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COVER image: DAni Brubaker Hair & Makeup: Sammy Mourabit Styling: Lili PetTit

h+m, V-Neck Sweater and Oxford Shirt, Crew Cuts, Plaid Bow-Tie,



baird heather

suann h. ingersol l

HEATHER BAIRD holds a B.S. in Early Childhood Education, M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and has taught predominately inner-city school for over 10 years. She currently serves on the board of a mother’s group based in Houston, where she resides with her husband, Stephen, daughter and two dogs. DANI BRUBAKER honed her skills, taste and exquisite eye as an art director, eventually transferring her talent into aesthetically balanced and pleasing photocompositions. Her work follows the Native American Indian code, which venerates children, yet allows them freedom of selfexpression. Her motto: beauty need only be a whisper. DON DIAZ loves to photograph children, working with such companies as Disneyland, Target and Kohl’s. His secret to taking great photographs of kids: “Just get down to their eye level and have fun with them.” Don lives in Southern California, where he grew up as a kid. MILES HALL, D.D.S., is chief dental clinical officer for CIGNA. He is responsible for the clinical aspects of CIGNA’s dental insurance programs and oral health outreach programs, which stress the importance of prevention and wellness. SUEANN H. INGERSOLL received her nursing degree from the University of Utah and her masters in Pediatric Nursing at the University of Washington. SueAnn has worked at some of the nation’s premier pediatric hospitals, and she currently enjoys working at a private pediatric clinic in Laguna Hills and freelance writing on the side. Her greatest passion is exploring the world with her husband and two children, and she is currently training for her first triathlon. MARA JACOBS is14 years old. Her love for theater began when she was three at the Jewish Community Center and her love for soccer began at

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four. She will be attending High Tech High International. To relax, Mara loves to watch T.V. JAIME LOBER is a speaker and author of Pink Power ( who has provided information on health topics and taught others to take control of their well-being. She can be reached at JO PERRY was born in Los Angeles, studied literature at the College of Creative Studies at UCSB and earned a Ph.D. in English. She has taught literature and writing, published poetry, written episodic television, and wrote the children’s book club column for the L.A. Times’ Kids’ Reading Room. She is married to novelist Thomas Perry and is the mother of two daughters. DUANE SIDER, Director of Learning for Rosetta Stone, is passionate about changing the way the world views language-learning. Duane has introduced Rosetta Stone solutions and the joy of the language-learning journey to a variety of audiences through numerous speaking engagements nationwide. Additionally, Duane has written a number of articles and papers describing how children and adults can learn new languages the same way they learned their first languages—by complete immersion in the new language. NICOLE PRENTICE WILLIAMS and her husband, Robert, are the proud parents of baby Lucia. Nicole enjoys traveling, dining out and being the taste tester for her husband’s culinary creations. Nicole is an Emmy Award-winning television writer and producer. K.B. VAN HORN lives in North Hollywood with her husband Erik, son Sage, 7, and daughter McKenna, 2. An avid thing-maker, she often chronicles her creations on her blog, A Patchwork World. Her line of clothing and accessories can be found at and in several boutiques and indie craft shows around Los Angeles.

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peace baby.

Not just a slogan of the hippie generation of the 70s, but these days a style resurgence. We’re all going retro, why not for peace? Why not? Kids are headed back to school. Why not teach peace in schools? When kids are not at school, why not promote peace at home? And when kids are in team sport situations, why not encourage peace among players? Peace is a state of mind that we should all hope to achieve. We can still want our kids to be intelligent, assertive and productive human beings — and encourage a peaceful outlook at the same time.

Peace cannot be achieved through violence; it can only be attained through understanding. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

In this issue, besides showcasing some stylish peace items, we profile a few encouraging peaceful projects, such as Greg Mortenson’s (author of Three Cups of Tea) Pennies for Peace foundation, and the understanding that greater education brings about peace. Kids are increasingly working to promote peace such as our local 186th Street School’s Colors of Love and Peace and Freshi Films international student collaboration A Taste of Peace. Then there’s the Relief Beads project to benefit Relief International’s efforts in Darfur, since you can’t have peace until you feed the hungry. Regardless of geographic location or ethnic identity, religious beliefs or economic situation, deep down, we all yearn for peace. Be the example for peace. There’s no better way to teach peace to our kids — at home, at school, and at play — than through the actions of adults. I know it’s easy to say, but sometimes hard to actually follow-up on. Take up the challenge for peace for our kid’s future. I know you can. Live in peace,

Jemma Gafford Editor-In-Chief

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midway through our walk on the Freedom Trail we take a break inside Faneuil Hall, known for revolutionary town hall meetings and considered “the cradle of liberty.” We see a plaque that reads “liberty and union now and forever.” Quite fitting as a reminder to the students on why we’re on this “field trip” in the first place. I was fortunate enough to chaperone on my son’s east coast intersession trip, consisting of a group of 31 12- to 14-year-olds. Taking a trip on the historical east coast route is a required project; whether you go through a school trip travel service, like we did, or do it on your own, I definately recommend taking the journey. 7


Do not take a “red-eye” flight to the east coast with a large group of kids and start sightseeing immediately. All they want to do is stay awake the whole flight, and they’ll be prone to extreme fatigue the first couple of days. That’s what we did, and it was a big mistake.

Boston, Massachusetts Once we landed in Boston, we were off and running on the Freedom Trail. Follow the red line and you’ll pass by lots of burial grounds, churches and other historical buildings. We also noticed quite a lot of Dunkin Donuts — I think more than Starbuck’s — odd. Midway you’ll hit Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. It’s a great stop for lunch and shopping. To get the authentic Boston experience, partake in some local “chowda” and “lobsta” rolls. Plus get a mandatory Cheers souvenir — you know, “where everybody knows your name.” Kids won’t remember the show, so chaperones will have to educate them about it. Back on the Freedom Trail, we stopped by the Paul Revere house, a rare example of 17th century urban architecture. By then our group was getting pretty tired, and decided it was time for a break. Later, we enjoyed a nice evening out and viewed the panoramic evening city view at the Prudential Center’s 50th floor Skywalk Observatory. The Skywalk also includes some interesting educational exhibits, a self-guided audio tour and a Dreams of Freedom museum.

trip notes Boston Duck Tours – Good way to start your trip, gives historical and current insights. Adults - $29.95, children 3-11 $20; 3 Copley Place, 617.267.DUCK; Paul Revere House – Adults $3.50, children 5-17 $1.00; 19 North Square, 617.523.2338, Skywalk Observatory at the Prudential Center – Lobby has lots of shopping. Adults $12, children under 12 $8; 800 Bolyston Street, 50th Floor, 617.859.0648;

8 kidsla fall 2009

Vinny T’s of Boston – A wonderful gathering place for the entire family. They offer a “La Faminglia” and kids meal menus. 867 Boylston Street, 617.262.6699, Salem House of Seven Gables – Adults $12, children 5-12 $7.25; 115 Derby Street, Salem, 978.744.9001; Concord Minute Man National Historical Park – 978.369.6993, mima.

Side Trip: Salem, Massachusetts Everyone gets a little fascination out of witchcraft, which the city of Salem is tragically related to. The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 are a horrible reminder of how hysteria and intolerance led to the deaths of innocent people – will we ever learn lessons from history? While there, visit the House of Seven Gables, where author Nathanial Hawthorne grew up and based his novel of the same name. Kids will be intrigued by the hidden stairways and tunnels. (Try to read the novel too, maybe a good book club pick.) Afterwards we drove by Concord, Walden Pond and the Minute Man National Historical Park. The visitor center shows a wonderful, interactive presentation about Paul Revere’s Ride, his capture and the battle that started the Revolutionary War.

New York City, New York The idea of bringing all the kids to NYC was at first a little scary — what if we lost one in the big city — but we were fine and didn’t lose a single kid. Times Square delights all kids, even the big ones. At night it’s even better. The bright lights, tall buildings, street dancers — it’s all here and kids love it. This is where you can find a Broadway show (the educational part), shop at the huge Toys ‘R’ Us with the indoor Ferris wheel, and eat at the busiest McDonald’s in the world — open 24 hours every day of the year, with 14 registers and decorated hand-painted murals. We wanted to dance in the evening light rain, but I think we adults were embarrassing the kids. Visitors to New York City will benefit from seeing the view from up high. You can get a great view from the Empire State Building, or the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center, where you can shop at the NBC store and, depending on the time of year, you can go ice skating too. Make sure it’s clear at the top before paying the fee. A must for all itineraries is a visit to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. Give yourselves plenty of time and be prepared to wait in long lines, but it’s well worth a day. You can now reserve tickets in advance to enter the Statue of Liberty itself. But don’t bypass Ellis Island, or you’ll miss some great exhibits about immigration, a main component of U.S. history. After the ferry ride back to Battery Park, take a short walk to the

South Street Seaport, good for some shopping and a quick lunch. You’ll also find the T-shirt street vendors along the way selling the musthave souvenir — “I ❤ NY” — only 3 for $10! Take a walk through lower Manhattan through Wall Street, symbol of the current financial crisis, and the remains of the World Trade Center, Ground Zero of the global tragedy of September 11, 2001. Across the street at 209 Broadway, is St. Paul’s Chapel, which is the oldest surviving church building in New York City and remained untouched by the attack, not even a broken window. Some say it is a true miracle. Continue walking through the wonderful neighborhoods of SoHo, NoHo, Chinatown and Little Italy. In Little Italy you must stop by the Ferrara Bakery & Café for some absolutely delicious cookies and pastries. My favorites were the freshly made fruit tarts. I made sure to buy extra treats to take back home, but unfortunately for my friends, they never made it back. On the go, grab some tasty gelati from their outdoor stand. One highlight for my son was a simple activity. While walking through New York University, which is situated right among the city buildings, we watched some college guys playing stickball. Being a big baseball freak, my son Brad and his buddy Jonathan were able to get an invitation to play stickball amongst the casual atmosphere of the NYU parkscape. Maybe they’ll end up there for college?

trip notes Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Ferry – Adults $12, children 4-12 $5, $3 extra for crown access; 877.LADY.TIX; Top of the Rock – Adults $18, children 6-12 $13; 30 Rockefeller Plaza; 212.698.2000; Ferrara Café – Delicious treats and they’ll ship via UPS. 195 Grand Street, 212.226.6150,

DO: Visit the local visitor’s center and get walking maps, brochures and restaurant menus. The attendant’s will have great advice too. Do: take a general tour of the city first to give you an overview of the city layout and its history. Then go back and visit the places that interest you the most. Do: take kids on historical vacations. Kids are much more inquisitive than you think. And if they see the adults enjoying themselves, they will too. 9

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania During this trip we were only allowed one day in Philly, and took a quick fact-filled walking tour of the U.S. Mint, the U.S. Constitution Museum, Liberty Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Ben Franklin home site. A lot of history to cram in a single day. We did do something on my list of must-do’s. That is to take the Philly cheese steak taste test between

the Pat’s and Geno’s establishments located in South Philly. Half the kids went to Pat’s, while the other half went to Geno’s. Both had long lines and crowded tables. While we ate standing up across the street by the local basketball courts, we shared Philly cheese steaks and gave our humble opinions. Brad and I liked Pat’s the best, but the group was pretty split.

trip notes

Pat’s King of Steaks 1237 E. Passyunk; 215.468.1546; Geno’s Steaks 1219 S. 9th St.; 215.389.0659;

Washington D.C. No east coast historical trip would be complete without visiting our country’s capital of Washington D.C. I’ve been to D.C. many times before, but this was the first time with my son. A couple days in D.C. are not enough. You probably need a week just to see the Smithsonian, which currently includes 13 museums and the National Zoo. We visited the National Museum of American History, which was showing an interesting Lincoln exhibit, and is now showcasing a Julia Child’s Kitchen exhibit. Don’t miss visiting the National Archives, home to the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution and the Magna Carta. You can also research your family history in an adjoining area. Many of the museums have reasonably priced cafes, and during good weathered days food carts surround the National Mall. A huge park surrounded by all the Smithsonian’s institutions of learning, Washington Monument at one end and the Capitol Building at the other, the National Mall is the most glorifying place to have lunch. Throw some Frisbees around or lay back, listen to your iPod and take it all in.

10 kidsla fall 2009


Between cities, or before starting your trip, watch the National Treasure movies. Although fiction, they’re great for some historical references and will make the kids more interested in the sites they are visiting. Movies are a wonderful tool for travel.

Kid’s Travel Journal

Side Trip: Mt. Vernon, Virginia

trip notes

Smithsonian Institute Museums are all free. or Ben’s Chili Bowl A dining landmark — order the half smoke. 1213 U St. NW; 202.667.0909, Fish Market, Alexandria, Virginia – 105 King St.; 703.836.5676; Mt. Vernon, Virginia Adults $15, children 6-11 $7, National Treasure Tour $5; 703.780.2000; visit.

