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Virtual support a national first n a national first, WA aged care provider Amana Living has partnered with Telstra Health to deliver a new service, Amana Living eConnect.


The virtual support service will provide direct video connection to health practitioners via a dedicated tablet device, to support older people living at home and their carers/families. Amana Living is the first in Australia to use all four elements of

Telstra’s MyCareManager remote eHealth platform in aged care:

VIDEO CONFERENCING This enables practitioners, such as GPs, home care support staff and McCusker Nurses (dementia specialists), to participate in video calls with the family/carer and client.

REMOTE HEALTH MONITORING Clients will use devices like glucometers, weight scales and blood pressure cuffs that send vital sign measurements directly to Amana Living staff. This helps staff to remotely monitor and manage chronic health conditions.

ONLINE PORTAL The secure portal gives clients

access to their own health records, appointments, consumer directed care budget and care plans.

INTEGRATION WITH HOME CARE SERVICE Amana Living eConnect integrates with ComCare, the mobile system used by home care staff. This means data is updated in real time so staff can respond more quickly to changes in health needs. Amana Living’s Maria Davison said: “Video conferencing and telemonitoring allow more one-to-one support for our clients and their carers, whether that’s providing counselling, helping them to access services or managing their health.”

We care for those who care

here are many people in the community who are providing physical and emotional support to a family member on a regular basis. They are more than just a relative – they are a carer. As a carer they might be taking the person they support to appointments, helping them through daily tasks, prompting them to take their medication, or doing their household chores.


Caring is becoming increasingly prevalent in our society. There are approximately 310,000 family carers in Western Australia who are

providing unpaid care and support to a family member or friend with a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness, an alcohol or other drug issue, or who is frail aged. Most people will either give or receive care at some time in their life. Carers range in age, from as young as eight to people well into their nineties. Carers WA is dedicated to supporting family carers in their role by providing emotional and social support, information and advice, training and education, and a variety of programs to

Amana Living village resident Joyce Todd and Clinical Nurse Consultant Sue Pettigrew try out the new eConnect system, which is now being rolled out to home care clients living with dementia

1300 26 26 26

enhance overall wellbeing. Carers WA also offers a professional counselling service via telephone, email, face-to-face, and Skype. If you are interested in any of our services please contact Carers WA on 1300 CARERS (1300 227 377) or email Membership is free for carers and includes the latest information on all our programs and services, as well as various other member benefits such as discounts and special offers. Please visit our website at

We care for those who care Are you caring for a family member with an illness or disability? Carers provide unpaid care and support to family members and friends who have a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness, an alcohol or other drug issue,or who are frail aged. Carers WA is a non-profit, community based organisation dedicated to improving the lives of the estimated 310,000 family carers living in WA. How we can help



Membership is FREE! Contact us to register or to learn more about the services and supports available for carers of all ages.

1300 CARERS (1300 227 377)

Infusion services in the comfort of your own home hemo@home administers chemotherapy and other medical infusions to patients in the comfort and convenience of their own home.


This Perth business was founded by Julie Adams, a specialist cancer pharmacist, and Lorna Cook, who is a registered Nurse, to address important needs amongst Perth metropolitan families for quality medical care that also offers more convenience and flexibility.

Their team consists of qualified and highly experienced nurses that travel, from Yanchep to Mandurah through to Mundaring, administering treatments for Cancers, as well as a wide range of chronic illnesses including arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease or those requiring iron infusions. Patients remain under the care of their own specialist doctor and there is also a 24 hour on call nursing service to provide an exceptionally

safe, convenient and comfortable patient experience. Finally, after administering medical infusions, all information is passed onto the specialist for medical records. By having Chemo@Home become a regular part in the medical care of loved ones, it avoids unnecessary stresses and inconveniences such as long hospital waits or carers having to take time off work. It also leads to a better quality of life and care for patients with chronic illness.

Chemo@Home is fully covered by most private health funds with no out of pocket expense. To book an appointment, call Chemo@Home on 1300 HOME CHEMO (1300 466 324) or 9328 3123, alternatively visit

Chemotherapy in the comfort of your own home We are Australia’s leading provider of home-based infusion services, administering cancer treatments and infusions for chronic conditions to patients safely, where and when it’s convenient for you. Chemo@home administers treatments for:

Chemotheraphy & Other Infusions including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Iron Infusions, IBD and more

Call us now on 9328 3123


Fully covered by most health funds

Home Appointments Available Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 5pm. All Perth Areas.

