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Table Of Contents Arthur Runs Home Ready To Sing Mr MowMow The Gardener The Whole neighbourhood Stopped

Miss Wingbat The Ambulance Arrived Arthur’s Room Arthur’s Pong Arthur’s Room Arthur’s Fart Arthur Works Hard Teabreak’s Over A Prose So Delicate Arthur’s Family Farting And Singing Together Day Became Night School Time Again Sing And Be Proud

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Arthur Runs Home Arthur runs home from school excited can hardly hold himself Into his room and reaches for the shelf Ready to start, drops all his things Welcome Arthur the Maestro, ready to sing

Ready To Sing Clearing his throat and ready to begin Back straightened like an athlete, ready to win LA LA LA the room fills with notes Arthur doesn't let back , straining his throat

Mr MowMow The Gardener Outside Mr Mowmow the gardener stops mowing and looks up Slowly he scratches his head and sniffs That's a wonderful song But what's that stink?

The whole neighbourhood stopped It doesn't stop there, the whole neighbourhood stopped Sniffing the air, all looking up As Arthur's song fills the air, beautiful and true His fart sounding like angels but smelling like poo

Miss Wingbat Even Arthur's neighbour old Miss Wingbat wiped a tear I've heard anything so heavenly and clear Since my husband died and he was a saint Miss Wingbat clasped her hands in adoration , sniffed then started to faint

The ambulance arrived The ambulance arrived, paramedics got out the van Brought out a stretcher , as quick as they can Which they suddenly dropped because they had to pause The smell was too strong, no matter the cause

Arthur’s Room In Arthur’s Room it started to reek And no the smell wasn’t coming from his feet For if one were to take a closer peek The smell is enough to make a grown man meek

Arthur’s Pong What is the truth of Arthur’s Pong? So many people cannot be wrong Like the powerful blast of an atom bomb All at the mercy of Arthur’s pongy song

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Arthur Pong And His Smelly Song - Children's rhyming book  
Arthur Pong And His Smelly Song - Children's rhyming book  

Children's Rhyming book Arthur Pong is a fun book about a boy who farts and sings at the same time! Visit: