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AUGUST / 2020

Check your child’s milestones

The Best C-Words of All

By Nicole Ohm, Mum & Manager at Brownes Dairy


o, how has the COVID-instigated rollercoaster ride of the past months been for you?

The shock of something as unimaginable as stay-at-home orders, followed by the relative ease with which we adapted to that, only to have to emerge again from our cocoons, has got our heads spinning. For us as a Brownes Dairy family, this period of going back to basics resulted in a focus on: convenience, community and comfort. You may have already heard that we sprang into action to serve our community by reintroducing the Home Delivery ‘Milko’, delivering our dairy direct to your doorstep within Metro Perth. The Milko’s have been so well received that we are continuing the service, offering next day delivery convenience.

can now make the perfect coffee in their own coffeehouse. Another ultimate comfort food for a wintery day is: Cheese. Yes, you read right, from right now you can buy delicious Brownes Dairy cheddar cheese. Our Vintage, Mature and Heritage shredded cheddar cheese is the only WA-made cheddar, using fresh South West milk and made down the road at our creamery in Brunswick. It is now exclusively available via www.homedelivery.brownesdairy.com.au From end August onwards you can also find our cheese in your local IGA, Coles and Woolies

Comfort, and especially comfort foods, is high on everyone’s list and we launched Barista Milk so home baristas



very child learns, grows and develops at their own individual pace. From the first smile to the first steps, learning how to communicate and acquire speech and language skills is a very personal journey for every child. However, while the scope for development is wide, there are certain milestones and red flags to be aware of which can help you decide if your child is on the right track. A baby’s brain forms over a million neural connections very early on. After this initial phase, these connections are reduced so the brain can become more efficient. This process is called pruning. Neural connections which babies and children are not using are pruned, and the connections which are being used, are strengthened. Telethon Speech & Hearing Speech Pathologist Natalie Willacy said a child who was late to make sounds, talk and use language may not be using, and in turn, strengthening the neural connections in the language areas of the brain.

“Two-year-olds love to say ‘no’ when they don’t want something and are starting to use key words like ‘mine’ and ‘my’.” “Three-year-olds love to chat and engage in conversation but might not take turns or stay on topic.” Being quick to act and giving extra support to a young child who may be struggling to communicate helps ensure the neural connections in the language areas of the brain are used and strengthened. The early years are the optimal time for brain development, and a child with a stronger foundation for language development will more readily use language to form strong social connections with others and the world around them. If you think your child may be experiencing speech and language difficulties, Telethon Speech & Hearing can help guide you to make the right decision for your child. Download your FREE speech and hearing milestone guide at www.tsh.org.au/milestones (Scan the QR code below) or call 9387 9888 for further support.

“Talking to and engaging with your baby right from birth encourages and supports them to use and strengthen these connections, ensuring a stronger foundation for language development and learning,” she said. “A one-year-old is typically very social and loves to engage with people close to them, seeking them out and demanding attention because they want to connect and communicate with you,” Ms Willacy said.



Kicked the plastic habit in July? Don’t stop now!

Scrawl, write, paint, draw Entries NOW OPEN for the Children’s Week WA Book Project!


lastic Free July is done and thousands of people across Australia have looked at their use of plastics, especially single-use plastics, and have reduced their use of them.

Meerilinga, Lotterywest and Healthway. For more information on Children’s Week, check the Children’s Week WA website.

All that plastic packaging, takeaway coffee cups and lids, plastic bottles of water, drinking straws, plastic bags, plastic clingfilm and lunch wraps, the list goes on. All single-use and only used for short periods of time before they are discarded. All easily replaced or avoided. But it doesn’t have to stop now that July is over. Plastics continue to be a major problem, not just as litter but as a wasteful use of resources and the cause of numerous environmental problems worldwide. The first small steps in your plastic use reduction made in July can be maintained for the rest of the year, maybe for ever.

> Head to the Children’s Week WA Book Project Page (or scan here) > Download the Story Pack for your Region and Age Group > Complete the Entry Form and submit your work by Midnight, 31st August 2020 > Join us on Facebook Live on Wednesday 28th October, from 10am to see if you have been featured in the books!