1300 HOME CHEMO (4663 24366)

C Community ommunity T Transport ranspor t Service Ser vice O ur S ohn A mbulance C ommunity T Our Stt J John Ambulance Community Transport ransport S ervice o ffers ttransportation ransportation to to a nd fro m Service offers and from h ospital a nd specialist specialist appointments. appointments. hospital and ItIt is is a no non-profit n-prrofit p passenger service rvice that that is is a available vailable to assenger se to ambulant ambulant passengers extra assistance orr m medical care on-route and passengers who who require require no e xtra a are o n-ro oute a ssistance o edical c nd hose w ho c exists serve who cannot e xists tto o se rve tthose anno ot use use their their usual usual form form of of transportation. transportation. S John A mbulance’s C rvice provides Stt John Ambulance’s Community Transport Service provides access access ommunity T ransport Se to safe, safe, reliable transportation to reliable and and affordable affordable transportation to meet to help help m eet the the e veryday needs needs o everyday off the people we serve. the p eople w e se rve.  O perational ffrom r om M 6 pm Operational Monday onday to to Friday, Friday, 7am 7am – 6pm  A f fordable, fl at rrate a te w ithin tthe he m et r o p o l i t a n a Affordable, flat within metropolitan area r ea  Ac om pa n io n s e r v ic e a vailable tto oa ccompany y companion service available accompany you ou tthroughout hroughout y ou r a ppointment your appointment

or find find out out more, more, call call 9334 9334 1300 1300 or or visit visit To T o book book or c ommunit y transpor

ow Book n

300 9334 1



Letter from the Editor


elcome to our inaugural edition of “Caring For Grandparents”. Whilst parents are busy tending to the needs of their growing children, most of them would have on-going worries for their own aging parents who are getting on in age but still living independently. Aging parents could be fiercely proud of their independence and will stubbornly struggle on with daily living amidst failing health. Since we are a resource publication, many readers have turned to us for suggestions and solutions on how their aging parents could continue on living a full and meaningful life on their own.

Caring for Seniors is a resource guide containing solely advertising features. It is published by Lasso KIP Pty Ltd which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lasso Media Pty Ltd. Lasso KIP Pty Ltd also publishes the montly Kids in Perth - The Parents’ Paper

Sales Manager: NIGEL WONG

As a result, we have brought out this annual resource magazine which readers can keep and refer back to whenever the need arises. We recognise the condition of our readers’ aging parents will cover the whole spectrum – physically fit and mentally alert right through to the frail. Hence, this magazine tries to answer the needs of the whole spectrum ranging from mental and physical activities for the fit and alert seniors to in-home and nursing care for the frail. We hope you will find this magazine useful. Since this is our first edition, invariably there will be coverage gaps. Please offer your thoughts on this initial issue and the areas and topics you would like covered in next year’s edition.

Sales and Distribution: CARYN LEONG




Production & Design: MICHAEL BAUMANIS

Printing: COLOURPRESS Distribution enquiries: Lasso KIP Pty Ltd - 8 Southport Street, West Leederville, WA 6007. P:(08) 9388 1600 W: A.C.N. 100 895 430 • ISSN No. 1443-3826 COPYRIGHT: All original material, film, separations and photography remain the property of the publishers and cannot be reproduced without written authority. DISCLAIMER: Every endeavour is made to ensure information contained is correct, however no responsibility is accepted for incorrect or misleading entries, or typographical or human error. Advertisers and advertising agencies will indemnify the publisher against all liability, claims or proceedings arising from the material supplied for this publication. All advertising shall comply with relevant state and federal laws and advertising codes of the Media Council of Australia. The opinions expressed throughout this publication are not necessarily held by the staff of Lasso Media Pty Ltd and Lasso KIP Pty Ltd. Dates and information quoted in this issue were correct at time of printing but may be subject to variation.


A modern and stylish granny flat for mum & dad. Offer your parents the independent lifestyle they need with one of our move-in ready granny flats, packed full of features such as floor coverings, window treatments, painting, dishwasher and premium appliances. We have a range of 20 stylish designs and the option to customise. Our friendly team will manage the entire process for you, including council approval, so your granny flat is ready in as little as 10 weeks from slab-down.