George Washington’s plantation, known as Mt. Vernon, is much more touristy now these days. But the changes are good, as the entire grounds are laid out and explained so that visitors truly capture the extraordinary man Washington was. Talk about a renaissance man, Washington considered himself to be a farmer first, developing many agricultural techniques, rather than the great statesman we consider him to be. Stop by the quaint Old Town area of Alexandria, Virginia, with its unique shops and restaurants. We ate dinner at the Fish Market, which had delicious seafood, a good selection of kids meal options and creamy homemade ice cream.

Before leaving D.C., we took an inspirational evening walk viewing the major landmarks — the White House, Capitol Building, Jefferson Memorial and Lincoln Memorial. Walking amongst these bigger-than-life buildings, you are in awe of the enormous responsibility of upholding our freedoms and the ideals of our forefathers. Whether our forefathers came because of religious persecution, economic opportunities or political upheavals from all over the world, they all immigrated to the United States for the freedom to have the chance of living the life of their dreams. We had a whirlwind trip on the east coast and it was a great introduction for the kids. If you can, try to find the time to really capture the spirit of these cities. Although I had been to these cities many times before, it’s a different experience through the eyes of children, and watching them take in the significance of the sights. If I had the ways and means, I would travel with my kids through their school years. Learn to appreciate it all, before they grow up.

The Hidden Jewel of the East Coast By Mara Jacobs As my family and I were walking down the streets of New Bedford, Massachusetts, we knew there was a hint of a historical connection, from the past, the present and future. We visited the Global Learning Charter Public School, The Ocean Explorium, and The Whaling Museum. We first visited the Global Learning Charter Public School. This school is based off of the High Tech Schools where I attend. It is project-based learning with a diverse community. “Global Learning Charter Public School (GLCPS) offers a small, personalized, challenging learning environment in which students are encouraged to realize their full potential, both academically and personally.” One of the classes the students seem to enjoy is tang soo do. It teaches them focus, discipline, and self-control. Learn more at Next we explored the Ocean Explorium. The Explorium’s mission is “To establish New Bedford as a center for ocean science public education, with an emphasis on environmental stewardship and science literacy.” The way they get through to students and what grasped my attention

was the Science on a Sphere: a six-foot-diameter illuminated globe that shows the Earth in 3-D. On the sphere you view the earth from Space, a turtle’s yearly migration route, and how the Earth’s geology has changed throughout the years. You can help through internships and teacher training. Another exhibit that captured me was one where you can “plant” baby corals and then come back weeks later to see how much they have grown. They have live animals to observe and very friendly tour guides. Ocean Explorium at New Bedford Seaport Union Square, 174 Union Street, New Bedford, Last was the historical Whaling Museum. On the ceiling of the museum there are hanging skeletons of whales. They just added a new whale skeleton with a fetus of a whale still in its mother’s womb. They have other exhibits such as the “Dutch Whaling of the Golden Ages”, “British Paintings and Scrimshaw”, and an online exhibit. As I look back on the trip and recall all my memories and a town full of history, I knew that New Bedford truly is the hidden jewel of the east coast. 11

accessible accessible accessible mom nancy o’dell occupation:

Access Hollywood co-host, entertainment reporter, actress, author


Keith Zubchevich


daughter Ashby Grace, 2, stepsons Carson, 10, and Tyler, 14

12 kidsla fall 2009 13


years ago, Nancy O’Dell gave birth to daughter Ashby Grace. That pregnancy experience resulted in Nancy writing her first book Full of Life: Mom-to-Mom Tips I Wish Someone Told Me When I Was Pregnant. The title tells it all, as the book is a compilation of advice that Nancy uncovered after many stressful moments of wondering whether something was “normal,” which of course they were.

nancy the mom:

Now experienced, Nancy finds herself to be a very protective type of mom, very much like her own mom, Betty Humphries, who passed away last year of ALS. Remember the movie Finding Nemo? Nancy sees herself like the Marlin character who has to go save his son Nemo. She tries to remind herself to be careful, and tries to step back from the overprotective parent role. Although she is still hesitant about taking trips away from the nest. In the comfort of their home, Nancy and Ashby like to watch kiddie movies, create artwork and sing songs. Nancy looks forward to doing “everything” with her daughter, she “hopes to be best friends, life is so much more fun to see through their eyes, like with movies, it’s fun to see them get a simple thrill from them.” People may not realize what a sports-minded person Nancy is, but we’ll soon see Nancy playing sports and dancing with Ashby, who loves being around her older brothers Carson and Tyler, and becoming an athletic tomboy. Nancy is known to throw some football spirals too and watches WWE with her stepsons.

nancy the author: Nancy is a natural author. “Full of Life wrote itself,” she says. Nancy is an avid scrap booker, just like her mother, and kept lots of records during her pregnancy, meant as mementos for Ashby. She accumulated so much information, that the reporter in her decided that it should be a book. Although she had read many other pregnancy books, there were still so many unexpected issues. Although many were not dangerous, she remembers, “If

14 kidsla fall 2009

you don’t know about something, it scares the living bejesus out of you. There was so much I had to learn on my own, I needed to share. Pregnancy can be so nerve-racking, so much happens to you and your body, all unexpected, and you want your pregnancy experience to be fulfilled. I wanted to share those thoughts that were stressful to me, not just funny, but commonsense things to alleviate the stress.” The book even includes a favorite home remedy from her mom — spice cake with prunes. You can guess what for. Now when people ask her for advice, what does Nancy offer? Learn to breastfeed. Nancy thought it would “be easy, but I did it wrong for the first three days.” She suggests finding a lactation consultant to teach about such things as different positions, latching on and off and burping. Also, she discovered that the childbirth itself wasn’t as scary as she initially thought, and it was quite “pleasant.”

the public-private nancy We see Nancy most days on Access Hollywood. Hopefully, we will see her get another chance to be on Dancing with the Stars, once she regains full knee flexibility. Nancy is also comfortable behind the scenes as a producer, with some projects in the works. Beauty is evident on the outside, and the inside of Nancy O’Dell. She was recently named the inaugural recipient of the Professional Beauty Association’s Beautiful Humanitarian Award, given to a public figure that exemplifies beauty both inside and out. It was important because it was a “nice honor,

betty’s battle

and not expected. I want to help with charities anyway. Beauty companies and magazines are instrumental in my job, but it meant so much to me, since it was kind to recognize my charity work,” Nancy humbly reflects. Besides being the MDA National ALS Ambassador, Nancy supports Best Buddies, the March of Dimes and the American Red Cross. She encourages Ashby, Carson and Tyler to be charitable to others by taking them to the MDA Telethon and other charitable events. Nancy likes to “show by example how they can help with the challenges faced by other families.” At home, Nancy likes to hang out with family and friends and doesn’t really go out that much. Her husband Keith, who she met while waiting in an airport security line, is also a pretty down-to-earth kind of guy. Nancy describes him as one who “goes with the flow, nothing disturbs him much. He’s pretty confident and secure with himself.” Nancy “wouldn’t sacrifice time away from her family, family is always priority.” Keith reminds Nancy to “be in the moment” and that’s how she keeps a peaceful sense of mind. Favorite childhood memories? Nancy loved her kitty cats until her sister became allergic to them. She still remembers asking if she “can give her sister away instead.” Family trips to Disney World, visiting her grandpa Ashby, tennis with her mom, ping-pong with her dad, close family bonds and her mom’s cooking are all fondly recalled by Nancy. She felt the “lucky ones” were those with two incredible parents. Nancy’s a pretty incredible parent too.

Betty Humphries was Nancy O’Dell’s mom, best friend, and now her angel. She taught Nancy what it feels like to be loved to the ends of the earth. Her life centered around her family. Married for 50 years, she was a stayat-home mother who was involved in all activities, and baked for her friends their individual favorite cookies. She also was very active in the Myrtle Beach, S.C., community and their church. In December 2006, Betty lost her voice. For a whole year, doctors gave different diagnosis, from acid reflux to old age (she was 73). One day they were at a restaurant, and saw a former general doctor. He noticed that she was walking poorly and asked if she had any other symptoms. Yes, besides losing her voice, she was choking on her food. He said it might be ALS, and suggested they see a neurologist. That’s when Betty went to the MDA clinic at UCLA Medical Center. She received her diagnosis on November 1, 2007. Betty’s first thoughts were about her husband, her daughters and the grandkids. Because she couldn’t talk, she had to express her emotions in writing. For someone who was so vocal and loving, this was one of the toughest things. In 2008, Nancy’s

daughter, Ashby, was born and her life became taking care of the baby and taking care of Betty. They couldn’t do anything to change the diagnosis, but they had to have the wisdom to know how to handle it and fight it. MDA provided them with that wisdom. They provided expert medical care, told them about the latest ALS research and clinical trials, and kept them informed about what might happen next. MDA told them they would be there for them every step of the way — and they were. In early June 2008, Betty had a sudden medical crisis and went to her local emergency room. Her system was too weak to go on, and she never made it home. She was 74. Nancy’s hope is that MDA’s Betty’s Battle will be able to fund the research necessary to find a cure, so other families don’t have to go through this. Nancy says, “I want to humanize ALS, so people understand what it does both to those who have it, and to their families. ALS took one of the sweetest people who ever walked this earth. I want to do whatever I can to stop it from taking somebody else’s loved one.” To help: make a donation, organize an event, or be an MDA advocate. 15

kidsLA superstAr


Proulx images Dani Brubaker

images Dani BruBaker

Brooklynn the actress: While most kids arethe in pre-school and still learning to read and write, Brooklynn was already acting at the age Brooklynn actress:

Lazarus Project, of four.most Six kids yearsare later, she is already an accomplished actress roleswas in The While in pre-school and still learning to read and who’s write, played Brooklynn already acting at the The age , and Brokeback Mountain appeared as Paris Assassination of Jesse the Coward Robert Fordactress thealso Lazarus project, the of four. six years later,James she isbyalready an accomplished who’s played roles .inShe the James Mirror:byThe Story Brooklynn’s current work includes playing as theparis role Jackson in Man , .and Brokeback Mountain . she also appeared Assassination of in Jesse theMichael CowardJackson robert Ford The Time Traveler’s Wife , now showing in theatres nationwide; plus ongoing projects Shelter of young Clare in Jackson in Man in the Mirror: the Michael Jackson story. Brooklynn’s current work includes playing the role, Piranha , andinValentine’s Day, all to Wife be released sometime 2010. nationwide; plus ongoing projects shelter, the time traveler’s , now showing inin theatres of young3-D Clare The Time Traveler’s , Brooklynn recalls her favorite memory, “I got to have special teeth made While filming piranha 3-D, and Valentine’s Day, allWife to be released sometime in 2010. and they filming felt really neat when I wore them. ended up not having me shoot with them they didn’t the time traveler’s Wife,They Brooklynn recalls her favorite memory, “I gotontobecause have special teeth think made While they looked real. They let me keep a pair. Also when Eric (co-star Eric Bana) and I went to a museum to get to know and they felt really neat when I wore them. they ended up not having me shoot with them on because they didn’t think each bought real ice cream truck when weBana) were done. Playing thetoyoung they other, lookedhe real. theyme letice mecream keep from a pair.a Also when eric (co-star eric and IThat wentwas to acool.” museum to get know Clare, she describes her kind. “Sheice would help Henry bywe getting him clothes andcool.” something tothe eatyoung when each other, he bought mecharacter ice creamasfrom a real cream truck when were done. that was playing he would Sheher really cares about him“she and would she’s very Clare, sheappear. describes character as kind. helpsmart Henryand by funny gettingtoo.” him clothes and something to eat when Brooklynn has worked with some of the biggest actors in the industry, including Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Rachel he would appear. she really cares about him and she’s very smart and funny too.” McAdams andhas Julianne Moore. One of educational had was of Mary Louise Parkerrachel when Brooklynn worked with some ofthe themost biggest actors inobservations the industry,she’s including Brad pitt, Julia roberts, Assassination Jesse James “I thought she was very brave and I really likedofthat sheLouise stuckparker to whatwhen she filming McAdams and JulianneofMoore. One of. the most educational observations she’s had was Mary believed in for her character,” Brooklynn had a pink wig made for stuck me fortoHalloween of Jesse James. “Iremembers, thought she“and wasshe very brave andmermaid I really liked that she what she filming Assassination that year. It was awesome! I still have it.” > believed in for her character,” Brooklynn remembers, “and she had a pink mermaid wig made for me for Halloween that year. It was awesome! I still have it.” >

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Hair & Makeup: Sammy Mourabit; Styling: Lili PetTit