For more waste reduction tips see Page 11 or visit www.faceyourwaste.com.au

DID YOU KNOW? The amazing Seabin Project, was designed by two Australians as a floating ocean garbage collecting device, learn more seabinproject.com



ompiling the voices and illustrations of Western Australian children, this statewide collaborative project invites participants aged 0-12 years to connect and create the Children’s Week narrative. Guided by WA Children’s Author and Illustrator, Briony Stewart, entries from each region and age group will be selected and assembled into a professional, published Children’s Week Story. Featured entries receive their own free copy of the book! This activity is proudly supported by

Brush up on your children’s teeth this Dental Health Week


hy did the tooth go to jail? Incisor trading! What do tooth fairies have on their phone? Bluetooth!

It’s great to smile and laugh, but that’s when your teeth are on show, so keep them looking good! It’s Dental Health Week this month, (August 3-9) and this year the Australian Dental Association (ADA) is shining the spotlight on the harm sugar and poor oral health habits do to your teeth. So do you know the best ways to care for your children’s teeth? Look no further! • Brush twice a day – sing a song if that helps! • Use a soft child-size toothbrush • Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and take care that your child does not swallow the toothpaste • Assist your child with brushing and flossing their teeth until 8-9 years of age • Take your child to the dentist for regular check-ups and advice and visit when the first teeth appear or by 12 months • Maintain a balanced diet and remember that frequent snacking is the enemy!

Find out more at ada.org.au and keep on brushing!

The Australian Dental Association recommends children see the dentist for the first time when their first tooth becomes visible or when they reach 12 months of age – whichever comes first. As a paediatric dental specialist, Dr Rod Jennings is trained to focus on the unique needs of toddlers, children and adolescents.

8 The Avenue, Midland | 6155 9899 114 Clarke Street, Bunbury | 9792 4221 admin@toothbuds.com.au

www.toothbuds.com.au 02 THE PARENTS’ PAPER AUGUST 2020

Come and see Dr Rod at his new Midland clinic.

>>> kidsinperth.com.au

The important role of role-play! three, Alex Trichilo explains, ‘Role-play is an essential part of a child’s journey to becoming an adult. It gives them the opportunity to practice language that they wouldn’t usually use on a day-to-day basis.’ Little land has created a play space that integrates fun and learning, specifically designed for children up to approximately 8 years of age. The play space’s little town has been designed by a team of early childhood educators, paediatric occupational therapists and speech pathologists to offer a creative and educational play experience. Little Land also offers Sensory Sessions, developed in consultation with the Autism Association of Western Australia - a low


ole-play is an important part of child development and a way for children to make sense of the world around them. Children start to engage in role-play from around 18 months of age. Role-play encourages creativity and imagination. It can provide a safe space for problem solving and support children in developing social skills (how they get along with their peers) and emotional skills (how they react to situations) including empathy, conflict resolution and teamwork. These are all important skills that will serve them in the school setting and other aspects of life. Role-play can assist physical development, engaging children’s motor skills and hand to eye coordination – whether it be dressing or feeding baby or building at the construction site. It can also have a positive effect on speech and language acquisition - enhancing communication skills with the use of eye contact, turn-taking and listening skills. Perth Speech Pathologist and mum of

kidsinperth.com.au <<<

In the time it takes you to read this, s are straws 345 straw thrown out.

stimulus environment to support the needs of children with Autism and specific sensory needs. Play sessions are 90 minutes and run at 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm Tuesday through to Saturday.

Scan to book your play session. littleland.fun

To reduce your waste, visit



Our oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface


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Direct from our family farm to your family table

Except W Wanneroo annerroo & Mandurah a

www.spudshed.com.au www .spudsh hed.com.au


We g grow row it. We sell it. You save! >>> kidsinperth.com.au

Parents find out what you really need to know about maths! By Dr John West

Get the whole family sleeping, feeling and breathing well.