You receive more with Summit Granny Flats:

 Stylish custom designed kitchen  Quality kitchen appliances  Large tiled bathroom

 Lifetime structural guarantee*  Full interior and exterior painting  External wall and ceiling insulation

 Stylish window treatments  Quality floor coverings throughout  Process managed start to finish including council approvals

Call 6365 2920 or visit: PROUDLY PART OF THE SUMMIT HOMES GROUP New Home Building | Renovation & Improvements | Developments






In-house Finance


* Terms & conditions apply - please see website for details. Images for illustrative purposes only.. BRN 10689

Cancer treatments are changing with modern technology s we reach the prime of our life, the chances that we experience cancer, either ourselves or through someone we know, is a reality. Statistically, 1 in 2 Australian men and 1 in 3 Australian women will be diagnosed with cancer by age 85.1 The death rate from cancer is, however, declining thanks to advances in drugs, technology and better health screening.


Radiation therapy is a vital part of treatment in around 40% of patients cured of cancer, and one in two people will benefit from radiation therapy during their illness.2 Radiation therapy is safe and may be used alone or in conjunction with surgery, chemotherapy and other treatments.2 It is usually non-invasive, and hospital stays are not normally required. In fact, many people continue to work or carry out their daily activities during treatment. Genesis CancerCare is Australia’s leading provider of radiation oncology services. Timely and easy access to oncology services is important which is why Genesis CancerCare provides three treatment centres across greater Perth and one in Bunbury. Genesis CancerCare’s consulting specialists also conduct rural clinics in Albany, Busselton and Geraldton. Should patients need to come to Perth for treatment, fully subsidised accommodation is available to eligible patients at Genesis CancerCare Lodge.

New Radiation Therapy Technology The technology used in radiation oncology is constantly evolving. Recent advances are resulting in higher cure rates, fewer side effects, shorter treatments and improved quality of life.2 New techniques include:

Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) Modern radiation therapy for breast cancer is well-proven and has low side-effects. In some patients with left-sided breast cancer, however, it has the potential to cause cardiac damage in the years following treatment because the radiation beam may touch the heart. While radiation oncologists use various methods to minimise this already low risk, DIBH reduces the risk even further. Patients simply take in a deep

breath and hold it during treatment. Inflating the lungs creates a natural space between the heart and the breast. When this space is at its greatest, radiation is delivered, reducing the heart’s risk of radiation exposure.3

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) New technology can now provide threedimensional images of tumours allowing radiation oncologists to shape the radiation beams around the tumour. By doing so, damage to adjacent organs is limited. SBRT uses this technology to treat, for example, some smaller (less than 5cm) lung cancers, and increasing data shows that SBRT may be a comparable option to surgery in selected patients. Patients that may not be suitable for surgery, such as the very elderly or those with other medical problems, can often be treated with SBRT. It is also non-invasive and has few treatment complications.4,5,6,7,8,9 Perth Radiation Oncology was one of the first treatment centres in Australia, and the first in Western Australia, to implement this technique. Radiation therapy is also being used to combat many other tumour types, including testicular, prostate, and skin, as well as a range of noncancerous conditions, such as severe keloid scars or plantar fibromatosis.

Medical Oncology (chemotherapy, targeted therapies, biological drugs)

New and highly sophisticated drugs are also emerging in the fight against different tumours. In recent years, significant advances in drug development have seen new drugs emerge for melanoma, a specific type of breast cancer called HER2-positive, lung and prostate cancers. Many of these newer drugs target a specific defect in the cancer cell, while others harness the body’s own immune system to help ‘turn off’ the cancer. World-renown research into the benefit of exercise as cancer medicine is also ongoing. Patients attending Shenton House in Joondalup can elect to participate in an on-site and personalised exercise program under the supervision of exercise physiologists from ECU’s Exercise Medicine Research Institute.

For rapid access to world-class cancer care, ask your doctor for a referral to a Genesis CancerCare specialist. For more information phone 1300 977 062 or visit: References: 1. facts-and-figures.html 2. 3. 132-breast-cancer-treatment-is-now-even-safer

4. Simone CB II et al. Chest 2013; 143:1784-90. 5. Onishi H, et al. Cancer 2004; 101:1623-31. 6. Abreu CECV et al.. J Bras Pneumol 2015; 41:376-87. 7. Onishi H et al. J Thorac Oncol. 2007; 2(7)(Suppl 3):S94-100. 8. Shankar S & Ball D. Published ahead of print of March 16 2016 as 10.1634/theoncologist.2015-0477. 9. Roesch J et al. Transl Lung Cancer Res 2014;3(4):212-224