16 kidsla fall 2009

Hair & Makeup: SaMMy MouraBit; Styling: lili pettit

wwkidsLA Superstar:

h+m, Plaid Shirt, Crew Cuts, Bow-Tie and Cords, Old Navy, Ballet Flats, 17

What grade are you in? 5th grade What is your favoritesubject?scienceWhatisyourfavoritefood? steak What are your favorite movies? Beaches, Fright Night, and Halloween What are your favorite songs? “Somewhere Over the Rainbow, “What I’ve Done,” and “Eye of the Tiger” What is your favorite book? The Percy Jackson series Who is your favorite singer? Miley Cyrus Who is yourfavoriteactress?JulianneMooreWhat’syour favorite theme park and ride? Universal Studios, The Mummy Ride Do you have any hobbies? singing, drawing, and playing video games > Brooklynn, who intends to continue acting into adulthood, truly enjoys meeting all the people involved in the making of movies. Her reward is “that you work so hard to make a great movie and everyone loves it.” One of her recent memorable moments while filming came during the filming of Shelter. When walking into her trailer on the day of her birthday, Brooklynn was surprised to see it covered with all sorts of Hannah Montana stuff — a present from co-star Julianne Moore. Working with Moore, Brooklynn feels she “was protective over me like I was her real daughter. There was a scene when Jonathan walks over us on a hill when we are hiding from him and rocks hit me in the head. She didn’t like that at all.” She adds, ”Jonathan Rhys Myers is very generous too and he’s amazing to watch and act with as well.” In comparing her character of Sammy in Shelter against that of Clare in The Time Traveler’s Wife, Brooklynn reflects that “Sammy is more like a tomboy. She doesn’t like dresses and her hair done like Clare in The Time Traveler’s Wife. She loves to play the drums with

18 kidsla fall 2009

her uncle who is very, very funny in real life.” In particular, Brooklynn wants viewers to see the last scene in Shelter, teasing that “you’ll see why.” While acting, Brooklynn stays grounded knowing that her studying is a priority, and when she has extra time, she can be like every other kid and play. Brooklynn likes to choose characters that have meaning and feels she grows after every movie, and even though she’s had some pretty serious roles, Brooklynn “loves being challenged, like having to cry or be really scared.” While filming a somewhat gory Piranha 3-D, when asked if she does gets scared, Brooklynn replies, “Yes, it’s while I’m filming it with all the fake blood, but I know it’s not real so I don’t get scared.” She would also like to get involved in cartoon voiceovers (take note studio execs). The best advice anyone gave her about acting was to “just be yourself, have fun, everything happens for a reason.” And we have good reason to believe that we’ll see much more of Brooklynn Proulx on the big screen. 19

grab bag: peace

< Henry Road peace pillow to lie upon your peaceful soul. $85,

Peace History

peace, paz, pace, shalom, salaam in any language, it symbolizes peace by Rosalie Ellsworth

> Easy going, peaceful days in this carefree peace dress by bonnieyoung. $570,


< Peace, love and happiness. What else would a kid ask for? Knee Highs, $12, LittleMissMatched at Downtown Disney or Myzos adjustable and collectable bracelets. $14.95, Nordstrom, Fred Segal and additional retailers at

> rocklovepeace handmade wooden teethers are really groovy baby! Great organic heirlooms. $17 each, $38 set, 20 kidsla fall 2009

is the universal symbol for peace. Most of us remember the peace symbol during the anti-war rallies of the 1960s, and today we see it everywhere as a fashion icon. But how did ☮ become such an international sign? Gerald Holtom, a member of the British nuclear disarmament movement, designed it for use as a badge for those participating in a march planned by the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War on April 4, 1958. Known as the Peace Action Symbol, the design is composed of the semaphore (marine flag) signals for the letters “N” and “D” standing for Nuclear Disarmament. ☮ was soon adopted by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). A replica of the drawing can be viewed at the Peace Museum in Bradford, England, where the original is also stored. (peacemuseum. Philip Altbach, a delegate from the University of Chicago’s Student Peace Union (SPU), later imported peace sign buttons to the United States in 1960. Altbach convinced the SPU to reprint the “chickentrack” buttons and sell them on college campuses. quickly became the emblem adopted by the anti-war protestors and the counterculture movement of the 1960s. Today, is still widely used as a symbol for the peace movement, but has resurged as a strong fashion statement. So make an impact with those tees, jewelry and other accessories — wear them for peace!


time for action ways to promote peace for all kids words ROSALIE ELLSWORTH

relief in darfur Peace is a dream for many refugee children in Darfur, fleeing the civil destruction plaguing Sudan. Relief Beads for Darfur is a grassroots-campaign to raise money and awareness for Relief International’s humanitarian efforts in their country. The beads are handmade African bracelets, assembled by women refugees at the Women’s Development Center, which was built by funds from Relief Beads. These funds provide an invaluable sense of livelihood for their families. Relief Beads also supports malnourished children, medical clinics and medical care. They are currently in the process of raising funds

to build a children’s malnutrition center. Relief Beads are bracelets handmade from sand, and designed to be a fashionable statement worn by everyone. The bracelets are $10 each, the purchase of just one provides two months of education for a child, and five bracelets will save the life of a malnourished child. Celebrities that have supported Relief Beads include Marcia Cross, Jessica Biel, Will Smith, Patrick Dempsey and the cast of Disney’s High School Musical. President Obama’s envoy to Darfur, Scott Gration, wears his Relief Beads. To find a store near you or to purchase: > 21


pennies for peace Pennies for Peace is the lesser-known part of Greg Mortenson’s, author of Three Cups of Tea, contribution to education. From the first school he helped build in Pakistan,he understands the value of bringing schools to places where they have never existed, but equally he understands the importance of broadening and enriching education where it flourishes. The program began at Westside Elementary School in River Falls, Wis., where principal Jeanne Mortenson, Greg’s mom, invited him to show a presentation on why he was raising money for students in Pakistan. The kids couldn’t believe there were places where children tried to attend school in such conditions and then voluntarily started collecting pennies on their own initiative. Any school group or kids service group can obtain the Pennies for Peace Toolkit, which helps guide fundraising efforts, has curriculum materials, and additionally has videos that tells the story of Pennies for Peace, as well as a music video of Amira Mortenson, Greg’s daughter, singing the song “Three Cups of Tea.” Pennies for Peace is designed to broaden students’ cultural horizons and teach them about their capacities as philanthropists – one penny at a time. The worldwide interest in Pennies for Peace is extraordinarily moving. The goal is to build bridges of peace, one penny at a time. visit:

peace through film and food Teens from the Palestinian Territories, Serbia, Los Angeles and Israel worked together this past summer to craft a fun story together drawing on the universal language of film and the global power of the Internet. Through the joint efforts of Relief International, Cleveland High School, the International Youth Media Summit in Serbia, Freshi Film Camp in Hollywood, and the Beresheet LaShalom Foundation in Israel, teens used the Internet to connect on a four-country film collaboration called A Taste of Peace. This historic project was launched when students, via the Internet, began to develop a narrative script for their film, a common denominator being “snack food,” with hummus emerging as the unifying element. Students from the Palestinian Territories and Serbia visited LA and attended film classes at Cleveland High School and the Freshi Film Camp in Hollywood, along with

22 kidsla fall 2009

other attendees from Mexico and Los Angeles. The collaboration resulted in a short, comic film about labels and judgments, and was showcased at the John Anson Ford Amphitheater to a delighted audience. The teens will continue their collaboration through an online portal at Ten journalists and filmmakers from Iraq visited the Cleveland High School campus and added their perspective into the project mix, and extended an invitation to include Iraqi youth in next year’s collaborative project. A Taste of Peace can be seen at the Freshi Film Festival this October. Two American teens will travel to Belgrade, Serbia, with the visiting Serbian students to participate in the Fourth International Youth Media Summit, and will screen the film project for over 70 young delegates from all over the world. With these creative, international collaborations comes the promise of change from this new generation. View the film at: freshiflix. com or

colors of love and peace

Colors of Love and Peace Foreword by the Dalai Lama

The peacemakers of 186th Street School created Colors of Love and Peace, a collection of art projects, in order to share the messages of love, peace and healing with children who are in hospitals around the world. The Dalai Lama wrote the foreword because he was impressed by the inspiring art projects, calling it a “bright, cheerful and practical expression of concern for others.” This joint collaboration with children from the Harbor Gateway and the International Children’s Choir was the brainchild of Dr. Fereidun Shokatfard, an artist and poet, of a previous book called, Colors of Paradise. The art of the peacemakers became a labor of love that took flight on the wings of a dove to bring happiness to everyone who looks at the book or listens to the song on the CD included in the project. The artists sent books to fellow peacemakers at Peace Games ( schools in Boston, Chicago, and New York who will deliver the books to children in their hometown hospitals. The Dalai Lama will share books with the children of India, the UCLA softball team delivered books to the Mattel Children’s Hospital in Westwood, and the children will also send copies to their pen pals in Ghana, West Africa. Congresswoman Maxine Waters took copies to President and First Lady Obama to offer them the opportunity to share the books with a children’s hospital of their choice. Colors of Love and Peace, $25, order form at: ART OF THE PEACEMAKERS...


Fereidun Shokatfard, Ph.D.

grab bag: peace


on your

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SARGENT FLETCHER, World Peace Tee, $28,

LARK AND LOON, Green Peace, $26,

UFORIA, Red Peace Tee, $35,

MULTEEPURPOSE, Happy Peace, $28,

product photos: Cissy Wolfe 23

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teach play Introduce young ones to The Very Hungry Caterpillar with these special 40th anniversary baby products from Kids Preferred. Ring Rattle, $8; Baby Bolster, $35. Available at Kohl’s and specialty toy stores.


Pewww. . . clean up that sweet odor with Poo-Pourri Jr. Little Stinker, a natural antibacterial diaper spray made of essential oils such as bergamot, lemongrass and grapefruit. $12.95,

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wCalifornia Baby’s Overtired & Cranky Aromatherapy Bubble Bath promotes a calm and good night’s sleep for your baby. Relaxing for mom and dad too, and includes a bubble wand for extra fun. $13.99,

Get little ones ready for school with Leap Frog: Let’s Go to School, which teaches key lessons about phonics, counting, days of the week and animals. $14.98, major retailers,

décor Wallcandy Smarts Kit of black and white geometric patterns are appealing to newborns and young babies. Each Smarts kit includes six sheets of more than 50 moveable decals. $24.99,

Your Baby’s Mind: How to Make the Most of the Critical First Two Years, shows parents how to expand their baby’s mind. With over 200 mind-nurturing, engaging, stageappropriate activities for babies. $19.98,

U-Play Mat, by Play This Way Everyday, lets toddlers play inside a mess free, U-shaped mat filled with interactive flash cards. Developed by pediatrician Jennifer Canter, mother of two sets of twins. $49, California Baby and Your Baby’s Mind photo: cissy


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ROCK ‘N’ ROLLING KIDS 100 things that rock

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invites Plan your Halloween gatherings using offers stylish images, distribution through social networks, plus is easy to organize and personalize.

The Topsy-Turvy Playhouse is a safe, fanciful place where a kid’s dreams come to life. Each playhouse is handcrafted for the ultimate in quality and appeal. Can be built with an optional porch and dormer. $2,449, 26 kidsla fall 2009

Dremel Pumpkin Carving kit Photo: Tiffany Wu

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shop Kick off school shopping at the new LittleMissMatched store at Downtown Disney. Find all your favorite LittleMissMacthed clothing and accessories, plus a “Sock Bar” for mixing and matching.

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Diego Fat Tie, “Old School Fat Tie Simon” $10, Crew Cuts, Twisted Jersey Cardigan, $50, at Crew Cuts Jade D+G, Zebra Dress, $99, Bonnie Young, Cashmere Shrug, $195, (970) 925-7299 Feather Headband, $12, at Bloomingdales 33

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Olivia Tooby Doo, Victoria Shirt, $40, Ruffle Shirt, $42, Crew Cuts, Essential Matchstick Jean, $40, Crew Cuts Diego Tooby Doo, Nautical Sweater, $50, Crew Cuts, Long Sleeve Pocket Tee, $19, Crew Cuts TroiZenfant, Tom Wide Trousers, $90, Jeremiah Ben Sherman Kids, “Webster” Sweater, $49, Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt, $49, at Neiman Marcus Polarn O. Pyret, Colored Slim Fit Jeans in Poppy, $50,

style: Kristina Rodgers hair and makeup: Mercedes Connor models: Diego For JET SET kids Jade For Osbrink Jeremiah for Ford Savanna For Brand Olivia For Brand Zachary for Ford

social studies

fly doves and plant peace celebrating Peace Day with LA kids words Jo Perry

There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want and that they grow up in peace. — Kofi Annan

in 1981,

the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution declaring an International Day of Peace for “commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace within and among all nations and people.” But it was a decade before that the U.N. General Assembly established a date, September 21st, for this annual tribute to nonviolence. This year the Day of Peace will be observed worldwide through organized vigils, community celebrations, the dedication of peace poles, service projects, and private contemplation. At noon, adults and children will gather for a worldwide moment of silence, and then will recite the peace prayer, “May peace prevail on Earth.”