arents, were you one of those students who left the maths classroom, wondering why your teacher hadn’t explained it in a way you could grasp? You are not alone! There are several topics in maths that nearly everyone has been taught but which few people feel they actually understand. Recent research has shown that much of this is in fact due to the way mathematics has been taught over the past 30 years. Luckily, Dr John West at MAWA has created a brand new series of workshops designed specifically for parents. These will explore a range of topics from algebra, fractions and measurement through to geometry, probability and statistics. Each will focus on those key concepts that will help you to support your

child’s own learning at home. This will then mean going forward, they have those essential problem solving and reasoning skills to succeed in the 21st century. Find out more at mawainc.org.au

Salt therapy is a drug-free and completely natural therapy for treating respiratory and skin conditions. Salt therapy has no side effects, is suitable for all ages and helps with respiratory & skin conditions including: • Cold and Flu • Asthma & Hayfever • Eczema & Psoriasis • Stress, Anxiety and much much more

Scan above to discover some homework help acitivites from MAWA

Phone 6161 7488 • 592 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park


Do you run a small business in WA?

Frayne, for your child’s future


rsula Frayne Catholic College, located close to the Perth CBD, continues to evolve to meet current educational demands. The College’s Mercy core values of justice, hospitality, excellence, compassion and respect are still practiced daily in the life of the College community. On the Balmoral Campus, Kindergarten and Pre-primary students are accommodated in an Early Learning Centre (ELC), purpose-built for their formative years. The ELC blends indoor and outdoor areas, where produce grown in the vegetable patch is cooked in the kitchen facilities and the river flows from the classroom to the creek bed designed for water-based experiments. Opportunities to question and discover are enabled through sand, water and sensory play, and gross motor skills are further encouraged on the

playground equipment in the nature play area. The College strives to ensure that through clear and precise teaching plans, every student learns every day. Using ‘Explicit Instruction’ (EI) students are actively involved in the learning process, given clear instructions from the lesson outset as to what is required and what outcome they need to achieve for success. The dedicated team of teachers and Education Assistants in the Preparatory School, along with Specialist teachers and Support staff, continually strive to make learning fun, meaningful and engaging for all students.

Scan QR code & take advantage of our FREE business listing on

For more information about the College visit www.ufcc.wa.edu.au and take the first step towards empowering your child’s lifelong learning journey.


Enjoy the little moments!

Gift vouchers available!

Little Land’s play space offers a scaled-down version of the real world and is as unique as your child and their changing interests! Whether it be doing the grocery shopping at the Little Growers Market, making a coffee at the local cafe, washing the dishes at home, teaching at school, visiting the doctor or helping with the town’s construction – the fun is in the exploring! Book online to secure your play session!

www.littleland.fun 76 Erindale Road, Balcatta.

kidsinperth.com.au <<<


Holiday like a star… for the price of a coffee


estern Australia is the perfect travel destination for any family holiday. Buy a $5 ticket in Telethon Speech & Hearing’s Make a Difference Lottery and you could be the winner of some spectacular getaways, PLUS spending money! From the rugged landscapes of the northwest to the incredible blues of the Western Australian coastline, a simple $5 ticket could turn into:

contained properties can also be found at Broome, Scarborough Beach, Fremantle and Mandurah. Valued at $2,000.

A luxurious night off from the kids at Australia’s Best Hotel, COMO The Treasury!

What matters to us, is you! We want to know we are giving Perth families the best in events, activities, advice and more!

A secluded escape at the award-winning Eco Beach Resort in Broome

By taking the time to fill out this survey you will help us to do that. It will only take a few minutes!

Promise. Thank you from all of us at Kids in Perth

Eco Beach Resort is a multi award-winning eco resort set amongst the pristine and untouched Kimberley environment. Just over an hour’s drive south of Broome, accommodation at the eco resort provides guests with an unforgettable and unique wilderness experience whilst having minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. Family activities to try include kayaking and paddle boarding along the beautiful beach coastline, swimming in the resort’s infinity edge pool, and guided tours of the resort’s eco-friendly organic gardens and surrounds. Added to this prize is $2,750 cash to spend as you wish! Total prize valued at $8,000.

