isle-inspired greens and alert oranges. Inspired by the northeastern coast, expect to see classic matched sets with oversized bows, reenergized stripes, and playful bateau prints.











16-5820 16-1326 14-4320


12-4608 12-0740

Inspired by pastoral fields filled with sweet lavender and sun-kissed wheat, Prairie Girl plays with bucolic motifs in a soft, pastel palette. Dusty tones are forsaken for cleaner, brighter variations of light pinks, blues, and purples. Cheerful gingham prints mix with ditsy florals across classifications.

16-0550 12-1813 16-1720 17-1537 14-3710 11-4202 15-3919 14-1315





19-0419 18-0622 16-0550



Taking place in an eclectic English garden, Garden Party features unexpected pattern pairings in a vibrant, saturated but natureinspired palette of rich greens, hot pinks, and red-cast yellows. Fruit and vegetable prints combine with sweet gingham, delicate crochet collars, and allover flowers for a refreshed floral print-story.

18-1661 16-1450 14-0955 16-1720 19-4045 18-5025

16 | It’s a Kidsworld









14-4320 18-1244 provides practical forecasting and trend information for fashion professionals. Log onto to learn more.

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Color Trend Report by Nicole Yee + Ania Witkowski, Trend Editors, Fashion Snoops


> Infant/Toddler Boys 19-1763




Nostalgic and traditional patterns come to life on the New England coastline, playing with classic staples in updated, sporty silhouettes. Red, white, and blue act as grounding hues for the seaside story while pops of orange and teal infuse an active element.





of Oaks



Le Petit


du T


16-5820 16-1326 14-4320 12-4608



Located in the pastoral fields of the American heartland, Farmhouse carries vintage motifs in a refreshed palette of sun-kissed pastel shades. Fa m i l ia r ove ra l l s a re rev i s i te d in playful, outdoor-driven prints while classic railroad stripes emerge on tops.

16-0550 12-1813 16-1720 17-1537 14-3710 11-4202 15-3919 14-1315






19-0419 18-0622 19-3815 19-3935


14-4320 17-1553

Clean and classic, the Little Woodworker forgoes exaggerated embellishments for minimalist-inspired designs. Woodstamped prints mix with classic stripes on ready-to-work silhouettes, including boxy tees and clean denim.

18-1048 18-1160 16-1326 11-4202 15-4101



18 | It’s a Kidsworld






14-1508 17-3917 provides practical fore casting and trend information for fashion professionals. Log onto to learn more.

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Color Trend Report by Nicole Yee + Ania Witkowski, Trend Editors, Fashion Snoops


> 4-6x Girls 19-0419 18-0622 19-3815



Inspired by Arts + Crafts Camp, Makers Camp focuses on heritage of design. The young apprentice learns traditional crafts, including woodworking, in a utilitarian utopia. Donning smock dresses with apron bibs or rope ties, homespun cotton, denim, and linen are key materials in this super-clean story of outdoorsy browns and lakeside blues.

14-4320 17-1553 18-1048 18-1160 16-1326 11-4202 15-4101 14-1508

il Gufo




17-1145 17-5111 16-0550


13-0443 18-6030

Girls go on a luxury safari adventure, nestled in a hyper-luxe tents and bungalows. Reimagining utility with a glamorous touch, olive greens and sunbaked tans pair with dusty roses for a refreshed take on safari chic. Their new uniform features tailored military details on twill, nylon, or firm jersey.

19-0419 12-1813 16-1326 18-1048 16-1453 14-0955







14-4320 19-3815



Taking place on the shores of Lake Michigan, Lakehouse Girls retreat to their familiar ‘90s comfort-zone. Eschewing luxury for favorite handm e - d ow n s , L a ke h o u s e fo c u s e s on oversized Pendleton stripes, handmade cut-offs, and playtimeready silhouettes. Woodsy greens mix with lakeside blues and pops of raspberry for an approachable palette.

18-1664 19-2047 14-0955 17-5111 16-0954 18-1048


20 | It’s a Kidsworld





un and


16-0550 provides practical forecasting and trend information for fashion professionals. Log onto to learn more.