Help Peace Take Flight LA kids and their families can join Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots members at the colorful l7th Annual Day of Peace celebration and parade at the Santa Monica Pier. The festival is family-friendly and free. Kids will be invited to place their messages on a large Peace tree, create nature drawings, and learn the art of making Peace Dove puppets, which they’ll fly during the festival’s 2 pm finale, the Giant Peace Dove Parade. The festival will also feature a raffle, musical performances, celebrity appearances, eco-activities, environmentally themed games, and community exhibits. Kids can explore an authentic Gombe tent similar to the one Dr. Goodall used when she

studied chimpanzee behavior in Tanzania. Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Day of Peace, Sunday, September 20, 11 am - 4 pm, Santa Monica Pier. You can find instructions for making a small or giant peace dove at the Roots & Shoots website: rootsandshoots. org. Kids interested in becoming a member of Roots & Shoots, a global environmental and humanitarian youth program, or organizations interested in establishing their own LA Roots & Shoots group may visit

Plant Peace A peace pole is a hand-crafted monument that displays the message and prayer “May peace prevail on Earth” on each of its four or six sides, usually in different languages. The first peace pole to be erected at a major American University is right here on the UCLA campus, outside Kerckhoff Hall. The phrase “May peace prevail on Earth” is inscribed on the eight-foot tall limestone pole in Arabic, English, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese. > 41

social studies

> At Hart High School in Newhall, students erected a peace pole in 2007 to represent their dedication to cultural diversity and ethnic harmony after students engaged in racial clashes. The World Peace Prayer Society sponsors peace poles throughout the world and reports that there are more than 200,000 Peace Poles in 180 countries standing as monuments to peace. Their website,, offers instructions on peace pole construction or purchase, and offers

42 kidsla fall 2009

tips on organizing a school, neighborhood or community peace pole planting. Celebrate the Day of Peace by helping your kids create and dedicate your own family peace pole or peaceful garden. Let kids discuss ways to enjoy a day without fighting or anger. Inscribe your family peace pole with your childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ideas about peace and let it stand as a monument to your familyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s commitment to a peaceful world.

Photos left and middle courtesy of THE WORLD PEACE PRAYER SOCIETY


peaceful books inspiring reading for kids words Jo Perry

LA kids can celebrate peace year round with these books:

Peace One Day: The Making of World Peace Day by Jeremy Gilley and Karen Blessen. 8-12 years. Brilliant collages and watercolors enhance Gilley’s narrative about his efforts to create World Peace Day. Gilley’s story will show kids exactly how they, too, can change the world.

How to Build Your Own Country by Valerie Wyatt,

What Does Peace Feel Like? by Vladimir Radunsky.

illustrated by Fred Rix. 8-12 years. With the help of this amazing book, kids will name their new country, design its flag, write its constitution, create laws and then keep the peace with other nations. Includes examples of real micro-nations.

4-8 years. With bold and hopeful images, children are asked to imagine peace with their senses: “What does Peace smell like, look like, taste like?” The book ends with a compilation of “peace” in a variety of languages.

A Little Peace by Barbara Kerley. 4 years and up. Dazzling photographs of children around the world communicate the grandeur and simplicity of peace: a hand holding a flower; a smile; Buddhist monks performing a meditative dance; children playing ball or at the beach. Colors of Love and Peace Foreword by the Dalai Lama



Fereidun Shokatfard, Ph.D.

The Peace Book by Todd Parr. 4-8 years. Bright illustrations illuminate peace: “Peace is making new friends,” Peace is giving shoes to someone who needs them,” “Peace is new babies being warm,” “Peace is being free.” Sure to inspire interesting family conversations.

The Enemy: A Book About Peace by Davide Cali and

Peace Week in Miss Fox’s Class by Eileen Spinelli and

Editor’s Pick: Colors of Love and Peace by

Serge Bloch. 6 years and up. This minimalist fable about two soldiers trapped by hate and war elegantly demonstrates the ways we dehumanize our enemies, and expresses the human yearning for peace. Simple and powerful.

Anne Kennedy. 4-8 years. Kids will enjoy this traditional picture book about the quarrelsome students in Miss Fox’s class and what they do when she bans fighting for a week.

students at 186th Street Elementary School. All ages. A collection of art projects by the students that promote messages of love, peace and healing. Forward written by the Dalai Lama. 43

grab bag: lunch


on the menu Zone Delivery USA is a diet delivery service based on the 40/30/30 ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and favorable fats. Meals and snacks are available for the entire family, including vegetarian, kosher, low-carb and lactose-intolerant programs. Starts at $26.95 per day, zonedeliveryusa. com.


Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters are bite-sized and available in 5 oz. re-sealable packages. Tasty flavors are: Nut Lovers, Roasted Almond, Roasted Cashew and Honey Roasted Peanut. $3.79, grocery store snack aisles.


Yogachips are crunchy fruit chips that were popped after baking. Available in five flavors: original, caramel, apple cinnamon, peach and strawberry; they are also gluten-free and kosher. For store locations:


ZenSoy offers healthy drinks and desserts, which are lactose free and kosher, for a complete nutritious lunch. Website includes healthy recipes. Available at Bristol Farms and Whole Foods.

reusable storage

Kids Konserve waste-free lunch kits are eco-friendly yet stylish lunch sets that include stainless steel containers, reusable wraps and cloth napkins. $40,

44 kidsla fall 2009

Rebel Green offers organic cotton lunch bags with edgy, stylish designs. Comes with coordinating napkin. $24, Zero Minus Plus at Fred Segal, 500 Broadway, Santa Monica, 310.395.5718,

Lunchsense lunchboxes are wellconstructed plastic containers that fit neatly together, machine washable and includes an ice pack and beverage bottle. $35,

Graze Organic LA-based artists designed hip, modern graphics that are hand silk-screened on organic cotton bags and napkins using water-based inks. $24,

Whole Foods and Chef Ann Cooper, author of Lunch Lessons, have joined forces to transform lunch in schools across the country with the â&#x20AC;&#x153;School Lunch Revolutionâ&#x20AC;? campaign. This national effort aims to enable schools to revolutionize and improve the way children eat. The free, first-of-itskind Lunch Box Web site,, provides the necessary resources for food service directors to make tangible changes in their cafeteria menus. Chef Ann Cooperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lunch Box Web site helps schools replace frozen processed foods with fresh, natural, made-from-scratch foods in a realistic, cost-effective manner. Tools include recipes, resources to obtain locally grown products, and videos. Go to: or

Nature Valley, Yogachips, Rebel Green, Lunchsense Photo: Tiffany Wu


inspirational crafting make peace patches to embellish your clothes words K.B. Van Horn


are a great way to give personality to plainold clothes. They can cover holes, hide stains, or simply make a statement about what matters most to the one who’s wearing them. Here’s a fun craft that will inspire kids to think about how they can lend a hand to promote peace in the world.

You will need: • a piece of fabric at least 7” x 7” for each patch • HeatnBond Lite, an iron-on adhesive available in most fabric stores • a marker • scissors • an iron • something to embellish • needle and thread or a sewing machine

Time required: About 15 minutes per patch, more for hand sewing



Go to and print out the Peace Patches templates onto cardstock and cut along the edges.


Find some fabric that inspires you. You don’t need to go out and purchase something new, simply look through your closet for something you’ve loved, but outgrown. Recycle it! Next, cut a square of your iron-on adhesive paper to match the size of your fabric.


Place the fabric on your ironing board right side down (the back of the fabric should be facing you). Now place your iron-on adhesive paper adhesive-side down on top of it (the paper, not the glue, should be facing you). On medium-high heat, move the iron over the paper for about 15 seconds. Check to see if it has stuck to the fabric. If not, iron again for a few more seconds. Let it cool.


Place your template on the paper side of your fabric and trace it, then cut it out. For the world, cut one blue circle and one green one. Set aside the blue circle and with the green one, cut out the three land masses. Peel the paper backing off the land masses and iron them in place onto the blue circle. After you have adhered it to your item, stitch around the land masses as well as the circle. For the dove, you can cut out your own leaves for its mouth (if you made the world patch, use the leftover green fabric). For the peace symbol, fold and snip to get to the areas inside the circles. Cut along the outline and remove those pieces. For the peace sign with your fingers, lay them down on top of the paper-backed fabric and have someone trace the outline. Cut along the outline. You have your very own peace patch! Where do you want to put it? On a shirt? skirt? pants? your backpack? a grocery tote? Surely you can find something that needs embellishing.


When you’re ready to adhere your patch, simply peel off the paper backing and iron it glue-side down for about 15 seconds. To ensure that it stays in place forever, you’ll need to sew around it about 1/8” from the edge using whichever stitch you prefer — straight, diagonal, zigzag, cross stitch, etc. Don’t forget to send pictures of your projects to kidsLA magazine! 45



habla español?

encouraging bilingual education words Duane Sider

duane Sider, an education expert at Rosetta Stone, offers tips on how to encourage bilingual education in the home and engage children in the language-learning journey.


Join a Bilingual Playgroup.

Kids learn best from each other. Participating regularly in a playgroup dedicated to second language learning will help maintain consistency, and using everyday objects and actions during playtime will help facilitate success.


Involve the Whole Family. Family time can be fun as well as educational. Families can learn a language together using computer-based language-learning programs such as Rosetta Stone, an interactive, immersion-based program for CD or online. The Rosetta Stone Audio Companion allows families to practice their language skills while on the road.


Start a Sing-Along. Singing along in the car or danc-

ing around the house always captures kids’ attention. Have second language sing-alongs in the car or encourage them to produce a musical using their favorite foreign language songs.


Employ a Bilingual Babysitter. Kids love spending time with their babysitters. Why not add an educational element by having a bilingual babysitter work with them while they play? One idea — conduct a scavenger hunt around the house with a list of items written in the foreign language you are introducing into the home.


Put a Twist into Story Time. Add some creativity to story hour and have your children craft a tale in a second language. This will not only build their vocabulary, it will also help enhance their critical thinking skills.


Interact Online. Children are more computersavvy then ever before, so turn computer time into an

46 kidsla fall 2009

educational activity. Many websites allow kids to play games, chat and work on their second language. Have them split their allotted computer time between sites in their first and second languages.


Create International Cuisine. One night a week

make an ethnic meal from the country your children are learning about. Have them help prepare the ingredients and name them in their second language. At the dinner table, have your kids recount their day in that language.


Work with the Community. There are a plethora of foreign languages spoken all over California. Encourage children to volunteer and make a difference in the community. They can practice their language skills while lending a hand.


Provide Immersion Opportunities. Studies show

that children absorb new languages best when they are completely surrounded by it — just like they learned their first language. Provide real-life opportunities as much as possible. Attend a cultural event in your community or try playing their favorite movie in the second language.

Stickers, Everywhere. Have a label 10 Stickers, party and place stickers on objects around the house naming those objects in the new language. Encourage kids to label as many items as they can and use the words in their everyday life. P.S. It makes the scavenger hunt easier!

grab bag: subjects


dental health

Keep track of your familyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s medical records and needs with the Personal Medical Journal. Created by a mom whose son has spina bifida. $23, or major bookstores.

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Personal Medical Journal, Max and Mei book, Heading West: Life with the Pioneers Photo: Tiffany Wu

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Hugg-A-Planet is a soft globe with over 600 locations labeled. Kids learn geography, and can go to sleep with it too. $29.95,

language < Heading West: Life with the Pioneers provides easy-to-follow projects, giving kids a sense of accomplishment and making history accessible. $16.95, 47

teachers’ toolbox tips establishing and maintaining a routine words Lead Teacher Heather Baird, M.Ed., Contributing teachers, Melissa Lowry, M.A., Jennifer Randall and Patina Sehorn

art Tane Beauvois


out of the house each morning is a piece of cake, right? Ha! Procrastination and disorganization often lead to a BIG headache and plenty of tears. As parents, we know our job is to teach our children personal responsibility and independence. Yet, establishing and maintaining a home routine in today’s fast-paced world can seem impossible. Believe it or not, however, children feel more secure and thrive in a structured environment. Teachers use this to their advantage, and you can too. How is it that one teacher can round up 20 students, get them where they need to be, with everything they need, on time, AND keep a smile on her face? Organization, instruction, practice, and following a routine! Strong teachers set the tone for their classrooms by creating appropriate class routines and teaching students to follow them correctly. Organization results in students knowing where to put belongings and understanding what is expected of them without nagging reminders or hollow threats.