A relaxing getaway among hectares of picturesque heritage gardens with Seashells in Yallingup

COMO The Treasury is a luxury urban hotel located in the heart of Perth. The hotel is housed in the 19th-century State Buildings, which formerly served as a post office, land titles office, and treasury. This fabulous staycation package at COMO The Treasury includes one night’s accommodation in a Heritage Room and dinner for two at the highly acclaimed Wildflower restaurant on a five-course tasting menu, plus many other complimentary additions. Valued at $1,085. There are many more incredible prizes to win including a family season pass to Adventure World, gourmet catering package from Function Concepts Catering, and beauty treatments from acclaimed clinicians at SKYN Perth. View all prizes and purchase tickets in the Make a Difference Lottery from www.tsh.org.au or call 9387 9888. Enter today for just $5 and you could also win $500 extra cash! Every ticket purchased during the month of August goes into an additional bonus draw, plus all tickets remain for the major draw. Thanks to the support of our sponsors, all proceeds will directly support children and families at Telethon Speech & Hearing.


Long-known by surfers as one of the best beach breaks in Australia, Yallingup’s history is also recorded in Aboriginal culture. Seashells Yallingup is set within the beautiful gardens of the heritage-listed Caves House Hotel and Yallingup Beach is just a 10minute stroll away through the lush gardens and down a pretty walk trail. Families can enjoy a relaxed lunch on the deck at Caves House, or in the art deco lounge by the fire on colder days. Seashells upmarket, self-

Scan above or visit kidsinperth.com

The earth has more than 80,000 species of edible plants!

Westfield Carousel - 9350 5012 Rockingham Centre - 9520 5079 Westfield Whitford City - 9402 0178

iplayaustralia.com.au kidsinperth.com.au <<<


Babysitting app helping Perth families care for their kids

Need a trusted babysitter?


hen you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy little dance’ We love local businesses here at The Parents’ Paper, so here is our #lovemylocal section, back to keep you informed of all the great businesses out there keeping your suburbs bustling and keeping us all connected to our local communities. If you would like to be featured please get in touch at editor@lassomedia.com.au

Choose from 500+ trusted and verified local babysitters that have been tried, tested and reviewed by families in your community.


Kin Sitters offers three different service levels so you can choose a babysitter to suit your needs. All our carers have a Working with Children (WWC) Check. Gold and silver level carers have a verified first aid qualification so parents can have peace of mind that their child is in the best hands.


Kin is FREE to download and simple

Download the App for iPhone or Android


Kin CEO, Nick Lonie, said: “We wanted Kin to make childcare simple but safe, so all of our babysitters (over 400 of them) have to be at least 18 and have a valid Working with Children Check as a minimum standard. We also offer babysitters with First Aid Qualifications and Diplomas in Early Childhood Education and Care. Parents can read all the carer reviews and ratings left by other parents. “The app itself is free to download and so easy to use with cashless payments, so all parents need to worry about is what they are going to do with their time!” Find out more at www.kinsitters.com.au

HOBART STREET DELI Open since 2010 and set opposite Hobart Street playground, this deli has become a busy little community hub. Sit back and enjoy delicious food from zucchini and halloumi patties to French toast and the Hobart avo toast, in a child-friendly environment.


ife is busy and juggling everything is hard with a family, it’s even harder if you don’t have relatives close by to help, and don’t know where to go for reliable, trustworthy and available babysitters in your neighbourhood. As an expat family living here in Perth, this was the problem Eve and Nick had, and their answer was to set-up Kin Sitters in 2017.

You can view testimonials and ratings before you book, and get to know your baby sitter by watching their introductory video.

to use


PAPER BIRD CHILDREN’S BOOKS AND ARTS Based in Fremantle, this gorgeous book shop stocks not only quality children’s books but also runs workshops, programs and exhibitions, including a story lab to help children develop their creative voice through sharing stories and ideas.


THE PLAY ROOM Super friendly & convenient hole in wall coffee bar slinging great cups down Applecross/Ardross way. Grab a takeaway or hang out in their unique carpark setting. Free donut with every cup on a Friday! Open 7 days from 6.30am (7am weekends) until just after lunch. Mention ‘THE PARENTS PAPER’ for a free babycino!

Instagram @2strokecoffeebar

YING AND YANG DESIGN Situated in North Perth, it offers an array of unique and beautiful gift items including home décor, candles and jewellery.