It’s a Kidsworld | 21

Color Trend Report by Nicole Yee + Ania Witkowski, Trend Editors, Fashion Snoops


> 4-6x Boys 19-4045 19-3815


Using apps to navigate across their Grand European Adventure in the 21st Century, the Art Hotel boy stays in artistic hostels as he visits off-thebeaten-path galleries to see modern, accessible art. Purposefully designed for all, the bold and geometric prints feature hints of dadaism and surrealism in a vibrantly deep palette of sophisticated blues with pops of cheerful reds and raspberry pinks.

16-4535 16-5820 16-0954 16-1326 19-2047 19-1763


il Gufo




19-0419 18-0622 19-3815


19-3935 14-4320

Vacationing in a lakeside summer camp, the Miniature Maker spends his days whittling away at wood, creating heritage-inspired structures with skilled precision. Homespun cotton, American-made denim, and raw linen create a functional yet simple wardrobe for the young apprentice.

17-1553 18-1048 18-1160 16-1326 11-4202 15-4101 14-1508

il Gufo



Milano Trottolini 17-1145 17-5111 16-0550



Military influences pair with sunbaked olives for a refreshed uniform for the young safari-enthusiast. Staying in a lodge on an African animal reserve, he watches animals from afar in his luxurious tent. Crisp canvas, cotton twills, and firm jerseys form the bulk of his structured wardrobe.

18-6030 19-0419 12-1813 16-1326 18-1048 16-1453

un and


22 | It’s a Kidsworld






18-1664 provides practical forecasting and trend information for fashion professionals. Log onto to learn more.

It’s a Kidsworld | 23

Color Trend Report by Nicole Yee + Ania Witkowski, Trend Editors, Fashion Snoops


> Tween Girls 14-4320 19-3815 11-4202



N o s t a l g ia - d r i ve n , C a m p C a n o e reminisces about summers spent lakeside. Bunk beds, old canoes, and floating docks drive the print direction. Comfy and cozy items gather inspiration from the ‘90s, focusing on graphic ringer tees, worn-in and loose denim, and oversized sweatshirts.

19-2047 14-0955 17-5111 16-0954 18-1048 19-0419





17-2435 19-0419


19-3737 13-0443

Young thrill seekers explore Mount K i l i m a n j a ro, s u r ro u n d e d by a n environment of extremes. Hyper-real yet nature-driven colors seem almost unreal as the color palette pulls in energetic, nearly-neon pinks and greens. Active-inspired materials, including waxed cotton, quilted nylon, and reversible neoprene are key for the brave adventurers.

16-0954 14-1508 16-1450 14-1315 15-1360 16-4535 18-1244 13-0644 18-5025



de la


con Pan







The prestigious world of Northeastern high society clubs is explored in Seaport as nautical motifs are updated with a sporty hand. Heavy jersey fleece, cotton pique, and breathable nylon create a classic collection ready for a leisurely day along the shoreline or a sporty seaside adventure.






24 | It’s a Kidsworld






15-1360 provides practical forecasting and trend information for fashion professionals. Log onto to learn more.

It’s a Kidsworld | 25

Color Trend Report by Nicole Yee + Ania Witkowski, Trend Editors, Fashion Snoops


> Tween Boys 17-2435 19-0419 19-3737



Surrounded by an environment of extremes, young thrill seekers immerse themselves in the earth’s energy. With a vibrant color palette inspired by the almost surrealist hues of earth’s landscapes and wildlife, materials like quilted nylon, waxed cotton, and neoprene act as the perfect updates for the active adventurers.

16-0954 14-1508 16-1450 14-1315 15-1360 16-4535 18-1244


con Pan




13-0644 18-5025

14-4320 19-3815 11-4202



Cozy in their bunk beds on the shores of Lake Michigan, boys don oversized sweatshirts and denim shorts while their days are spent tubing in the lake and reading paperbacks in hammocks. Campfire reds and yellows mix with lakewater blues and forest greens to create a familiar palette.

19-2047 14-0955 17-5111 16-0954 18-1048 19-0419 16-0550


il Gufo






R e a d y to s e t s a i l , t h e S e a s i d e Sophisticate deftly maneuvers his sailboat around the Atlantic Ocean in sporty yet classic nautical gear. L i g h t we i g h t s a i l o r s we a t s h i r t s are layered over active tees with bateau motifs.





26 | It’s a Kidsworld


La O


15-1360 provides practical forecasting and trend information for fashion professionals. Log onto to learn more.