Caring for Grandparents with Cancer We combine the highest level of care with rapid access to the most advanced treatment techniques to make a difficult time as positive as possible. For assistance with diagnosis, treatment, or a second opinion, ask your doctor for a referral or contact us for more information. Radiation Oncologists Dr Siddhartha Baxi Asst. Prof Raphael Chee Dr Jerome (Jerry) Freund Dr Chris Harper Dr Melanie Jackson Prof David Joseph Dr Margaret Latham

Dr Eugene Leong Dr Tee Lim Dr Evan Ng Dr Serena Sia Prof Nigel Spry Dr Yvonne Zissiadis

Medical Oncologists Dr Tim Clay Dr Andrew Dean

Bunbury • Joondalup • Murdoch • Wembley

1300 977 062

Gymnastics for health s loved ones get older, it’s important to suggest regular exercise activities which are low impact and will help prevent future injury and falls. Seniors gymnastics is worth consideration.


Come & Try Free Session for first timers .

Northern Districts Gymnastics, Gymnastics WA’s 2015 Champion Club of The Year, offers a gentle but challenging Seniors Recreational program to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of senior citizens across Perth. This program is non-competitive and offers senior men and women with regular exercise which is varied, challenging and where individual progression is based on the person’s capabilities rather than set to a curriculum or timeline. NDGC’s Seniors Recreational program welcomes senior citizens to join without feeling intimidated. Every gymnastics movement was chosen because it is age appropriate,

low impact and safe. The focus of Seniors Recreational classes is to have fun and to learn and improve health and wellbeing in a safe environment. Gymnastics offers several important benefits for the elderly including:

• Physical benefits such as improving cardiovascular fitness, bone density, balance, core strength and flexibility. • Mental and cognitive benefits as gymnastics stimulates neural connections to all parts of the body to improve alertness, coordination and concentration. • Social benefits include opportunities to form new friendships and community participation. Call Northern Districts Gymnastics Club on 9240 6861 to advantage of their Come & Try Free Session for first timers. Alternatively, visit or facebook for further information.

Mandurah’s Seniors Centre Keep active and engaged with others and the community Membership is available to people over 55 years and includes: • Events; concerts, themed lunches, talent quests and more • Discounted services; hairdressing, podiatry and more • Discounted meals Monday to Friday • Workshops, activities, classes and clubs

NORTHERN DISTRICTS SENIORS RECREATION For all skills & fitness levels. • Fun mental & physical challenge • Make new friends • Improve health & wellbeing • Prevent injury & falls • Low impact exercises



Northern Districts Gymnastic Club Inc

1/5 Whipple St, Balcatta P 9240 6861 | |


Hearing has never been easier! With Signia Pure, we deliver two clinically proven world firsts - better than normal hearing in challenging listening environments like busy restaurants, and reduced listening effort thoughout your day.

• University qualified Audiologists • Independant family owned clinic • Highly competitive prices

We understand that not every person has the same needs and will work with you and your

Call (08) 6365 3259 today First 25 Callers receive a FREE trial on the latest technologies available

< Signia Pure Primax 7

Find out how TADWA can help with: • • Mobility equipment • •

Three convenient locations with easy parking: Fremantle Central 13/15 Parry Street Fremantle

Osborne Park Medical Centre 1/168 Main Street Osborne Park

Mundaring Medical Centre Suite 5, 5 Nichol Street Mundaring

Please see our glowing testimonials at

The Importance of Saying Goodbye t some time in life, everyone will experience the loss of someone close. The grief, confusion and numbness that accompany the news of a death can often make decisions regarding funeral arrangements difficult and stressful. The professional and caring team at Bowra & O’Dea are here to guide you through the process, with respect and understanding.

A positive way of putting affairs in order before the need arises, is to plan ahead.

Significant life events are shared. Birthdays and weddings offer opportunities for coming together. Funeral services are the same; they allow those who knew your loved one to show that their life mattered.

By pre-paying a funeral plan you not only have the benefit of fixed prices at present day rates, but also of knowing that the financial burden has been eased. The experienced staff at Bowra & O’Dea can arrange to meet with you to discuss your options, answer your questions and provide an obligation free quote.


Funerals aren’t necessarily about religion. They, ironically, celebrate life and offer those left behind with a meaningful and respectful way of saying goodbye. The many rituals and values associated with funerals mean so much and help the grieving process of those left behind. Funerals are just as important for those left behind as they are for loved ones we’re saying goodbye to.

