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t's often hard to avoid waste because almost everything comes pre-packaged – and we live in a very disposable, convenience-driven world.

If we didn’t buy the polystyrene trays of fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic, shops would soon stop selling them. Unfortunately, we do buy these conveniently packaged items – in huge numbers. Bottled water is still a huge seller, despite it being a very expensive way to drink water. Most are sold in single-use plastic bottles, very few of which actually make it back to recyclers. If we all took the time to bring reusable bottles with us, refilling them with tap water, this waste stream would be greatly reduced. We’ve also been taking millions of plastic bags home after shopping. They’re convenient, we wanted them, so the shops handed them out. It’s not all bad news, though. Consumer demand and pressure has resulted in positive changes, like:



Brain scans give parents a clearer picture

Face Your Waste – “It’s not my fault!”

It’s easy to point the finger at the manufacturers and retailers who produce and sell us these items but we, the consumers, need to look at our behaviour too.

• Single use plastic carry bags are now being banned. • Retailers and supermarkets are looking to replace other problem items like straws, disposable plastic plates and cups, balloons and coffee cups. • Many takeaway stores having moved away from plastic bags and packaging, replacing them with paper and cardboard alternatives. • More people are using reusable drink bottles and BYO cups.

hen children have difficulties with attention or self-regulation, it can be difficult to decide on the right course of action. Do you focus on behavioural therapies, brain-training, diet, exercise or medication? For parents, it can be difficult to decide the best way to help their child. They’re often given different advice, and not everything works for everybody all of the time. To make what can be a difficult situation even harder to manage, there’s often considerable pressure to do something – and usually consequences if you do nothing.

From small seeds, big trees grow. It’s time to face our waste and become more aware of what we can do to become less wasteful.

The Perth Brain Centre has been helping families make these difficult decisions for over 10 years, aided by the use of functional brain imaging (known as QEEG Brain Scans). Knowing how your child’s brain is working can be helpful when looking to understand why they are feeling and behaving the way they are, and how best to proceed with treatment.

To find out more, visit

This approach was recently emphasised

• Supermarkets have begun providing excess produce to welfare agencies, rather than just discarding it. • There’s a resurgence in the popularity of repair and second-hand shops and online marketplaces for used goods.

Your child’s first memories ✓ We have a purpose built PRIVATE facility, with no public swimming allowed. ✓ Our program is designed by Bill Kirby OAM, Olympic Gold Medalist, and constantly revised and updated. ✓ Our teachers are all trained in-house to our exacting standards and are nationally accredited. ✓ Our Swim School is recognised Australia-wide for our innovative approach to teaching.

at The Annual Meeting of The American Psychiatric Association in May this year when Amit Etkin, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford, was asked how neuroscience could transform psychiatry. He responded that ‘the evidence suggests we need to find the points of circuit dysfunction at the level of the individual and normalise them’. The Perth Brain Centre believes that this is the right approach, which is why their clinics use QEEG Brain Scans to help understand how their patients’ brains are working and to help guide treatment. QEEG Brain Scans measure brain function and involve no radiation or injections – making them safe and suitable for people of almost any age. If you're interested in learning more about how your child’s brain is working, and how brain therapies can help, contact The Perth Brain Centre on 6500 3277 or at

Change your brain, change your life! The Perth Brain Centre, established in 2007, uses QEEG Functional Brain Imaging to direct effective treatments and natural ways to help the brain. An experienced and caring team of healthcare professionals provide evidence-based drug-free treatments for both children and adults

• ADHD & Learning Disorders • Anxiety & Depression • Autism • Chronic Pain • Migraines

✓ We incorporate safety into EVERY level of swimming. ✓ We give you written feedback on how your child is going, and have a pool deck supervisor to assist at every lesson.

We are PASSIONATE about swimming!

Christ Church Grammar School, Claremont, Karrinyup, Mandurah and Melville

For more information,

Attadale and Currambine locations


call 6500 3277



Childcare as individual as you


Bringing real wildlife to your backyard!

There are no excuses now to take your kids camping! We make it easy with everything set up & ready to go. This is Pop Up Camping at its best in the world class Warren National Park!

• Kids birthday parties • Shopping centre, corporate bookings & school talks

*Conditions Apply

oodstart Early Learning has launched more flexible options to help families make the most of the new Child Care Subsidy. New nine and 10 hour sessions, in addition to the ‘all day’ session, will help reduce the risk of families running out of subsided eligible hours and paying full fees. Goodstart understands that every family is different and not everyone needs 12 hours of child care a day, which is why parents can choose between the shorter nine or 10-hour sessions and the longer ‘all day’ session already offered at Goodstart Centres. ‘By providing more flexibility, we’re hoping to help better meet the needs of our families and support them to get the most out of the new subsidy that started on 2 July,’ said Centre Director, Alison Burnett.

Mention kids in perth for 10% off your next birthday party!