It’s a Kidsworld | 27

Shayna’s Shoutout

Retailer Review: Hi guys, It’s Shayna and I am back for another article of must haves and unique trends. This time it’s from the perspective of veteran boutique owner Kerri Kovler.. Kovler, owns trendy Florida based TEEN ANGEL boutique. She has a great sense of style and prides herself on customer service. She and her staff diligently help each customer find their way to express themselves through the product lines sold in store. In our interview, Kovler shares her ideas on the newest and most efficient ways to grab your customers’ attention and how to attract them to your stores. TEEN ANGEL BOUTIQUE also stays on point by consistently displaying its hottest pieces through social media for more sell through. TEEN ANGEL carries sizing from young girls all the way to those girls’ grandmothers; they showcase all the coolest must have outfits. Each employee helps pick out your next school day outfit, party dress for a special event or even a trendy sports outfit that will speak to you the best. Any fashionista would want to shop at this boutique and be the most fashionable girl or guy rocking their newest outfit down the street.

Hope you Enjoy. All my love, Shayna Salomon

28 | It’s a Kidsworld

Teen Angel boutique —By Shayna Salomon

IAKW: What was the inspiration for opening your store? How did it start? How many years are you in business? I worked in an adult clothing boutique and I noticed that mothers would bring their pre-teen and teenage daughters in to shop, they were especially looking for special event wear and party dresses. Obviously, adult clothing is made for a more mature figure, so I saw a need in the marketplace for tween, pre-teen, teen and young adult fashion. Since the original conception of Teen Angel we have evolved into a generational shopping experience where grandmothers, mothers, teenage and 7-14 size girls can find the latest and greatest. Our first location opened in 1996 in Hollywood, FL, 21 years ago. IAKW: What are some of the most important categories for your store? What are best selling items and best selling companies? Every category is important, however we standout in our wide assortment of special event wear and party dresses. We also custom design one-of-a-kind dresses and gowns for a client’s special event. In addition, we offer a huge selection of unique everyday styles and hard-to-find brands. Customers come to us for an individual one-on-one styling experience where we fill their wardrobe with merchandise ranging from jeans to the party scene!

IAKW: Is any of your merchandise personalized? What are some of the typical occasions that people come to you for gifts? Our gift-wrapping is unique and recognizable. Everyone values a gift wrapped from Teen Angel. We wrap for the usual occasions such as birthday parties, Valentine’s Day, Sweet Sixteen parties, Bat Mitzvahs and even made up holidays such as getting braces on or off, good report cards, college acceptances, dorm and camp care packages too. IAKW: Do you sell product on your website? And do you have social media presence? We do not sell on the Internet. However, we do have a very strong social media presence on Instagram (@teenangelclothingboutique) and Facebook (Teen Angel Clothing Boutique). Check us out! IAKW: How have you managed to keep your company updated and relevant? We attend many clothing shows all over the country to keep up with regional trends and new styles. We have a diverse age range of staff who participate in vocalizing on what they feel is trending or what customers are asking for. Everyone who works for us is highly interested in style and fashion. We all follow bloggers, Instagram-ers, scour magazines and shops in other stores

“Our customers follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get fashion inspiration and to keep up-to-date with our new arrivals.”

within our state and whenever traveling to get ideas and to keep our business fashion forward. IAKW: How have you seen your business change over the years? When we opened our doors in 1996 we were mostly a special occasion boutique for girls 7-14 through pre-teen. As our customers grew and matured we wanted to grow with them. We also saw the need for everyday clothing, accessories and gift items. Mothers and grandmothers accompanying our young shoppers started asking for items they could purchase as well so they could maximize their shopping time. Ten years ago we opened a second location in Coral Springs/Parkland, Florida IAKW: Any news about new merchandise, or special events? Our regular customers know we receive new merchandise every day, MondayFriday and stop by often. Our Instagram and Facebook is updated daily so people can stay up-to-date with new arrivals. IA K W : H o w d o y o u m a r k e t t o your customers? Our customers follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get fashion inspiration and to keep up-to-date with our new arrivals. We also handwrite the most personal and sincere thank you notes to our customers for their business because