Have discussion with your loved ones, so their wishes are known. You have the time to make decisions about their farewell knowing the funeral will reflect their expressed wishes, giving you both peace of mind along with lessening the emotional stress on your family.

To find out more or book an appointment, call 9231 5199 (24 hours a day) or visit

Specialists in stairlifts, mobility equipment and daily living aids.

Let us help you stay at home for longer CALL 1300 777 877

Helping people enjoy more everyday living in every day. • • • • • • •

Walking Aids Mobility Scooters Wheelchairs Adjustable Beds Bedroom Equipment Chairs – comfort & adjustable Stairlifts – indoor and outdoor

• • • • • • •

Bathroom and Bathing Aids Toilet and Toileting Aids Continence Management Dressing Aids Eating and Cooking Aids Pressure and Posture Care Bariatric Equipment

5 Sobek Pass Bibra Lake (08) 6555 4222 45 Reserve Drive Mandurah (08) 9535 1411

Sales, Hire and Service www

TOGETHER WE CAN . . . ... help you enjoy the comfort of your own home for longer with our in home support services IN HOME CARE




• Bathing & Grooming • Medication • Meal preparation • Domestic Help

• Emergency Respite • Long term Respite • Companionship • Transport

• Pain Management • Clinical care • Wound care • Continence care

• Mental Health • Community engagement • Social Support • Individualised care


Supporting Grandparents pproximately 75% of Australians over 60 years of age wish to stay in their own homes as they age. As our parents get older, they often need support to remain independent and healthy. It can be difficult to provide this support when we are managing our own lives and balancing the demands of work and family.


This is where KinCare can help.

We can deliver these services via a Home Care Package (eligibility criteria applies). This is an Australian Government subsidised program aimed at supporting older people with the care they need to remain safely and independently at home for as long as possible.

KinCare has been providing support to older people in their homes for almost 25 years. Our customers say our services make a considerable difference to their lives. In many cases, it means they spend less time on everyday activities and more time doing the things they love. KinCare currently has Home Care Packages available in your local area. For more information about an in-home solution that can help your parents stay independent and in their home for longer, please contact KinCare on 1300 733 510. BETH0404

KinCare is the largest privately owned, in-home care and support service in Australia. Our services include housekeeping, assistance with

shopping, transport to appointments, home and garden maintenance, meal preparation services, nursing care and more. KinCare’s locally-based workforce of home care workers, qualified nursing staff and allied health professionals operate across the Perth-metro area.

We’re here to give you a helping hand. If you need some help to live well at home, give Bethanie a call. We can give you a hand with just about anything, and we’re more affordable than you might think. Our aged care and at home services include: • Day therapy • Meals • Gardening • Nursing & personal care • Cleaning • Transport • Social centres • Respite

Call 131 151, or visit

Home Care Packages Trusted for the decisions that matter most - care, support and independance at home. Call KinCare today to find out more about in home services and subsidised packages to support your lifestyle choices. Housekeeping | Personal Care | Social Support Nursing | Respite | Physiotheray | Podiatry and more. Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 packages available.

1300 733 510

WA Aged Care Financial Solutions continues to deliver...  Support and

 Advice on secure

understanding from experts in Aged Care financial matters

 Peace of mind through a specialised financial plan for Aged Care complete with recommendations for the best possible financial solution

investments and estate planning needs such as Wills and Powers of Attorney

 Implementation of  Ongoing assistance dealing with Government and other institutions

Financial Solutions


As the rules around Aged Care are complex, it is important to have a full understanding of the different strategies available. What’s more, financial affairs need to be

THE CHOSEN ONES Selected by Aged & Community Services WA for the sixth year running as its exclusive financial planning partner for Aged Care residents and Home Care recipients


aking the right Aged Care decisions for a family member can make a huge difference to their emotional wellbeing and long-term financial security. All too often, decisions are made in haste when it comes to Aged Care, and a poor outcome results over the long term. It pays to prepare in advance and explore choices before decisions are made. Aged Care accommodation payments these days are of the order of $550,000 in metropolitan areas. Ongoing fees start at $48.25 per day, and in some cases an additional $25,940 per annum is required to fund the cost of care.

your financial plan

Aged Care

Navigating the Aged Care Maze

1300 827 229

structured to make the most of social security entitlements, manage upfront and ongoing Aged Care fees and potentially reduce Aged Care costs. Upfront costs may involve a lump sum payment, regular instalments or a combination of both. Depending on the situation an adviser will be able to recommend the most cost effective way to pay for upfront and ongoing Aged Care fees. The correct strategy may ensure the Age Pension is not lost and Aged Care fees are lower than otherwise. Financial advice from an experienced professional in this complex area will provide peace of mind.