PAY 3 nights STAY 5*


Reds Roving G Wildlife Displays

CALL RANGER RED ON PH: 0405 563 812

To arrange a tour at a centre near you, simply call 1800 222 543 or visit

Corporate retreats on the farm



rchard Glory Farm Resort is a great venue for corporate retreats – a relaxed setting where people can leave the stress of the city behind and focus on a retreat or seminar.



With three function halls and 20 selfcontained chalets, the resort can easily accommodate groups of up to 100

people. Catering is also available. Being only one hour away from Perth, Orchard Glory Resort is a country getaway that’s close to home. If you’re planning your next seminar or retreat, contact Orchard Glory Farm Resort on 9576 2888 or visit

Located 1 hour from Perth in the picturesque Chittering Valley, Orchard Glory Farm Resort is the ideal place for corporate retreats, seminars, functions.

BOOK ONLINE. For more information phone 0427 133 335 or email

• The perfect getaway for team-building retreats, business seminars and conferences. • Function hall overlooking the lake, catering to 100 guests. • 20 modern self-contained chalets with a choice of 2/3 bedrooms. • Vineyard and winery, with catering available.

41 Mooliabeenee Road, Bindoon

Telephone: 9576 2888

Promoting safety and preventing childhood injuries in WA Lock poisons up and away from children. If you suspect a poisoning, call the Poisons Information Line on 13 11 26.

FREE Kidsafe WA


Mobile App


Age appropriate child safety content & reminders




START IS HERE Hands off! August ‘18

140 Railway Parade, West Leederville Partner:

SAVE S AVE $1 $160 60

Visit the NEW Safety Demonstration site for tips and products to help reduce injuries at home.



Only available to new customers. Save $40 a week, for the first 4 weeks on Family boxes only. Full T&Cs available online

At At Goodstart we we know know that that one size size doesn’t doesn’t fit all ffamilies. amilies. a That’s why we have intr introduced oduced new 9 and 10-hour sessions as well as our all-day sessions, to help rreduce educe the risk of running out of eligible subsidised hours and paying full fees. To see how sessions may help you get the most To out of the Child Car Care e Subsidy talk to your local Centre Director. ector. Goodstart Centr e Dir

C Contact ontact us toda today! y!

1800 222 543 goodstart 02 Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, August 2018

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Face Your Waste – the plastic bag ban


ingle use plastic shopping bags have been banned in WA since 1 July.

But change can be annoying and plenty of us have already been caught out at the checkout without our BYO shopping bags. Here are some great ways to beat the plastic bag habit: • Forget to bring your own shopping bags? Fair enough, it’s a new habit. Use what works for you – bags, boxes or crates. Keep a supply in the car, handbag or at the front door. • Didn’t bring enough bags? For now you can do a smaller shop with just the essentials. This will reduce your waste and save you money.

bin liners – as much of what we throw out is dry. See how much garbage you can wrap in paper or place directly in the bin.

• Do you use plastic bags for bin liners? Not to sound radical but we don’t always need

For more tips visit

Mini Beasts in My City


alling all citizen scientists! WA Museum needs your help to learn more about the biodiversity and Mini Beasts of Western Australia! Our State is home to amazing parks and bushland areas that each have their own unique biodiversity – and this is a great opportunity to find out more about the insects and little critters that contribute to these environments. To help with this important research, simply download the MyPestGuideTM Reporter app and start taking photos of the Mini Beasts you find in your back garden, neighbourhood and local parks. The data you collect will contribute to our collective knowledge!

See more exciting events to participate in at Mini Beasts in My City is a part of National Science Week 2018.

Sun Sept 30 Perth Regal Theatre

The Justine Clarke Show! New album and DVD out now!


Registration & OPEN DAY SUNDAY 26 AUGUST 9AM - 1PM Ever wanted to try martial arts? Want an activity for the off season? Meet new friends while improving your confidence and health?

• Malaga • Joondalup • Claremont

of o r P EEK Bully Kids! W SA r Y xing u A o o b D k Y ic ES 6 su-K

Ph 1300 660 284


i Jit gons u J n illia ittle Dra z a r B L -BJJ wondog n i k Box Tae


check us out on the web:

Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, August 2018 03

I hear them but I don’t understand them



Parents Paper


Kids in Perth - The Parents’ Paper is a resource guide for parents containing solely advertising features. Kids in Perth - The Parents’ Paper is published monthly by Lasso E&P Pty Ltd at Suite 1 / 114 Churchill Avenue, Subiaco, WA 6008 Ph: (08) 9388 1600 A.C.N. 100 895 430 • ISSN No. 1443-3826


aid Joel, a nine-year-old boy, about his peers and teachers. He has difficulties in reading, performing academically and with socialisation. He wants to join in at recess but tends to be left out. Joel’s very sad and frustrated because he feels that people at home and at school are rejecting him. Joel suffers from auditory processing difficulties, which prevent him from fully understanding and remembering what people say to him. Many kids with ADHD, autism and learning difficulties have an auditory processing issue. The ear is the gateway to the brain and the body, and the TomatisŽ Method helps these children by retraining and strengthening the nervous connections between the ear, brain, body and heart – all in a gentle and nonintrusive way.