From the Teachers’ Toolbox: HomeWork Get Organized the Night Before

Depending on your child’s age, she can do this independently with your approval or you can do it together.

Bath time

Organizing items the night before is an important step toward setting a calm and productive tone in your home.

• Shower/bathe the night before. • Brush or braid long hair to eliminate tangles. You can always wet wild hair to tame it in the morning.



• Set out complete outfits. • Put all accessories in a bag and drape it around the clothes hanger, or set items together in a designated spot. • If you have evening activities that do not allow for nightly decisions, put together weekday wardrobes over the weekend.

• Set out bowls, spoons, cereal boxes, skillet etc. Set the table.

48 kidsla fall 2009

Lunch • Pack lunch and make sure it is ready to grab and go. • Put money in a designated spot in your child’s backpack.


Teach Your Child to Follow a Home Routine Just as following a school routine keeps a classroom running smoothly, teaching your child to follow a daily home routine will help keep your household running smoothly too!

Evening Following after-school activities and dinner, try to stick to a regular routine. • Discuss the day as a family and unwind. Follow that up with pajamas, teeth brushing and story time. • Be consistent with bedtime. Your child must be wellrested in order to feel energized for the next day.

Success Morning • If your child has trouble getting out of bed, adjust his bedtime accordingly. What child wants to go to bed earlier? Move bedtime up 15 minutes for every morning you struggle to get your child out of bed. You should see a turn around within days. • Use a picture or word chart as a “routine reminder”, and let your child earn stickers for following it. Recognize your child’s efforts with a special treat (e.g., story, walk the dog, dance to favorite song, or call a grandparent) when he earns a predetermined amount of stickers. • Discuss time and exactly when he should be ready to walk out the door. Put a clock in your child’s bedroom or bathroom. If your child is too young to tell time, draw a picture showing how the clock will look or tell him when the long hand gets to a certain number it is time to go. • Wake up early enough to avoid feeling rushed, and discuss the day’s events with your child. Ask her what she’s looking forward to and tell her your plans for the day too.

Anything worth doing takes time and energy! Practice. Be patient with your child and with yourself. Great teachers spend tons of time establishing, practicing and tweaking their classroom routines. If you make the time to organize your household and establish a consistent routine, you too will find that you can have your cake and eat it too!

For more tips from the teachers’ toolbox, visit

Afternoon Unloading the car after school and activities can create a mountain of clutter. • Label areas to create an organized space. Designate a specific spot by the door for backpacks. • Check your child’s folder, and make sure completed homework goes back into his backpack. Are you setting a good example of an afternoon routine? • Hang your keys, purse or briefcase in the same spot. Charge your cell phone near your belongings. • Keep a checklist by the door to ensure your family has everything as you leave the house. 49

immunizations matter preventing childhood diseases words Jamie Lober

every parent wants to protect the health of their child. And if the topic of immunizations has not crossed your dinner table, it should. “Immunizations have become something we take for granted, but they serve a very important public health purpose in preventing a variety of very serious illnesses,” says Dr. Eric Saslow, a behavioral neurologist at the UCLA Medical Plaza. Not only are you protecting your child, but you are making others safer as well. “It prevents disease in individuals, but there is also a herd effect, so it also makes communities safer,” insists Dr.

Concerns like a possible connection between immunizations and childhood disorders are often unfounded. 50 kidsla fall 2009

health Saslow. In other words, you should not summarizes Dr. Fisher. “You can get side Immunizations for Birth – Age 6 assume that your child does not need effects like redness or swelling at the site Age Immunization to be vaccinated just because other of the injection or a slight fever,” tells children are. Ramirez. Birth Hepatitis B (Hep B) Vaccinations really can be lifesaving. “Other side effects that are very 2 Months Diphtheria, tetanus and “These are the same vaccinations we dangerous include seizure, fever higher acellular pertussis (DTaP), Haemophilus influenza type b have had for years but they are safer and than 104, severe vomiting or rash from Conjugate (Hib), Polio (IPV), more studied now than ever before,” head to toe,” notes Dr. Fisher. But there Hepatitis B (Hep B), Pneumoccal Conjugate (PCV) and Rotavirus (RV) says Dr. Danielle Fisher, pediatrician. is a slim chance of these more severe Some parents are leery of giving all of side effects. Focus on the positive. “Over 4 Months Diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTaP), Haemophilus the vaccines at once. “When looking at time, we found that not only do the influenza type b Conjugate (Hib), antibody response for giving one vaccine benefits outweigh the risks, but there Polio (IPV), Pneumoccal Conjugate (PCV) and Rotavirus (RV) or several at the same time, the body is still a need to vaccinate kids for the 6 Months Diphtheria, tetanus and acellular responds exactly the same way and diseases,” continues Dr. Fisher. If you are pertussis (DTaP), Haemophilus you do not have any increase in serious questioning the need to vaccinate your influenza type b Conjugate (Hib), Polio (IPV), Hepatitis B (Hep B), side effects. Not only is it safe, but it is child, weigh the risks versus the benefits Pneumoccal Conjugate (PCV), advisable,” insists Dr. Fisher. Maintain and make an informed decision. Rotavirus (RV) and Influenza (annually) open dialogue with your pediatrician If you are afraid an immunization about your child’s medical history, may jeopardize your child’s wellness 1 Year Diphteria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTtaP), Haemophilus prior experiences with vaccinations and or safety, express your feelings to your influenza type b Conjugate (Hib), allergies. pediatrician along with the source of measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), Varicella or chicken pox Your child needs you to help protect your concern, as it may just be a common (VAR), Pneumoccal Conjugate (PCV) him starting at birth when his immune misconception. Concerns like a possible and Hepatitis A (Hep A) system is not yet fully developed and connection between immunizations 18 Months Hepatitis A (Hep A) ready to fight infections. Los Angeles and childhood disorders are often 4-6 Years Diptheria, tetanus and acellular Unified School District (LAUSD) unfounded. “There is very strong pertussis (DTaP), Polio (IPV), requires one dose of Varicella or chicken medical evidence that argues against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), Varicella or chicken pox pox, three doses of Hepatitis B, two any connection between immunizations (VAR), Influenza (annually) doses of Measles, Mumps and Rubella, and autism. People need to bear in mind four doses of Diphtheria, Tetanus and that simply because something makes Pertussis and three doses of Polio. “After he turns six, your child an appearance at some point following something else it does not should get the last Tetanus. He will still have to come back at suggest cause and effect,” says Dr. Saslow. 11 to get the Meningitis and Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis “Even in a society or instances where immunizations are not vaccine,” says Marta Ramirez, an RN for the LA County Health given, you are going to see conditions like autism or infantile Department. Be sure to keep up-to-date records of all shots, dates spasms. This makes it very challenging as a statistical matter to and reaction, if any. The pediatrician may provide you with a make a connection between rare disorders and something that is pocket-sized booklet to get you started. being done for millions of kids,” determines Dr. Saslow. LAUSD requires a Mantoux TB test with results for kindergarten Preservatives must be included. “Unfortunately you cannot get registration for students who are new to the state of California. away with preservative-free vaccines because they will not be You’ll also need to decide if the flu shot is right for your child. stable from the time they are manufactured to the pediatrician’s The effect of the flu shot lasts one year and it is always revised. office to the time it is used,” explains Dr. Fisher. The American Lung Association recommends being vaccinated Schools encourage vaccinations yet offer a waiver to parents against influenza between October and March. who may object. Do not think you can get away with not There are a few risks to these immunizations. “Some kids have immunizing your child. “We still see outbreaks from time to no side effects or just sleep more the day or two after they get the time of these diseases,” says Dr. Fisher. “While it may seem like shots. Within 48 hours of the vaccines, some babies get a little bit the immunization requirements are growing, the truth is we are of a low-grade fever, meaning 101-101.5 degrees, or a little fussy,” better protecting our children from disease.” 51


back to school with a new flu what you should know about the H1N1 flu words SueAnn H. Ingersoll, RN, ARNP

art Tane Beauvois

“do you think my child has swine flu?” For the past five months in my pediatric clinic I have heard this question regularly from patients. The media hype earlier this year brought intensified awareness of the flu, and particularly H1N1. With school about to recommence and seasonal flu time right around the corner, concerns are on the rise. The prevailing questions from my patients are: 1) How is H1N1 different than seasonal flu? 2) When do I worry? and 3) What can I do to prevent it from attacking my family? Let’s clarify what H1N1 flu is. H1N1, novel Influenza A and formerly known as Swine Flu, is a new strain of flu virus. The fact that the virus has mutated makes H1N1 unpredictable and possibly more virulent than seasonal flu. The mutation of H1N1 creates an unknown virus to our immune system, so we don’t have any antibodies with which to fight the illness. Our lack of immunity increases the ease with which complications may arise and the pandemic can spread. Spreading of H1N1 flu is like seasonal flu and is highly contagious. Germs spread through respiratory droplets when a person with the flu sneezes, coughs

Anyone with flu-like symptoms should stay home. Flu is contagious one day prior to symptoms and for at least seven days or until symptom-free for 24 hours. or has direct personal contact with others. The virus can live on objects from two to eight hours. Germs spread to your children when they touch something contaminated and then touch their eyes, nose or mouth. Signs that your child has the flu may include a fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body ache, headache, chill, fatigue and for some, vomiting or diarrhea. The prevailing question for a parent is: When do I worry about seasonal flu and particularly H1N1?

See a health care provider when: • Your child has persistent flu symptoms. H1N1 is potentially more likely to progress into severe illnesses like bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory distress and additional complications. • You or your child has flu-like symptoms and are in a high-risk group including: under five years old, pregnant, over 65 years old and anyone with chronic medical conditions. • You have ANY concerns about your child’s illness; always contact your health care provider early into the illness. > 53

health Seek urgent medical care when your child has: • Difficultly or fast breathing • Decreased drinking and/or not urinating every 6-8 hours • Persistent vomiting • Lack of interaction or is inconsolable • Improved symptoms are then followed by fever and deeper cough within the week The good news is that viral testing, treatment and prevention options are available for both seasonal flu and H1N1. Ask your healthcare provider about them and decide if your child is a proper candidate.

H1N1 vaccine update: • Production of an H1N1 vaccine is underway and will be available sometime this fall. • Those advised to receive the H1N1 vaccine are those aged 6six months-24 years, pregnant, have high health related risks, a caregiver for children less than 6 months and health care workers.

The best option is to focus on the following flu prevention tips: • WASH HANDS OFTEN! Remind your kids to wash with hot

soapy water for at least 20 seconds (sing Happy Birthday). Always wash after school and before you eat anything. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers also work well. • Cough and sneeze into a tissue covering mouth and nose. Throw tissue away and wash hands. If a tissue is not available, it is best to sneeze into your upper arm. • Keep hands away from eyes, nose and mouth. • Anyone with flu-like symptoms should stay home. Flu is contagious one day prior to symptoms and for at least seven days or until symptom-free for 24 hours. • Keep up-to-date with local public health recommendations and follow their advice. According to the CDC, 36,000 people die annually in the United States from complications associated with seasonal flu but only 127 people have died thus far from H1N1. Do not panic. Practice active flu prevention, and see your healthcare provider if you have any concerns.

Resources: Center for Disease Control: California Department of Public Health: World Health Organization:

LOOKING FOR THE INSIDE SCOOP ABOUT APPLYING TO PRIVATE ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS IN LA? This book is a detailed roadmap for parents to follow as they navigate through the paperwork, deadlines and personalities at Los Angeles’ top private elementary schools, including information about: • • • • • • • • •

What it takes to get in How to apply for financial aid How schools seek socioeconomic and ethnic diversity Tips for the parent interview How to prepare for your child’s testing day Advice on completing your applications Applying for a child with special needs Kindergarten readiness PUBLISHED And much, much more! BY FAT



Christina Simon is the parent of two children at The Willows Community School in Culver City. Anne Simon is the former head of the Wildwood Elementary School and the former Dean of the Crossroads Middle School. Porcha Dodson spent five years as a teaching partner and Director of Diversity at the Curtis School in Bel Air.



love at first bite the importance of teaching good oral health habits to children at an early age words Dr. Miles Hall, DDS, MBA


to the American Dental Association (ADA), too many Americans lack a basic understanding of preventive oral health â&#x20AC;&#x201D; things like brushing, flossing, eating a healthy diet and drinking fluoridated water. Fluoridation is the single most effective public health measure to protect against tooth decay. According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 70 percent of U.S. residents who get water from community water systems now receive fluoridated water (up from 62.1 percent in 1992 to 69.2 percent in 2006). In addition to water and toothpaste, people can find fluoride in mouthwashes and as a supplement in the form of drops or tablets. Talk to your dentist for the recommended amount. The good news is that there are several simple preventive measures parents can take to instill good oral hygiene at an early age. These steps help to combat cavities and make going to the dentist a pleasant experience for children, setting the stage for a lifetime of good oral health habits. The key is to start early with these tips: Show your kids that practicing good oral health is important and can be fun by practicing good oral health yourself. (Do as I say, and as I do!)