Osbourne Park & O’Connor, family owned toy store with a huge range of arts and crafts; games; puzzles; educational learning, imaginative play toys and much more!


MERRY-GO-ROUND A children’s recycling boutique which stocks an extensive range of high quality second-hand and pre-loved children’s, toddlers and babies clothing, footwear, toys and books.





It would take you roughly 35,000 years to travel to the nearest star to the sun

Presented by kinsitters.com.au When was your last date night...that didn’t include Netflix and your sofa? Lockdown love is pretty much over, so dust off those heels, break out the ‘good jeans’, it’s time to get back out there and get re-connected.

Follow the fun to iPlay

When things go bump in the night!


ooking for a family day with a difference or a party that is out of this world? iPlay is excited to take WA by storm with its new activities and offers, and be the number one destination for family fun!

Every Wednesday and Friday night you can explore the darker side of Fremantle Prison’s history with a torchlight tour. Join the guides as they entertain you with spooky stories – be warned it’s not for the faint-hearted but a great excuse for getting a bit closer


iPlay Rockingham at Rockingham Centre offers a newly renovated store, with a fantastic range of games including air hockey and NBA basketball as well as ticket and prize-winning machines such as Lane Master to try out.

Gateway to the stars Night sky tours at the Perth Observatory will allow you to experience the amazing night sky, browse the museum and find out more about the sky at night. A truly out of this world date night!

At Westfield Cannington, iPlay Carousel welcomes Drift Dodgems, Clip n’Climb, party areas, the best arcade games and its very own cafe!


Jazz it up Check out Pooles Temple, a new late-night jazz bar at State Buildings. Located in the basement of the former Titles Office Building, it is a throwback to classic hotel bars such as The American at The Savoy in London and the Hemingway at The Ritz in Paris. Luxuriate in velvet chairs, surrounded by gilded, mirrors, gold fixtures and Art Deco wallpaper.



Roll on up to Westfield Whitford City at Hillarys, where iPlay Whitfords has eight lanes of full ten-pin bowling, an actionpacked arcade, bar and cafe including mouth-watering Baskin Robbins! Scan here for Kin Sitters APP

To find out more and get playing, visit iplayaustralia.com.au

>>> kidsinperth.com.au

It’s in the atmosphere! National Science Week is here! By Claire de Franck, Editor


unning from 15 till 23 August, National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. So what better time to get young kids involved in science than by doing simple activities at home.

their mind…and hopefully not the kitchen!

Children love science, when they grow up in science friendly homes it encourages them to ask questions and be curious about the world around them, you know the ones.. “what?” “why?” “how?” The benefits of being involved in science projects is enormous, it helps goal-setting, planning and problemsolving.

• Get messy and do a simple science activity at home. Mix vinegar and sodium bicarbonate from the kitchen cupboard for a volcano! Spray shaving foam onto a tray and get them to touch, shape and play with it. Check out our homemade lava lamp experiment and video below.

We have put together a list that will blow

• Have a science dress up day - for example, dressing as an animal that comes from an egg (butterfly, spider, bird, dinosaur, fish); or wearing shapes or colours related to the weather (rainbows, clouds, rain, sunlight).

• Get them colouring in with free colouring sheets. There are literally tonnes out there

Australian scientists who changed the world By Claire de Franck, Editor most ground-breaking Australian scientists that have come before, without them, and their discoveries many millions of lives may not have been improved or even saved. Hopefully, their work encourages a whole new generation of scientists that as Albert Einstein said, understand “The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Howard Walter Florey Penicillin-based antibiotics In 1945, Australian scientist Howard Walter Florey was awarded a Nobel Prize for his role, alongside Ernest Chain and Alexander Fleming, in the development of penicillin.


s you read this article, scientists all over the world including here in Australia are working on a Covid-19 vaccine. In honour of National Science Week, we have put together a list of some of the

Florey carried out the first clinical trials, demonstrating penicillin’s ability to fight bacterial infections. It’s estimated the trio’s discovery has saved around 200 million lives. Our longest-service Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies, called Florey ‘the most important man ever born in Australia’ in terms of ‘improving world well-being’.

