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Monthly Message: Language and Communication What does school readiness in Kentucky look like?

How can families help their child become ready?

Language & Communication markers of Kindergarten readiness.

Where can I find more resources about child development?

Help your child understand the world around them ... one piece at a time

ication n u m m o C & e Ten Languag diness a e R n e t r a g r e d markers of Kin s understanding

ame and is 1) Knows full n address learning home write his 2) Is learning to last name or her first and to tell stories 3) Uses pictures ses for objects and describes u or six word 4) Speaks in five sentences to ‘how’ 5) Can respond stions and ‘where’ que

Where can I find more resources?

6) Demonstrate (in, on, over) of prepositions mmon things 7) Tells what co understands are made of and are what opposites -step 8) Follows three directions on words from 9) Reads comm nment a familiar enviro s out and 10) Points word nds emphasizes sou

hool read

iness in K In Kentuck entucky? y School Re school read a y to engag diness means ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​that a e in a child experience s that best nd benefit from early enters promote th le e child’s su arning ccess. ​​​​​​​​​​​​Go onlin e at ol-r to downloa eadiness d school read the entire iness definit ion.

How Visit us onlin e s n ow

• Use the PBS Ch Tracker for in ild Development form stages of gro ation on the wth found at lopment-tra cker.

•Download K entuck Partnership’s y Early Childho o Services guid d e at oodservices

What is sc

• Learn more abo child’s develo ut your with the Deve pment lopm Timeline foun ental d at ti counts-time ngline.

Monthly Message: Language and Communication


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• Give your child something to write about. • Encourage your child to write his/ her name • Introduce ment a new words • Make every mo ave t. H weather learning momen • Talk about the nny ations with your rs su it ve n Is . co d il ch r u with yo ld? every day about co ild r o ch t o H y? d u o or cl d them! the world aroun

ild every • Read to your ch child your day. Encourage to read to you! r • Encourage you child to draw.

Language & Communication  

Each month our office works to create a unique message and action item to be shared with your contacts, friends, stakeholders, media outlets...

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