Check out our website


Sales Manager: NIGEL WONG

Sales and Distribution: SANDRA CORTES

For more information visit or call 1800 677 010.




Now printing 60,000 copies per month, Kids In Perth is available every month at your local Supermarket, public library, places of family interest as well as online at


The best gift to your child

Production & Design: MICHAEL BAUMANIS


TomatisÂŽ auditory retraining program helps:

• Auditory processing • ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia • Learning & listening difficulties • Poor memory, speech delay

COLOURPRESS Distribution: Proudly produced in WA


Book a Tomatis Listening Assessment in Perth ÂŽ

4th & 5th October 2018

As seen in

Information Webinars - 6pm 15th Aug & 12th Sep 2018

‘The Brain's Way of Healing’ by Norman Doidge


1800 677 010

WA Schools 06-08 August 09-11


CAB Audited October 15 to March 16 60,105 copies per month

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/kidsinperth “over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry�

Australia’s leading model & talent agency for kids

Gentle e care for ba baby aby soft skin.... naturally naturall ly

There are many reasons your baby may be experiencing dry skin. Heating, air conditioning and changes in the weather can contribute leaving it vulnerable             and dermatitis. The number one solution is to keep skin well hydrated.

Avoid bath washes wa with soap and sulphates. Apply a natural natura moisturiser after bathing to maintain hydration. Use a soothing cream on the face, body and nappy area to soothe and protect skin and help reduce the discomfort of irritation.

Gaia Naturral a Baby Ba 100g-250 0ml

2FOR $15

Having discovered and developed many little (and big!) stars over the years, we take as much delight in seeing our talent in print and on screen as they do. Our talent has featured in TV commercials, TV series, feature films, major ‘Hollywood’ films, catalogues, billboards, magazines and more!

Does your little star love the camera? Our experienced staff will explain what makes the industry ‘tick’ and can give you feedback about potential opportunities for your child.

If your little star loves the camera, give us a call today! 1300 888 611 |

Expansive Client Base

Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane | Perth


Natural Naturral a Baby harsh or harmful Nothing harsh Nothing or harmful Wipes 80 Pack Pack

2FOR $8

We train attention and memory like your gym trains strength and flexibility. Mention Kids in Perth for a FREE no obligation initial consult with Brain Mini Map and Neurofeedback trial.



See See store store locations on the back page of this paper

• Anxiety • Learning Difficulties


Join our Optimal Loyalty Club & be rewarded!

04 Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, August 2018

Making stars since 1992

Call our Shenton Park Clinic on 9388 1038 or request an appointment via

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The gift of discovery

Meet Ashley the little blue train


By Penelope Hickman, Professional Officer: The Mathematical Association of Western Australia

shley and his friends are back on the rails at Whiteman Park – and they’re taking control of the tracks for a whole day!


’ve just returned from my five-year old’s birthday party. The theme was fairies and pirates. The fairy leader asked a little girl in the party to choose a number on the calendar and tell it to the group.

Enjoy unlimited train and vintage bus rides all day on Sunday 9th September from 9.30am to 4pm. Your ticket also includes access to Old Macdonald’s farm display, the vintage bus display, the Ellenbrook Scouts display and entry into the Revolutions Museum.

Now, you may think this is easy – but the little girl was only four and couldn’t recognise numbers past 10. I could see her mum squirm. However, the child was unphased.

For additional cost, you can visit the bouncy castles, rides and games, buy souvenirs, visit a variety of food and drink vans and more. And after your day of adventure ends, you can pick up a children’s book about Ashley and his friends to take home.

She got up and showed the rest of the group what number she wanted to choose and without saying a word, the game went on. It’s normal to not know the numbers on the calendar at her age. Mathematics is a world of discovery – and we all learn at different rates. At some point in our lives we hope to understand Mathematics – and we should never stop trying. Just start by counting the

Tickets are available online for $15 (children under two are free) or $20 on the day.

candles on the cake and then the rest will follow.

Join the Bennett Brook Railway Facebook event or visit for more information.

For more mathematical inspiration visit


Perth's premier "Scalextric" hire company

WE’RE HIRING We have an exciting opening for an eager parent and enthusiastic individual to become part of our Advertising Sales team!

• Ages 4 and up welcome • Up to SIX racers at one time • Customisable race settings • Birthdays • Corporate • Parties

The role provides an excellent opportunity for a natural self-starter who is interested in a media sales career within digital and print advertising.

If this is you! Send and email to



a t i ca l As












MA M A WA A A ustr

Book now

Mathematical Association of WA: Top Ma terials Materials




The M a to find out more.

Ashley & Friends Day

Dualoh Help yyour ou our o child become become ex xccited ab out maths and excited about increase incr ease their flexibility flexibility in problem pr oblem m solving ability abilitty DUALOH! with DU UAL A OH!