No matter how parents get their children engaged about practicing good oral health, the result will be a smile that lasts a lifetime. Take your children to the dentist regularly (usually every six months or as directed by your dentist) for routine cleanings and check-ups. This is not only good for the mouth, but the psyche, as kids can build a comfort level with their dentist as a result of routine visits. Always ask your children if they brushed their teeth before they leave for school and when they are getting ready for bed. Reminders are helpful.

Remember that a travel toothbrush can be easily packed in your childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s backpack or locker so they can brush after snacks and lunch while at school. Teach your children the importance of flossing too. (Just as brushing is important in preventing cavities, flossing is equally important for in-between the teeth. Flossing also helps to prevent gum disease, which can contribute to health complications later in life.) > 55


Baby Teeth & Beyond… A Pocket Dental Guide For Parents By Payman Pirnazar, D.D.S., M.S.

At What Age Should I Take My Child To See A Dentist? Remember: “1st Baby Teeth Visit By 1st Birthday!” The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that a child first visit a Pediatric Dentist 6 months after the eruption of the first teeth and no later than 2 years old. The Pediatric Dentist can not only evaluate the child’s dental status, but also educate parents on the various aspects of proper dental care so that dental problems may be PREVENTED rather than teeth needing to be restored.

What Are Dental Cavities?

Encourage your children to eat breakfast every day. Studies show that children who eat breakfast are less likely to eat sugary snacks throughout the day. (It really is the most important meal!) Avoid fruit roll-ups, chewy fruit snacks and candy that stick to teeth and are hard to clean off. Rinse with water immediately after drinking anything sugary. Studies have shown that teenagers are drinking more soda. Remind them to rinse with water after drinking or use a straw to lessen the amount of acid that gets on their teeth. Limit the frequency of sugary snacks, drinks and cereals for all ages to cut down on tooth decay. You should pick a dentist that you and your family will like and trust. It will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. For kids who may be a little older, an online quiz might be a “cool” way to pique their interest. For example, CIGNA Dental has created a Cavity Risk Assessment Tool ( programs/dental_health/quiz/cra_quiz.html) to help individuals and their dentists identify factors that might increase risk for cavities. The tool is available to anyone who has Internet access and might just be something the older kids would consider checking out. No matter how parents get their children engaged and interested about practicing good oral health, the result will be a smile that lasts a lifetime. 56 kidsla fall 2009

The term dental cavity simply refers to holes or “cavities” created on a surface of a tooth. The mouth of healthy individuals, whether a child or an adult, usually harbors millions of microscopic bacteria, which ingest carbohydrates and sugar products and in turn release an acidic by-product into their environment. Over a period of time, this acid dissolves the hard structure of the teeth, eventually leading to formation of dental cavities.

What Is Early Childhood Tooth Decay? Early Childhood Tooth Decay is a term that usually refers to dental cavities found in children younger than 3 years old. When children fall asleep while drinking from the bottle, their teeth are often bathing in the milk or juice. This long-term exposure to milk and juice greatly increases the occurrence of dental cavities as well as the rate of their progression once they are formed.

Why do Cosmetic Dentistry on Children & Teenagers? Although baby teeth are eventually replaced by permanent teeth, they may be present until the age of 11 or 12. Many parents prefer to restore teeth with more natural-looking tooth-colored restorations rather than silver amalgam fillings or metal crowns, especially if the tooth is going to be present for several years. It is amazing how much a child’s self-esteem and confidence is affected, especially in the early school years, when a metal crown is placed. For more information and photos about Cosmetic Dentistry for Children, please visit the photo gallery at To learn more about Cosmetic Pediatric Dentistry or for more information about Dr. Pirnazar and BabyTeeth Children’s Dentistry, visit or call 310.443.9596.

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Dentist visits can be stressful to any kid, even the adult kind. Parents are always looking for pediatric dentists to provide the special attention their kids need. The following top pediatric dentists distinguish themselves from others, not only by their expertise in pediatric dentistry, but because of their warmth and understanding of their young patients. 57


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Payman Pirnazar, D.D.S., M.S. BabyTeeth Children’s Dentistry

Dr. Payman Pirnazar’s BabyTeeth Children’s Dentistry is a unique, personalized, high-tech private dental practice, specializing in preventive and cosmetic dentistry for infants, children and teenagers. Dr. Pirnazar and his staff cater to families who appreciate quality care and personalized attention. He has a unique ability to relate to kids, and has earned a reputation for creating beautiful smiles for children and teenagers within the entertainment industry and throughout Southern California by combining cosmetic dentistry and pediatric dentistry. BabyTeeth offers high-tech dentistry with a personal touch, using technology such as the DIAGNOdent Laser Caries Detector, which quickly and painlessly detects cavities without X-ray radiation. The office is also very kid-oriented, with younger patients coloring or watching movies, while older kids can play video games or surf the ‘net. They treat kids as if they are their own. Scheduling only 10 to 15 patients a day, rather than 40 to 50 at most other clinics, furthermore enhances the personalized care. Experience has shown them that the extra time spent on patients goes a long way to establish a long-lasting dental relationship. By establishing trust with his patients and using behavior management techniques, Dr. Pirnazar is usually able to treat young children in a more cooperative manner and without the need for sedative agents. In fact, he is often able to provide dental treatment without the use of local anesthetics (shots) or sedative drugs. Dr. Pirnazar is passionate about helping children and teenagers maintain healthy and beautiful smiles by establishing a positive attitude toward dentistry. Why? Because a child’s smile is priceless.

Education: UCLA School of Dentistry University of Illinois, Pediatric Dentistry Specialty Certificate Affiliations: American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry American Dental Association California Dental Association West Los Angeles Dental Society Specialties: Preventive & Cosmetic Dentistry for Infants, Children and Teenagers Location: 10921 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1103, Los Angeles, CA 90024, 310.443.9596


58 kidsla fall 2009




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Christie Burnett, D.D.S. and Deepa Sreenivasan, D.D.S., M.S. Westchester Pediatric Dentistry, Los Angeles

Westchester Pediatric Dentistry, provides progressive pediatric dental care, specializing in preventive dentistry, quality restorations and aesthetic dentistry. Drs. Burnett and Sreenivasanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s practice makes every effort to make dental care a pleasant, relaxed and fun experience, helping children prepare for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Dr. Burnett earned her doctorate at UCLA in 1999 before serving a postdoctoral residency at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hospital in Boston. She believes that fun and educational early dental experiences can help children establish healthy habits for a lifetime of great smiles. Dr. Burnett and her husband, Dr. Jay Sison, have two children of their own. She enjoys traveling and coaching kidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s soccer. While earning her doctorate from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry in 2001, Dr. Sreenivasan found that she especially enjoyed providing children with positive dental experiences. This

led her to the University of Illinois, where she received her masters in oral sciences with a specialty in pediatric dentistry. Dr. Sreenivasan enjoys traveling, running, and watching movies. Both women are dedicated pediatric dentists whose warmth and sincerity is felt by every patient. They look forward to seeing their young patients smile around the world.

Affiliations: Diplomates, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry American Dental Association California Dental Association Western Los Angeles Dental Society Specialties: preventive dentistry quality restorations aesthetic dentistry Location: 8540 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 710 Westchester, Los Angeles CA 90045 310.216.5754 Website: 59


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PediatricDentists Brian Adams, D.D.S. inside Diamond Bar Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center.

Brian Adams, D.D.S.

Diamond Bar Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center

NEED A DENTIST THAT WILL PUT YOU TO SLEEP? DIAMOND BAR ORAL & MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY CENTER is truly a unique facility. Not only does the center provide all types of restorative, cosmetic & urgent care dentistry, they also accommodate patients with special needs providing sleep dentistry - safely and comfortably - for children & adults with severe dental phobias, a disability, or patients who may require extensive dental work under sedation. For more than 20 years, Brian Adams, D.D.S., Medical Director and Administrator of the surgery center, has been considered one of the most respected, caring and compassionate dentists you could find. After years of working with unique dental cases, he became concerned for those patients avoiding correction of dental problems due to their phobia or disability. He felt compelled to find a solution to what he realized was a very common problem. He brought a team of professionals together and built one of the most successful surgery centers in Southern California, dedicated to assisting these patients with their unique problems, fears and concerns. Dr. Adams and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. Sanford Gaum, D.D.S., both understand the anxiety associated with dental healthcare. They also know the dangers associated with poor dental health and have seen first hand, many children and adults go years without proper dental care due to this genuine fear of the dentist’s office. Dr. Adams and his staff have created a worry-free environment, enabling these fearful patients to receive the critical dental care they desperately need in order to maintain good dental health. His exceptional team knows how to provide a calm, soothing environment to help keep patients at ease during what can be an extremely stressful experience. One patient describes his experience by saying, “Going to the dentist was always terrible for me. The sound of the drill would send me over the edge. I requested Dr. Adams use sleep dentistry and got my fillings without

60 kidsla fall 2009

even knowing. I will definitely go back to him for all of my dental procedures.” Many dentists have patients who require simple, routine dental care but who are unable to receive this routine care without the aid of general anesthesia or IV sedation. This is one of the reasons dentists will refer their patients to Dr. Adams. Whether it’s an adult with a deep phobia about going to the dentist, a developmentally disabled child requiring special care to undergo dental services, or a teenager requiring removal of molars or wisdom teeth, Dr. Adams and his team treat each unique individual with the care and respect they deserve. Once work is completed, patients are sent back to their general dentist for follow up and future care. Dr. Adams and Dr. Gaum have treated over 22,000 pediatric cases that have required IV sedation or general anesthesia. Anesthesia is administered by certified and licensed anesthesiologists as well as nurse anesthetists. When sleep Photos: Jason Wallis

Dr. Brian Adams provides dental care using sleep dentistry for a patient at the Diamond Bar Surgery Center.

dentistry is required, each patient is given a full physical examination and a complete review of their medical history is performed. The surgery center’s professional team includes the most qualified surgical nurses and technicians in a hospitallike setting, using advanced patient monitoring systems for the safety and comfort of all patients. Given the uniqueness of the practice, they are open Monday through Saturday, 24/7, by appointment. On many weekends, you may find Dr. Adams and Dr. Gaum at the surgery center treating an emergency dental patient. The center treats any and all dental issues that may arise in the general dentist’s office but may require more than what the general dentist can provide. People from all over California have visited Diamond Bar Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center. Dr. Adams receives most of his referrals from hundreds of dentists who are confident their patients will receive exceptional results and the specialized dental care they need for overall health.

Education: Dr. Brian Adams University of California at San Francisco Dental School Dr. Sanford Gaum Dalhousie University Dental School, Nova Scotia, Canada Website:

Specialties: cosmetic dentistry restorative dentistry special needs dentistry sedation and sleep dentistry Location: 1448 Bridgegate Drive, Diamond Bar, CA 91765 For appointments and further information contact: Diamond Bar Surgery Center 909.860.7767



David Nikfarjam, D.D.S. Beverly Hills Pediatric Dental Group

Children are entitled to experience a tender, caring approach to their dental care. A lifetime of good dental health starts in infancy. Which is why Dr. David Nikfarjam is a strong believer in prevention and early intervention. Forming good dental habits and creating positive experiences at a young age is Dr. Nikfarjam’s priority for his young patients. Affectionately known as Dr. Nik, he has been in private practice for over 10 years. His passion also brought him to Jacobi Medical Center in affiliation with Yeshiva University and Albert Einstein Medical Center where he served as the Chief Resident while obtaining a specialty in Pediatric Dentistry. The entire staff at the Beverly Hills Pediatric Dental Group takes pride in being able to rescue timid patients by creating trust with the youngsters who are usually apprehensive about visiting the dentist. Patients and their parents are able to come in for an optional “New Patient Orientation” where they get a chance to meet the dental team and become familiar with the sights, sounds and feel of the office. The dental office is designed to fulfill the child’s needs and comfort. The theme of the office is “Jungle Theme.” There are game rooms that are supplied with toys, puzzles and books that provide amusement for the children before their dental exam. Each patient room contains different elements that transfer peacefulness to the patient. The children’s interests are captivated by the cartoon character paintings in the rooms. The dental chairs are equipped with flat screen televisions, and movies are offered to accommodate the patients with relaxation. For the new patients, they are given a certificate for their first dental visit with their photo attached. Prizes and treats are given to the patients after their dental exams. Highly entertaining through puppetry, song and storytelling, Dr. Nik provides quality dental care in the guise of an experience that will leave your children happy and eager to return. The latest in dental technology is combined with genuine compassion and concern. A positive, gratifying dental experience will help children build confidence and knowledge, establishing a great model for their future dental health.

