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Handling maths stress


hile many early learning centres target an academic results approach, Meerilinga stands firm in its belief that child-led, play-based learning is, and will always be, the best form of learning for our children.

can support their children by knowing when tests are scheduled, supporting good study habits and focusing on what their child did well, rather than the final percentage. Always celebrate hard work and effort over marks.

Some of the ways to help to combat maths stress for students is to start preparing for assessments early, understanding the ‘why’ and doing the easiest questions first. Parents

The Mathematical Association of Western Australia can help guide parents in talking mathematics with their children. For more information, visit

Tailored to children aged 2.5–5, the Early Learning Program provides Perth families with a safe and inclusive alternative to childcare – designed to help children (and families) feel ready for kindy. Building independence, negotiation, problem solving and resilience.

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An Evening with

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So Jason was booked into NumberWorks’nWords for two terms before he left. At first, Jason agreed as a condition for going on the holiday but after the first lesson, there was no reluctance.

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hen Jason’s parents wanted to take him out of school for eight weeks travel in 2018, they were warned that it would not be a good idea. ‘We worried about the maths,’ his mum said. ‘His teacher said it would be easy for him to miss something and then not to be able to keep up, and we weren’t confident to help.’

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Too much fun to stop

Waitlists are now open for 2020 enrolments. Contact your local centre about joining the Meerilinga family today. Visit for more information.



Maths anxiety is defined as feelings of concern or nervousness that are experienced in combination with maths. Maths anxiety or maths stress often increases around the time of assessments.

Let your child embrace the wonders of childhood as they learn through play in a quality and affordable community-focused Early Learning Program. A not-for-profit organisation and registered children’s charity, Meerilinga provides quality playbased programs where the child’s interests, strengths and needs are identified and supported by a talented team of Educators.



arents often convey their beliefs about maths to their children with comments such as ‘I wasn’t good at maths at school’ or ‘I never use maths.’ However, parents believe and tell their children that maths is important. Ask a student what they think about maths and most respond with a comment along the lines of ‘It’s ok.’ But is it?

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By Julian Ackermann and Paula McMahon

Australia’s Locall Hero r 22018 018 Parent and child attend personalised program together (from age 2 years) Reading, Writing, Maths, and Literature, and Gifted programs Jason (13 years, at right) enjoying helping his cousin, Koa, prepare for winter in Michigan.

into Year 9. Jason is continuing at NumberWorks’nWords, now doing both maths and English. We know it will keep him ahead, and he enjoys it too much for us to stop!’ Phone Janice at NumberWorks’nWords Subiaco now on 9388 3727.

LOTE PROGRAMS including Spanish, French & Italian, Afrikaans SPECIAL NEEDS and Global Delay Programs Personalised to your needs Bernice Sandler

0412 481 708


Superstar maths teacher Eddie Woo, whose online lessons have generated almost 17 million YouTube views worldwide, is set to land in Perth this November to inspire students to study mathematics. Listening to Eddie Woo speak about maths you’d think it was his one and only love, but the popular maths teacher was a history and drama guy at school. Now he’s released his first book, Woo’s Wonderful World of Maths, and it will have you thinking about the subject in ways you never thought possible.

Monday 18th November 2019 6.30pm – 7.30pm Crown Convention Centre, Burswood Only $10 per family

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From our family to yours. Packed full of great content to get you through the month. School Holiday feature inside!

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From our family to yours. Packed full of great content to get you through the month. School Holiday feature inside!