Take Sum Risks The up.. TTake The h game that sums it all up a ake Sum Risks Risks is a card card game which introduces introduces players to to the cconcept oncept of Chanc e. players Chance. What takee tto Wh hat risks are are you yo ou prepared prepared to to tak o top sc ore? get the top score? Suitable for A Age ge 8+      

Tiny Polka Dot Gam Game e Learning to Learning to lo love ve math h just got w way ay a mor moree fun! 16 easy tto o learn games that playfully grow tteach each math and gr ow with yyour our o child! Suitable for A Age ge 6+

If yyou If ou w would ould lik likee tto ob bee added tto o MA MAWA’s WA’s mailing list tto ob bee notified of ev ents and w orkshops tto o assist yyour our child with mathematic ation events workshops mathematicss educ education at home, homee, please email sales@maw aincc.or .

Visit W.A.’s Favourite Little Tank Engine


Attend school with your child (3 months - 7 years).

"! ! 

LOTE PROGRAMS including Spanish, French & Italian.


Reading for toddlers, pre-schoolers Bernice Sandler

WEMBLEY (north south west)

0412 481 708



Baby/ToddlerSchool, Preschool & Kindy, School Readiness Programs.

RIVERTON (south)





search for: bennett brook railway



    ! @BBRailway

TICKETS ON THE DAY $20 (2 yrs and over)

Book Online at - click on BUY TICKETS then enter Ashley - Bookings close 8:00pm Saturday 8th September.

All Subjects K-12


• Kindergarten, Primary & Secondary (Maths, Science & Humanities)

Casual or Vocational Programmes for Girls and Boys

• Early Numeracy • Naplan Preparation

‘Twinkle Toes’ – 3 years & up

• Specialised 1 on 1 tutoring

10% OFF TERM FEES* *First time enrolments only

4/11 Gympie Way, Willetton 9354 3699 or 0438 844 184 check us out on the web:


Contemporary, Jazz, Adult Ballet Class

Phone or SMS: 0401 315 370 for more info Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, August 2018 05

Is my child too late for Montessori? Talking confidence and kids



he short answer is - no. It’s never too late to consider a Montessori school, even if you’re already committed to another childcare centre, local public school or private school.

drop in confidence is a common side effect for children with a speech or language disorder – something Telethon Speech & Hearing’s Talkabout program works hard to rebuild.

If you’re considering a switch, there’s no time like the present. When properly informed about how and why the Montessori method works, children adapt very well to this new style of learning.

‘It’s all about instilling that confidence in the kids because they do come in with that awareness that their language is different to other children,’ said Natalie Willacy, a speech pathologist and deputy principal of the program. ‘Structuring our programs so that they’re achieving goals set specifically for them gives them that confidence, which then lays a good foundation for learning going forward.’

Montessori develops children holistically and sets them on a path to lifelong learning. Schooling is characterised by mixed-age classrooms, each having a three year to four year age bracket, starting from 3 to 6 years, 6 to 9 years and so on.

It’s never too late to start the Montessori way of learning. Find out more by booking an appointment at one of their listed Montessori playgroups, childcare or schools.

The Talkabout program is a specialised playgroup and school for children between the ages of eighteen months and six years of age who are experiencing delays or disorders in speech or language.

At every age bracket, specific aspects of child development are reinforced through the curriculum. These range from providing children with an in-depth understanding of the concepts they are learning (rather than relying purely on memory) through to accentuating selfreliance and managing social dynamics (helpful for when they have to work both autonomously and as part of a team).

For mum Sonia Siamos, the program has been a godsend for her son Ronan.

“Telethon has really helped Ronan come out of his shell and has given him beautiful ways of learning,” she said. “He’s a real chatterbox now.’ Places are available now for Telethon Speech & Hearing’s mid-year intake. For more information visit or call 9387 9888.

Find a Montessori School Call today & book a school tour Banksia Montessori School | Ph 9275 5997 Chatton St, Dianella WA 6059 | PreKindy to PrePrimary (ages 3 ­ 6 yrs). Parent governed school. Small class size & full 3 year school preparation program. Parent Information Evening: Tuesday 28th August at 7 pm. Topic: ‘Enhancing Executive Function Skills with Children from 6 months to 7 years’. Open Morning: Tuesday 28th August at 9:30 am. Email: |

Blue Gum Montessori School | Ph 9417 4060 11 Hope Rd, Bibra Lake WA 6163 | Infant & Toddler (Ages 1 ­ 3), Pre­Kinder to Year 6 (Ages 3 ­ 12). Before and after school clubs available. Specialist classes ­ Physical Education, Visual & Performing Arts, Chinese, French, Positive Education & Digital Technology Next Open Morning, Thursday 9 August. 10am – 11.15am. School tours & class observations by appointment. Email: |

Do you know a child who is experiencing language difficulties?

