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ELIE ASWAD precautions to not negatively affect my immune system. At this point, I fell in love with writing, so I began writing and writing. I placed all my doubts into the introduction of a book, my pain and this side of life in the main chapter and hope in the final chapter. My revolution and battle ran through the entire thing. I held onto my book tightly, keeping it a secret until I finally decided to officially publish it under the title of “Sana Laysat Kabaki Al Sanawat” (a year not like all the other years) and I wrote down what I could not say. After four years of life and death and after I finished my treatment, I felt reborn. I felt like I had my first cry with new eyes that I have just seen the world for the first time. I was born again, given a new life, new energy, new love that I invested in the organization that supported me, Kids First. I went back home to my family and my bed, but I was no longer that little kid who got happy at the sight of a new toy or a bedtime story. I went back and asked my family to be reunited with me over a meal because I had missed it after our separation. I went back carrying a message to all the people who go through this experience to never give up because with faith, patience, and prayer, miracles will happen. I went back carrying scars on my body, scars of death on my living body. I went back and decided to study medicine like Dr. Peter Noun whose life and career have touched me. I went back and dedicated a part of my time and a part of my life and energy to the organization that believed in me during my time of sickness. How can I not support them when I am alive?


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Kids First 2019-2020 Booklet  

Kids First 2019-2020 Booklet  

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