62 kidsla fall 2009

Education: University of California, Berkeley University of the Pacific, San Francisco Jacobi Medical Center, New York Affiliations: Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry American Dental Association California Dental Association California Society of Pediatric Dentistry International Society of Pediatric Dentistry

Services: Preventive and Routine Dental Care Oral Habit Prevention Interceptive Orthodontics Treatment of Children with Special Needs Conscious Sedation IV Sedation Digital X-ray technology Location: 99 N. La Cienega Blvd., Suite 308, Beverly Hills, CA 310.855.9920 Website:

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getaways (kids optional)

Family, or Ohana, gatherings at Trump International Hotel Waikiki are a luxurious island getaway. The hotel’s “auntie” leads a special children’s program, and each “keiki” gets special children’s menus, kiddie cocktails, bathtub amenities and other special surprises as part of the Trump Kids program. Special introductory rates available November 16 through December 21, 2009. 877.683.7401,

Kids Eat Free

La Grande Orange in Santa Monica lets kids under 7 eat free from the kids menu daily from 5 p.m. - 6:30 p.m., now through December 31. Kids can choose from ooeygooey mac n’ cheese, playful pb&j rolls, hot and crunchy grilled cheeses or eyepopping fresh fish platters. Healthy sides include wiggly orange vegan jello slices and juicy fresh fruit cups. 2000 Main St., Santa Monica, 310.396.9152, Who else offers free kids meals? Café 50’s, 11623 Santa Monica Blvd., West Los Angeles, 310.479.1955, Wednesdays kids eat free from “under 10” menu, with each adult meal purchased.

Visit Orlando during the off-season and stay at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, who’s offering the “Three for Free” package. Starts at $149 per night, includes complimentary room upgrade, full breakfast for two each morning and a fourth night free. 800.55.HYATT or

Denny’s, check for participating locations, Tuesdays (some Saturdays too) kids 10 and under eat free from 4 p.m. - 10 p.m. Up to two free kids entrees per one regularly priced adult entrée purchased. El Torito, check for locations, Saturdays until 3 p.m., kids 12 and under can get one free kid’s menu meal per regular adult entrée purchased.

Moms can take off on the Girlsfriends Give Back in Paradise package at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on Hawaii’s Big Island. Available through December 20, 2009, mom friends can book packages that start at $249 a night, which includes a daily Hawaiian Lava Flow beverage, shopping bag, chocolate treat and choice of front row luau seating or champagne sunset sail. For each night booked, Hilton donates five dollars to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure foundation. Go now, before the guilt sets in. 800.HILTONS or

Giggles ‘n’ Hugs Children’s Restaurant, 11701 Wilshire Blvd. #11, Los Angeles, 310.478.HUGS, Tuesdays, all day, with admission, kids eat free with each adult meal. IHOP, all locations, Kids eat free every day until September 13 from 4 p.m. - 10 p.m., with purchase of kid’s drink and adult meal. 63

grab bag: activities

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Join over one million kids on Read for the Record Day on October 8, as they all read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Attend a special reading at the Los Angeles Public Library, 630 W. 5th Street, from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m., with special guests Lo Bosworth and Henry Winkler. Every Picture Tells A Story Gallery is the exclusive retailer for the 40th Anniversary Very Hungry Caterpillar giclee print. Personally signed and numbered, $450. 1311-C Montana Ave., Santa Monica, 310.451.2700,

disney Soccer Mom Tired of lugging around your whole house to watch your kid’s games? The Shade Wagon can carry everything for you — up to 800 pounds! Sports an umbrella and turns into foldable chairs. $549,

The Walt Disney Family Museum opens in San Francisco on October 1. The museum will illuminate Walt Disney’s tremendous successes in entertaining and enchanting generations through his pioneering ventures. It will be sure to delight multigenerational families. Tickets are timedentry admission, adults $20, children 6-17 $12.50. The museum is at The Presidio of San Francisco, 104 Montgomery Street, 415.345.6800,

Climb on board Mickey’s bus to the Disney Live! Rockin’ Road Trip showing in the Los Angeles area September 20 - 27. For show times, locations and tickets: or

Hello Kitty “Three Apples” will be a multidimensional exhibition and celebration of all things Hello Kitty from October 23 through November 15, at Royal/T exhibition space, retail store and Japanese maid café. 8910 Washington Blvd., Culver City, 310.559.6300,

64 kidsla fall 2009

kids meals

burgers classic kids meal words Nicole prentice williams


American hamburger has taken on a new identity since the turn of the century. No longer is it considered arguably unhealthy fast food. Now burgers are a gourmet meal. The meat or veggie patties are some of the healthiest ever made and are essentially the canvases for “burger works of art”. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can pair with them thanks to inspired chefs, many with fine dining pedigrees. Whether they’re less-mature taste buds or parents’ experienced palates, here are a few joints satisfying adventurous burger cravings around L.A.

the counter For those who prefer their biggest burger decision to be whether or not they’ll have cheese on their double-double, more than 312,120 burger combinations seems like too much to handle when it comes to ordering what’s supposed to be a basic American meal. But that’s just what you’ll get at The Counter and instead of overwhelming they’ve proved to be an exciting and trendy dining experience, expanding to more than two dozen locations in a few years — even overseas! Kids love ordering off the clipboard given to each guest. They get a sense of independence deciding what burger masterpiece they’ll create from scratch (though with untraditional choices like apricot sauce, sun-dried tomato vinaigrette and peanut sauce, they may need some help from mom and dad). The Counter does humanely raised Angus beef, vegetarian-raised chicken or turkey or vegan-friendly house-made veggie burgers from 11 different vegetables. From there, the decisions range from 10 kinds of imported and domestic cheeses, 28 toppings — many made

veggie grill

in house — and three types of buns. You could even forget the bun, and do the modern Burger in a Bowl. You get all the same choices, but it’s served on a bed of mixed greens. They also do a “Burger of the Month” ranging from carne asada to ahi tuna and salmon burgers dressed up in different themes like Asian and Moroccan. One of their half dozen signature burgers is the way to go for the indecisive. Polish it off with a traditional malt shake or their innovative “Shake of the Month” that has included cherry pie milkshake and a churro milkshake. The Counter, five LA locations, including 2901 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.399.8383,

veggie grill For vegetarian families, the Veggie Grill, in El Segundo and soon-to-be in West Hollywood, does a veggiesteak burger that can compete with the “real” burgers. Veggie Grill does vegan comfort food like nobody can. All the dishes are made of plant-based meat substitutes, but your taste buds would really never know unless maybe someone, like myself, told you. Nothing is mushy and the food mimics the texture and taste of dishes like carne asada sandwich, blackened Bayou chicken sandwich the counter and chipotle BBQ sandwich. The veggie-steak burger 65

kids meals

comes traditionally with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles, but you can dress this burger up too with veggie chili, Portobello mushrooms or avocado. The spices, sauces and marinating are the secrets to their success. These combinations give the veggie food the irresistible taste you’ll be craving after one visit. And their sides are both addictive and healthy — sweet potato fries, steamed kale with ginger-miso dressing and tangy “chicken” wings. Even if your kids aren’t keen on vegetarian, keep the secret to yourself and you’ll pull one over on them when they dig in for what they think is fried chicken or real BBQ. The sinful chocolate pudding and carrot cake that are made without dairy, refined sugar (they only use agave nectar) and are cholesterol-free will seal the deal for you and your little ones. Veggie Grill, 720 Allied Way, El Segundo, 310.535.0025,

hole in the wall burger joint A 20-seat eatery behind a Winchell’s donuts on bustling Santa Monica Boulevard right off the 405 is the aptly named Hole in the Wall Burger Joint. Here is where a 20-year-veteran finedining chef gets down to basics making what he calls “the working man’s gourmet burger” priced at $7.95. You’re welcome in by a red and black neon sign and then welcomed to a glass of Kool-Aid and stool at the counter or outside patio. You order your hole in the wall burger joint burger like you’d order sushi with a checklist of options. First pick your ½-pound patty: beef, turkey or veggie. Buns come in pretzel bread, whole wheat and plain, spread with you choice of gourmet mayos (onion, chipotle or cranberry). They have standard cheeses and toppings or you can build something extravagant with “extra stuff” that’s $1 each such as roasted bell pepper, fried egg or sautéed mushrooms. Everything is homemade from the mayo and ketchup to the pickles and veggie burgers, so it tastes as if you were over at a friend’s house for dinner — a friend who really knows what he’s doing in the kitchen! Make it a complete meal with their bags of fresh-cut Kennebec fries or sweet potato fries. Hole in the Wall Burger Joint, 11058 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, 310.312.7013,

66 kidsla fall 2009

8 oz. burger bar

8 oz. burger bar Chef Govind Armstrong of acclaimed Table 8 traded in his upscale, white linen restaurant on Melrose for the hip and casual 8 oz. Burger Bar. Now both adults and kids are big fans of his build-your-own burgers. Pick patties of grass-fed Estancia beef, free-range turkey or veggie, then customize with dozens of condiments like house-made heirloom tomato ketchup, white cheddar or Humboldt fog cheese, and all kinds of roasted veggies. He even offers an exotic slider sampler with three mini burgers of ostrich, wild boar, bison or lamb. Everyone will get a kick out of the mini Kobe corn dogs served with purple mustard and they taste delicious! Also, on the menu are deviled eggs, fried Wisconsin cheese curds and grilled artichokes. For those who like life simpler, order the already-built 8 oz. or Melrose burgers made of hormone-free sirloin, tri-tip, short rib and chuck cured in their Himalayan salt-tiled meat locker. Of course, you can order fries or sweet potato chips, but they have some healthier sides of roasted broccoli and sautéed spinach. And if you can save room for a shake you’ll know what total indulgence is. This place is as funky and trendy as its location. You’ll find an eclectic crowd, many coming for the signature drinks at the bar, but be sure this bare bonesdesigned burger bar is just the answer to those mouth-watering burger cravings for the entire family. 8 oz. Burger Bar, 7661 Melrose, Los Angeles, 323.852.0008, H

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Natural, Luxurious Spa Quality Skincare created the green way for your green baby including body wash, cream, massage gel and diaper balm. All products are Paraben Free and Phthalate Free. and 480.635.0404

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POKETO artist series T-shirts for kids! Working in collaboration with hundreds of international artists, Poketo creates fun and quirky products for your everyday. Discover all of the fun for you and your little ones at POKETO.COM

i’m eco friendly™ eco-chic totes take the environment and style, equally seriously. US-made, from organic fabrics, in various colors and fun designs. It’s never too early to start using reusable bags and do so in style! 310.594.7876

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Evoking romantic images of centuries past and enchanted, our precious and elegant articles are historically inspired and designed to capture the magical beauty and innocence of childhood. 800.738.7418

The mini social is a members-only shopping site conceived by moms for moms. Offering high style at fabulous prices, the site provides online sample sales featuring designer clothing and accessories for babies, children and parents.

made in the u.s.a. 626.296.3537

Begley’s Best has an exciting new line of environmentally sound cleaning products. Glass & Surface Cleaners and the Spot Remover/Household Cleaners start at $6. No animal testing was used and 5% of sales go to charity.


Enjoy a guided tour of the newest exhibit Collecting History: Recent Acquisitions, followed by a workshop that allows you to make your own sculptural project, taught by artist Megan Sant. Sept. 6. 1pm to 3:30pm. MOCA, 250 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, 213.621.1741 or


Celebrate Labor Day at Descanso Gardens with music by Louie Cruz Beltran Ensemble and explore the Model A Car show on display at the lawn. September 7. 9am to 5pm. Free with Gardens admission. Descanso Gardens. 1418 Descanso Drive, La Cañada Flintridge, 818.949.4200.


Head on over to Molly’s Star Whirler Craft event to make your very own patriotic star whirler. Say “Hurray for the USA!” just like Molly did in her day. September 7. 1pm to 3pm. Free Admission. American Girl Place, 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, 877.247.5223 or


Join the 25th Annual Toshiba Tall Ship Festival and explore the bounty of tall ships and all of their beauty. Children can participate in hands-on labs and activities, as well as a Friendly Pirate School. September 11-13. 5pm to 7pm. Ocean Education Center, 24200 Dana Point Harbor Dr., Dana Point, 949.496.2274 or

Angeles, 323.667.2000 or


Sign your kids up for the fall semester of Art Design courses where they will learn critical thinking, innovation, visual


Feel like royalty at this dance party event featuring complimentary massages for parents, face painting, bubbles, balloons, and more! Dress up your little prince or princess and swing on by for an afternoon of fun. September 12. Admission: $15. CSM Family Entertainment 320 W. Wilson Ave., Glendale, 818.339.6203 or


Tour the Romance Gallery and be inspired by the art of the American West. Then, make your very own Western landscape bookmarker. September 12. 1pm to 2:30pm. Free with museum admission. Autry National Center, 4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Toshiba Tall Ships Festival


Swing by the Skirball booth and participate in hands-on art activities that are great for the whole family. September 20. 11am to 4pm. Free Admission. Skirball, 200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, 310.440.4500, or


Take an extraordinary Marine Wildlife Cruise and examine

literacy, and more. Registration begins September 14. Classes start October 18. Art Center College of Design, Hillside and South Pasadena Campuses, 626.396.2319 or kids.