11 Hamilton St, Bassendean WA 6054 | Piccola Casa playgroup (1 ­ 3yrs), Casa Mia Montessori School Pre­ Kindy to Yr 6 (3 ­ 12 yrs) Specialist classes ­ Mandarin, French, Visual and Performing Arts. Open Mornings, Wednesday 8 August & Saturday 11 August 2018 at 9am. Email: |

Chrysalis Montessori School | Ph 9444 6025 3 ­ 5 Parkland Rd, Glendalough | Playgroup (18 mths ­ 3 yrs). Pre­Kindy ­ Yr 6 (Ages 3 ­ 12 yrs) Speciality ­ Music, Physical Education, French (LOTE), Art and Performing Arts programs. After School Care available. Phone to register for our next Open Day, Friday 17 August. School Tours by appointment. Further enquiries please email |

* Languages other than English (LOTE)

Casa Mia Montessori School | Ph 9279 2209




Riverlands Montessori School | Ph 9250 6444 TO

359 Arthur Street, Dayton (Swan Valley) | Playgroup, Pre­Kindy ­ Year 6 (Ages 1 ­ 12yrs) Speciality ­ Indonesian (LOTE), Piano & Drumming Lessons, Craft and Chess clubs, Yoga, After School Care. School Tours: Monday 6 August & Monday 3 September at 9am. Bookings essential Email: | Web:

The Montessori School | Ph 9409 9151 18 Montessori Pl, Kingsley WA 6026 | Pre­Primary (3­6 yrs), Lower Primary (6­9 yrs), Upper Primary (9­12 yrs), Lower Secondary (12­15 yrs), Higher Secondary (15­17 yrs) Speciality ­ International Baccalaureate Diploma. Open Day, Monday 6 August & Monday 22 October 2018. Bookings: 9409 9151 Email: |

Telethon Speech & Hearing’s Talkabout Program is for 2, 3, 4 and 5 year old children with language difficulties or who might just need that extra bit of support to encourage their language development.

Montessori Day Care Centres Joondalup Montessori | Ph 9301 0417 16 Mercer Lane, Joondalup Montessori Early Learning Specialist for children 2 ­ 5 years of age. Weekdays 8am ­ 5.30pm. Specialty: 'Montessori Pre­Kindy and Kindy Programs'. Register your interest or to book a walkthrough visit of the centre. Email: | FB @montessorijoondalup

Our Talkabout program is supported by a team of specialists including: Specialist teacher, Specialist education assistant, Speech pathologist, Occupational therapist, Family Liaison Officer and Psychologist.

4 Brookside Gardens, Caversham| Long Day Care Centre Ages 6 weeks ­ 5 yrs Speciality ­ Montessori philosophy and education delivered through an Early Childhood Development program for children from 6 weeks of age up. Extended Long Day Care Hours Weekdays 7am ­ 6pm. Register your interest or to book a walkthrough visit of the centre. Email:

Southbank Montessori | Ph 9361 2943 18 Basinghall Street, East Victoria Park. Ages 2 ­ 3 years 265 Berwick Street, East Victoria Park. Ages 3 ­ 5 years Long Day Care Centre. 7.30am ­ 6pm. Classroom observation by appointment. Register your interest for the next Parent Orientation. Email: |

The Montessori programme emphasises these principles in graduates:


Montessori Gardens Childrens House | Ph 9377 5577 Places are available now for our mid-year intake. For more information please contact or 9387 9888. Telethon Speech & Hearing is a Registered NDIS Provider. Talkabout Therapy Groups are eligible for health care rebates in 2018.

Learn more about we can help you and your child:

sed Through play ba ren aim ild ch , es experienc cabulary, to develop: Vo ing, ild Sentence bu language, g Understandin and Play skills, Fine ills. gross motor sk


• Independence • Social Awareness & Engagement • Quality Education & Love of Learning

06 Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, August 2018

check us out on the web:

A learning and faith sharing community

our values # 3


Angel Year 9

rsula Frayne Catholic College is a co-educational Kindergarten-Year 12 College located on two campuses in the Town of Victoria Park – only minutes from the CBD and easily accessible via public transport.

Enrolments for 2020 020 are now open. en.

The college is devoted to living its values of justice, hospitality, excellence, compassion and respect, which are incorporated in the College’s mission to ‘empower all students in the pursuit of excellence in their life-long learning journey’. All that Frayne has to offer is encompassed in an affordable fee structure, from Kindergarten right through to Year 12. Tours of both campuses run on a regular

Working together, we we ai t h are bonded by our faith and belief in each other, her, ent creating an environment that is trusting, open pen f ul. and purposeful.

basis throughout the term for those interested in finding out more about this welcoming community. Dates and further information can be found at

More than an education

justice hospitality excellence compassion respect

Come and discover the Frayne community! Register for a tour online.

K - 6 Campus 66 Balmoral Street, East Victoria Park, Perth WA 6101 Tel: 08 9470 0400

7 - 12 Campus 15 Duncan Street, Victoria Park, Perth WA 6100 Tel: 08 9470 0900

check us out on the web:

Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, August 2018 07

Learning tailored to you

Discover Servite


ervite College personalises the learning journey, with customised pathways to suit each student.