Andrew Hopkins is the principal of WA Aged Care Financial Solutions, a privately owned financial planning business that has no ownership links with any financial institution or Aged Care facility.

For more information phone 1300 827 229 or visit

Unit 1, Wembley Green Offices, 127 Herdsman Pde, Wembley WA 6014 Authorised Representative of Moray Pty Ltd ABN 24 608 041 774 AFSL 480196

Rejuvenate and enjoy life again am 75 years old and as I aged, I became depressive, snappy and sad. My hearing capacity diminished remarkably, causing trouble with family and friends so I started to avoid going out or mixing with people, hence I had a very poor quality of life until I met you, and discovered that the Tomatis® Listening program was available to use in my own home.


Retrain your ears-brain-body to enjoy more vitality, more balance, better sleep and better hearing, so you can join in conversation again thanks to the Tomatis® Method.

Here are the wonderful results which I have had since starting the Tomatis® Method: • Physical balance and orientation on the streets has improved.

Home based program, easy to do, 24 to 28 hours per program.

• Concentration and awareness of the present moment has given me back the great joy of cultured conversation and also allows me to be multi-tasking again in daily life activities.

1800 677 010 |

• Memory in general is more accurate and the written word or the following-up of an interrupted

activity is possible, so the work can be continued easily. • A positive attitude allows me to endeavour new activities or projects; at the moment the bathroom at home is getting renovated for ‘real’, not just talked about, but never started. • My sleep - pattern has improved and, and I no longer wake-up several times during the night, which gives me a deeper rest. • I am more patient with myself and with others which equips me to offer time, tolerance and latitude to people, allowing situations to unfold nicely and to simply be ourselves. If you want to experience the benefits Genevieve had with the Tomatis® Method, call us on 1800 677 010 to organise a booking with Françoise Nicoloff.

Fitness, Friendship & Fun! • All ages and abilities are welcome • Active social calendar – we are a very social group that hold numerous fun events throughout the year

• Qualified coaches provide a safe environment and a structured training program or they will simply provide you with motivation and tips to keep you swimming. The health benefits of swimming have been proven time and time again, not only for your body but for your mind as well. •

MSWA provides an extensive calendar of pool and open water events that all members are welcome to participate at. We even have some 250m “Try It” Open Water events where you can swim with the kids and grandkids. Great fun for the whole family.

MSWA Clubs are located at these Pools: • • • • • • • • •

Albany Aquatic Centre Aquajetty Warnbro Aqualife Centre Armadale Aquatic Centre Ballajura Aquatic Centre Beatty Park Leisure Centre Belmont Oasis Bold Park Aquatic Centre Craigie Leisure Centre

• Craigie Leisure Centre • Fremantle Leisure Centre • Geographe Bay Aquatic Centres • Geraldton Aquarena • HBF Arena Joondalup • HBF Stadium Mt Claremont • Kwinana Recquatic

• • • • • • • • •

Leisure World Gosnells Leisurepark Aquatic Centre Maida Vale Mandurah Aquatic Centre Melville Aquatic Centre Mercedes College Murray Leisure Centre Newman College Perth College

• • • • •

Riverton Leisureplex South Lake Aquatic Centre South West Sports Centre St Hilda’s Girls School Superfins (disability Club at HBF Stadium) • Swan Park Aquatic Centre • Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre • Wanneroo Aquamotion

All MSWA Clubs offer a one month free trial

If you would like to join Masters Swimming WA and start having a great time and making new friends please go to for all the relevant information or call 9328 9469

When our Parents Age


e might not like to think about it, but we all know as we get older, we can’t quite do all the things we used to do. Often we notice these things firstly amongst our parents or grandparents. Once fit and healthy, as they age they lose strength, balance and confidence. A deterioration in function can happen quickly, particularly if they start having falls or if there are coexisting health problems. This is obviously not nice to witness happening to those we love. Should we accept this as part of the ageing process? Something that is unavoidable? Thankfully, not. Something can be done about it. Physiotherapists are healthcare experts who help older people regain or maintain strength, balance and independence. Interestingly, very often the older person won’t be aware they are

losing function. It is family members that observe it. And if this is the case, it is important to have the conversation with our older family members about what they can do to maintain their health and independence. A quick test to determine if someone over 65 should have a physio assessment, is if they cannot stand on one leg for more than 10 seconds, particularly if they have also had a fall in the last 12 months. If they are having multiple falls, or have difficulty performing daily household tasks, an Occupational Therapy assessment may also be required.