Homemade Lava Lamp

You Will Need: • A bottle or container with a sealing lid– 600ml soft drink bottles are perfect • Vegetable Oil • Water • 10 or so drops of food colouring • ¼ of an Alka Seltzer tablet

Steps To Make Your Own Lava Lamp:

– including those at scienceweek.net.au • Observe science around you – when you are out and about, look up at the clouds and get kids to describe how they are moving or go for a walk and have a nature scavenger hunt. Visit stuckonyou.com.au for some free printables. • Include science-related books in daily reading such as Ada Twist Scientist; Ask a Scientist or Science Lab.

Find out more at scienceweek.net.au

Happy test-tubing! Dr Isobel Bennett - A pioneer in marine biology One of Australia’s most distinguished marine biologists, she was involved in the first study of plankton in Australian waters. She later became an expert on the intertidal zone of the temperate shores, with her bestknown work being the Great Barrier Reef.

Graeme Clarke - The Bionic Ear Graeme Clarke successfully tested the bionic ear in 1978, which has since gifted over 200,000 deaf people with the power of hearing and speech. Motivated by his father’s hearing difficulties, Clarke’s ground-breaking achievements garnered him three major scientific awards. He later established Australia’s first university training in audiology – the Bionic Ear Institute.

Elizabeth Blackburn – The discovery of how chromosomes are protected by telomeres In 1984 along with Carol Greider, she discovered the telomerase, the protective cap at the ends of eukaryotic chromosomes that protect it from damage – this has significantly impacted cancer research and aging research. In 2009 she won the Nobel

Prize for Physiology and Medicine, the first Australian woman to do so.

David Robinson and George Kossoff - Ultrasound In the 1950s, concern was growing around the effect of X-rays on pregnant women and their unborn babies. Working at the Department of Health, Australian’s David Robinson and George Kossoff built the first commercially practice ultrasound scanner in 1961, which completely changed the way medicine used ultrasound technology. Nowadays, ultrasound technology is used to diagnose problems of the breast, abdomen and reproductive organs as well as monitor the health and development of foetuses.

David Warren - Black box flight recorder In 1958 chemist David Warren invented the durable black box flight recorder, which records flight data and cockpit conversations. If a plane comes down, the recordings of the black box could be used to work out the cause and to apply preventative measures to future aircrafts. Warren’s invention is now installed in every commercial plane in the world – of course, the device is now coloured orange, not black.

Claire’s Pick Cool Science Experiments Kit with Slime Glue What child doesn’t love slime?! I love this kit for the over 8s because it gives you everything you need to make super slime, invisible ink, a solar-powered oven and more than 50 other fun experiments!

RRP $24.99 + Shipping

Mike’s Pick Scan to watch the video!

Beaker Creatures!

Scan code with your phone for science kits and watch the Homemade Lava Lamp video!

This fantastic 15 piece kit combines collectibles with science, so a win-win! There are 35 creatures to collect from five different planets – with a collection that is truly outof-this-world.

RRP $44.95 + Shipping

Step One - Add food colouring to your jar Squeeze drops of food colouring in the bottom of your glass jar. Fill your jar a third of the way with water. Sprinkle in some glitter for added sparkle.

Step Two - Add the oil. Top up your jar with oil, filling it almost the whole way.

Step Three - Make the Lava! Drop in the Alka Seltzer, and let the fun will begin! Carefully drop the tablet into the jar – once it hits the coloured water, it will create a gas, pushing the water up through the oil and resembling a lava lamp!

Step FOUR - Sit back, relax and enjoy! 08 THE PARENTS’ PAPER AUGUST 2020

Nigel’s Pick Model Make Your Own Solar System Inspire your kids to reach for the stars with this hands on model of our solar system. Lots to learn from this simple model including why we have day and night, different timezones, seasons, through to, where the planets are when they look up at the night skies! Very least, I hope this toy helps children to grow up not believing in Flat Earth theory!