we truly do appreciate and love them like family. Word-of-mouth recommendation is a very strong form of marketing to bring in new clients. Since we’ve been around for so long our reputation has flourished due to satisfied customers sharing their experiences shopping with Teen Angel. Although our stores are located in populated neighborhoods, we are also located in a vacation destination city; therefore we receive a tremendous amount of out-of-town clients that have found out about us through camp, teen tour and college grapevines. IAKW: What brands do you carry and which has the most sell through. Also do your customers ask for certain brands you do not carry? And if so do you end up bringing them into your store? We start in girls size 7 and go through adults. We also carry sportswear through special occasion wear. In girls sports wear some brands we carry are: So Nikki, Pinc, Blank, Tractor, T2 Love, Sally Miller, DL1961, Cheryl, Un Deux Trois. In adults some brands we carry are, Blank, Michael Stars, Sanctuary, AGoldE, Flying Monkey Jeans, and tons more. “I don’t think brands are as important as they were years ago,” says Kovler. “My customers are more interested in getting items and pieces that fit into their wardrobes and lifestyles I don’t find people are as brand driven as they once were.”

So there you have it, I hope you found some pertinent information in this interview that will help you be more prosperous in your own work environment. As you see diversity, technology and great customer service provide a great mix and recipe for success! Signing off, Shayna Salomon

It’s a Kidsworld | 29

Runway Wrap Up


It’s A Kidsworld showcases the highlights of New York Fashion Week. Industry kids strut their stuff in all of their favorite designers


Maryna Kozachenko


Maryna Kozachenko




Maryna Kozachenko Vanndalz

Aisabobo 30 | It’s a Kidsworld

Nathan Blaney Photography

Les tout Petits

Industry Kids with Frankie Grande

Pinky Sez

Ydamys Simo

Les tout Petits

Ydamys Simo Chick by Glossy

Ydamys Simo Miss Me Me

Pinky Sez

Chick by Glossy

John Zadrozny Photography •

It’s a Kidsworld | 31

32 | It’s a Kidsworld

It’s a Kidsworld | 33

Trend report Previewing top international kid’s wear of the season, seen at: Pitti Bimbo, Florence; Kleine Fabriek, Amsterdam; Playtime, Paris; Kid-Show, Paris; Who’s Next, Paris; and FIMI, Madrid. —Text and photography by Janet A. Jacobs

Harvest Bloom


Fall flowers blaze in glorious harvest colors.

Péro makes a big splash at Pitti Bimbo Apartment, with an original line of ethnicinspired clothes and eclectic accessories. An ornately patterned dress is topped by cardigan sweater pieced with velvet ruffle, by Twinset. A single orange blossom sets off the design. Deep blue backgrounds enhance vibrancy of autumn florals on a beautiful border print dress by Jottum, and a tassel-trimmed top.

Twin Set



Tutu Much

Oca Loca

Too much tulle is never enough.



Twinset 34 | It’s a Kidsworld

B  allerina-styled chiffon skirts are enhanced with sophisticated variations: long, sheer skirts in white and black; tiered, doubled chiffon skirt on midnight blue dress by Charabia. Twinset designed a special collection of outfits for mothers and daughters. This“minime”group, called Twinset Style for Two, donates proceeds to a charity for children. What girl wouldn’t be thrilled with a point d’esprit tutu decorated with ombré stars?

Autumn/Winter 2017/18

Moonshine Metallic fabrics light up nighttime skies.

 rom silver foil to F bronze stretch vinyl — slick styles shine in modern metallics. Mixed metals have double impact, as on Fun & Fun’s silver sweatshirt with crackled gold texture. Spanish designs on the runway of FIMI, Madrid, showcase subtle interplay of fabrics. A pleated silver skirt pairs with smoky gray sweater, while bronze pants are matched to gold jacket and sneakers. Silver shoes are brightened with big bows and starry studs.

Fun & Fun


N+V Villalobas + Nieves Alvarez

Philipp Plein


Logo Pop A potpourri of decal-style emblems and patches.

Ermanno Scervino

Fun & Fun


C  ollectible icons make fun motifs for kids. Kenzo’s backpack is covered with cool, colorful symbols, while T-Love prints bold logos on basic black dress. Expressive decals include images of stars and hearts, letters, eyes and abstract shapes. D  etailed embroidered patches embellish a “lucky”sweatshirt by Ermanno Scervino, while Fun & Fun favors crazy cartoon cat with furry pom-pom. It’s a Kidsworld | 35

Trend report

From Wild to Mild

Sonia Rykiel

Cherishing all creatures great and small.