We all want our loved ones living a long and healthy life. Help them seek the appropriate help as they age, to maintain their strength, balance and most importantly, their independence.

Let us take care of the financial stress If you are looking for experienced finance professionals who can guide you through the residential aged care maze, Perth Aged Care Financial Advisers are ready to help. Whether it’s for you or for your loved one, our personalised approach in providing aged care financial services in Perth is proven to make a real difference to people’s lives.

family, increasing nursing home costs can be one of the greatest challenges of moving into residential aged care. It is our goal to help you manage your funds well and avoid costly mistakes when dealing with aged care fees. Perth Aged Care Financial Advisers help you get on track and successfully find your way to a stress-free entry to a residential aged care.

Aside from being away from home and

Perth Aged Care Financial Advisers will help you deal with important aged care decisions including: • Moving to a residential aged care facility • Funding your RAD (accommodation bond) • What to do with the family home (keep, rent, or sell) • Your options and additional fees involved when moving into a residential aged care Perth Aged Care Financial Advisers are accredited Aged Care advisers having completed specialist courses. For further information please contact us on 1300 472 232 or visit our website

Servicing Perth Metro & surrounding areas

HomeCare Physiotherapy provides individualised physiotherapy care to clients in their home. Our physiotherapists are dedicated health professionals, committed to helping you achieve your functional goals. We are able to satisfy the needs of the older population with lengthy appointments to address complex needs.

We provide treatment for conditions such as: • • • • •

Reduced mobility or balance Loss of strength after hospitalisation Pre & post operative rehabilitation Pulmonary conditions Neurological conditions such as stroke and Parkinson’s disease • Prescription of walking aids • Spinal or other joint complaints • Muscular and other soft tissue injuries

HomeCare Physiotherapy Phone: 9424 0255 Email

Help the Salvos help others with a gift in your Will Approximately 50% of Australians die without ever getting around to making a Will. We invite you to obtain our FREE 20-page booklet that may help answer many of your questions and show you how simple it can be. Having made provision for your loved ones you may also decide to include a gift (bequest) to the Salvos in your Will, which will enable you to play an active part in its ongoing work of changing people’s lives for the better.

No referral is necessary, except for Department of Veteransʼ Affairs clients. Rebates are available through private health funds. We are registered with the NDIS.

Please contact us for more information and to get your copy of our FREE booklet.

1800 337 082

Care at Home Catholic Homes’ Care at Home clients, Gina and Alfie tell us the little bit of help that Care at Home provides, gives them the chance to do what they love; spend time with their grandchildren and go to their local coffee shop. Gina and Alfie both have government funded Home Care packages and get visits twice a week from our friendly Care at Home staff. They help them with cleaning, gardening and taking them food shopping. Alfie also has a weekly physiotherapist visit to help him with his strength and balance after a fall. Gina and Alfie are like many peoples’ parents that need that little bit of extra help to stay in their own home. Care at Home can provide them that help - it lets them be independent and gives you peace mind. Care at Home, can provide your parents, with a few hours per week to make things that little bit easier. They can assist them, with anything such as cleaning their home to getting out and about. If they are on a pension, Catholic Homes will provide this service free of charge. If they need a little bit more assistance, Care at Home can create a specially tailored plan to meet their needs.

For more information contact Care at Home on 6454 1700 or visit

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and the pot of gold is yours!

We are on a mission to fight the biggest issue facing older people today - loneliness. And we are winning! There is no person in our program whose birthday wouldn’t be celebrated. Every Christmas there is Santa smiling with our clients and giving away presents. When Easter comes we are painting eggs for good luck all year round - and it works. People of European origin know that music and dancing is the best medicine for vitalizing the mind and strengthening the body - which is why we sing and dance every week, as we have been for the last 20 years. And we exercise - you should see our balloon fights! Footy players wouldn’t be stronger than us. Oh, yes, of course we will help you with personal care and around the house and garden, and we will take you shopping and to doctors, and we will buy that armchair you always wanted.

