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Shayna’s Shoutout

Kids Kloset —By Shayna Salomon

Hey guys, it’s Shayna, and I am back with fashionista Sydney Levitt. A tween from Wayne, New Jersey, Sydney has always had a love for fashion, but as she got older her passion has grown even more. She always had role models that have helped her show off her true sense of style. Sydney is a trendsetter at her school, and expresses her passion for fashion with new outfits every day. She loves to mix and match all of her clothes to make new and trendy outfits to showcase to all her friends. She does not let anyone tell her what to wear and never lets anyone push her down. She wears what she thinks is cute, it does not need to be a name brand, she will wear whatever. Sydney is always looking for new trends by reading magazinea and constantly shopping. It does not matter if it is online or in a store, Sydney is always looking for something to spice up her wardrobe. Make sure to check out our Q & A to see all the trends from a tween perspective.

Hope you Enjoy. All my love, Shayna Salomon

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Sydney Levitt Age: 13 Wayne, NJ

Would you prefer to wear summer outfits or winter outfits? I love summer outfits, because I love wearing shorts and being able to mix and match my outfits. Also, the clothes are definitely trendier and there are more choices to choose from. How long does it take you to plan your outfits for school? It usually takes me 10 minutes to pick an outfit for school. I usually do so in the morning, but when I want to dress“fancier”I pick my outfits at night. What and who is your inspiration for your style? A lot of my inspiration comes from my friends and older cousins and family friends. They really inspire different aspects in my style and make me show off my best self. Do you read or watch anything fashion related to know what is in style? I read Vogue and Seventeen to keep up with new styles and trends.

Do you consider yourself a trendsetter? Yes, many of my friends like my clothes and like to borrow/buy what I have. It makes me feel so good and it makes me want to show off my style even more. Do you wear jewelery with any of your outfits? Yes, I always wear my heart necklace with my outfits. I also like to wear a bracelet and rings, and sometimes to spruce up an outfit I wear a pair of earnings. What is your favorite store to shop at and why? One of my favorite stores is Pac Sun. It has really trendy and cute clothes that I absolutely love. How often do you go shopping? Daily, I am either online shopping or in store. My friends are always able to find me in a store or in my room looking at new clothes on numerous websites. How would you describe your style? My style is definitely trendy, fun and different. I love to wear whatever speaks

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Please enjoy the January / February double issue with the gorgeous YO BABY brand gracing our cover!


Please enjoy the January / February double issue with the gorgeous YO BABY brand gracing our cover!