 Foxy fashions look great on everyone! Tootsa’s new collection features animals of the Yukon on coordinated sweaters and sportswear. Michaela Buerger, a well-known French line for women and kids, showed great tops with amazing hand-crocheted appliqués. Sonia Rykiel wraps a sleeping fox around neck of sweater, while a smiling wolf peeks out behind plaid flannel shirt.

Michaela Buerger



Stones and Bones Fracomina


Red Caribou

36 | It’s a Kidsworld

The eco-conscious Red Caribou baby collection combines charming artwork with top quality Peruvian Pima cotton fabrics. This season’s theme is about saving the Arctic. F  racomina’s wide-eyed kitty is decorated with jewels to match elegant rich green brocade skirt. A sweet desert hare scene and graceful group of birds are among the lovable assortment of cute graphic creatures.

Autumn/Winter 2017/18 Kidscase

Geo Collage Cut-up color planes cover all angles.


Knot’s geometric patterned sweater for boys has an interesting coloration: mustard, grape, blue and ecru triangles converge on heather brown. Artistic collages cover stunning printed tops from Kidscase and Senorita Lemoniez. Kinetic print pants make an adventurous coordinate. Senorita Lemoniez styles the most perfect coat to play up radiant green and blue geo patterns.

Senorita Lemoniez

Senorita Lemoniez



Bright and Cozy Cuddle up to rainbow hues.

Kidz Art

Kidz Art

A hot winter palette keeps away winter chills. Kidz Art knits a dazzling camouflage sweater grounded by gold lurex yarns. Lebig’s unique signature look highlights ultrabright ensembles. The creative assortment of knit hats, socks, scarves and shiny bags are an important addition to the line. Wide-striped sweater dress with stitched pockets by Boboli is invitingly bold, bright and cozy. It’s a Kidsworld | 37

Trend report

Love Letters Fashion’s varsity A-Team takes the field.


 Chenille letters and embroidered patches make sporty trim on striped top and vest lined with buffalo checks. Girls of Indian Blue Jeans love little patches on casual, comfortable sportswear. Mimisol’s littlest sportsman shows team spirit in big-scaled plaid patchwork and cap covered with patches. Team Fracomina gets fierce with a tiger logo and sporty letters. The hooded dress with athletic stripe sleeves gets a little glitz with gold foil prints.



Indian Blue Jeans

No No Madison

Home Run! Glorifying the classic baseball jacket.

Funky XS

Little Miss Julietta

38 | It’s a Kidsworld

S  lightly retro and very cool -- jackets are versatile substitutes for cardigans and hoodies. Like the sport itself, baseball styling has become popular all-year round. While design sticks closely to classic, the range of fabrics is varied: satin, velvet, textured velour and crackled vinyl. B  aseball jackets look most up-to-date paired with short skirts or dresses. Funky XS trims a leopard print circle skirt with bright pink pompoms, while No No tops a retro shirtwaist dress with jacket and fedora.

Autumn/Winter 2017/18 Lulu

Suits Her Fine Traditional menswear fabrics weave a universal spell. Hounds tooth, Herringbone and Glen check patterns make a smooth transition from serious to trendy. Lulu covers a Glen plaid wool dress with stars. Striped knee socks and felt fedora complete the gender-friendly look. A single button herringbone coat is smart and sleek. Scrolling floral embroidery softens styling of a zip-front hounds tooth jumper— the right blend of tailored yet feminine. Herringbone wool fabric makes fun appliqués on accessories by Tuc Tuc.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Ermanno Scervino

Lili Gaufrette

Tuc Tuc


Ruby Rose Tuc Tuc

Paade Mode

Red pairs with pink for the hottest combo of the season.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is never shy about color! Her two-toned pink dress is matched to red coat with heart pockets. S  oft, cozy fabrics are a must for winter, as on quilted velour dress with ruffled peplum. Paade Mode features an ultra-cool coat in wildly-colored plaid. Metallic gold lapels add an interesting accent. Hats off to Kenzo! All eyes will be on this bright pink cap with bold red patches. It’s a Kidsworld | 39