They create energy and excitement about new learning at their school – and are the first Catholic school in WA to deliver fast track programs into university. Students at Servite are supported to thrive in a world full of opportunity. Most young people are likely to be employed in careers that don’t currently exist – and have multiple career paths in their working lives – so an education that encourages students to learn

about themselves and their passions is crucial. Understanding that students have their own personal learning styles and strengths, teachers provide multiple pathways for students designed around their dynamic skills and personality. This empowers them to be ‘all that they are created to be’. Helping young people to learn about, and make decisions for, a productive and successful future is a key part of learning at Servite College. Discover what Servite has to offer at

Find your pathw Fi pathway way a

9444 6333 |

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten opening in 2019

Interested in pr oviding Interested providing your son with an your educational adv antage? educational advantage? Book online and join one of tours, of our school tour s, att 9.00am. commencing a SENIOR SCHOOL Wednesday W ednesday Wednesday W ednesday T uesday u Tuesday

Augustt 8 Augus Augustt 22 Augus September 11 Sep tember

PREP ARATORY SCHOOL PREPARATORY W ednesday Wednesday W ednesday Wednesday

1 Augus Augustt 15 Augus Augustt

EARL EARLY LY LEARNING LE COMMUNITY Tuesday September T uesday 18 Sep u tember

Applica Applications tions ar are e curr currently ently being accep accepted ted for for Pre-Kindergarten Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Kindergarten 2019 To T o apply visit or call Admissions Admissions on 9442 1555. 1555. Queenslea Drive, Claremont, WA 6010


T (08) 94 42 1555

08 Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, August 2018




ww FFollow ollow us

CRICO S 0 0 4 3 3G

check us out on the web:


AUGUST diary

Perth’s daily guide of things to do, places to go

ON ALL MONTH Citizen Science Program From the 4-19 August we are asking Western Australians to participate in Mini Beasts in My City - Citizen Science Program. Find out more at

Castledare Miniature Railway Australia’s longest 7 1/4" gauge railway, running trains through the Canning River Regional Park. Get the family out of house and have a relaxing day on the banks of Canning River. There are BBQs in picnic area and a canteen for light refreshments. First Sunday of Month at Niana Station, third Sunday of month at Wilson Park Station. Tickets from $3. For info visit


Kidsafe WA Safety Demonstration House Public Guided Tour Learn how to prevent child injury in the home. Tour runs 10-11am and cost is a gold coin donation. Bookings essential. Individual registrations welcome. Call 6244 4880 or visit to book.

Bingo reading program Toptots parent and child beginner’s bingo reading program is an exciting way for 3-5 year olds to reach their potential in reading, writing and mathematics before they go to school. Enrol now for a magical experience of fun and learning every Wednesday morning in Riverton only. Email or call 0412 481 708. Runs weekly.


Bingo reading program

Preschoolers will benefit greatly from this enrichment reading program. Thursday mornings in Riverton only. Email or call 0412 481 708. Runs weekly.

Toptots afterschool learning programs


If your grade 1-grade 3 child is having difficulty reading, lacking in self confidence, shy to let their voice be heard, enrol them in our bingo reading program on Thursdays, 3.30pm-4.30pm, in Wembley only. Enquiries to: or tel. 0412481708


Avon River Festival

4:00pm onwards at Bernard Park, Minson Avenue, Northam. Celebrate the excitement of the start of the world’s greatest white water event at the Shire of Northam’s Avon River Festival. There will be entertainment by Refractory Road, a street parade, amusements and rides, free family fun zone, largest fireworks display in the Avon Valley & food.


Toodyay International Food Festival 10am – 4pm at Stirling Park & Duidgee Park, Toodyay. Combine the thrills and spills of the Avon Descent with dozens of mouth-watering international cuisine stalls and free family entertainment all on the banks of the Avon River. The main stage will come to life with a diverse range of performers inspired from around the globe.

Avon Descent Festival

10am – 3pm at Lilac Hill, Caversham. Soak up the jam packed program of onstage entertainment featuring Duncan Saige, The Lulus, Junkadelic and Zap Circus. There’s also a special edition of the Vintage Collective Markets, community art installation by Mundaring Arts Centre, a cracking food truck line up, crowd favourite fair rides and inflatables in the Movida Fun Zone, giant bubbles, drumming workshops, the Midland Gate Massage Retreat, Swan Valley giveaways and much much more. And of course, don’t forget to make the most of our prime riverside vantage point and cheer loud and proud as the Avon Descent competitors zoom past in their quest for victory. There’s free parking opposite the site and a free shuttle bus from Guildford train station all day. Festivities kick off at 10am and end at 3pm. For more information and announcements, head to the City of Swan events Facebook page

Avon Descent Family Fun Day

1.30am – 3.00pm. Get up close to all of the action at the City of Belmont FREE family fun

day. Enjoy live race commentary on the banks of the Swan River, FREE children’s activities and much more. If you are a City of Belmont resident with an Opportunity Card, take advantage of your free and discounted offers during the day (limits apply).