We don’t say NO, we say LETS TALK! And we wouldn’t tell you how much you have to pay either – we will negotiate.

All you need to do is ask!

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Short Courses For Adult Learners If you’re an adult there are a large range of courses that will interest you, including: ŽŵƉƵƟŶŐ • Languages • Personal Development and Training • Returning to learning Enrolments for short courses occur throughout the year. &ŽƌŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƟŽŶŽŶƚŚĞƐĞĐŽƵƌƐĞƐƉůĞĂƐĞǀŝƐŝƚŽƵƌǁĞďƐŝƚĞ or phone the College for an ŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƟŽŶŬůĞƚ Banksia Street, TUART HILL WA 6060 Telephone 9242 6222 Facsimile 9444 8538 Email

Family focus the driver for local homebuilder uying a new home is one of life’s most exciting adventures, yet it can also be one of the most daunting, and often confusing, if you don’t know where to start.


So, it will be welcome news for those families to know that one builder in WA can offer a strong 40-year history as well as awardwinning design and construction expertise at any stage of the home buying cycle to help you live the life you’ve always wanted.

Summit Homes Group has literally built thousands of homes in its almost 40 year history and operates under the very family-friendly philosophy of being “Built Around People”.

that your home is built with your family’s happiness as the sole focus. After all, that’s what being “Built Around People” means! If you already own a home and want to update it for more space to cater for little ones, the home improvement division can certainly help with more space or even a second storey. Mum and Dad investors can benefit with development expertise and with Council requirements changing in many suburbs, granny flat living is also becoming an option for many.

Because the company is so diverse, you can choose from hundreds of designs and inclusions in different price brackets meaning that first, second and third homebuyers are well catered for and have peace of mind

The Group also offers in-house finance so that you can be sure you’re not only getting the best new home design to suit your unique requirements but financial security too.

Find out more by calling 9317 0100 or visit

Mak Making ak kiiing k king ng a diffe di diff difference fe Voluntee Volunteer V Volun un nt r TTask a ask Forc Force F rc ce pr provides rovides ro des se service services TO SUPPORT Independence Independ Indepe ndenc ence AT AT HO HOME. OME.

Volunteer Task Force make such a difference to my life, they help me to get to important appointments, with gardening and jobs around the house that I can no longer do. I look forward to their visit and feel like they are my extended family.

I enjoy volunteering with Volunteer Task Force, it is one of the best organisations I have come across. I have dementia and volunteering has had such a positive impact on me by getting me out of the house and interacting with others. I feel happy as I am giving something back to the community and I really enjoy the jobs we do.

Volunteers have ve been assisting V olun o teers and staff ha Irena ears. Irena from from Como Como for for o 5 yyears.

Andrew from Melville three days A ndrew fr om M elville volunteers volunteers thr ee da ys per week. week.

Services and volunteering throughout the Perth Metro area: Gardening for Yards or Gardens Yards Garde

Water Wise G ardens Gardens

Community O utings Outings

Companion S ervice Service

Transportation S ervice Service

Household A ctivities Activities

Shopping A ctivities Activities

Home & Outdoor M aintenance Maintenance

Physical & W ellbeing Wellbeing

Social S upport Support

If you qualify for Home and Community Care (HACC) you can ask for VTF. If you are on a Home Care Package or if you qualify for NDIS or My Way we would be happy to speak with you about our services

Get in T Touch! ouch! o (08) 9318 5700 inf fo o@volunteertaskffo www.volunteertaskffo

We take care of things so you can get on and enjoy life. Home Care


Nursing Homes

Respite Care

 care services. !     help around the house, right through to nursing homes, we make it easy for you to access a full range of services so you can get on and enjoy life.

    Many of the services are subsidised so there may be no out of pocket expenses at all, but it does depend on your circumstances. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re happy to explain everything, so      

Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in good hands. For over 50 years we have been quietly providing support to older members of our community. Today weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re one of WAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest non              


    If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to learn more, please call us. Together we can        you can get on with the things that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d rather be doing.

Living the second half of life.

1300 26 26 26


Welcome to our inaugural edition of “Caring For Grandparents”. Whilst parents are busy tending to the needs of their growing children, most...


Welcome to our inaugural edition of “Caring For Grandparents”. Whilst parents are busy tending to the needs of their growing children, most...