EuroWatch Fall/Winter 2017/18 —Text and photography by Janet A. Jacobs


he new season of kid’s fashion got an early and energizing start at Kleine Fabriek, Amsterdam where Dutch and international brands debuted their Fall/Winter collections. Although a bit smaller in size than in previous seasons, Kleine Fabriek is still an excellent venue to see the best Dutch collections such as Jottum, WILD, Cakewalk and others as well as fashion-forward, less known lines. T he f o l l o w i n g week end Pi tti Bimbo, Florence held a lively and successful show which welcomed more buyers and exhibitors than during the previous two seasons. This largest, longest running kid’s fashion event is constantly evolving by adding new first-time exhibitors, new show areas and special events to keep things fresh and exciting. The exclusive Apartment section of Pitti Bimbo held an independent show which was greatly enjoyed, while a group of companies from Spain staged fun runway productions with great choreography and music. While manufacturers remain dedicated to keeping pricing as competitive as possible, designers still managed to show strong collections by focusing on new color combinations, great graphics and innovative fabrics. Many top trends from adult fashion were skillfully reinterpreted for kids, and in general collections are becoming more casual and practical for today’s lifestyles. FIMI, Madrid remains the best place to see elaborate runway shows starring individualistic and original Spanish designs that are some of the best in the business. Paris hosted three shows during one week, including Playtime and

40 | It’s a Kidsworld

Kid as well as Who’s Next for juniors and adults—a great place to be inspired by exquisite, predominantly French fashion. At all of this season’s shows, the mood was optimistic and upbeat. These feelings were wonderfully expressed in the new Kidscase line by Antoine Peters, which featured delightful designs using arrow motifs to point forward to a bright future.



Pan con Chocolate


Michaela Buerger



“Must-Have” Trends Eco-conscious brands Companies are dedicated to ecology-friendly lifestyles. Fabrics and dyes are organic or as natural as possible. Artwork focuses on animal and plant life— telling a story about nature or ecological messages.

Red Caribou



Angel’s Face

Chiffon goes casual Chiffon, lace and tulle are no longer used only for dressup. Formerly frilly fabrics relax and can be worn every day when paired with denim, jersey and fleece casual attire. Bows Art A bounty of bows becomes the decorative trim of the season. Grosgrain, satin, glitterized or oversized…designers are not afraid to go over-board with bows!


Lili Gaufrette


Super-soft fabrics Whatever age or origin, kids everywhere are insisting on fabrics that are soft and comfortable. Top fabric choices for Fall/Winter include: washed jersey and fleece; velvet, velour and crushed velvet.

Zadig & Voltaire

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Haute Baby


Kissy Kissy

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Teeny Tiny Optics Mod Girl

Isobella & Chloe

Love U Lots

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The “IT” List

Where to find it Brand


Size Range / Product


ABC Children’s Show

Sarah Kokernot

Baby & Kids Trade Show


Adams & Company Realty

David Levy

Premier Children’s Building


Children’s Club / ENK

Customer Service

Trade Show


Dallas Market Center

Customer Service

Regional Mart


Dignity U Wear

Karin Bunell

Non profit charity for kids


Dino Mignon Trade Show

Customer Service

Trade Show


Geppetto’s / New Portugal

Carla Rocha

Children’s shoes sizes 4-10


Haute Baby / Purrfect

Linda Jeffcott

Girls 12 months - 10 years



Amy Anderson

Sizes 6-16


Isobella & Chloe / Mabel & Honey / Best of Chums

Emily Fong

Newborn-16, dresses, infant gifts


Kissy Kissy / Tatianna & Co

Beth Campanella

Peruvian Pima Cotton baby clothing & accessories preemie - 4T


Little Mass / TruLuv

Tina Chang

Girls 2t-12 years


Love U Lots

Taylor Meyers

Girls Swimwear Newborn - 14


Malibu Sugar Inc.

Jil Garcia

Girls 4 - teen



Customer Service

Trade Show


The Pima Company

Fiorella Emery

Fine Pima Cotton infant clothing and accessories


MOD Active + MOD Girl

Kristina Hastings

Girls 6x-16 Tweens & Teens



Terri Kuoch

Tween active wear sizes 2-14


Teeny Tiny Optics

Alice Lando

Children’s Sunglasses


Toke Shoes

Jennifer Hazday

Children’s Shoes


Wee Ones

Miles Faust

Premium hair bows, headbands, clips and other fashionable accessories / babies - teens


For more information on how to get on the “IT LIST”, please email 48 | It’s a Kidsworld

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Enjoy the March / April 2017 edition. Lots of great brands showcased with the gorgeous Frilly Frocks by Haute Baby gracing the cover!


Enjoy the March / April 2017 edition. Lots of great brands showcased with the gorgeous Frilly Frocks by Haute Baby gracing the cover!