To wrap up the Starlight Concert Series at the Palmdale Amphitheater, two-time ABC Dancing with the Stars champion Julianne Hough will give a special performance. September 19. Admission: $5 for ages 13 and up; Children 12 and under are free. Palmdale Amphitheater, 2723 Rancho Vista Boulevard, Palmdale, 661.267.5611 or


Participate in the free youth bike races for ages 10 and under in conjunction with the Urban Cyclocross races.

68 kidsla fall 2009

September 20. Admission: Free for children 10 and under. Ken Malloy Park, 25820 Vermont Ave., Harbor City, 310.328.3823 or

some of the many wonders of the ocean. September 20 and 27. $35 adults, $22 for children, ages 4-12 (for Institute members, $22 adults, $19 children). Ocean Education Center, 24200 Dana Point Harbor Dr., Dana Point, 949.496.2274 or


Attend this informative concert and presentation where parents and their kids can learn how to protect their ears when using personal audio technology. Afterwards, guests may enjoy a performance by Parents’ Choice award winner, Linda Severt.

e-mail calendar items to: September 22. Glendale Civic Auditorium, 1401 N Verdugo Rd. Glendale, 818.548.2147 or


This new music enrichment class for babies and young kids (ages 0-3 years old) at Totz Only will be offering a free demo. The Rock Stars in Training class was developed and is taught by two professional musicians and recording artists. September 24. 3:30pm. Totz Only, 3009 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, 818.845.8689 or


Visit this series of low or nocost events where viewers can sing, dance, play, and tell stories. Learn the art of practice, not performance. October: Wednesdays and Fridays. Music Center Plaza, 135 N. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, 213.972.3660 or


In the spirit of everything peaceful, this event is perfect. At Stop the Bullying Day, girls will play interactive games to learn how to identify bullying when they see it, stand up for themselves, and stand up for others. The event also includes dinner in the American Girl Cafe. October 3. Crafts 2pm to 5pm; Dinner 5:30 pm. Admission: $24. American Girl Place, 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, 877.247.5223 or


Attend the fun filled Read for the Record Day where parents and their kids can enjoy a book inside the library, under a tree, or just about anywhere.

Orange County Auto Show

Participate in exciting activities and enjoy A-list celebrity guest readers such as Lo Bosworth and Henry Winkler. October 8. 10am to 12pm. Los Angeles Public Library, 630 W. 5th Street, Los Angeles, 213.228.7272 or


Enjoy this unique and exciting performance where guitars will blare as drums pound the sounds of rock-n-roll, while telling the enchanting story of Cinderella. October 9-17. El Portal Theatre, 5267 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, 818.508.4200 or


Returning for the 4th Annual Pasadena ARTWalk are 40 visual artists, a gallery walk, free museum admission, hands-on activities, Halloween spirited readings of classic literature, and much more. October 10. 11am to 5pm.

Free and for all ages. Pasadena Playhouse District. 48 N. El Molino Ave., Suite 103, Pasadena, 626.744.0340 or


Girls ages 8 to 12 and their mothers are invited to an afternoon of educational activities including a panel of motivational speakers, workshops on health and beauty, a fashion show presented by Plum Denim Shop, and an array of exhibitor booths. A percentage of the proceeds will benefit Pajama Program and Hearts 4 Africa. October 10. 11am to 3pm. Admissions: $20 per person. Pasadena Convention Center, 300 E. Green St., Pasadena, 626.893.1054 or

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE FAMILY DAY: A daylong celebration of Maurice Sendak’s beloved

children’s book Where The Wild Things Are. Create your own “wild thing” using recycled materials, dance to lively jam sessions, and listen to vivacious readings of the classic tale. Get a sneak peak at the upcoming film. October 11, 10am to 4:30pm. Admission: $10 General; $7 Seniors, Full-Time Students, and Children over 12; $5 Children 2-12; Free for Members and Children under 2. Skirball Cultural Center, 2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, 310.440.4500, or


Visit this high-energy event featuring futuristic concept cars, eye-popping exotics, pre-production models, and interactive ride and drives. October 15 -18. Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim Convention Center, 800 West Katella Avenue, Anaheim, 714.765.8950 or > 69

kidsLA calendar FOUR SEASONS:

Watch a breathtaking performance titled the Four Seasons with Soloist Margaret Batjer. Listen to this remarkable violinist and leader perform Vivaldi Violin Concertos La Primavera, L’estate, L’autunno, and L’inverno. October 17 at 8pm and 18 at 7pm. Alex Theatre, 216 North Brand Blvd., Glendale, 818.243.7700 ext. 123. Royce Hall, Stone Canyon Dr. & Charles E Young Dr. E, Westwood. Check out for information on both venues.

uplifting Rudie-DeCarlo Family Theatre Musical tale of Candy, a sweet young girl sharing love, laughter, sugar and an array of fascinating All Hallow¹s Eve characters. October 18-31. Showings at 12:30pm and 3pm. Santa Monica Playhouse, 1211 4th Street, Santa Monica, 310.394.9779 ext 2 or

Descanso’s Pumpkin Roundup


As part of the Center’s perennially popular Family Series where six beloved children’s books are brought to life with a performance, Maximum Entertainment will put on a lovely production of Strega Nona. Relive the tale of this magical and generous old lady and her adventures. October 23 to 25. Admission: $70. Orange County Performing Arts Center, 600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, 714.556.2121 or


Cydne Moore

Watch this festive performance where audience members help save Halloween in this

70 kidsla fall 2009


Come join the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium’s 4th annual Halloween event “Sea Scare” for some Halloween excitement. Arrive in costume and enjoy trick-or-treating, making crafts, and a haunted house filled with ghouls and goblins! October 24. 6pm to 9pm. Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, 310.548.7562 or


Watch as Descanso Gardens transforms into a spooky Halloween backyard. Come in costume and join the costume parades (10 and 11 a.m.) followed by singalongs, face painting, and a pumpkin-decorating station. Then, take a pony ride through the magical Harvest Garden ($3 per ride). October 24. Descanso Gardens, 1418 Descanso Drive, La Cañada Flintridge, 818.949.4200 or


This spooky happening will teach children and their parents about death and mourning etiquette during the Victorian era. Children ages 2 to 12 may come in costume, play period games, make 19th century harvest crafts, and more. October 24 and 25. 12pm to 4pm. Admission: $10 adults; $8 seniors; $5 for children 6 to 12 years; Free for 6 and under. Heritage Square Museum, 3800 Homer Street, Los Angeles, 323.225.2700 or


Discover the creatures lurking in the depths of the Pacific at the Scarium of the Pacific. Get in the spirit of Halloween and enjoy the spooky décor inside the aquarium. October 24 and 25. 9am to 5pm.. Admission is $23.95 adult (12+); $20.95 senior (62+); $11.95 child (3-11); Free for children under age 3 and Aquarium members. Aquarium of the Pacific, 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, 562.590.3100 or


Celebrate your Halloween 1940s-style with Molly! Your girl

e-mail calendar items to: will learn to make a doll-sized hula skirt like the one Molly wears in her stories, create her very own cute spider craft, and enjoy a delicious meal. Girls are invited to bring a doll dressed in a delightfully frightful costume! October 25 and 31. 5:30 pm. Admissions: $30 per person. American Girl Place, 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, 877.247.5223 or


A charming Halloweenthemed Mommy (or Daddy) and Me Enchanted Lunchtime Fairytale Theatre Event Story-telling with craftmaking, enactment of a fairytale, theatre games, singa-longs, and a picnic lunch for all. October 27. 11:30am to 1pm. Admissions: $15 for children 3 to 6; Parents are Free. Santa Monica Playhouse, 1211 4th St., Santa Monica, 310.394.9779 ext 2 or


Cydne Moore

A delightfully romantic original classic, featuring handsome prince, zany fairy godmother, silly stepsisters, a zealously well-meaning stepmother and

“an enchanting Cinderella!” November 1 to December 27. Admission: $12.50 adults; $10.50 for children 12 and under. Santa Monica Playhouse, 1211 Fourth Street, Santa Monica, 310.394.9779 ext. 2 or


Celebrate Japanese culture with this festive and brightly colored event. Check out beautiful Ikebana displays, a chrysanthemum show, and a taiko drum performance. After the performance, jump on stage to try your hand at the drums. November 7 and 8. 9am to 5pm. Free with Gardens admission. Descanso Gardens, 1418 Descanso Drive, La Cañada Flintridge, 818.949.4200 or


This great opportunity to get together with a grandparent will allow guests to participate in fun activities and share a delicious meal. Includes a commemorative photo and keepsakes to take home in honor of your special day. November 13. Admission: $52. American Girl Place, 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, 877.247.5223 or


Celebrate Thanksgiving with Descanso Gardens and enjoy a lunch by Patina Catering, making the holidays easier. Their Bountiful Harvest Buffet serves up all the fixings and trimmings in Van de Kamp Hall, making sure tummies will be full. November 26. Seatings at 12pm and 2pm. Descanso Gardens, 1418 Descanso Drive, La Cañada Flintridge, 818.790.3663 or

Casper the Friendly Ghost turns 60! Here are some of his top Halloween safety tips: Costume Checklist

See clearly: If the costume has a mask, hat, eye patch or other headgear, make sure your child can see clearly. Consider using make-up instead of a mask OR have them wait to put on the headgear until they are safely away from the street and other potential hazards (steps, open Jack O’ Lanterns, narrow walkways, etc.). Step freely: Long skirts, capes, or baggy pants are often a part of Halloween costumes, but extra material can entangle and trip small feet. Make sure that costumes are short enough to allow safe movement. (It’s also a good idea to be certain that shoes fit snugly and comfortably, too.)


Show Your Glow! Light sticks, glow jewelry, and reflective tape and decals add fun to costumes and make little trick-ortreaters much more visible at night. Flashlights are great for lighting the way and keeping kids visible. Make sure the flashlights have fresh batteries. Go Green on Halloween: There are now many kinds of solar-powered flashlights and lanterns that stay bright for days. You can also find really fun “green” lawn decorations and lights to light the way for visitors to your home.

Traffic Safety

Slow Down: Remind kids to walk, not run. Leave the wheels at home: skateboards, roller blades, bicycles and wheeled shoes don’t mix well with crowded sidewalks and flowing Halloween costumes. Use Sidewalks and Crosswalks: Use well-lit sidewalks, never cut across yards or alleys. Always cross at intersections, look both ways before crossing and always obey the traffic laws.

Food for Thought

Eat before you trick-or-treat: Share a nutritious snack before leaving home. This will help children wait to eat any treats until they return home. Sort and check treats: An adult should closely examine all treats and • Throw away any unwrapped, loosely wrapped or otherwise suspicious items. • For small children, remove any hard candy or gum that could cause a choking hazard. • Make it last. Divide the treats into sensible portions that can be enjoyed in small amounts over the next few days or weeks.

Send an Adult

Trick-or-treaters should never be out alone — have at least one adult accompany them. Why not pop on a plastic tiara or paint on a clown face and tag along? 71

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Congratulations to the Dundee Family who

won the Nickelodeon Family Cruise for their submission about their family’s community service. Nine-year-old Lauren Dundee’s winning entry is below. Thanks to Nickelodeon Family Cruises for donating the vacation for kidsLA magazine’s community service contest. Dundee Family from left to right: dad Mark, Lauren, Gracie, aunt Beth Richman and mom Carolyn.

Before growing up, every kid should. . .

My family works hard to make a difference for people, animals, and our environment but it is so hard to work on everything at once. Each December, we have a family meeting to decide which charity we will help during the next year. We all gather around the table with ideas of causes we would like to work on. After we discuss all the suggestions, we vote to decide which cause we will focus on during the next year. Last year we worked to end global warming. This year we are working hard to end unwanted animals and to make sure that all pets have a safe and loving home. Working all year on one cause allows me to see what a big difference we can make and that feels very good. Everyone in my family participates and we also try to include people we know to help us. I learn so much throughout the year that I become an expert on my cause and then I teach other people too. For example, I gave a presentation to my Girl Scout troop on ways they can help save polar bears. Everyone can really be an angel by doing small things to help. Each day we try to do something special to help. It makes us all better people and that feels wonderful!

Lauren Dundee

. . . help others and become a community angel. 72 kidsla fall 2009

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