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elcome to the June issue of Kids Fun Plaza! The days are getting longer, the temperatures higher, the number of school days fewer and fewer— summer is here! As I mentioned in my letter from last month, I am a first-time mother. My husband and I welcomed our daughter in the cold, snowy days of January. In fact, she arrived home in the midst of a severe snowstorm! Five months later, it’s looking quite a bit different outside our windows. The summer presents a whole new territory for our family. We haven’t yet experienced this season with a baby and we are looking forward to all that awaits us!

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Cassandra Spellman Amanda Savarese

Summer offers opportunities for all families. With school ending and vacation time approaching for many parents, summer is one of the ideal times to relax, explore, and bond as a family. Yet, the prospect of taking a family vacation is sometimes quite daunting, especially considering today’s economic climate. The simple fact is that many families cannot afford the transportation, hotel, food, and admission costs of a typical summer vacation.

Amanda Mouttaki

If your family meets this description, we have a terrific alternative for you: the “staycation!” A staycation is simply a vacation spent at home, enjoying the wonderful opportunities right within your own backyard. You will be amazed at what awaits you in your local area!

Rachel Breidster

Recognizing that different ages present varying challenges and interests, our writers have prepared articles to meet your family’s particular needs. Amanda and Andrea provide some staycation suggestions for toddlers. If you have tweens in your family (children ages 9-12), Connie has the perfect article for you. Laura presents staycation ideas for teens, too! Perhaps you are like my husband and me and this is your first summer with a baby. My article will help you make sure your baby is safe while you enjoy some fun in the sun during your staycation! Finally, Rachel’s article will remind all of us to enjoy our children while they are still children, whatever the stage or age! Whether your summer destination is near or far, we hope that these beautiful, sunny summer days bring many opportunities for your family members to grow ever closer and to create wonderful memories together!

Cassandra Spellman

Laura Franklin Andrea Updyke Connie Roberts

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June 2011 | Tech Valley, NY | KidsFunPlaza 3

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June/July Issue STAYCATION  

This month's theme is about Staycation! Let's find creative ways to turn the Capital Region - Saratoga a Kids Fun Plaza

June/July Issue STAYCATION  

This month's theme is about Staycation! Let's find creative ways to turn the Capital Region - Saratoga a Kids Fun Plaza