Avon Descent Finish Line Family Day 11am – 5pm at Riverside Gardens, Bayswater. Nothing beats an exciting finish! Join support crews and spectators to welcome competitors over the Finish Line at the City of Bayswater Avon Descent Finish Line Family Fun Day. Enjoy a sensational FREE day out with bouncy castles, children’s rides, face painting and live commentary over the loud speakers


Riverlands Montessori School Tour Great opportunity to see our school in action. Visit every classroom in the school. A tour of the facility. Childcare available. Bookings essential. Call 9250 6444 or email to make a booking.


Casa Mia Montessori open morning Prospective parents are invited to attend an open morning information session and tour of Casa Mia Montessori School. Enjoy a tour of



Miniature Railways NIANA STATION st 1 Sunday of Month. 11am - 3pm Castledare Place,Wilson WILSON PARK STATION rd 3 Sunday of Month. 10am - 2pm Kent Street, Wilson School Holidays - Wednesdays From Wilson Park Station NO bare feet allowed on the trains

Perth's best kept foodie secret • Best Asian street & hawker food in Perth • Casual family friendly atmosphere • Affordable meals


Kids 7-14 yrs $160 member $180 non-member No experience necessary!

25th – 28th September (8.30am – 12.30pm)

2nd – 5th October (8.30am – 12.30pm)

Contact us for a registration form today.

Ph 9356 2290

Foodhall Closed Monday & Tuesday

200 Spencer Rd, Thornlie

Piadina Della Nonna's food van serves delicious home made Italian street food and the finest freshly ground coffee.

(except public holidays 11am - 9pm)

EAST FREMANTLE YACHT CLUB Base of Petra Street, East Fremantle

For all enquiries phone 9339 8111 |

Family Fun Days

Free fa ily eventm s


All our food is made with love, including our very own milled wheat flour and carefully sourced ingredients.

WA and Australian boutique. Fashion, Jewellery & Homewares.

Check us out on Facebook and try for yourself at 61 Drovers Place, Wanneroo.

Bring the kids. Not your usual boutique.

Functions I Events I Festivals 212 William Street, Northbridge /mergenorthbridge


check us out on the web:

Visit Brought to you by your local council and supported by the EMRC and Lotterywest Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, August 2018 09

READ THE PAPER ONLINE : WWW.KIDSINPERTH.COM the classrooms and have an opportunity to meet with the principal, who will answer your questions over refreshments. We can also organise a personal tour of the school. To assist the school in preparing for the information sessions, please book with the office on 9279 2209.

Bingo reading program Toptots parent and child beginner’s bingo reading program is an exciting way for 3-5 year olds to reach their potential in reading, writing and mathematics before they go to school. Enrol now for a magical experience of fun and learning every Wednesday morning in Riverton only. Email or call 0412 481 708. Runs weekly.


Bingo reading program

Preschoolers will benefit greatly from this enrichment reading program. Thursday mornings in Riverton only. Email or call 0412 481 708. Runs weekly.


Kidsafe WA free child car restraint checks Kidsafe WA will be conducting free child car restraint checks at the Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo! Running from 11.30am2.30pm each day of the Expo. No bookings required. Call 6244 4880 or visit for more details. Runs 1012 August.


Casa Mia Montessori open morning Prospective parents are invited to attend an open morning information session and tour of Casa Mia Montessori School. Enjoy a tour of the classrooms and have an opportunity to meet with the principal, who will answer your questions over refreshments. We can also organise a personal tour of the school. To assist the school in preparing for the information sessions, please book with the office on 9279 2209.


Mini Beasts in the Park - Field Day

Free Optimal Pharmacy nurse consultations Have your baby, child and family health concerns answered by a qualified nurse at your local Optimal Pharmacy Plus for free. Please call your store for nurse visit times. Location details can be found on the back page of this edition. Appointments by booking only. MONDAYS

Dianella – 9276 8484 Hamilton Hill – 9335 1495

TUESDAYS Coolbellup – 9337 290 Carine – 9447 4068 Ellenbrook – 6296 5213


Join Mini Beast experts from the WA Museum, Murdoch University, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development at Lake Vasto/Ozone Park for hands-on experiences with Mini Beasts. There will be: Regular tours of the area with a Mini Beast expert, Specimen displays, Information on Citizen Science and Biodiversity, Microscopes for you to see right up close to some WA Museum insects and Examples of equipment that experts use to map biodiversity. If you would like to join us register using the below link. Make sure you register ahead of the event so we are able to schedule our experts, tours, and Mini Beast specimens! Be sure to have the Reporter app handy on your phone, so you can add more information to our Citizen Science Program. This information helps the City of Perth to look after the biodiversity of our city. Lake Vasto/Ozone Reserve, Perth. 10am – 4pm. FREE.


Kidsafe WA baby safety seminar Baby safety seminars provide expectant parents with information on safety considerations when preparing for their baby’s arrival, including setting the home up and transporting baby safely. Starts at 6pm sharp. Bookings essential. Call 6244 4880 or visit to book.