RRP $19.00 + Shipping

Science Kits

your kids will love >>> kidsinperth.com.au

Hatched: National Graduate Show 2020 Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts ON ALL MONTH

Dental Health Week 3 - 9 August

Sensory Kids Online Workshop trybooking.com/BKFGJ

Bring it On The Musical 7pm - 9.30pm trybooking.com/BITND

Bring it On The Musical 7pm - 9.30pm trybooking.com/BITND

Peel Zoo Renaming Weekend! Peel Zoo

Thai Food Fair West Perth

Bring it On The Musical 2pm - 4.30pm 7pm - 9.30pm trybooking.com/BITND

Years 3 and 4 Discover the difference - Christ Church Grammar School 4pm - 5pm ccgs.wa.edu.au

Peel Zoo Renaming Weekend! Peel Zoo


Years 5 and 6 Discover the difference - Christ Church Grammar School 4pm - 5pm ccgs.wa.edu.au

National Science Week See opposite page for sciencey fun stuff 15 - 23 August

Grab a coffee! It’s Monday after all

Little Learners Info Morning Christ Church Grammar School 9.30am - 10.30am ccgs.wa.edu.au

Little Scientist Workshop: Blood & Stuff Part 2 rinafu.com

Building Resilience Online Parenting Workshop Register at meerilinga.org.au

Friday feels! That’s wine time right?

Meet the Scientists! Perth trybooking.com/BKOZD

Art meets Science Crystals Rock! Family Science Workshop rinafu.com

Curtin University Big Watermelon Experiment Curtin University

My Mad Scientist Mummy – Play School Style! rinafu.com Little Scientist Workshop: Blood & Stuff Part 1 rinafu.com

Multicultural Netball Carnival wa.netball.com.au Joondalup Ladies Night Markets FB - MiliMarkets

Father’s Day Don’t panic see page 10 for some cool ideas. Only a week to go!

Made-It Markets at Whiteman Whiteman Park FB - MiliMarkets

Got a family friendly event we should know about? Give us a hoot online@lassomedia.com.au kidsinperth.com.au <<<


Fathers Day gifts that won’t break the piggy bank What to give the man who gives you lifts, money, hugs, some of his genes and lots of love! By Claire de Franck, Editor

Dads are great! So here at The Parents’ Paper we want to make sure that come the 6th of September, you make their Father’s Day pa’fect! COOK! Treat him to something tasty

and rustle up a delicious dish at home – check out the great recipe from Brownes Dairy below!

SNAP! Make a mini photo book at home using coloured cards and pens to write some personal messages, or order

Discover the art of driving sideways!

one through companies such as papier.com.au

TIE-RIFIC! Make and decorate a cutout tie for him to wear on the day. You can even be a bit more elaborate and use sweets, visit thatscrafty.com GET ARTY! Save money, but still be thoughtful, with great arts and crafts including a handmade coupon book where kids can offer to do jobs around the house to help dad out, make a great card using handprints or make a photo frame. More ideas at Crayola.com.au MAKE MEMORIES! A great idea is to

create a LEGO memory jar – simply write his favourite things on pieces of Lego and then pop them in a jar for him to select, could be ‘a trip to the movies’ ; ‘breakfast in bed’ or ‘a walk in the park’.

VISIT! The Swan Valley has so much to see and do from wildlife encounters to trails, and it’s right on our doorstep! swanvalley.com.au Whatever you do this Father’s Day, and whether the gift is big or small, family time is the most important…but just remember that what dad really wants…is a nap!


Gift Guide

Scan QR Code to find out more >>

• Learn Car Control • Safe environment • No experience required

Ditch the socks & jocks! Give dad the gift of adrenaline this Father’s Day!



Cheesy stuffed potatoes the ultimate winter warmer

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What better way to keep


warm and cosy with a

Bake potatoes in oven or microwave.

delicious cheesy stuffed

Cool slightly.

potato! Quick and easy to

Cut each potato in half lengthwise.

make they are the go to

Scoop out pulp, leaving a thin shell.

comfort food this winter.

In a large bowl, mash the pulp with


cheese, bacon and onions.

4 med-large potatoes

Spoon into potato shells and

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sprinkle some more shredded

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1/4 cup butter, cubed 1 cup Brownes Dairy sour cream 1 cup Brownes Dairy shredded or grated cheese 4 bacon strips diced and fried 1 onion

butter. Stir in the sour cream,

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cheese on top. Place on a baking sheet. Bake in oven around 200 degrees celcius for approx 20-25 minutes or until heated through.

