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PROGRAM LAUNCHED IN MICHIGAN PROVIDE AFFORDABLE PARENT-CHILD GOLF EXPERIENCE Lowell, Michigan May 26, 2010 – John Krebill of Lowell, MI, announced the launch of the completely redesigned web site in Michigan, a FREE web site directory to parents and children to locate golf courses that offer programs allowing kids to play golf free during stipulated tee times as long as they are accompanied by a full paying adult, making playing golf together much more affordable. “I want to see parents and their children form a new connecting point through the great game of golf,” says Krebill. “I also want to grow the game of golf and see golf course owners prosper. Our game is at a critical point – too much capacity and a stagnant number of players. Just as concerning is the fact that an inadequate number of new players are being introduced to the game. Our web site addresses all of that.” Each golf course member has its own editable web page on the web site detailing their KidsPlayGolfFree program. Owners may join for free and add their course to the directory on line. Each time a golf course owner adds his course to the directory, a Free News Release will be sent to the newspapers and radio & TV stations within 60 miles, plus each family registered with KidsPlayGolfFree will be notified via email announcing every new course member and tee times available. This will provide parents the opportunities to enjoy affordable golf at a golf course near home and bring new golfers into the game. Finding a golf course near you where kids can play golf for free is easy and it’s free. Simply visit and search for a course near you.

John E. Krebill / CEO/President opens in Michigan