Myaree – 9330 3467 Balga – 9342 2212 Beechboro – 9377 1822 Myaree – 9330 3467 Quinns – 9305 1866 Armadale – 9393 1200 Waikiki – 9591 3199

Dr Terry Houston’s Book Launch Guide to Native Bees of Australia Join Dr Terry Houston, author of A Guide to Native Bees of Australia, as he discusses the estimated 2000 species of Australian bees. City of Perth Library. 4.30pm – 6pm. FREE

‘Dr Bugalugs’ Talk - Citizen Science and our Environment Join WA Museum as Dr Bugalugs (aka Dr Darryl Hardie) discusses the role of citizen science in protecting our environment from pest species. City of Perth Library. 6.30pm – 8pm. FREE


South Coast Baptist College community fete Running from 10am-2pm. Free activities include face painting, animal farm, bouncy castle, spider mountain, and the list goes on. Our talented students will showcase their work. We will also have student performances and Football Academy exhibition matches. There will be a food and drink at a variety of stalls or you can bring a picnic. Tours of the Campus run every 30 minutes. Book your tour on the day or email our Enrolments Officer at to register. 30 Gnangara Drive, Waikiki.

Bingo reading program Toptots parent and child beginner’s bingo reading program is an exciting way for 3-5 year olds to reach their potential in reading, writing and mathematics before they go to school. Enrol now for a magical experience of fun and learning every Wednesday morning in Riverton only. Email or call 0412 481 708. Runs weekly.

Anger? Temper tantrums? Meltdowns? Out of control? Rotary Club of Cambridge Programme for parents, teachers & carers. Hear Brad Williams talk about coping with & managing children’s lack of self-discipline & selfregulation. Attend Brad’s talk to get advice about putting an end to those foot stamping, door slamming, shouting match moments. 9am start with a $5 payment at the door. To reserve a place contact : Jeanette Wood : 0413 190 412 or Cambridge Bowling Club, Chandler Avenue, Floreat

Australian Tomatis Method Webinar 6pm. Is your child experiencing learning difficulties? Find out more about Auditory processing disorders, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia & Dyspraxia issues by logging onto and registering for one of their information webinars or call 1800 677 010.


Junior Curator Workshop

Doubleview – 9446 1135 Meadow Springs – 9581 8944

City of Perth Library, 9am-1.30pm. Enter WA Museum Junior Curator competition to take part in our Junior Curator Workshop!


Bingo reading program


Midland – 9274 1001

10 Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, August 2018

Preschoolers will benefit greatly from this enrichment reading program. Thursday mornings in Riverton only. Email or call 0412 481 708. Runs weekly.


Bingo reading program

Toptots parent and child beginner’s bingo reading program is an exciting way for 3-5 year olds to reach their potential in reading, writing and mathematics before they go to school. Enrol now for a magical experience of fun and learning every Wednesday morning in Riverton only. Email or call 0412 481 708. Runs weekly.


ATI registration and open days Malaga, Claremont, Joondalup Running from 9am-12pm. Come down for a family-friendly fun day and try one of our free trial classes. There will be great demonstrations from our top practitioners in all our programs. Enter the Draw to win a drone and free training – plus great deals for ongoing training to be had. Being hosted in Malaga (Unit 7/1924 Beach Road Malaga), Claremont (5/20 Graylands Road Claremont) and Joondalup (3/10 Mercer Lane, Joondalup). For more information visit


Bingo reading program

Toptots parent and child beginner’s bingo reading program is an exciting way for 3-5 year olds to reach their potential in reading, writing and mathematics before they go to school. Enrol now for a magical experience of fun and learning every Wednesday morning in Riverton only. Email or call 0412 481 708.


events MONDAY 3

Riverlands Montessori School Tour Great opportunity to see our school in action. Visit every classroom in the school. A tour of the facility. Childcare available. Bookings essential. Call 9250 6444 or email to make a booking.


Ashley & Friends Day presented by Bennett Brook Railway Ashley and his friends return to the rails of Whiteman Park from 9.30am-4.30pm! Join them at Bennett Brook Railway as they haul train carriages all day for the Train Controller. Adult and children (2–18): tickets are $15 each with an online discount (25%) through Or purchase tickets on the day for $20 each (card and cash accepted). Visit for more info.

Bettina Management Model Search at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Bettina Management is hosting their annual model search at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival! Entries open 11am-5pm, 7-9 September at Fashion Central, Forrest Place. Finalist runway show will be held at 4pm on Sunday 9 September. Open to children up to 16 years old.

check us out on the web:


/kidsinperth Keep in the loop & sign up to our newsletter check us out on the web: Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, August 2018 11

Catalogue out on 7th of August!


Kids in Perth - The Parents' Paper August 2018  

From our family to yours. Packed full of great content to get you through the month. WA Schools Feature inside

Kids in Perth - The Parents' Paper August 2018  

From our family to yours. Packed full of great content to get you through the month. WA Schools Feature inside