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forever Scrap the plastic this July and start making a difference


here is so much plastic found in everyday life that it really is easy to start making the switch to go plastic free, at least in some small way!

• So much single-use plastic is in packaging. If you can avoid packaging, buying fresh produce or purchases items second-hand, you will cut your plastic use dramatically.

Small steps can really make a big difference, plastic free July has been and gone. But why finish there? Let’s keep at it, educate and reinforce. It really could be the start of something great.

• ‘Don’t forget your bags mum and dad’. Single use plastic bags are still an issue with them just being made thicker. These bags are so accessible so keep a supply of reusable bags in the car, your bag and on top of the shopping list to remind you to take one.

Here are some simple ideas from Mindarie Regional Council to get started:

OUT AND ABOUT • Take a reusable water bottle filled with water when going out – saves money and the planet and reduces the urge to buy a sugary fizzy drink. Lots of family friendly places have water refill stations.

• Try taking a reusable coffee cup again ask them to tip it into your cup that you are holding. Often it is a convenience thing for staff not a hygiene issue

• Reusable plates, cups and cutlery rather than disposable plastic plates. Even paper plates are a better option. • Plastic gift cards are effectively single use. Use an online gift card option and store on your smart phone. • Look for clothing made of natural fibres. So many of today’s clothes are made of plastics, artificial fibres. • Want to save money? buy in bulk – stay away from individual portion crisps and snacks – buy in a large packet and dish out into smaller reusable containers. But remember you will only save money if you use all of the contents. • Opt for small loose fruit as a snack such as an apple or banana – perfectly packaged by nature.

• Try to find the same or similar food product in a glass jar option. • Beware of products labelled as biodegradable. These are often sold as environmentally friendly products but these are often just made of plastics that breakdown relatively quickly…breakdown into smaller bits of plastic that often you can’t see, micro plastics, plastics that remain in the environment.

• Older kids can have the same thing with containers as they carry their bags with them


• To cut out wipes. Have a small toilet bag with damp cotton rags or washers to take in car for longer or potentially messy trips (where kids eat).

Choose to refuse plastic straws

• Try using produce bags and keep in bag or pocket with elastic band for easy finding. If you forget them at least use the paper mushroom bags for loose produce. These can also be reused. • Have a large reusable cup with to carry so any leftovers you may have after a meal out. • If looking for reusable containers try to search out op shops or Buy Nothing Facebook sites first and not buy new. • Some plastics you can’t avoid, so many things are either wholly or partially made

sources. Often plants a seed for people to visit op shops for a different reason other than it’s cheaper. • Having a party? Stay away from single-use plastic and think about borrowing or hiring plates, bowls and cutlery or get creative

FOR PARENTS • For primary school kids source a lunchbox with separate compartments to put in loose unwrapped food that won’t spill

• Try having ice cream in a keep cup – keep cups never get soggy and collapse – bring a spoon too – much stronger than disposable ones. • Buy loose fruit and vegetables, not ones pre-packaged on plastic trays wrapped in clear plastic film.

of plastic. Look after items so they don’t break and have long lives rather than breaking and being disposed of early.

• For smaller children that need baby mushed food. Keep some of family meal separate and blitz it and put in ice cube trays and freeze. Rather than cooking separate meals. Or store in reusable food pouches. • Use your local ‘buy nothing group’ for clothes, toys, bikes – when you get things second hand you don’t get all the single use packaging that comes with new items.


Share ideas with your family and friends

and serve food in edible containers such as ice cream cones.

• Toy Libraries are a great option for keeping kids busy – change the toys often and save room on storage. They can also be great for at home birthday parties with lots of good ideas. • Give an ‘experience’ like a trip to the zoo, cinema ticket, take kids on an adventure treasure hunt in the local park for a present, as often somewhere in presents there will be plastic to throw away.

• Re-usable nappies – save money and the environment - there are loads of free talks around Perth on how to get started and support groups on FB. • Replace balloons at birthday parties with reusable bunting. • If someone has a birthday, think of giving ‘reusable options’ from second hand

For more information faceyourwaste.com.au

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